Amazon Gives Me Trust Issues

I know, two posts in one day WTF? I had originally thought about combining the two, but it wouldn’t make sense. So you get two posts. Rejoice. Mark the calendar and move on with life. But first!

I’m looking for a camcorder for vlogging, YouTube etc. as I like to record myself putting together the expensive Master Builder Lego sets since not everyone can afford these buggers. I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to record them and let’s just say the phone is annoying me. It likes to overheat and not tell me when it stops recording or flat out LOOSES THE FILE. Which I don’t find out about until after the set is completed and I’m in Lightworks putting things together or taking them apart.

I generally try to keep each video to 30 minutes to an hour, but a big set will take HOURS to complete. I have gone to just doing one bag each video, which generally keeps it around an hour or shorter. That and if I even try to do more than that with my phone it has a fit in someway and I have to stop building and deal with the phone. And with cats you don’t exactly want to leave loose legos around.

I went to Amazon and put in ‘4k camcorder’ and did a search. Then I sorted the list by Average Customer Review because I want one that people say is good and hopefully not spend thousands on. I get some great hits for $200 and under and open up some possibilities. Then I read the reviews.

For the Video Camera 4K Camcorder 60FPS Vlogging Camera for YouTube 18X Digital Zoom Vlogging Camera IR Night Vision Video Camera Support Webcam and Microphone I read this review:

Nice pouxh. Haven’t used it yet because it’s winter but I can tell it’s gonna do its job perfectly. I hope I find some gold!


Five star review, verified purchase….and then this one:

Great metal detecting bag. Very sturdy with nice compartments for all your gear and treasures. Gave it to my son for Christmas and he used it to go metal detecting the next day. He loved it.

Wendy P Pierce

Another five star, verified purchase. Ookay…

And then on the page for 4K Video Camera Camcorder 48MP 60FPS Digital Camera Auto Focus Night Vision WiFi Vlogging Camera with Microphone, Lens Hood, Foldable Handheld Holder, the images are of a water bottle. I mean the review images and reviews are for a fucking reusable water bottle!!! Most of the questions as well! WTF??!?!?!

Strange camcorder

The first reviews of the camcorder are BAD reviews.

Those were the only two reviews about the camcorder itself. The next few were about a water bottle and then there’s one that I have no idea what the fuck it’s for.

So soft and comforting?????

All verified purchases all five stars. But this isn’t the only two that I find this on. Every. Single. Camcorder. at the top of my list sorted by good reviews have reviews for other things in there. Questions as well. Thankfully I found three (first linked one included) that have some good reviews on the camcorders themselves.

What the fuck is going on here? I’ve complained to Amazon about this before but heard nothing and had only seen it once. I’d say the sellers are doing something, but the extra reviews are for products they don’t sell AND are sold by other sellers?? And Amazon doesn’t seem to care. So I can’t trust that the camcorders I’m looking at are in fact the top of the review pool. Especially if I have to search for the reviews about said camcorder.

In the ones I looked at, and you can do the same search I did and see what I’m talking about as I did the first five/six camcorders that came up, there was more reviews about other things than the camcorder and for some the only ones on the first couple of pages of reviews were bad reviews.

It’s not like I can report the reviews either as they’re actual reviews on actual products these people bought that’s coming up on a different product entirely.

How am I suppose to choose a camcorder through Amazon this way?

Answer is, I’m not. Either I find the camcorder on Amazon then look elsewhere for the reviews or I look elsewhere for the camcorder/reviews and see if it’s on Amazon and hope that it’s the actual camcorder.

Or I tell Amazon to fuck off and bypass them entirely.

I’m doing a general Google search for ‘Best 4k camcorders under $200’ and taking a look there.

Every article links back to Amazon. *sigh* After looking through 7 different articles (none of them were ADs on Google) The ONLY ONE I like (that’s still available) is the Camcorder Video Camera YEEHAO WiFi HD 1080P 24MP 16X Powerful Digital Zoom Camera with Microphone and Wide Angle Lens Remote Control Lens Hood Infrared Night Vision YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder. At least the reviews are for the camcorder and are more than three stars. It’s an older model from 2019, which isn’t a deal breaker for me.

I’m so tired out by this search. After the 7 I read the ones I were reading were of camcorders MORE than $200.

And then there’s this one I found all on my own: 4K Video Camera Camcorder 48MP Ultra HD Video Camera for YouTube with WIFI Vlogging Camera IR Night Vision Video Recorder 16X Digital Camera with Microphone Remote Touch Screen (2021 Upgraded Version)

At this point I just don’t know. And now I’m tired and my day is gone. Thanks Amazon.

Until next time, have a camcorder you adore to pieces? Let me know in the comments. What do you look for in a camcorder these days and where do you look?

Also, apparently the seller ARE doing the product mismatching! Just found this article from 2018 written by Nicole Nguyen at Buzzfeed about it.

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Torn VR Game Walkthrough

I just finished the VR game Torn yesterday and again noticed that when I got stuck there was little to no information outside of watching videos (which sometimes makes me sick to my stomach) to figure out what I needed to do. While video is great, I hate having to sit and watch the entire thing to find one little bit of information or trying to scroll through the video to find said information. Or in many cases, having to scroll through MULTIPLE videos.

It amazes me how games this old – came out in 2018 – still has no walkthroughs.

That said, the game Torn isn’t an easy written walkthrough. In fact you barely need one as the little buddy really does help you out if you listen to it. But I did want to point out a couple of things that will help people:

First is the little bits of memory lights you get when you move things. You may not notice them when you are moving things around and you get quite a bit when you complete a circuit, but there may be times you are just a few shy and all circuits in that room have been completed. Best way to find what items still have bits of memory lights in them, is to shine your Gravity Tool around. If an item starts jumping around, moves on it’s own or falls over, grab it and it’ll give you a piece of memory light. I discovered this towards the end of the game which made me sad as I could have gotten a lot more trophies and possibly finishing the game quicker.

When you come upon a door that says locked (which is almost all of them), hold out the Gravity Tool and let it snap into the locking mechanism then grab it and turn to the left. This is tricky and took me a few tries to get it. Once the door is unlocked you can push it open with your left hand. Don’t push too hard or you’ll slam the door back in your face and have to unlock it again. You do not have to find any keys for these doors.

Another thing is the satellite in the Observatory (some walkthroughs call this a conservatory but I do not believe the game does. A conservatory is a room with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house at one side and used as a greenhouse or a sun parlor. This wouldn’t be a big deal, if the house didn’t have both these rooms, but it does). For me it faced to my right and was a bit low. You have to keep fiddling with it until your buddy light says you got it. You’ll know you are on the right track when you hear Talbot say “Bloody hell” and then a bunch of other words, I don’t remember off the top of my head. He’ll keep repeating it over and over again. Took me far too long to get it to the sweet spot, so just keep moving it around, making sure the lines on the screen before you are not straight.

The other problem is remembering where all the rooms are and really what these rooms are called anyway. Some are obvious like the kitchen or dining room. But others, like maybe conservatory can be a bit confusing. And even if I knew what room, I had to think where the room was.

I hand drew some maps for you so you can get around. I start with the library and music room since the grounds and the wine cellar are visited once or twice. I supplemented my lovely (cough) drawing with images of the rooms to hopefully help you out.

Library, Bridge, Music Room and to the Foyer
Foyer has an upstairs and downstairs.
End of the road for this direction
The lift is to your left and the locked door is in front of you.
A short lift ride up and you have to move some things around to access the top floor
Downstairs now
Going down the stairs from the Dining Room
Back up the stairs and through the Dining Room. End of the road here.

The maps are from a top down view. Images inserted may or may not be how the room looks as you walk in for the first time. I went from the left to the right, upstairs (Nursery, Master Bedroom, Observatory), downstairs (Dining Room, Kitchen/Valet, Conservatory). And the last of it will be in the Foyer, with the motorcycle! Err… you’ll get that later. Yes, subtle CLUE game reference. And a bit more.

Let’s Try a Walkthrough

I am not going to tell you how to do the puzzles. They are NOT difficult. You are told by your buddy (he never has a name, he’s apparently Talbot, but not Talbot…NO IDEA) how to complete the circuits and if you ever get stuck, pull the side button on the Gravity Tool and he’ll come out and help you.

Let’s begin with a walk in the forest……

While you start off in a forest and then on the grounds of this strange mansion/estate you quickly find out you can only go to the left until you can’t. Playing with the pole like thing in the half circle on a large metal platform reveals that it’s an elevator and it is taking you down into a basement like area. You’ll have to move things around until you fall into the wine cellar. Literally. Which is when the designers thought would be a great time to make you sit through some credits and interesting music. You’re following a little light that ends up being your helper throughout the game. Just sit back and relax as there is nothing to do until after the title page.

For someone who fell, you certainly aren’t worried or hurt. Push the boxes in front of you to enter the wine cellar. Flip the breaker in the cellar – almost directly across from where you entered – and have a look around. Go up stairs via the lift (aka elevator). You can’t do too much down here just yet. You’re now in a room that looks like a machine threw up in. It’s basically the library and it has two levels. You can look around or you can go back to the elevator and go upstairs. Pulling up on the lever in the elevator takes you up.

If you go to the right when stepping out of the elevator and around to the left, almost exactly opposite of the elevator is a hallway you should go down. Follow it to the Music room, which is the first only door to the left. You’ll notice things sort of jumping around. Open the piano keys -if you spend any time just looking around, you will talk to yourself out loud and tell yourself what you should/shouldn’t do – You’ll free your new buddy. Follow your buddy back into the elevator. Pull down on the lever to go down, as the buddy light requests. He’s cheeky to a point you sort of want to squish it. Or maybe pee on it to make it go away? Most of this game is follow your buddy light and do as he suggests/asks/demands. You’ll get your Gravity tool. When you aren’t pushing any buttons it works like a flashlight, which you can use to find more “floating pieces of dust” or as I call them memory lights. Our buddy takes time to walk you through how everything works. Which is great until you take a 5 month break from the game and forget the little things.

If you have problems using the chair as a conduit as it won’t go up to the ceiling from where you are standing, go to the second floor, look down at the chair, grab it with the tool and put it in place. Yes. It will stay there. Until the circuit is complete then it just falls. This is true with all things needed to snap onto the wall or ceiling. The only exception is when you have a general box where you have to place something heavy. If it’s on the wall, you’ll need to have something heavy sit in front of it. This can and is quite annoying.

