It’s a Defamation Trial, Not a Domestic Abuse Trial!

Before I get to talking about anything FNaF I really need to get this off my chest. So beware, I’m about to lay down some feelings on the six week long trial that was Depp V Heard.

I must have said or wrote the title of this post more than 50 times in the span of the last six/seven weeks. People claiming to be abuse survivors throwing shade at the whole trial as if the trial itself was about the abuse instead of the claim of abuse made public by Amber Heard. Which told me clearly that those people throwing the shade had not been listening to any of it.

Let me first begin with the fact that ANYONE can be an abuser. Man, woman, adult, child, rich, poor, smart, stupid, straight, bi, gay, pansexual, etc. Like death, nothing matters. Let me also state that anyone claiming abuse should not be automatically believed. They should be treated with a kind, loving hand while an investigation is done into the allegations. People’s knee jerk reaction to believe all abusers’ claims is befuddling to an intelligent mind. One who has grown up surrounded by drama queens who loved to make outrageous claims about anything.

Ah the 90s in Washington State.

I did watch snippets of the trial (if I ever type trail instead of trial, please forgive my crossed mind) when I could and recaps from LegalBites to get a quick overview of the day. And if I found a particular part needed to be watched first hand, I would find it and watch it.

I therefore saved my judgement and opinions until I was able to hear both main parties talk about the incident and why an op ed was made. While I will freely admit I have been a great fan of Johnny Depp’s work and have never had a reason to think him as a person was anything but great. I’ve only had fan interactions and what people have said about him both as an actor and a person to base any opinions on. Same with Amber Heard. She has never stuck out in my mind before these last few weeks but I do realize she was in Aquaman and have listened to what people have had to say about her as an actor and person.

It’s what any of us have really when it comes to celebrities. We will never know what goes on in the places where we can’t or don’t go. So we have to rely on what we see and if we trust the source, hear.

Listening to Johnny I will admit broke my heart. As it would if I listened to anyone saying these types of things. As it did when Amber was speaking as well.

Until Amber’s side started to unravel. Until evidence started to show that what she was telling us didn’t have any proof to support it. Not just a few embellishes here or there, but that some of these events didn’t happen at all. Except inside her head.

This then made me angry.

Here is a celebrity who has stepped up and said that she not only supports the MeToo movement (as we all should), but is an abuse survivor and a “public figure representing domestic abuse”. She made claims in a very public venue, that although she named no names, it was painfully obvious who she was referencing. And she did admit this in court. A celebrity who gave others strength to speak up about their pain and experience. And now we find out she was not the abused but the abuser? Talk about a slap in the face or a punch in the gut!

When these things started to become apparent I was heartbroken. Here again is another person claiming abuse only to be shown not to have been abused at all. Another person to make others ask “Why should we believe you?” And the honest truth of the matter is we shouldn’t.

We should not automatically believe allegations of abuse from anyone, yes I do mean anyone, but instead jump directly into taking care of the person and investigating the claims. Make sure that if those claims prove to be true, we can help do something about them. And if they prove untrue, we can help do something for the person making the untruths.

Why is it that society always, ALWAYS goes one way or another so dramatically and not just sit in the middle? You either jump into the pool of belief or the pool of disbelief. Both will always hurt someone. So why not just stand on the edge like an intelligent person until the actual facts are known and there is proof one way?

It is what I’ve always tried to do with many things I see, hear and read. Yes, I have my biases.

Did I want the claims about Johnny to be lies, well of course I did! I never like thinking the worse about people or even assuming it. Especially those people I do not know personally. And yes, this was the same when Harvey Weinstein, Oliver Stone, Kevin Spacey, and even George Takei and Ben Affleck were accused. There is a whole LIST of people who have been accused over on teen vogue.

Did I read the accounts in disbelief? Yes of course! Did I personally cancel anyone proven to be an abuser? Absolutely. And I would have done so if Depp was proven as well.

But I do that for those who falsely claim to be abused as well as that is a form of abuse. It’s a horrible thing to even do, mainly to all those who rally around the abused because they know what it is like to be abused and to have people flat out disbelieve them. And then to find out that the person they supported was lying? Imagine it if you will. If you can.

I am also quite tired of the people now saying stuff like “Women will always defend a guy and men will always defend a gal.” when it comes to abuse allegations. Which is absolute bullshit.

And I am floored to read that a writer for The Cut asked, “Here is a woman recounting, in agonizing detail, how an extremely famous man allegedly abused her. Why, in 2022, do so many people seem to hate her for it?”

We hate her because she lied dumbass.