The Room Barometers take you to Talbot who resides in the nowhere. Pulling the side button on your left hand/tool sends those memory lights to him and he remembers his story and tells it to you. After awhile you’ll start collecting keys. These are not something you have to find as the Room Barometers will actually have them and when you get enough memory lights to see Talbot they will automatically appear from the Barometer. Grab them with your right hand and the lever for the tool will then appear. To give them to Talbot, just wait a moment and the tool will change to the key then disappear until later.

You’ll learn about his wife Rena and how brilliant the both of them are/were (then why are you stuck in the nowhere Talbot???) and it’s an interesting story.

The rest of the game follows the same pattern. You go into a room, complete all the circuits – most rooms have multiple circuits to complete – collect enough memory lights and use the Barometer to see and listen to Talbot. The rooms in the map above are all the rooms in the mansion. If you are lost as what to do next, go into a room and collect more memory lights. Once you complete all the circuits in the house I think then you’ll collect the keys, which just means going into each major room – your buddy light will tell you which one to go to if you listen to him – and collecting more memory lights. There are eight keys and once you get them all and talk to Talbot you’ll go into the Foyer and down by the front doors.

Placing the keys – doesn’t matter which goes where, just walk up to the socket and it’ll place one – a lift will appear from the floor and you’ll take a long ride down to the lavatory. And this place is HUGE! Follow your buddy light and do as he says.

In the battery room if the light on the top of the new battery is red, it needs to be turned in the socket until it turns green. All the batteries needed are in that room. You may have to look around on the shelves for them. Once the buddy light is happy and leaves the room, you’re done with it.

If you ever “loose” your buddy light, just walk around until you find him. At one point I knew to go back to the lift, but because I went quickly and without him, I had to go back to the control room and wait for him to say something about getting back to the Barometer. Talk about wanting to piddle on that damnable light!

Once you get to the point in the game where Talbot should come back you can’t do nothing but look around. It’s the end of the game and is a big twist and interesting so sit back and listen.

If you have questions about a particular part of the game or somehow get stuck in a way I haven’t covered, drop a comment and I’ll see what I remember – or go back and play that part again – and let you know.

Did I like the game? Well, if I don’t finish a game I didn’t like it a whole lot. If I’m writing a walkthrough for it I probably liked it enough to go back through the game a second time. I do rate games I have through Steam on Steam (Cheshire.Raptor if you’re looking) if I’ve played them. I have a lot of games that I have not played and just because I haven’t finished it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it – unless I’ve written a review that actually says I didn’t like it e.g. The Fisherman’s Tale.

Until next time, have you looked for CheshireRaptor in all sorts of social media to find me? Yeah, I could link to them directly, but wouldn’t that take the fun out of it? Very few spaces I don’t go by that handle. Twitter and Instagram are the two that immediately pop. One is archaeologyange and the other cheshire_quinn.

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20 Years Ago Today. September 11, 2001

20 years after September 11, 2001, we’re still learning about the different ways people are processing and memorializing the tragedy. 

Yesterday, I read that in the two decades since the attacks more than 1,800 pieces of steel from the World Trade Center wreckage have been sent to memorial sites in all 50 states and more than a dozen places internationally, even as far as the South Island of New Zealand. It’s a reminder that while the 9/11 attacks may have happened in a pocket of the US, they touched the entire world.

There’s a lot of incredible content about September 11. Here are some pieces that have been catching eyes this week in case you want to dive in. 

  • A podcast episode about United Flight 93, which crashed outside of Shanksville, PA. (NPR)
  • Prominent Muslim Americans reflect on the past 20 years. (The Guardian)
  • September 11-themed covers over the years. (New Yorker)
  • The falling man. (Esquire)
  • Children of those killed on 9/11 are following their parents into finance—some at the same investment firms. (Bloomberg)
  • The man in the red bandana. (ESPN)
  • A series on the economic impact of 9/11, 20 years later. (Morning Brew)
  • Watch the documentary Man on Wire
  • Another documentary that I watched recently and thought was great is The Woman Who Wasn’t There. It’s free if you have Amazon Prime and actually came out in 2012.
  • Of course the Washington Post has been doing stories all week on 9-11 and you should check them out. There is a lot of stuff there and if you hit a paywall, just check out a few tools to bypass them. Small note: If you can, support the creators of the content you like. Best way around a paywall is to pay. But I know that sometimes you can’t, or you only want a smattering of articles that wouldn’t support the amount you’d have to pay to get them. That is why I shared two links on getting around paywalls.

As the nation marks 20 years since the September 11 terror attacks, New York officials say the remains of two more victims have been identified through DNA testing. Dorothy Morgan and a man whose name is being withheld at his family’s request were the 1,646th person and 1,647th person to be identified as victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the city’s chief medical examiner’s office said. These were the first identifications of World Trade Center victims since October 2019. The remains of more than 1,100 victims — about 40% of those who died there — are yet to be identified.

Police are investigating why some American flags at a 9/11 memorial in Boston were knocked over or damaged this week. And a pastor who felt called by God to pray on the US Capitol grounds on the 20th anniversary of the attacks won’t be able to, a federal judge decided, because security concerns around the building are still too great.

Some of us know exactly where we were when we found out what was happening in New York. Some of us were too young at the time to remember or understand. Some of us hadn’t been born yet and this tragedy is just another in the history textbooks and on television. However you perceive of this day I hope you find peace and calm. If you lost anyone I hope your heart knows happiness and love. I hope you all have found the ability to heal and grow from the pain and have gone forth and done good.

Until next time,

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Note: This is not written by me, Angel at all. I found this and 100% support every word. And if you are highly insulted or strangely disturbed by swearing, which is in no way a measure of a person’s intelligence, then you’ll want to skip this. It is a hilarious take on what so many Americans feel but are just too *insert adjective or verb* to finally say it. Soon, no one will be scared or shy to start saying this out loud in any form as people continue to refuse to get vaccinated OR wear a mask. There is a lot of articles out there, I believe, that shows people are getting really frustrated at their fellow humans not wearing masks or getting vaccinated. The original post on can be found here.

Hi, if you are reading this essay then congratulations, you are still alive. And if you are alive, then you have either gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, or you still have the opportunity to get the vaccine against COVID-19. And holy fuck, if you aren’t fucking vaccinated against COVID-19, then you need to get fucking vaccinated right now. I mean, what the fuck? Fuck you. Get vaccinated. Fuck.

The fucking vaccine will not make you magnetic. Are you fucking kidding me? It just fucking won’t. That’s not even a fucking thing, and that lady who tried to pretend the vaccine made her fucking magnetic looked like a real fucking fuckwad and a fucking idiot, so get fucking vaccinated. Jesus. Fuck.

The vaccine also doesn’t have a fucking 5G chip in it. What the fuck do you think a fucking 5G chip is, fucknuts? You think it’s like some invisible nanotechnology they can suspend in a liquid and then just put in your fucking blood and then it what, exactly? Fucking floats around in your body going on Instagram and telling the government you went to the grocery store? No one fucking cares where you go, you absolute fucking fuck-barf. Fuck off with that. Fuck.

Oh, you’re afraid of fucking side effects? Fuck you. You know what has fucking side effects? Fucking aspirin, fucking Tylenol. You could be fucking allergic to pineapple, you fucking fuckwit. Everything has side effects. You’re being a big fucking baby with a huge diaper full of fucking diarrhea, complaining about maybe feeling slightly tired for a day or two while your asymptomatic COVID case you get and pass to some innocent fucking kid could wind up killing them or someone else. Fuck you, you fucking selfish fucking shit-banana, you unredeemable ass-caterpillar, you fucking fuck-knob with two fucks for eyes and a literal poop where your heart should be. You want a two-month-old to wind up on a fucking ventilator instead of you, a fucking adult, getting a fucking sore arm for a day? What are you, a pitcher for the Yankees? A fucking concert pianist? An arm model? Get the fuck out of here! Fuck you. Get vaccinated. Fuck. Fuck you!

You think vaccines don’t fucking work? Oh, fuck off into the trash, you attention-seeking fuckworm-faced shitbutt. This isn’t even a point worth discussing, you fuck-o-rama fuck-stival of ignorance. Vaccines got rid of smallpox and polio and all the other disgusting diseases that used to kill off little fucks like you en masse. Your relatives got fucking vaccinated and let you live, and now here you are signing up to be killed by a fucking disease against which there is a ninety-nine-percent effective vaccine. You fucking moron. Go in the fucking ocean and fuck a piranha. Fuck. Fuck that. Fuck you. Get vaccinated.

Oh, you say you have a genuine allergy or medical condition that prevents you from receiving a fucking vaccine? That’s fine. I’m clearly not talking to you. I fucking love you. Fuck.

Look, if you have been forwarded this essay from a friend or loved one, then there are two possibilities. Either you are a normal, regular, sensible fucking person like me who got fucking vaccinated at the first possible moment, and this essay channels all your fucking rage and sadness and is therefore cathartic OR, and I really hope this isn’t the fucking case, you AREN’T fucking vaccinated, and someone sent it to you because you fucking fucking fuck, you need to get fucking vaccinated. And rather than being fucking offended that someone is trying yet again to get you to take the fucking vaccine, you should understand that someone fucking loves you enough to try one last motherfucking time to get you to take the fucking vaccine before you fuck off to heaven, or hell, or some in-between place that’s just like a fucking mall or something where everything is free, including and especially the soft pretzels. So, congratulations! There is ONE person remaining in your life who wants to fucking save you from drowning in your own fucking lungs, you fucking fuckshit fuckdick, so for god’s sake, get your fucking ass out of your chair, go to the fucking pharmacy, and get a fucking vaccine, you absolute conscienceless fucking fuck fuck fuck. Get it. Get the fucking vaccine. Fuck you. Fuck fuck fuck. Fuck. Fuck you. Fuck!

Until next time, this pretty much sums it up. So many people are following their asses and not science. Science has gotten us this far. For god sakes do research on the research being done. Oh and the FDA has approved the vaccine so what’s the excuse now?

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The Room 4 Old Sins Walkthrough

Released February of 2021, by Fireproof Games this is the latest in The Room series. Having played the past three games I have enjoyed the relatively relaxed not to brain taxing puzzles to get through the game and hopefully to freedom. But if you are here, you know the games and just want to get right to it. So let us jump back into the fray and find that Null.

All images and links will open in a different tab when clicked on. Although if you do not get larger versions of the images, right click or hold your finger on the image and open it in a new tab. Or you can try clicking on it again. WordPress is really weird.