Or how about clueless sociologist Nicole Bedera who offered a few theories about why both female survivors of domestic abuse and many women period have seemed to support Depp.

“It can be scary — and for victims, re-traumatizing — for women to empathize with an abuse survivor. If violence really *is* everywhere and if it *feels* like it can happen to anyone, then a lot of women will start to worry that they will be next” she wrote on Twitter and an article for Harper’s Bazaar “So is it surprising that a lot of women are coming to Depp’s defense? No. Not at all.”

Or perhaps, just perhaps those people looked at Amber and heard their abusers. Many now recognize abusers by their words and actions as they have been through it and are more aware of it so they do not fall for it again.

I personally am amazed at anyone not upset at Amber for these lies. Not because of who she accused, but because SHE LIED ABOUT A PRETTY IMPORTANT ISSUE. And she was caught lying about donating money as well.

How many feelings did you have through all this whether you actively watched, caught snippets or high lights or just followed the memes, how do you feel now? Sound off in the comments and where ever else you wish!

Until next time, I promise I will get to FNaF. But with all things happening it’s hard to sit down and focus on it and feel the excitement it greatly deserves.

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An Honest Review of the 2022 Alienware Gaming Laptop

I recently purchased an Alienware m17 R5 AMD with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. It is this years’ gaming laptop from Alienware/Dell and I am seriously due a new laptop since my Dell G7 is a few years old now and some of the numbers and letters on the keyboard no longer work correctly.

I looked at “professional” reviews and YouTube videos about the very model I was getting and thought this was going to be a great purchase for me. I have never owned an actual Alienware before this one.

And if I really had to choose, I wouldn’t buy another one. In fact, I’m returning the one I have to get my money back. And I haven’t even owned it for a whole month yet.

Sure, it’s sleek and has the 17 inch screen (not in 4K, but whatever), fancy light up keyboard and the alien head and Tron ring light (both totally a waste in my humble opinion) and many people seem to like it.

I probably would have too if I could play games like Jurassic World Evolution 2 or Ark Survival Evolved or even Sims 4. With all three games the game would crash or the entire computer would freeze. I couldn’t even play Jurassic World at all. Sims should have run smoothly but it was choppy and would randomly kick out completely. Took me over an hour to even get to the part where you start to play. I only got through creating my avatar and barely grabbed a house.

Ark, funny enough ran the best on this thing. Unless I did anything really intense. Ride a wyvern? NOPE!! Switch maps (on a unofficial server)? NOPE! But if you want to stay at your base and maybe tend to the garden, it might be allowed. Just don’t plan on going into any inventories or anything like that.

Now I know Ark on it’s own has problems. And the Unreal Engine seemed to be what was tossing out the most errors (D3D device lost Error: 0x887A006 – Hung is what was happening). And like a good human I googled the error and applied every single fix I could find out there. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I’m not even exaggerating. NOTHING got the game to run correctly. And to note, there were plenty of fixes to be had as I am not the only one who had this problem.

Jurassic World was throwing the ‘Exception unknown software exception (0x000fdead) occurred in the application at location 0x00007FFA0528474C’ error which when you clicked OK would exit the game. Although I did finally get this game to work….as long as I didn’t have it plugged in. WTF?

That’s right. As long as I did not have the laptop plugged in with the charging cord that came with the system, I could play Jurassic World Evolution 2. Plug it in and it would freeze the ENTIRE system or I’d get that error. I didn’t try this with the other two games as when I went to do so, it decided that even though it is connected to the wifi or ethernet it wasn’t going to actually SEE the internet. Which is a new problem that I almost yeeted the fucking thing out the open window over.

I did try talking to support about it as well. They took forever to get back to me, and mind I only have 30 days to return the system, so that seems like an asshole move on their part. And one thoughtful official mod on Dell forums suggested I google the problem and try the fixes that pop up.


This was from a Dell employee. Uh…….. fuck you.

Were the drivers up to date?


Did I run anything else when I tried running said games (Steam, Xbox or UbiSoft)?

No. Played them straight from the hard drive.

When I did a video stress test, the Nvidia GeForce passed with flying colors. The AMD Radeon did not. The Wireframe Stress Test and Transformation and Lighting Stress Tests for both went well. It was when it got to the second part of the test, the one with the marbles on a marble slab that the AMD couldn’t run. As in black screen and it ran all night without completing. I know it didn’t turn off as I did have the laptop plugged in and in the upper left it said AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics FFS: N/A

And yes. I ran both video card stress tests plugged in AND unplugged. AMD failed on both.