The best way to use this (and any) walkthrough when the game is on PC, is to have this open on a tablet or other device that allows you to stay in game and follow along here as you go along. This is written as a straight through from start to finish.

Welcome to this awesome house

I love the look of this house, which you’ll see in a moment. For now you find out you are in it’s attic and you have been searching for “something”. It’s dark in the attic and you need some light. The game pretty much walks you through this part so go ahead and follow what the game is telling you. While the thoughts of your character is nice, when you’ve restarted the game because of a glitch, it’s rather annoying.


In case you need a little nudge, as the tutorial does walk you through a good portion of this part, you will find it doesn’t hold your hand all the way and you do need to start using that brain. So first off, did you notice the body laying on the floor against the table the dollhouse is sitting on? To make the light work, you need to slid the right wire wrapped fuse up to complete the connection. Technically you should also close the cover but….now the body is gone but you’ve got this absolutely lovely dollhouse.

The circuit is completed.
Whose Body is That?


Was a good show by Joss Whedon by the way. Zoom in on the gate and turn the crest right side up. To open the front doors, open the gate. If you have played any of these games you know what this lovely oil surface means. Back to your box and grab the handle and pull down. Collect an Eyepiece.

Go into your inventory and turn the eyepiece around. Pull the gold lever down and the eyepiece, very pretty, opens up. You can click the back icon or right click to get out of the inventory at any time. Don the eyepiece see the message and then head back to the front door.

When you don the eyepiece this time you see a long hallway that somehow has been twisted. In order to make things right, drag the paining on the right up. Drag the chair on the left back against the wall and then make sure the chandelier is positioned in the middle of the hall. Now you’ll fly down it and expose our first room, the Foyer.

Hallway Solution


Don the eyepiece and double click the red symbol to enter. The only thing to see here is the box on the table. Nothing else in the room is interactive. You can read the book if you wish, you’ll find these in every room and it tells the story of the wife Abigail and her husband Edward as they deal with the Null. While it does make an interesting story-line, you’re not here to find out what happened to the couple. Once you’re done there, look at the bottom of the box and spin the dial on the bottom to reveal a Silver Mechanical Coin.

You’ll need to go into the inventory and look at it so you can open it up by grabbing one side and pulling up or down to make a key of sorts. You’ll be looking at a lot of stuff in your inventory and changing it so keep that in mind if you get stuck. Take this key and place it on the front of the box. It’ll start turning on it’s own and will direct you to the side of the box. Put on your eyepiece and take a closer look.

Silver One
Yes, this is the second one you’ll find. First one is a silver one.

The point is to line up the constellation to fit inside of the white lines. The whole thing isn’t going to fit, just a piece of it. Use the dial on the bottom and the edge of the round screen to manipulate the stars. Once you get it a Family Crest is revealed that actually goes on the outside of the dollhouse in the front at the top. So once you have that, head back outside and place it on the side of the house.

Don’t go off of where the finger print is in this picture to get the result. It’s different every time.

You’ll get the seal that you will need to break in order to get the Null. Press and hold the middle symbol that’s lit up. This will cause two pillars to come out of the ground in front of the house. One looks like an empty planter (left side) and the other is a stag rearing (right side). If you look at the stag and then carefully at the bottom by it’s feet, you should see a couple of arrows. Let’s match them up and see what happens. You get a Brass Mechanical Coin.

Jump into your inventory and open that up and then back into the foyer and to the back of the box. You’ll get a new design to match so fiddle with the dial and ring until you match it up. Once you do it opens up to give you a Ornate Metal Panel and once you take that, you automatically are zoomed out and the top of the box is opened and you have a new puzzle to solve.

All you need to do is push the matching buttons. You can rotate the box so that the covers that prevent you from pushing the buttons slide away. Push the buttons and a new side will appear. For this side, there are now four buttons and a lock that will keep the covers from moving. Again you want to push the matching buttons. Rotate, push the square buttons. Now move the lock, rotate, switch the lock, rotate again and push triangles. Once you’ve gotten all four a new side appears and you have six more buttons. It’s much the same thing. Push matching buttons, fiddle with locks, rotate to uncover buttons. Move the bottom lock and rotate the box. Push square buttons. Flip bottom lock and then top lock and push triangles. Flip bottom lock, rotate, flip top lock, flip bottom lock, let piece slide down, push diamond buttons. Once you get that, a secret compartment in the box will open and reveals a Strange Artifact. Once you take the artifact, strange black tendrils start sliding through the room and making it dark and inky. You’re forced out of the Foyer and now it looks like a burnt out room that you no longer can get into. Congratulations, the foyer is complete.

“I have found the seal my employers spoke of. It is weakened, but far from broken. I am clearly on the path to finding the Null element.”

Go into your inventory and press and hold the middle symbol on the Strange Artifact. It will open and reveal a Swan Figurine. Place this on the empty planter on the left side of the front of the house and it will open a secret drawer and give you a Model Lamp. This will need to be placed on the right corner of the model, so zoom out until you can see the entire front of the model. Placed the Lamp with it’s buddy and all the lamps light up giving you free reign around the awesome looking house. I may need to look closer at those blueprints in the book.

Head to the back of the house and you should see a balcony in the middle on the second floor. The left side has a lovely Ornate Metal Panel that if you looked at the one in your inventory looks quite similar. The right side has nothing and this is where we need to place our Ornate Metal Panel. The goal is to match it up with the one on the left. I took pictures with my cell phone when things like this came up, it’s much easier. In order to rotate the middle piece you have to move the four gear pieces until the open section of the gears face to the middle. In order to rotate the gears you need to move the metal pieces keeping them from moving. They’re technically called compasses, but usually not what comes to most people’s mind when you say that word. Once you have the middle pointing down, move the corner gears into place and watch as another part of the house is unveiled.


There’s a lot to look at in this room. But let’s turn to our right and look at that awesome roll top desk. You can take a few moments to check it out, or just jump down to the lower right corner immediately and move the little ball from the far right to under the acorn icon and once it turns around, move it to the leaf icon and then finally the tree icon. Once that is done a drawer handle will pop out in front of the desk and pulling on it will cause a drawer to come out and then cover the front of the desk.

No, my computer is not a Star Wars issue. It’s a Dell G7 and I had a sticker.

Put on your eyepiece and look at the prism hiding within. Zoom in and you’ll see it doesn’t look quite right. So adjust the left and right corners until they fully match then use the base to turn it twice and match the corners again. Turning it twice means you only have to play the matching game two times instead of matching each face of the prism. A new drawer appears!

Zoom into the new area. Pull the handle to pull up the panel to reveal a dial that’s missing a piece. No problem as you can find it if you zoom out and still in the Study, look to the left for a safe. Zoom in and to the bottom handle and pull it open. Collect a Medallion With Four Holes. Back to the desk as you can’t do anything else with the safe at the moment!

Place it in the dial we just uncovered and turn it. It opens up and reveals a Shaped Metal Piece for you to pick up. This will nicely fit into the + hole that’s just to the left of where we are on the desk. Go ahead and place it and then turn it to unlock a new panel.

This is much like the one we just did where the prism needed to be adjusted, but this one you have four adjustments to make; all four corners; top, bottom, left and right. The top and bottom should only need to be lined up the first time, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell if they’re lined up properly or not. Once it’s all lined up the whole section slides out. Zoom in and unlatch then open the top and take a look. We’re missing a piece here so zoom back out and look near the bottom of this section is a square button. Push it and drawer slides out. To open the compartment, push the two buttons and pull on the handle and there you’ll find a Crank Handle. Before you go back to the puzzle, did you happen to notice the Pac-Man looking piece you can see at this angle moved when you pulled open the drawer? Use the drawer to move it so we can open that middle piece in a bit.

Upper right corner is the Pac-Man. There are four places on this desk that will adjust all the corner Pac-Men.

The clue to this puzzle is to match the pieces to the drawn outlines they are sitting in. You should noticed they’re not in the right place as the triangles need to be on the left and the crescent moons on the right. And they will need to match the outlines perfectly. Once you’ve done this you will be able to use a handle that appears to lift the puzzle and collect our next piece, a Part of a Model Well. This compartment is another part of the Pac-Man puzzle so push it back down until the piece rotates into place. Back out of the Study and look to the left yard area and you should see a large hole. This is where our well goes and placing it, then turning the crank to lower the bucket will reveal the Kitchen to us!

This is what it needs to look like at the end.


Go ahead and come on in and take a look around. We’re not completely done with the Study yet, but to move forward we’re going to have to go into other rooms. It’s a nice old kitchen. You can take a look at the book on the table, then zoom out and take a look at the left side of the room with the sink. Zoom in on the grate under the sink and remove the Rod With A Handle by pulling it towards you. You can go ahead and open the grate, but we can’t quite grab the bottle laying there. Forget it for now and zoom out and then over to the right side of the closed door. Your handle will fit nicely on the first bell. Now you can ring my bell…err ring the bells. But why? Let’s zoom in on the plaque under the bells and remove the wingnut in the upper right corner. Well now lookie here. A bunch of symbols!

Zoom out and don your eyepiece. Now the symbols should make sense. You need to ring the bells in this order. So the far right one once, then the middle bell once, then the far right one two times and finally the far left one two times. Doing it correctly – as in pulling the lever and letting it go all the way back to resting position before pulling it again should unlock a drawer to which you find an Inkwell. If you want, you can then take a look at the stove. Particularly the far left side of it where you can twist a handle and open the panel. You’ll need the eyepiece to look inside.

You’ll see a strange couple of gold pieces with a base that is tunable, but when you do some teal swirly pieces will bump up against the gold pieces. Good news is those gold pieces can be moved to allow the other pieces to pass by. It’s not a difficult task and doing so will open the middle coal bin where you’ll find a Small Wheel.

There is nothing else to do in the kitchen at the moment so let’s head back to the Study.


Back to the lovely old desk. Did you notice that area where we had to move a piece under the lifecycle of an oak tree icons now has a little longer track? Why don’t you go and move that piece until it’s at the end and see what happens. A drawer appears! Inside you will find a Fire Steel. This drawer moves another one of the Pac-Man corners so adjust it as needed.