Asked if there was a way to disable the AMD graphics card. Never got an answer. So I’m returning it. Once I get my money back, I will then choose a different laptop. I really wish I could afford a Clevo, but sadly right now, my budget is Dell stuff as I have credit through them and it’s the only way I’m getting a new laptop.

It may still end up being an Alienware, but an older model that I know works well. And if you are sitting there asking your screen why it is I’m not using the laptop’s warranty to have Dell fix it; the answer is simple; I cannot afford to spend much time in the US which is the only place I’m going to get good service. Mexico doesn’t have the parts or service people. And it may take over a month to fix.

Nope, not kidding.

Husband is going through this now. His laptop is overheating and the really expensive warranty he has on the system claims next day fixes, but we were told that it would take four weeks for parts to come in to fix it. So instead he decided for them to swap out the system for a new one… which we had to have sent to the US as the one they would have sent to where we are was actually a model (or three) lower than his current system.

This year, Dell/Alienware is not at all impressing me. Not a single bit. I may actually see if I can get credit somewhere else so I can broaden my choices (sorry Apple, not looking anywhere in your direction) but that’s not really going to do my credit much good.

But you know what?? I could play the Microsoft Solitaire Suit with no problems at all. Both plugged in and just on battery!

Joy of joys.

Until next time, I am quite aware of the teaser poster Steel Wool has dropped about the DLC for FNaF Security Breach (which I didn’t even try to install on the new system, nor anything else I normally use tbh – which is why there’s no customized banner for this post when I posted it), and I have quite a few thoughts on it. The best is that it’ll be free for those who already own the game and there’s a new character!

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Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter

I’m guessing by now you have seen the news on this if you weren’t following or participating in it yourself. But in case you’ve missed it, Brandon Sanderson who is a well known author who has been around for at least 10 years now, made history not too long ago when his little Kickstarter became the most funded Kickstarter ever. As it sits this minute, it’s gotten $31,745,891 pledged of the $1,000,000 goal from 137,118 backers with 9 days to go.

Not going to lie, that is freaking impressive and what EVERY CREATOR WANTS to happen when they do a Kickstarter.


I sort of hate it.

Not at all jealous, at least that’s not why I hate it.

Like I mentioned, Brandon is a fantasy writer who has been around for a few years now. I personally was not a reader of his books, but my daughter is and it is through her and my son that I found out who he was by watching his It’s Time to Come Clean” YouTube video he made that at first startled his fans. Or at least my daughter.

He was first published in 2005 with positive results. But it seems his rise to prominence happened in late 2007 when Harriet McDougal, the wife and editor of author Robert Jordan, chose Sanderson to complete the final books in Jordan’s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time after Jordan’s death. McDougal asked him to finish the series after being deeply impressed by his first Mistborn novel, The Final Empire.

Honestly, I haven’t even gotten through the first Wheel of Time book yet. Mainly because I have a few books I’m trying to get through.

What I hate isn’t the fact he build some of his fans on the back of Robert Jordan’s work, it’s not even that he seems to be a good writer. It’s has nothing to do with his abilities. He misused Kickstarter.

An little bit from Kickstarter’s About page:

Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life. We believe that art and creative expression are essential to a healthy and vibrant society, and the space to create requires protection.

We don’t want art world elites and entertainment executives to define our culture; we want creative people—even those who’ve never made anything before—to take the wheel. We help creators connect directly with their communities, putting power where it belongs.

Brandon is one of those elites. Not only that, but Kickstarter is used to raise the funding to create the project. Which ironically is why many people have a problem with Kickstarter; you may or may not actually get a product from any you back and pay for. According to him, he already wrote the books. He was just looking to ‘self publish’ and sell them.

But Kickstarter isn’t a selling platform. Kickstarter should be used for limited edition books, or to secure funding for illustrations, an audio book version, or something that can only be created as a consequence of assistance from crowd funding. Could you argue that he needed money to get the books published?


If the first reward tier wasn’t eBooks.

You have to pay $160 or more to get something in your hands. That’s $40 a book, which is on par I suppose for a ‘premium’ unsigned hardback.

From the Kickstarter

It is one thing if you are a new writer who doesn’t already have a publishing house behind you. They generally give you an advance to basically live on while you write and then they pay you for every book sold.

I am curious to know how that self publish is going to work. From the NYT article linked above:

Books require editors, designers and lawyers. Someone has to register the ISBN number and file for copyright. Someone else has to proofread the manuscript, then proofread it again. Printing thousands of copies of physical books, then storing and distributing them, is expensive and onerous.

To that end, Sanderson has built a company, Dragonsteel Entertainment, which employs 30 people including a marketing director, concept artist, continuity editor and human resources director. He also has a warehouse in Pleasant Grove, Utah, a short drive from his house.