Now to the inkwell. There’s a little shelf right above the drawer just perfect for an inkwell so zoom in and place it. The lid pops up so you can fully open it and so you can click on the golden button inside. The next puzzle comes sliding out and it seems rather easy. Pull on the top handle and you are shown the bottom part that on the right is a fixed symbol of a triangle with a squiggle line through it. The left hand thing is movable. Don’t play with it yet unless you want to. Close the thing up again and this time, slide the gold sliding lock on the bottom to the right to keep it closed and try opening it up again. This time you get the top one. It’s the same as the bottom one except a different symbol to the left that cannot be changed, but the right can be. Wanna hazard a guess to what symbol we should match it to? If you didn’t guess the triangle with squiggle line, I’m disappointed. Unlock the bottom and the panel opens back up to reveal the bottom one which you can now change the left hand side to the double circles with a line through it.

Pull on the handle that pops out and retrieve a Strange Enamel Fragment. Also note that this drawer is the last Pac-Man corner. Since we can’t actually see the corner move, slid the drawer back until the lines along the sides match up to the edge.

Zoom out and then into the middle part that you can now open. After a moment some sparkles come twinkling and if you played The Room 3, you know that you need to don the eyepiece in order to go inside.

Inside you’ll find some gears along the back wall and some levers in front of you as well as a couple of movable gears to the right of the levers. The gears rotate the gear on the wall and the levers move the gear around. Let’s first pull the right lever to the right to make the wall gear go all the way and then pull the left lever down to make it go all the way down. Now grab the gears and make the wall gear push the track all the way to the left and line it up there. Then move the wall gear all the way to the left, and all the way down so we can move the bottom track into place right above the arrow in the middle of the wall. Once you’ve done that, move the wall gear around so you can move the other tracks into place to be able to lower the wall gear all the way down in the middle. Once it’s there, turn the gears so the wall gear starts to turn the large gear on the bottom. It’ll automatically take over and pull you out and a panel will open with The Handle of a Model Pump inside to collect. Once you collect it, the desk slowly folds itself back together to look as we found it in the beginning. We’re not 100% done with it yet, but am for now. Let’s back out of the Study and look at the grounds around the house.

Now if you rotate the house so you are facing the kitchen as if you are going to go inside you should see a pump to the left of it. Zoom on that and place the handle. Once you do, it’ll automatically start pumping water and it looks like it’s going into the kitchen so let’s go in and take a look!


Look to the left and yep! Water is a running! And it looks like it’s filled the grate below. Let’s zoom in and grab that bottle we saw the first time we were here! Go into your inventory and remove the top and then the paper inside the glass bottle. It’s a torn photograph. Looking at it, you can see the front of a train. Sadly that is all we can do in the kitchen at the moment so head back to the Study.


Go back to the desk and look at the picture frame above it. Seems to be missing a piece. Let’s fix it! Don the eyepiece and get a cryptic message that’s just symbols…? Did you happen to look at the top of the desk, just below the picture at all? Snap a picture of these symbols before you do as you’ll need them.

The Painting above the roll top desk seems to be incomplete.
The Painting is now complete!

This dial can be tricky. Try not to stop on any symbol but the one you need. If you grab the dial and just move it quickly to the symbols you need to light up, you’ll be fine. And you’ll reveal a steam engine! Also the handle below it slips out so we can use it in a bit. Let’s zoom in!

A wheel seems to be missing. Thankfully we already have it! Place the small wheel to unlock the bar and swing that bar so that the two wheels are connected by it. This causes a dial to appear to the left of a wheel. What we need to do is to get the end of the bar into the top of the small wheel we placed, but it’s not going to be easy. If you look at the wheel to the left you can see some of the marks are covered. You can only move the bar down the sides, not up. So move the dial, so that the bar can be moved down to the left side and then move the dial until it lines up so you can move the bar back up on the right side. Once back up, move the dial back so you can move the bar again down to the left. Keep doing this until you get the circled piece down where you can move the bar into it. Doing so exposes a + hole and then a Metal Stud you can collect from the body.

Zoom out and move to the back of the engine. The lower left is missing it’s Stud so put it in place. Pull out the small drawer and collect a Metal Rod. Back to the side of the engine, place the rod on the wheel so that it connects the two + together. Two parts of the body will open up. The right hand part you can do nothing about yet, but you can collect a Metal Grille from the left hand side. Zoom out and go to the front of the engine. Before you place it, you need to adjust it so go into your inventory. Turn it so you can grab the wing nut and turn it until it clicks into place. Then place on the front of the engine. Grab the L-Shaped Connector and zoom out and back to the side of the engine.

You’re taken to the back end of the engine where you’ll need to don your eyepiece in order to go inside. Look down at the furnace cover and open it. We don’t yet have the piece to put in there so zoom out and onto the right side handle. You get a view of the engine body, which you’ll want to watch as you turn the handle. Rotate it until the hole that appears is on the top. Now back out and look at the side of the engine. Zoom into the top that you exposed and turn that handle until the tube is all the way up. Now go back inside the engine and zoom in on the left hand handle and rotate it until the other hole is at the top. Back to the side of the engine and rotate the new handle until another tube is all the way out of the engine body. Oh and yes, that music when you come out of the engine always plays. You can don the eyepiece and look at these tubes, but it’s not going to make any sense until you look at them from inside the engine.

Don the eyepiece once you are inside and look through the right window. Adjust your view until you can get something out of the blue characters. What you should see is BF. Make note. Back out and now look through the left window and adjust until you can get two numbers in white. You should get 25. Make note then back all the way out of the engine and go to the front of it to where there are four little dials. The first two are numbers, the last two are letters. Put that newfound knowledge to the test.

Open up the front of the engine to collect A Winding Key. Then go to the back of the engine and to the furnace. Place the Winding Key into the slot and give it a turn. Then sit back and watch the engine come to life. I really like this part for some reason. You can sit and watch for however long you like, but eventually you will need to zoom in on the handle that popped out under the engine and pull it up so the moving train engine can wind the top of the desk up.

If you want to watch this I of course recorded it and uploaded the video.

Feel free to have a look at the book if you’d like. Edward and Abigail aren’t doing too well it seems. The only other thing of interest is the little box in the right corner. Go ahead and unlatch and open it up to grab a Model Chimney. So let’s back out and look at the front of the house, right there by where the seal is. Place the chimney.

Don the eyepiece and rotate the disc until all three tubes are all out of the chimney. It does happen after a bit of spinning the disc. Then line up the image as you see on the disc by moving to the right until the lines match up. The very front of the house opens up and here we find The Curiosity Room. It certainly is that.

I recorded the solution to this puzzle as I am sure many think it’s more difficult than it is. You can watch that here.

Curiosity Room

If you’d like, there is a book on the small table to the left by the easy chair. There are many things to see and do here, so head to the back right of the room where there is a small display case. On the right side is a piece of map. Collect it and check out the other side. You do have to slid the glass to interact with things in the case. Back out and look at the globe. Check out the piece in your inventory and turn it so you can see the back. Now look for the symbol you see on the back on the globe. That is where the piece goes. Move the globe until the piece us under the green lens at the top and don your eyepiece.

Zoom in on the tower move around it until you see the glowing little light. You are going to take that light and follow the path up. You will have to move pieces of the tower to match up lines and you can move pieces the light is on. Not all the sections can move however. Once you get the light to the top, you back up and a drawer on the base will open giving you another piece of map. Look at the back of it to find where it fits and basically do the same thing. Don eyepiece, guide the light.

Again, I recorded me doing this globe puzzle. The first two are in this video and the third one (Ship) is below.

This one is a pyramid. Same thing, guide the light up to the top, know that the top piece can be moved back and forth helping you get the light to the top. This time though you don’t want the very top, but the side of the top tower you can move. Again this opens another drawer. But this time you are given a Carved Piece of Wood. Zoom out and look at the very back wall above the fireplace.

Zoom on in to the right side mask and snap yourself a picture (or look at mine) and then zoom in on the left hand side. This mask has some moving pieces and one that we have in our inventory. Give the mask back it’s lower jaw. Then pull on the jaw so the mask’s mouth is open in awe. Adjust the eyes, eyebrows and antlers around the mask to match it’s sibling the right hand side. If you succeed, you’ll get another map piece and something for something else to fit onto. Look at the back of the map piece then go back to the globe. It really only fits in the last slot available so.

Slide it under the green disc and zoom in on the ship. The sails rotate so guide the light up the last mast sails. Pull on the grill on the sides to get the cannons to emerge and give you a hand. Both sides of the sails are used and that upper sail we’re heading for can be rotated independently of the one it’s attached to.

Pull the lever and the globe will open. This is a light and mirrors game. You want to get the light to the castle in the lower left side of the board. You will use the lid to help. First move to the side so the lid is to your left. Take the mirror that is in the same row as the castle you’re aiming for and place it in the lower corner next to the lid. This will put the beam on the lid. Rotate the mirrors on the lid until the light is back on the board again. Now moving so the lid is at the top of your screen grab the “mirror” that is above the castle you’re aiming for. Place it in front of the beam. Notice that the beam is now coming out a matching mirror. Move this to the far left row for now. Then take the mirror that’s face is NOT towards you (should be in the upper left side just behind the mirror shining the beam onto the lid) and put it in the row closest to you. Place the mirror whose face IS towards you next to the mirror you just placed. Now move the mirror with the beam to the next column and down one row so the beam bounces off the mirrors into the castle at the left corner. The globe will open again and reveal Anubis Mask. Collect it and the globe will close. Head back to the wall with the fireplace and portrait. Place the mask in the middle.

After Anubis turns red and smokes a little it will have a nice little gemstone in it’s mouth like a good puppy. Head over to the display case and place the gem in the socket and collect the Ornate Iron from the drawer that opens. Nothing else of interest is in here so zoom out. Take a look at the iron in your inventory. Ignore the slide on the top and use the one on the side instead. This opens up the bottom of the iron and you can see inside. You will now want to slide the top slide so the mechanism is to the far right. Looking at the inside of the iron turn the mechanism until you can catch each hook with the slide blocker locking the hook in place. Turn the mechanism so the handle to to the right then turn the iron so you can slide it back to the left side of the iron. This should push the two hooks on that side open so you can remove the handle of the iron. And now we have a Metal Handle. Where do we use that? Let’s check the Kitchen!

The third globe video, the light puzzle and the Ornate Iron are all featured in this one video. There is a long pause before I begin the light puzzle as my attention was asked for by my Anubis (pic below) so don’t freak out that the video froze or stopped.

My good girl Anubis. She’s never turned red nor brought me a gemstone. But she has a stuffed burro she loves and brings to me occasionally.


There’s a rumbly in my tumbly! Let’s see what’s going on at the oven! Looks like that handle will fit the right hand side so let’s place it and give it a good turn. Remember that Fire Steel we picked up ages ago? It goes in here. Now we’ll want to light the coals on the left to get the oven warmed up! Once the coals are lit, the ash drawer is unlocked. Pull it out and grab the Valve Handle. Make sure to put the ash drawer back in place or ashes will get all over the floor (as far as I know, this has no effect on the game, it’s just me being me. Leave it out. Put it back. Might not matter).

Where could we use a valve handle? What about near the sink? Yeah. It fits so give it a turn. You want the small gold arrow on the handle to point right. We’re sending the water to the oven to warm up into steam that is being sent…. looks like it’s back to the Study.


Turn to the left and you can see steam coming out of a pipe. Let us go over and play with steam. Grab the handle of the pipe steam is coming out of and pull it down. It is clamped into place but now we need to turn the handle that is to the right of that pipe so we can fill the middle container full of steam to get the bar to rotate. Grab the arrow above that bar and pull down to lock the bar into place. Now turn the handle on the pipe below the bar to get the steam moving along. Zoom out and then zoom in on the apparatus by the safe.

Turn the tubes on the side of the globe so their opening points to the right. Once done, turn the handle below the globe and watch it spin! This helps open the safe! Zoom in on the safe and open it up to collect a Pipe Connector. Zoom out and turn the handle under the globe again to stop it’s spinning.

Turn the tubes on the globe so they’re facing up and put the Pipe Connector on it. Then pull the handle on the pipe above that down so it locks into place. Now turn the handle below the globe once again. We’re now sending steam to the curious contraption in the back of the room. Let’s go take a look.

Check out the book on the table if you haven’t already. Poor Abigail is worried about Edward. Then take a look at the machine. There is a handle to the left and to the right of the center section as well as one above it. Let’s turn the left one first. Sparky! Okay now the right one! Look at the sparks fly! Oh! The top handle is now free so let’s give it a turn as well. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Zoom in on the middle and grab the Strange Artifact. Oh no! What did you do?! Complete the study it looks like! Another symbol on the seal blackened and the study looks like a burnt out hull.

“A room dense with obsession, a study can be a refuge or a prison. I have walked free of its bars, but my task remains. Break the seal, find the Null”

Let’s take a look at the artifact and figure out where we’re heading next. Hold the button in the middle to reveal a Moon Emblem. Head to the Curiosity Room while my dog, Skoshi sits under my desk giving me swamp crotch because she’s scared of fireworks and here in Mexico they love their fireworks. Ick. So glad I don’t have balls.

Curiosity Room

I have to take my headphones off to see if the thunder is the game or real life as we’re getting storms thanks to the hurricanes. Anyway, our moon emblem goes on the front of the pedestal to the right. Click it into place to reveal an eyeball. Oh thank Merlin it’s an Artificial Eye. Huh. Now our pedestal is all eyepiece glowy. Donning the eyepiece shows a shadow of a vase with something inside it that we can’t grab? Guess we’ll ignore it for now. Time to check out the human in the corner.

Zoom in on the face. Yes, you have to. There seems to be a piece missing above it’s closed eye. Think we may have something in our inventory. Once you put that Strange Enamel Fragment into place the eye opens. And it’s empty. Guess we know where the eyeball is going. And now we know where we’re going. Let’s go check out what a model’s brain looks like.

Looks like we’re seeing an old fight. Between Abigail and Edward I assume. Oh and Edward broke the vase! Let’s go take a look. We can now collect the Model Weather Vane. And now let’s go back outside and find a place to put it.

If you for some reason want to see that fight again, it’s here for your viewing pleasure.

We don’t have to look far, just above the kitchen. Place the weather vane. It looks a bit funny and we can move it around. make it point South (if you move to where you can look down you can see the letters). A small hatch on the south side of the house (right under the weather vane) opens up and there’s a small switch. Flip it and the S turns right side up.

Turn the arrow to the East and a hatch on the east side of the house opens up. You should be able to see it from the weather vane. Double click on it to zoom in and flip it. Turn the arrow to the West and a hatch opens on the tower. West and the hatch opens on the front of the bell tower (above the windows behind the stag statue).

Now that the weather vane is situated correctly, another room opens up! This is the Maritime Room.

Another puzzle I recorded while playing in case I’m not clear enough in the above instructions.

Maritime Room

What? Your house doesn’t have one of these fabulous rooms? Mine neither.

There’s quite a bit to see here, feel free to look around. When you’re ready head to the golden grate covered hole in the wall. Hit the switch to pull up the big pot from the kitchen. Don the eyepiece to open that baby up make sure the wingnuts fall inside and the latches open and then send it back down to the kitchen. We’ll go collect it’s goodies in a bit.

There is another book on the table with the radio. Then head over to the safe and zoom in on the front. Pull the gold lock down and then zoom out and go behind it. Zoom in on the window and clean that baby so you can see the workings inside. Just click and hold and move the mouse over the window to clean. Use the dial at the top to move the mechanism inside to push up the hooks and pull out the locks on the right. Open up the window and collect a Small Propeller that’s hidden near the bottom behind a gear.

Again, if you are somehow unsure of how to clean a window, you can watch me do so here. In game. I did not take video of me cleaning a window. I don’t clean my windows. And by that I mean we pay other people to do it.

Zoom out and have a look around. There is only one thing in this room that would require a propeller. Let’s give the submarine it’s navigating tool back. This will open up the hatch and allow you to don the eyepiece and go right in. Hit the box to the left to collect a Metal Fin, which we’re going to need. The only other thing you can do, besides look into the window at the control room is play with the claw. Let’s head back out and place that fin near the front of the sub.

The purpose of this is to tilt the sub down so it is descending; that is going down. We need that claw to be as close to the door handle as possible so we can use the strength of it to pry open the door. First time I did this, I thought we’d use the claw like a pendulum and swing it back and forth hitting the door, I mean why else have the ability to descend and ascend? So the right part of the fin goes up, and the left part of the wing goes up to get it to descend into the deep. Look at the poster on the wall if you’re confused. Back into the sub.

Hit the lever for the claw so it descends and grabs the handle. Now make it ascend to remove the door (it’s like I finally learned what those two words mean and have to use them for everything isn’t it). Go inside and check it out. No need to right the sub just yet. There’s another book to check out. and you can play with the wheel and lever but they don’t do anything. It’s difficult to see, but there is something to collect to the left of the controls. It’s a Vacuum Tube. There’s a map on the wall as well. Looks like we’re going to need to get some coordinates to get this sub a moving!

Leave the sub. Go ahead and straighten it out, may play out later that we need a good even surface. May not. Let’s go to the radio and play us a tune shall we? Place the tube and turn it on. Turn the dial to around 80. If you ever had a record player or something that allowed you to seriously slow down the track it sounds similar to this. A little freaky but leave it on. Notice it’s being played to somewhere….let’s check out our buddy in the Curiosity Room. Bet he’s listening to every word! But FIRST to the Kitchen!


Remember the pot we unlocked? Time to check what’s inside! If you don’t know where it is, check out the ride side of the kitchen. Zoom in and collect….an Artificial Heart. NOW we need to check our buddy the Tin Man.

Curiosity Room

I did make a video that shows this next section in it’s entirety. I pause around the heart as the dogs are making a show of pretending someone is at the house. Watch it here.

Sure enough, he’s listening. But let’s ignore that for now and turn on the strange x-ray machine. Zoom in on the device stand and hit the switch then look at his lovely pelvis. Notice that smudge on the right pelvis bone? Take the round magnifier that’s helpfully attached to the screen and put it over that to see what looks like a capital I on top of a triangle. Make note of this and move the whole apparatus down by clicking the down arrow to the right of the screen.

You don’t have to scroll far, the top of the left femur (technically it’s the model’s right femur, but I’m not going to confuse you, hopefully, much) has a smudge. Move the magnifier over and make note of the backwards e and triangle. Now down again to the right kneecap to see the triangle and the letter Z. Okay, let’s check out the model’s chest.

Hopefully the symbols we’ve collected now make sense. Use them to open the chest cavity. If it doesn’t make sense to you, the top dial gets the capital I, the left one gets the E and the right the Z. Place the heart and zoom out. Take a look at the poster/drawing of a heart on the left wall. This will tell us which way the arrows in the chest cavity are to point, so zoom in and make note. I didn’t notice this the first time through and just tried to remember which way the blood flowed into and out of the heart through the veins/aortas there and managed by sheer luck to get it correct. I think that is how the blood flows in and out of the heart and it wasn’t until I was looking around the room with the eyepiece on that I saw this poster/drawing. Yep, small flex for remembering the heart! I’m not just a gamer you know. Or you do now.

You only need to adjust three of the arrows, the far right one (C – Additional pulmonary artery) Top left (G- Superior vena cava) and the bottom left (E- Inferior vena cava) then hit the button at the bottom. This will open the panels at the model’s neck and where the mouth should be. Zoom in on the mouth area.

Here we are going to make some sense of what’s being said. Move the dial on the left until you can understand what’s being said. “Three days of fog has set us off course even further at 5 degrees North. Such delays are all we’ve known since taking the Helana’s only survivor onboard. He claws at his cell door desperate for the return of his artifact.” The ticker in the neck helpfully tells us that N 5 is one of the coords we need in the sub. Go back up and get the right side making sense. First you need to move the tiny wooden arrow under the dial to the right to get it to light up. Move the dial until the words make sense. “The Master tells me that we are 85 degrees West but still the coast alludes us. I have not slept since we dredged that lunatic and his strange artifact from the wreak of the Helana. I’m not the only one.” Looks like W 85 is our other coordinate. So let’s get back in the sub and take a look!

Maritime Room

Here’s another video to show what I am describing below.

Back into the sub and the control room. Move the right hand dial a little bit down until you have N 5. W 85 is the bottom dial and you’ll move it to the right making things move left. 85 is difficult to see as it goes 80, 85, 90 with the next instantly visible mark being 90 so place it in the middle. You’ll know when you hit it.

Suddenly we’re the captain! Don the eyepiece and turn the sub around until you see a rope or pipe running away from it and an anchor. The wheel turns the sub, the lever raises the sub. Raise it until you see all the red lines and then move around until you make the symbol that’s on the floor just outside the control room door. Once you do, you’ll back out and the floor will open up. Use the claw to reach down and pull something up. Wait until it stops moving before raising it. Probably the masthead of the Helana. Look at the necklace and collect a Pendant With a Map Design. Once collected you are done with the sub and probably can turn off the radio if it’s annoying you.