Elizabeth A. Harris

Don’t know about you, but I don’t have that. At all or the capital to start something of that nature.

But he does because he’s an already established author. He had all this BEFORE the Kickstarter. None of us unknowns will ever see this type of success on Kickstarter. Unless you have a really good idea for a project, you’re not going to see this. Even then, this is, as it’s being tossed about, a Kickstarter first. And it’s still going for 9 more days! In fact, even as I wrote this out more backers came and bought something.

It’s not that I don’t think he deserves it. He does. But he shouldn’t have used Kickstarter to get here. There are literally other sites he could have done this on. Ones actually designed to sell things. Hell, he could have sold them on his own website! Or make a new one for such a thing! Or, you know, maybe use the one already around for Dragonsteel Entertainment.

Until next time, I’m hating my browsers at the moment. Yes all of them.

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Patches and maybe a DLC?

Heard and read about it yesterday, and am looking forward to the changes that are going to be made. If you haven’t been following along over at Steel Wool’s blog/news, I have to wonder as to why. Best way to get your news, quickly and without any additions to it. Make your own assumptions!

I especially like the Glamrock Helpy. MUCH better than Buff Helpy. Sorry Dawko. So of course some bugs are going to be patched up, that is generally the whole point of patches. The whole thing where rooms don’t properly load, being able to trigger events WAY ahead of when you should – looking at you MatPat – and some other little things you can read about on their site.

They’re also going to be adding a save point in the Atrium for after 6am. I guess the number of people who used the found hack around the save points was enough that they realized that just MAYBE not having at least ONE save point was bad. Yeah guys, it was a wee bit bad.

We will be able to skip cutscenes! Thank the gaming gods as watching ANY cutscene more than once was just annoying as all hell.

I guess the sequence in the Daycare was really confusing and difficult for all of us. LOL. They’re going to color code the wires that come out of the generators so it will be easier to follow. I will probably still use the video walkthrough I found so long ago now IF, IIIIIFFFFFFF I ever decide to play the game AGAIN. Which with these changes I just might.

The overall game size on our hard drives will be smaller. Or would be smaller if we download it after the patch…..anyway it won’t be this GIGANTIC file download in the future.
Side thought, does anyone else have a problem saying or even using the word ‘huge’ after the spectacular idiot used it so much? I can’t do it without cringing and feeling sick.

And there will be balance changes for things like the Burntrap battle and hiding. Can we just have a better battle??? A more fulfilling battle? I mean sure, take away some of the tentacle things and make it so no one gets jump scared during the credits. But a better battle.

Anyway, there’s no actual news about a DLC from Steel Wool, but when you’re poking around in the changelog, there is a suggestion to one as there are file names of fnaf9_dlc__shipping.

Okay, that part isn’t on the site, that was mentioned by Dawko.

As for my personal gameplay, I’ve gotten probably all that I’m going to get in terms of bags of lore and presents. And of course all of the CDs. I haven’t recorded playing the Burntrap ending, I think I’ve only recorded the leaving by the VIP area and the docks area. They’re my favorite endings. While I haven’t actually recorded me listening to the CDs, I have opened up the room and looked around in it.

I have only put the beginning of the game play on my channel though. I have a lot recorded I just am not sure that anyone really wants to watch that at this point since ‘everyone else has done it’. That and I’ve been tied up trying to understand some brainless people on Reddit.

Been spending some time over at r/GameTheorists and r/fivenightsatfreddys as one does and I’ve had to try and get people to explain their thinking about some theories as well as the hilariously annoying “Well so many people have said this so it’s true” assumptions many people take on these subreddits.

Had one person try to tell me that Gregory and Freddy were already buddies and their proof was the fact that there is a drawing in Freddy’s green room that is repeated in the secret room by the daycare and it’s Gregory. When I asked how they knew it was drawn by Gregory, they responded with “it looks like him.”



And to me, the kid has RED hair. Same color as Freddy’s shoulder pads and legs, but not the same color as Freddy who is brown. The kid even colored their face to match Freddy’s color. From what I’ve seen of Gregory, he’s white.

But yeah, the drawing is repeated. So is the one of the group that is seen in the Freddy green room image. There is nothing in that child and Freddy image that screams Gregory to me. And the fact Freddy had to ask Gregory his name and says “You’re not known to me” clearly states that they do not know each other.

And then there is the theory running around that the voice that talks to you through the watch isn’t always Freddy. Proof is how Freddy is surprised to find you have hurt his friends and pulled parts out of them. Well, it is Freddy talking as if you have him with you and trigger lines you can look at him and his mouth is moving with the words. Also, Freddy is surprised as the objective is to decommission and he tells Freddy that he destroys them.

I’ve taken a break from that crap however and even had to block the one who even after I said I’m not going to respond any more because they are closed minded and won’t accept when parts of their theory is debunked as they wouldn’t leave it. Kept responding on the post then PMing me five times a day at the least. *shakes head*

Being a good theorist means that you keep an open mind and use the evidence in front of you to create the theory not try to create the evidence to fit a theory you like. I feel for MatPat and the shade that’s thrown his way a lot by the idiots. Also sort of fear for the future.

Until next time, it’s not a long post, but it was a post, a post just for you.

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So while listening to MatPat’s last Security Breach play through and on pain meds I drew a Foxy!

I shared it on Reddit and so far only got one comment that was rude. The image and my response has gotten a few upvotes.

They haven’t shown me any of their work so…

Until next time, you can’t do anything on the Internet without some thick skin. Somedays I can handle assholes like this, somedays I cannot. Glad it was a day I could handle because what an ass. Be careful out there darlings!

Artwork featured in main image: Foxy by Silverfox5, FNaF png Art, FNaF by melissar1

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Watching others play FNaF Security Breach.

I’m far enough in the game that I can see where others are without feeling like I’m going to be spoiled. As in I’ve gotten through two different endings. I like to experience a game on my own. Although if I get stuck it’s fun to see if someone else has gotten past where I’m stuck and how they got past. Which I have done a couple of times.

I’ve kept an eye on MatPat‘s progress so far and it’s fun to see his reactions to things, but I have to say that Dawko takes the cake on cuteness when it comes to this game so far. He’s adorable watching him experience this for the first time. My favorite has to be MatPat playing the Music Man part. Can never say those two words the same again.

My biggest problem is actually watching anyone play. I get really motion sick. I can listen to them play and react. The only time I really need to watch is for parts I’m stuck in. It’s good to know that at least MatPat has to check some things online as well. Or pull in some friends who have already gotten through it.

It is the only problem with buying a game on release day. Just about everyone has to figure out the same shit you do. It is extremely sweet to hear Dawko say “Oh sugar!” when he’s surprised or he has gotten caught by security bots. Love it so much. And he calls the security bots trolls. Dawko really is sort of wholesome. Love listening to him. And MatPat.

I have been recording my play throughs with a few exceptions. I did not record the daycare sequence because I used the distract method and kept pausing the game to see where each generator is and following it. There were a couple of places where using the XBox game bar made the microphone pick up more than just my voice. So that one was not usable at all. There are a few that don’t even have my voice and is me playing the game, They’re just fine.

Have now moved to using my gforce recording instead of XBox and that’s worked a whole lot better and I did do a few with both me talking and not. I do have the option of recording myself while recording the game, but I don’t know about that.

I’ve come to realize that we need a better map for Security Breach. SERIOUSLY. I cannot watch Dawko get lost in the same loop again for five minutes! It is something I could easily do… and just might. I like creative things like this. Quite a bit actually. And I’ve collected all the CDs but haven’t listened to them yet. I also have used the glitch to keep saving my game after 6 am.

Tonight I found all the golden plushies. It’s a toss up if they are all needed to get one of the endings, I haven’t done the ending and collected them all just for ‘shits and giggles’ which means I also had to do the secret room Sundrop dives out of when you go to Daycare.

There more in likely will be a post with all the answers to the things I’ve found; all the cutouts you have to take a picture of to get to the Daycare room, all 6 plushies, all 16 CDs, all three Princess Quest Arcade cabinets oh and that damn MAZERCISE puzzle! I looked that shit up. Fuck that thing!!! There are 6 endings and I think I can do them all? I made loads of notes so if there’s something you’re struggling with or think was difficult and should be mentioned, let me know in the comments. May have it written down or I can find it by now I’m sure.

Oh, and by the way; HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Artwork by FoxinTheMatrix

Until next time, doesn’t look like any game platforms crashed because of Christmas gifts……anyone else remember when that happened?

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FNaF SB Thoughts So Far.

I am going to be talking about game play for Five Night’s at Freddy’s Security Breach, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, just skip this post. I’m not THAT far along -maybe? How many hours is this game (*cough* 6)? I haven’t watched anyone’s video playthrough yet as I don’t want to be spoiled myself. I will say that I am at the point we see Vanny for the first time. I did record up to where we go into ‘daycare’ which I h-a-t-e-d. The video itself turned out alright. At least there is sound. Nothing from me though as I had my mic turned off so I wouldn’t blow people’s ears screaming if there were screaming to be done and this is a Five Nights at Freddy’s game.