Go out of the room and look to the front of the house above the Curiosity Room. Before you do anything else, however, look at the pendant in your inventory. Release and collect the Pearl and I don’t mean the pirate ship. Nothing special about it, but now you can place the Pendant on the globe. The globe in the Curiosity Room starts to rotate and now we’ve got the Foyer’s chandelier instead. Go in and take a look.

Curiosity Room

I guess I could tell you there is a video for the chandelier puzzle as well. Although it is awfully easy, you probably don’t even need it or this walkthrough.

Look at the now top of the chandelier and pull on the handle. And now we have another eyeball. The lights turn upside down and a lovely color that means we’ll need to don the eyepiece. Zoom in on the eye and look at the base and the arrow. That arrow tells us which light we’re working on and the eye tells us which direction the arrow should point. In this case it’s to the right. Don the eyepiece and look at that light. If you’re not sure which one it is, it’s lit up nice and blue. Turn the base until the arrow points right. Now zoom back on the eye and turn the dial right under it to move to another light. Continue until all lights are in the correct position. Remember to look at the eye as it will look in the direction the arrow needs to point. If you go to the left the eye still looks right, which is correct but can be misleading. From the arrow you can double click the eye itself to zoom in on it.

Once done the middle of the chandelier rises. Grab the Strange Artifact and say audios to the Curiosity Room and our buddy the model. Another symbol blacked out and room burnt and finished. Well done. “Darkness is darkness, no matter which corner of the globe it creeps from. The room is closed, but only just; true evidence that one’s curiosity can be one’s undoing.”

Well, let’s see what the Strange Artifact holds for us. Pretty, and Curiously Engraved Device. Let’s look at it here in the inventory. Turn the small dial until the fins spread out and then match the people with the correct arms by spinning the fin around. You’ll know when you’ve got them all correct as they’ll come together. The fin next to the musician needs to be flipped, the one after that as well and skip one then the one after that. It becomes an Engraved Model Roof.

Head to the back of the house and to the gazebo. This is where the roof goes and this is our new area. The gates open and we have the Garden.


When you go in look at things but try not to touch. This is where my game glitched and one of the gargoyles on the center pillar lost the top of their head somehow and I needed it. No idea where it went so try not to touch those devils until later. We’re going to need to place them all the same way but we’re missing a disc for one so ignore it. Instead look at the book on the bench where you can collect a Section of Pipe. When you’re done with the book, go to the Kitchen.


Turn to the left and you can probably guess where the pipe is going. You’ll need to reverse the water so it’s flowing the other way again so zoom in on the handle and turn the arrow to the left. The hissing from the stove will stop and you can now go back to the garden.


I just want to point out that thanks to the glitch, I have spent 11.8 hours thus far playing this game. Means I really spent about 6 hours playing the first part of it before having to repeat at this point.

Go to the far left wall. and look under the head. When you see it, collect the Metal Dial. This is going to go on the pillar behind you and you will use it to make the Gargoyles complete and all facing the same way up. Starting with the one you placed the disc for, slid up the top part of the head, turn the disc (which turns the other discs as well) and place the bottom part. Moving to the right turn the disc upside down and place the top part of the head, then turn it again to place the bottom. Again moving right turn the disc to the left and place half the face and then turn it to place the other half. Now right the head. If all three heads are correct you’ll get the top part of the pillar to reveal what looks to be Saturn and where I have not played yet. So exciting!

So you can move Saturn (what I’m going to call it for now) and make the cement pieces on the side pillar move up and down. I moved that first glowing circle (represents the sun if the one to the left means anything as it has a crescent moon on it) down onto the cement then went and moved the one to the left with the crescent moon over to where it was sitting as it shows a crescent moon.

Moving the cement all the way down, you can take the sun and move it along the bottom to the next pillar which does show a sun on it. Of course you’re going to need to move the quarter (half) moon out of the way and onto the pillar the crescent moon was.

Once all in place a section of the fountain opens up and you can collect a Piece of Intricate Ironwork. So let’s leave the garden and have a look around the house for where we can place this. Go to the well. If it’s on the left of your screen then the area to place this is right behind the well. It goes on the left side.

That part of the wall falls away, behind it though is the Maritime Room. HOWEVER, ignore the Maritime Room and head into the Kitchen.


Turn right and take a look at this puzzle would ya? Look at the side and rotate the handle you see there. This should drop everything and looking at the bottom you should be able to just grab the Strange Artifact and finish the kitchen. I thought the game glitched again as I tried turning the bottom first but although I got a sound, nothing visually changed. So I went to the side handle and dropped it then tried to do anything with the bottom which did nothing and I was able to collect the artifact. Let me know if this is not true for you!

“The valves to the heart of this house are now blocked, yet still it breathes. As each room closes, the seal weakens and I am one step closer to the Null.”

Look at the artifact in your inventory and collect a Mechanical Wooden Box. Look at the box and turn it until you see the wing nut. Turn that and now we’ve got a strange box with almost train tracks and a ragged bottom. Pull on those tracks and now they look more like railings. Grab the left side and pull down to create stairs and do the same to the right, but follow the arrows and pull up. We now have a Model Staircase and I think the only place to put it is in the area to the right of the gazebo. Not the garden but beyond the wall. Another room opens! We now have the Japanese Gallery. I need one of these in my home.

Japanese Gallery

Okay, I want that dragon table. It’s not a table but yeah it’s dragons. I love dragons. Let’s see if I can focus on the rest of the room…………..Nope. Want dragons.

A couple of gorgeous dragons.

I still have a pearl, do you still have a pearl or did you need to put it in the basket in the kitchen?

Looking to the left, away from the dragons there is a cabinet. At the top right is a panel that slides to the left and there is an oyster so I think we still have our pearl. But sadly, there is nothing we can do with the pearl or oyster so lets look to the left and a bit down at the gear. I turned it and have no idea what happened.

Looking below that are a couple of panels that can be slid. The left one has a knob that you can slide to the right. The other panel reveals a Carved Brass Sphere that you can collect and another gear that you can turn. I am thinking we are slowly releasing the harpoon that’s to the left of the cabinet.

The sphere is unremarkable. Has a carved out section and let’s find out where we can shove it. Let’s take a closer look at the table (?) in the back. Looks like a no eyed octopus…oh hey. Another damn eye. Yep, zoom in to the left side of the octopus and you can give it that brass sphere.

It’s so happy that it releases the top of the pagoda. And now we have a star shaped indent with nothing to put into it. I wonder if there’s another eye around here somewhere. Looking at the pagoda zoom out and then look at it’s sides. Towards the back zoom in again. There are little latches that you need to turn the brass shell looking things to line up the rods to put the locks into. Once that’s done it opens up and reveals an Ornate Wooden Capsule. Let’s look at that in the inventory.

Reminds me of a flask. Turn the top and it pops and gets taller. You can pull on the top and turn it to see that each section has a lovely ivory looking piece that when you turn it has a picture of a fly, a bird, a spider, and a fox. Am I the only one reminded of the silly childhood poem ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly‘? If you turn the box so you can see the other direction you see a round ivory circle with a fly on it.

I think if you start with the fly circle, you then do a spider (as it eats a fly) then bird (as it would eat a spider) and then fox, who would eat a bird. Doing this opens the bottom of the box and we have a spot for this on that cabinet. And it WAS the ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’! I provided a link to a video above, check it out. I remember singing this in elementary and it’s a bit dark. Probably why I like forensics so much.

Back at the cabinet look to the upper left where the grill is and place the box in the spot and then turn. This moves a panel above allowing you access to a knob that will move that piece keeping you from sliding the panel over. Once you slide it over and collect an Unfinished Wooden Sculpture, rotate the box back to move the piece that held the sculpture so you can get at that last gear. Move it and release (safely) the harpoon. Collect the Harpoon and take a look at that wooden sculpture in your inventory.

It has a lovely star base that will probably fit nicely on top of our octopus protecting pagoda.. Oh there is another book just sitting on a chair to the right of the cabinet along the left wall if you want to read it. The little lady that can. Cause all ladies can and will!

Looking at the top of the pagoda, place the unfinished wooden sculpture in it’s place. There is a little disc that can be moved into three positions. The far left one put rods around the circle ‘window’ to which something can be placed. The middle raises supports from the corners that could also hold something and the right raises rods that yep, something must fit on. But it looks like we’re going to focus on the harpoon. So let’s go to the Maritime Room.

Maritime Room

Turn to the left and look at contraption. You can put the harpoon in one end of it and look at the bell at the other end. Look at the side and grab the handle and pull it back. Then look at the end. You can’t really change the shot so go ahead and pull the trigger right in front of you. You shoot the bell and knock it off to the floor. I guess we should check out that damage.

Zooming in on the bell tower, you can now collect a Small Iron Bell. Not to be confused with a small Southern Belle. Don’t ask. If you angle your view you can see the harpoon in the roof. Looks so tiny now compared to just a moment ago. But let’s not get too distracted. Take a look at the bell. I know it looks normal, but pull on the top then turn it when it falls to the side and now we have something we can place on the side of a certain safe in the Maritime Room so get back in there.

So I did this so fast I wasn’t able to get all the details, but I went to the left side of the safe and placed the bell. Turned it a few times watching the three images dance around, and once the serpent was at the top I turned the side ring (at the time just testing it) and the serpent ended up right side up which unlocked part of the top of the safe.

Inside you want to move the peg to the very outside of the gear and turn it to the right so that the peg easily goes into the other gear. The point is to turn the gear until the one on the side moves the u shape so you can slide all the locks off. First one will slide down if you do nothing first and haven’t done so awhile ago.

Once you open the side you are presented with a strange device that when you flick it a spark comes off and….oh….oh no? Nope we’re good. Nice cinematic however. Grab the Strange Artifact and say goodbye to the Maritime Room. Another symbol blackened out and another burnt up room.

“What lies below will inexorably claw its way above, dragging the helpless back down with them. I have scoured the depths beneath the waves and emerged gasping.”

Inside the strange artifact we find a Parchment Fan. We can fan out the blades. Each has a hole and a symbol on them. There is a place on the cabinet in the Japanese Gallery that we should go look at.

Japanese Gallery

Before you run to the cabinet, we’re going to need to know how to arrange the fan blades. For this we need to look at the pagoda. Near the front we can place the fan and arrange the blades then we can go to the cabinet. To the far right and down a bit is a handle you can pull and slide out a strange looking contraption that our newly gotten fan will fit into perfectly. We seemingly can place and pick this up when needed. I am going to guess that you need to move the beads along the post to where they line up with the holes in the fan. When you get each bead correct the symbol on the left glows.