I always sit through any cutscenes I am presented with at least once. With that said, the ONLY cutscene you can actually skip over, is the opening sequence, which is the least annoying one of them all. Also the longest. But it was awesome.

My 1 hour and 11 minutes play through. I did not finish the game.

We wake up with many questions. not just the ones asked, but the main one of “what prompted Gregory to crawl into an animatronics’ stomach? Why not just leave since you still can??” I do appreciate that we’re told how to accomplish things we are going to be repeatedly doing throughout the game. I’m not thrilled that we’re not given more direction about where certain places are or they are not marked so you know “Oh THIS is the customer service booth.” I don’t mind not being told “Take a left at the wet floor bot”

Tell me I am NOT the only one who swears Chica says ‘What the Fuck?” when you first encounter her in the bathroom and have to use the cans to distract her! Right after hitting the cans, she makes a noise that I swear is her saying what the fuck. Almost got jump scared being shocked and laughing at that.

Having no real direction on where to go encourages one to roam around which of course I totally am when I can. I’ve adjusted my gamma so that it’s not terribly dark and I can at least see what is in those glass cases, which as was mentioned many times by many people, seem to be a museum of FNaF history. I did notice that a set of posters on the wall, one of each character (I think minus Foxy) had Chica and Freddy lit up but Bonnie’s poster was cast in shadow.

The cut outs from Dread Bear were a nice touch and you can get up and stand as if you’re putting your face in the hole for a picture. There’s a nice little present back in this area as well, so it does ‘pay’ to look around some, when you can. Also there are duffle bags that are collectable that unlocks digital emails that you can read on your ‘watch’. Some are curious and some are actually helpful.

The first time the rolldown opened made me jump. I wasn’t expecting it to just open. And doors do this too which is quite startling sometimes. Although helpful if you were unaware that there was a door there, but the noise is jarring.

Riding around in Freddy is a bit boring. It seems all he does is walk. You can’t have him interact with things around you, which actually forces you out of his stomach at certain points. And man does he loose power quickly!

There’s not much story really at first. And Chica is looking like we all feel after the last two years; run-down and not wanting to put too much effort into this shit. I do like that even when they see you, you at least have a chance to get out of their line of sight and hide, therefore not being jump scared and start again. I do wish there were more save points though. However it could be a good indication of where difficult areas may lie.

For instance, daycare.

Nope, nope, nopity nope! SKKKKKKKKIIIIIPPPPPPPPP!

ETA (12-20-21 8:18pm): Just discovered that there are TWO ways around this part of the game! TWO! There’s the fun just literally skipping the whole thing, and then there is the keeping him busy as I do the thing. Good to know as I had debated about playing the game through again later on because of this.

Sundrop is one creepy ass motherfucker who only wants to keep you in one teeny tiny place. And do not, oh man, I do not wanna talk about his nighttime counterpart. I’d wet my bed too after coming across him in real life (a reference to an email unlocked by taking my time and exploring the area past the daycare doors but before going into the actual daycare center; there’s a present in the fountain, btw). That fucking jingle will forever give me chills and the Moon’s voice makes my skin crawl right the fuck off. To the point that I heard the words ‘naughty boy’ used in a completely perfectly reasonable way and it echoed in my head, in that voice.

I also have this slight uncomfortable thing with being pursued in the dark. “Hello anxiety my old friend…” I just HATE it. I had some trouble with darkness in Jurassic World Aftermath (VR game) and this felt much MUCH worse. If this was VR, I probably would have curled up on the floor behind the security desk and whimpered. I was so stressed that at one point I just ran at Moon screaming in my head. Once I figured out that while the lights are on you can go through the maze that is the play area and saw that I can sort of follow the giant cords on the floor to their connected generators and got a feel where they were, I felt a wee bit better. Then the damn lights went off and I swear to god the place changed a little. Also, after you turn a couple of those generators on, Moon is able to FOLLOW YOU INTO THE PLAYSPACE. I thought that at least in that hellscape I was safe. At least his eyes glow and you can sometimes see him coming. It is also fun that Christmas trees have red glowing lights on them….

Finally just had to take my headphones off and listen to an episode of TDPS Presents Christopher and Eric to get through the damn thing. I really think his voice was throwing me off and the fact I figured out that when he says “Naughty boys (children?) must be punished” he was close and that freaked me out. Still wasn’t easy though.