Setting up the blades in the correct order.
The blades are NOT in the correct order. This is to show the symbols and the contraption.

Once both symbols glow the panel will slide back in and a new one will fold down and show us some new item we need to find to fit in this distinct shape we’ve uncovered. If you zoom out once you will see a gear on the inside of the newly discovered area. This gear releases a Blunt Knife that you can collect.

Blunt knives are good for opening oysters I hear. Once you’ve done that and given it the pearl it will give you a Circular Metal Casting. Where else have we seen a circle in need of perhaps a casting? Pagoda anyone? If you haven’t moved the little disc to the left above the circle do so now and place the Casting. After doing so you’ll see a strange shape blossom from under it. Move the disc to the top so that it is released from the pagoda and take it to the new area.

Fits right in and opens up so we can go inside via the eyepiece. My game is trying to send me back to the kitchen. That’s burnt out and finished. To turn the basket I was wondering about. Instead I am going to rearrange the buildings on this piece so that the arrows touch in a way that will create a path to each piece that has a symbol on top. You can look at the pictures, but know that the symbols do not light up until you’ve gone inside and rang the gong at the end of each piece with a symbol on top. Images are just to show you where to slide the boxes.

Each time you ring the gong (make sure to rotate the handle all the way until it stops) a lock on the front moves away. A drawer opens and you are gifted a Carved Brass Eye. Oh this time it’s actually telling us what it is. Thanks. Once you collect it the Unfinished Wooden Sculpture is released and you can pick it up again. Best do so and then head over to our octopus friend and give him another eye.

It rewards us by allowing another part of the pagoda to rise and if we zoom in on the front we can release a couple of tabs and collect a Model Spire. Let’s go out and take a look around the hoes. Or house. Whichever brain. Spire goes onto of the tower and we’ve revealed another room!

Art Studio

Okay I have this room in my house. We can take a good look around this room and see many interesting things. The book is on a stool you can take a look. Seems like Abigail has disappeared and Edward is getting creepier. Take a look at the bottom of the wardrobe on your left. Is that a Fabergé egg? Oh, just an Intricately Decorated Egg Sculpture. Okay. Looking at it in the inventory doesn’t really give much but a ‘Lord of the Flies’ feel. But let’s look at the drawing that has the egg and a fly.

Going to guess this egg needs to be placed in the lower part of the cabinet in the Japanese Gallery. Might as well.

Japanese Gallery

Place the egg where the drawing suggested and you are rewarded with a blue Intricately Decorated Egg Sculpture. This one has a scarab on it. To know where we are placing it we need to look at the poster right next to the cabinet. Looks like we’re heading to the Garden!


So go in and turn to the right and place it on the far right. A drawer opens to reveal….another Intricately Decorated Egg Sculpture, this time in red. This one has a dung beetle on it and if we look at the plaque on the bench I think we need to go back to the Art Studio.

Art Studio

This one goes to the right of the first egg drawing we looked at to see where to place that egg. This one opens and gives us a Small Stone Carving of acorns.

Looking at it in the inventory shows the back has three pegs set in a triangle….Oh, okay let’s get outside and to the Garden.


Since there are so any rooms I had to remember where I saw this before. The head by that pillar. It has three holes on it’s forehead. Goddess of Oaks maybe? Placing the carving reveals an Artist’s Mannequin. There’s generally only one place that can go. Before we leave though let’s activate the fountain. Now go over and check out what we just unlocked. We can now move the handle. Doing so to bring the left gear up reveals something we need the eyepiece to see. So don it and see a crank with nothing really at the end. But if you spin it around a lot it glows pretty. And the stone thing can be moved to the end and you can make pretty designs…..wait. What was the design on this one? You can see it again if you need to by removing the eyepiece. You are suppose to move the crystal to make the design but you have to be exact. This first one, don’t put it to the very end of the slide, they are small circles. Doing it right will activate the next one so head over to it. The star is the same, just one in from the end. Thankfully you don’t have to keep it up for long. I use a Kensington expert mouse and this is a bit difficult. The next one is the same but you’ve got two to do together.

Once you unlock it you get a pool of water that donning the eyepiece shows that you need to move the two pieces to create the image on the wall. This isn’t easy, but keep moving the pieces until you get it. Blue was was most difficult for me. When you get it, another light comes shining through and it looks like we’re done with the Garden. The Strange Artifact rises up from the pool of water, so grab it and seal the area. Ewww. black inky water.

Another symbol blackened. “A trap so gradual, so divine, its victims are oblivious till the end. The shackles of the earth could not bind me, but I have felt their thorns pierce my skin.”

Checking the artifact gives us a Mechanical Cicada. Pull out it’s wings and the bottom turns into a disc. Back to the Japanese Gallery!

Japanese Gallery

The hint is a bit off. Cicada’s aren’t just found in Asia, but it gets us to this room so…


Yes, this is the right side dragon, but that still looks so wicked!

This fits so nicely into the stone table. Moves itself along and pulls up a couple of screens that show the inside of the dragons when you don the eyepiece and look through it. OMG! You can grasp the dragon’s head and move it to the red sparkles! Go to the left one first and move it’s head to the sparkles and then back out once, double click on the dragon and shut it’s jaw. Go back to the screen and raise it’s head. It breaks some chains!

Zoom into the pillar it has raised and twist the bottom part so the right dragon can get in on the action as well. Then move it and close it’s jaw on it and then make it pull out the drawer and break another chain. Leaving the cuties in that position go grab the Miniature Pagoda Roof from the drawer.

Go to where you put the pagoda sculpture and move the disc to the middle and place the roof. Then move the disc to the top and pick up the now Unfinished Pagoda Sculpture. Putting on the roof made some more bits slide under so I think we can now place it on the stone table now.

Place it on top of the piece the dragons have and the piece will lower after opening the window and the whole table will shift bringing the other piece between the dragons. They are now sort of moving together, so get one to latch on and then the other and they will together pull the piece up. There are dials on the base that when you turn them a walkway stretches out but when you let go, it retracts again. Use the dragons to make the two towers the same height. Then try the dial again.

Dragons work together.
I’m a big fan of this and almost every thing in this room.

Let’s go inside and see what is going on. We sort of book across that walkway into the building and we can easily turn the little dials to release a Miniature Pagoda Roof and Spire. When collected you are pushed out and the pagoda sculpture we’ve been working on is freed. Pat the dragons lovingly as you past them for doing such a good job.

*pat**pat* Good dragon!
*pat**pat* Good dragon!

Back over to octopus table and put the sculpture back on top then move the disco to the far right. Then place the roof and spire on top. After doing so the pagoda becomes a tower. Match up the poles to make them glow and spin the little fans. Once you get them both going, you will be able to grab the Strange Artifact. Which I don’t want to do because dragons. Poor babies. I’m so sorry.

*sniffle* Another symbol blackened. *snort* Another room burnt. *blows nose* “Travelers are easy prey, seduced by the mysteries of a new world. The seal is nearly broken, but is my journey ending, or am I but one more naïve traveler?” Going to take a moment now to morn the loss of two very good dragons.

The artifact gives us a Stained Glass Panel. If you were paying attention in the Art Studio you would know that there was a painting of a window with our little Artist’s Mannequin and this panel. It shows how to properly place the windmill arms and while you are in the studio, might as well place the Artist’s Mannequin and then go back out and look across the house to where there is already a couple of stained glass panels. Move to where there’s just a boring space and place the Stained Glass Panel after matching it up with the painting.

The correct positioning of the arms.

Art Studio

You can now turn the art studio around, so let’s guess we need to match up the open window with the stained glass. Keep going in and out until you match it up. Once you have don the eyepiece and look at the painting. Zoom in on it and trace the infinity symbol on the painting. It will burn away and show a woman sitting in the window looking out. Abigail perhaps? The key she holds in her hand in the painting is now on the window sill. Go and collect the Key with a Swan Motif and read the book.

The only lock I can think of is there on the wardrobe. Another painting. Don the eyepiece, trace the design and then look at the room around you once you can. There was a great struggle sadly. But look, we can now collect the Strange Artifact.

The last of the symbols have been blackened. Now there is just a dark liquid we probably must fall into to get the Null. “I have plucked every limb from this beast. Now, only the heart remains.”

You will receive Half of a Family Crest in the artifact. Does this show that Abigail escaped? Only the Stag half is missing. Don the eyepiece and double click on the hole that remains.

The Attic?

Wait, what? Seems as though you are in a tornado. Pieces of wood and debris is flying by the window and pieces of the roof is missing. There is now a note on the dollhouse.

Don the eyepiece and look into the Study. Move the Edward piece until it can go through the gateway into the Foyer. Then go down to the Foyer and turn Edward to Abigail. She disappears and you are shown the hole again.

Don the eyepiece and go through it. And we’re back in the Attic, but the roof is missing more pieces and the Curiosity Room seems to be open now. There’s another note.

Edward seems to be back in the Study. We need to send him through the gateway again. Before we do, tap the symbol that’s not lit up. This changes where the gateway opens up to. From the Study, to the Kitchen, tap the right symbol and now he’s in the Curiosity Room with Abigail.

Now when we come back through the entire roof is gone and there’s another note.

Well, let’s go look for him in the Study. Abigail can be seen in the Foyer but through the gateway. Study, click the right symbol, Kitchen the left symbol, Maritime Room click the left symbol, Curiosity Room the left symbol and that sends him to the Foyer where we send him to Abigail who was in the attic.

Back through the hole and the attic seems restored again. The dollhouse is covered with black tentacles, but nothing is open…should we try our half piece of Family Crest where we once had the full one? Nothing happens. Let’s take a step back and notice a hand on the floor….oh the body is back and there’s a note. And on that note we collect the other Half of a Family Crest. Let’s put it with the other and make them whole again.

Poor Edward.

The entire roof opens and we have a shiny that is the Null. Collecting it sends us violently out all of the holes we went through and to the original place and that’s a different house. Our box opens to provide a place for us to put the shiny Null. It does look like a crystalized heart.

Put it in the box and pretend they didn’t just assume we’re male. *sigh* Oh Fireproof Games, you did so well until that point.

Game Complete

It took me 8 hours and 53 minutes. “My employers have the soul they desired. Mr Lockwood’s frustrated ambition made him perfect prey, but Mrs Lockwood is another matter. It seems it was the fate of all involved to underestimate her resolve. Even my employers cannot trace her. One who can evade The Circle is one who must be found.” Our report, 21st November 1908.