It’s convenient that we can now summon Freddy to where we are. Question is how long will it take for him to show up? Haven’t tested this out yet. I did want to cry when I discovered that Moon wasn’t out of my life just yet. I also got a real nice look at him moving around the area and just more nopity nopes, thank you goodbye. Think I’mma just hide in the charge station the whole damn time. Till 6 am yeah? LOL I don’t think time moves the same in game as it does out of game.

I did notice the interference when Vanny ‘danced’ by us while we were hiding from Moon in the charge station by the daycare. But my question is “WHAT HAPPENED TO BONNIE?????” Makes me wonder if the fact his poster on the wall was in shadow was foreshadowing something. I really want to go to Bonnie Bowl now and see if something tells us what happened. I think he’s my favorite. And Foxy. Roxanne is a crazy ass bitch. Some of the things she says is just wow. Monty is just… meh so far.

What it feels like, is that we’re being forced to go to certain places to collect security upgrades so we can get into other places, while avoiding security bots and the animatronics. Does this mean that there is gong to be certain trials to overcome with each upgrade? Please don’t always involve Moon, please. Oh and we can’t be roaming around at the top of the hour as we need to use that time to charge and stay away from Moon. I have a lot of questions that can only be answered by doing the thing and seeing what the answer is.

For example; if Freddy is out of power can you find a charge station and call him to you? Will he still come? Can you roam around at the top of the hour in Freddy with Moon around or will Moon jump scare you? I saw him moving around and just noped the fuck out of the area not even leaving a smokey Freddy outline. Can we go back to already explored areas? Does the photo pass we get at the start open ANY of the animatronics’ room door or just Freddy’s? Why didn’t I try that at the time? LOL

I am enjoying the game and haven’t run into any obvious bugs or problems caused by the game. As far as I am aware, things that are suppose to happen at a certain point or because of a certain action are happening. I am a little annoyed at the lack of skipping cut scenes after the first viewing – Moondrop’s cut scene I have seen the most and wish I could have skipped that crap. I do notice that sometimes the animatronic is right on me as I’m climbing into Freddy, but I’m not jump scared by them so that’s nice. I have yet to notice any clocks though and totally didn’t even notice if the time is on my watch. Since I can only charge Freddy once and hour, it’d be nice to know when that is. Of course if the entire Pizzaplex goes dark once and hour and it’s the only time I can charge Freddy, I guess me actually knowing the time isn’t too important.

I think I also read someone mention that each chapter is an hour. So from the main doors closing on me to me getting all the damn generators back on was one chapter and therefore one hour. So now I’m in the 1am hour? So does that mean that I’ll have to do Chica’s area, Monty’s area, Roxy’s area, Bonnie’s area, and then mayhap a big boss area and completing each of those will move me forward an hour?

The daycare Sun/Moondrop area took me to 1am. Completing the next area will take me to 2am, and etc? That does work and still gives time to roam around to collect collectables and learn more lore. Oh god, the lore! I wonder how MatPat is doing! LOL Damnit now I wonder if he noticed the Bonnie poster thing and what Freddy said about there are no bunnies at the Pizzaplex any more…

It disturbs me to see a lot of people shitting on the game over on Reddit. Like ‘don’t buy this game for PS5’ type of shitting on. I have read about people having a few problems with the game. Some to the point of not even being able to play it. But I stop to wonder just how many of these are actual problems occurring or just trolls being trolls.

Trust me I know how it feels when things do not work the way it is suppose to work. I play Ark Survival Evolved and have since it’s release. Now there’s a game with some bugs!

But I think Steel Wool only have 30 employees total so it is completely amazing that this game is as good as it currently is.

Just tried to see if the Fazwatch actually has a clock on it but didn’t find any answers. Did notice that someone has done a walkthrough. It’s not very good as it is missing a few things but what can you expect so early on? And as a web designer and graphic artist, the website is rubbish and it annoys me greatly. Not sure if that’s anything the user can change or not, but I would not, COULD NOT put out a website looking like that. Have you seen this blog on it’s actual page? I can’t leave things unedited and impersonalized. It’s just not right!

Until next time, what was the first thing that kept you up at night because you were scared? Mine was the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. I don’t remember how old I was, but I remember thinking there was one in my closet. Now I don’t mind them and love the movies.

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Are You Ready?

Tomorrow is the magical day. Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach drops. I for one will be grabbing it and hopefully playing it tomorrow. While I do have fiber optic internet, Steam does not like to download games to my computer very quickly. Took a good chunk of yesterday downloading the latest update for Ark Survival Evolved. Couldn’t play it until this morning. And now I am again waiting for it to download the new DLC map.

Anyway after spending a few hours playing FNaF AR Dark Circus and absolutely loving it – honestly I had gotten quite bored with the zapping of animatronics that I hadn’t played in awhile. Took me forever to get Ballora as I couldn’t remember how to beat her and then I had never done a Golden Freddy and had to look that shit up. LOVED roaming around and doing puzzles I really hope Illumix does more of this in the future, but maybe not cost me extra to play- , I discovered we got one more little present from Steel Wool.

Jtop (Jason Topolski) Steel Wool’s creative director shared with us some awesome behind the scenes thoughts on how they came up with everything we’re going to see in this game. And it’s amazing! I almost want to push for them to release a VR version of the game! Almost because Help Wanted scared the bejezus out of me with how big the animatronics actually are. I’m 5 foot even barefoot. They some big ass machines.

I encourage you to go to the PlayStation Blog and read A backstage tour of Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex in Five Nights Freddy’s: Security Breach. It has some great sketches and interesting information in it.

Edited to add: Just read this this article and it seems that most of us aren’t going to be playing the game until Friday anyway. They’re releasing the game at 6pm PST. Which I understand fully why they made this decision. But, why?

Until next time, what games were you excited to come out in the past? Was it an easy wait or did you have to get in line with other fans and stand in the weather to hope to grab your copy? Did you pre-order so you were guaranteed a copy?

Image of Freddy and the gang was created by FuntimeFreddoFazbear. Check out their art on Deviantart!

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It’s been a week and it’s only Wednesday.

Despite three games having new things (or coming out) this week hasn’t been the best. The games have helped me get through the week, but the loss of Anne Rice is a pretty painful stab. I have been reading her works since high school. I remember that after I finished reading Memnoch the Devil, I thought that I’d name the first black cat I got Memnoch, no matter the gender. Weeks after I saw an notice in the break room at work about needing to rehome a black kitten. Not many details were given, but I talked to my co-worker and adopted the kitten. When my co-worker dropped the kitten off, she told me they had named her Memnoch. I had that little lady for 15 years before she passed away and she was my best friend and rock through all those years. I have only named one other kitty after an Anne Rice character. Blondie Bear. Whose full name just happens to be Blondie Bear Monster Lestat the Brat Prince.

I have read many of her books with the exception of her more religious stuff and stuff in old magazines. There are a couple I own by haven’t read yet, or in the case of ‘Ramses the Damned: The Reign of Osiris‘ I will own it once it’s released this coming February. Many of the books of hers I own are also signed. She helped me through quite a bit and sparked my desire to write the weirdness in my head and share it with others. She made me look at things from outside my cozy little bubble and try to see different perspectives, even if for a short time. She made me like vampires. She gave a new life to an old trope – and then did it again with werewolves. She (and Christopher) created a new immortal and opened so many doors many of us didn’t realize was even there.

I regularly listen to her son Christopher Rice’s podcast, TDPS Presents Christopher and Eric and have watched some of the Dinner Party Show. Big fan of both the guys and their novels. And have been for awhile now. I am regularly interacting with them via their Facebook page and have been one of the few people mentioned a few times on the show itself.

I sincerely hope Christopher and Eric are coping well through this difficult time and it saddens me that I can only send them warm thoughts, and ghost hugs. But it’ll have to do. I’ll just turn the volume on those up to the maximum and more. I know how close they both were to Anne and I don’t want to imagine the type of pain they are in right now. They know where to find their ‘Party People’ should either need us.

Until next time, who is your favorite author? What’s your favorite book by them and what drew you into their worlds?

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Bitter Disappointment and Reading the Small Print

If you saw my last post, the one taking apart the new FNaF trailer you may have read the last paragraph where I mentioned I finally picked a camcorder. I picked poorly. Just did a test run on it using it on what I’ll generally use it for, Lego sets and I did a small one which was about 40 minutes and it had problems with the SanDisk 128GB SDXC SD Ultra Memory Card suddenly and didn’t record all of what I was trying to record. The whole ending isn’t anywhere and the camera broke up the file into 7 files with different run times. When I tried to use the app they said to use, there was extra static on the sound and the piece of shit app kept failing on me. Thankfully I can sell it for what I paid for it. Also no auto zoom.


The hell is wrong with designers to leave that very important thing out????

So it’s back to the searching board. Yay. Maybe I should skip the Lego Titanic and put the money instead towards a better camera.

Yeah, not gonna happen. But I can add some more funds to the camera budget. I was just overly optimistic.

Until next time, never shop when you are somewhat tired or can’t 100% pay attention. I was just getting annoyed at all the choices and trying to make sure reviews and sellers are good and it got too much. So I just picked. The review I really liked about a camera was not this camera. They talked about auto zoom.

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