Annnd, that’s it. Any problems or questions leave a comment. How long did it take you to get through the game, and how much of this walkthrough did you use?

Photo Dump

Some screen captures that I found interesting from the game that didn’t really fit elsewhere. You can find all of these, including the videos in their own little place here. There may be a couple that I grabbed from wild web, but all the videos and other images are ones from me. Don’t really care if you use them or save them. Enjoy!

The first page in the book inside “your” bag.
Second page
Last page with any information. Might have to take a close look at those floor plans!
I found it clever that the covers of the books had to do with the room or place they were found. This is the one from the kitchen
Curiosity Room
This one was found in the roll top desk
By the radio in the Maritime Room
And this one was found inside the Submarine.
The first book we read
The second. They sound so cute. So sad the Null ruins it all for them.
I did not capture all the books or their covers.
I did read them all, even though they’re not really important for getting through the game. May come to play for a future game as it sounds like they’re going to try to find Abigail and ask her how she got away. Although if you read these books, it tells you.

Until next time, it’s a good idea to take some time to yourself. The last few days I’ve played the Room games one every day. The Room 3 I finished the main game then the next day I played the other outcomes. Do what you need to do for YOU. You can’t help others if you don’t take care of you first. Now, get some water and cuddle a dragon.

Fun Fact: Cats are not so secretly dragons.

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Only going to spend a few minutes on this…..

And only because it’s a disgusting trend I am seeing more and more of on Facebook.

Some context first: On a group called Archaeology Uncovered a post was made talking about the replica Aztec pyramid that was recently built in Mexico City, Mexico. There was an article that made it sound like this was the most stupid and waste of money thing ever. Read it here. The person who posted said article/meme has absolutely no idea what’s going on down here and so I made a simple comment and they decided to jump all over me like a trampoline saying I have no interest in protecting the site, yadda, yadda, yadda (don’t worry, I have screen shots). So I invited them to come down and see what’s actually going on.

Which is the replica was built to mark the 500 years since the Spanish conquest. You can read about that here, and here and do yourself a favor and google it too to find out more. There is a video that details where the funds for the replica’s construction has come from. Many were really pissed off thinking their taxes was what is paying for the construction and nightly light show – spoilers; it is privately funded. Video is in Spanish but you can turn on the Closed Captioning and have it translate what is being said into your language.

Click on the CC in the lower right of the video player.
Click on Subtitles/CC – it won’t look exactly like it does in the picture as I already have translation on.
Click on Auto-translate and then select the language you wish Spanish to be translated into. Go for one you can read.

You’re pretty much up-to-date and here’s the entire conversation between me (Angelina Farmer) and Karl Hannant.

Guess what he meant by saying bye. Yeah if you guessed he decided to ban me from the group, you would be correct! This douchebag idiot tried to guilt trip me by saying I have no interest in protecting the site when he not only knows NOTHING about what’s going on, but won’t even take an offer for him to come down and see for himself with someone who is willing to show him around? Granted no, I couldn’t pay for him to get down here, but I am pretty sure if I did offer to pay for it, he’d still find a way out of it.

And THAT is what pisses me off. This guy had no intention of doing anything but mouthing off behind a keyboard, acting like he’s so superior and he’s hasn’t a fucking clue about the very thing he’s mouthing off about?? He admitted to reading that one article, one that was written by the Vice, who doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on either.

I don’t care I was banned from the group. It was a horrible group to begin with and I have from time to time tried to correct the wrong that was posted there (got trolled for it too) if I knew anything about the topic or wanted to learn more and usually, more often than not, would find out that the post was 95% wrong and bullshit.

Now in none of the articles I’ve read does it say that the replica is making any money off of it’s existence. There’s nothing in his original article about that either. It’s just something he is pulling out of his ass and when I asked him he throws out the “you obviously don’t have any interest in protecting the site.” Does it need protecting? Yes it’s been closed now for a bit because of funding and a roof collapsed in the last major hailstorm. But protecting? From whom?

Is there a place on this planet where the phrase “Oh honey” implies something horrible? Karl sure thought so! Of course he then blocked me from contacting his pathetic ass on Facebook, just incase I bring up any thing else he’s not willing to put some money, time and sweat behind.

Anyway. I have seen this hiding behind the keyboard way too much lately on Facebook. I know it’s been around for a long time, but I seem to be seeing it more often. This isn’t the first group I was banned from because the person in question decided I was outing them too much on their own group. And it’s not like I go after admins. It just happens that way.

Until next time, if you’re going to boast and bluster about something, you had damn well better be ready to add some action to those words! You may also want to poke around and read ALL the articles about the subject you are pretending to give two shits about. Also, my Facebook is pretty locked down so you’ll see very little if you find me. And I probably won’t allow the friendship if you try friending me. I generally ignore friend requests unless I actually know who is friending me. Too many fakers out there to even think about.

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The Future of FNaF.

I know it’s been a month, but honestly that’s how long it’s taken me to sort things out. I’ve read the post, and watched Dawko’s and MatPat’s reactions to it. I’ve had my own instant reactions and thoughts and then much more thought out things. It’s been a crazy month. I honestly wasn’t sure about saying anything, because honestly I am still not sure how to say it. *pauses to watch random YouTube videos – mostly about Marvel’s Loki and possible meanings I may have missed while watching the show like He Who Remains being a variant of Kang*

I am against just about every thing the Republican party has put out into the world. ESPECIALLY the last few years. I have not come across a Republican I like, there have been a few that have done good things, but then back those things up with horrible and sometimes just plain unforgivable crap.

I’m not always for Democrats either though. They’ve done their fair share of fucking things up royally. Some of their proposals and ideas make me uncomfortable sometimes (might be those old clueless whyte dudes). But as it stands right now, they have less red in their ledgers than the Republican party.

The thing is, you do not have to like the creator to like the creation.

It does help you spend money however, since anything you buy of their creation is going to get back to them in some way whether it’s big or small.

But the creator is not always the only one who is affected by this.

There are A LOT of people now who make our Five Nights at Freddy’s games come to our screens. Those people also share in the success and failure of the game. Yes, they are each paid no matter how good the game does on the market, but if 2020 hasn’t made you realize this next fact, you need to look outside your home: if a company doesn’t have funds coming in, how are they to pay those people who worked really hard on a project? One failed project may not kill any of the current companies behind FNaF, but FNaF isn’t the only game they are giving us. OR trying to give us.

The pandemic that is COVID-19, including the pandemic of idiotic uninformed willfully ignorant people who believe wrongly that it’s a hoax or vaccines are hoaxes/do nothing but bad, have created *now pauses for Nvidia to update drivers and GeForce Experience 3.23* a new view on how things were being done.

People lost their jobs as companies couldn’t stay in business without physical customers. People quit because employers wanted them to risk their lives over a hamburger and low wages/horrible benefits. People realized that they are worth more than the athletes that couldn’t play their games because humans could not come together in person.

Our heroes aren’t the people who entertain us, but are the ones who keep our world moving, keep US, OURSELVES moving.

We saw that YouTubers could easily entertain us for a time. We saw that there is quite a lot of shows or movies we missed because of other more publicized shows were on at the same time and we couldn’t watch every movie in the theater then forgot about them when they left theaters or they are all buried in Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Insert your new favorite streaming service here platforms that we finally had to search deep into because we literally watched every fucking thing else on there. We discovered new games that were released years ago but we never had the time to pursue them. We discovered new game creators.

It wasn’t just this pandemic (that is still VERY MUCH going on!) that slapped us in the face however. Our fellow human beings sometimes literally slapped us as well. Actions being more pronounced and shared. Karen is quite a lovely name, however being one is not lovely at all. We discovered just how many people secretly – or not so secretly – believed that any other color of skin but whyte means you are less human. Any other sex but man is less human. Any other love but straight/cis/man and woman is wrong. The world shall end if you happen to be any and all combinations.

America the country got twisted and in that twist things that were previously hidden became seen, became large. And some believed those previously unseen, unacted, unheard of things were okay to show, act and say. They aren’t and those who know that tried and sometimes failed to point that out.

Like Corona Beer, the color orange had a new, more horrible meaning/reflection.

And you had better not choose the “wrong” side.

I put wrong in quotes not because it doesn’t exist, but because we all have our own view of wrong. And we all feel VERY STRONGLY about our view. Doesn’t matter where we got that view or if we’ve changed our view at any time. We have feelings. Loads of them.

I want to say I am saddened to discover Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s (in case anyone didn’t already know this) a game series I do enjoy in many forms, gave money to Donald Trump the worst president in any country history. I just don’t have feelings for Scott in such a way that I would be saddened to hear this.

I am saddened for the LGBQ+ community, the People of Color, the Women who all fill FNaF communities who do have the type of feelings towards Scott that finding this out hurt them deeply.

The fact that I do not like Donald Trump or his family or his fans and do have invested feelings into that does make me mad that Scott (and really any human being) decided to donate money to him. EVEN WHEN I CAN SEE WHY HE DID SO. I don’t agree with Scott at all about it. I would have not donated at all than to give any money to that particular political party/people.

Even if I had the type of money creating a very thriving and successful game/book/toy series Scott has I wouldn’t have donated money to them.

What they represent disgusts me more than any good they propose to do can ever overcome. How do you ignore that and say “Well they have good ideas.”? Yes, even idiots have a good idea every so often, but their bad ones tend to outnumber and outweigh that good one. And ideas are generally lovely, but mean nothing unless it’s put into action and the good ideas aren’t always pushed forward. If you take a real look at history, and I mean cut the whyte male bullshit out of what we were taught as American children of history you discover that many of the bad, downright horrible and horrifying ideas were pushed into action. And then because they are so damn bad, hidden from history! Why hide it if it was good???

The real question people are struggling with in some way is whether or not to keep supporting FNaF as it will indirectly support Scott and give him the money to donate to places/people/charities we may not agree with.

Before you decide, please remember that Scott is no longer the only person involved in FNaF. Yes, buying anything legally slapped with FNaF is going to trickle some money into Scott’s accounts and he will be able to spend it however he sees fit. But it’s also going to the other people who put their time and creativity and skill into that same FNaF product. They too are going to get money put into their accounts to spend however they see fit. Maybe they donate to things you agree with. Maybe they don’t. You shouldn’t police them all.

Scott on the Steam platform.

I am 100+% aware that MatPat and Dawko are NOT the only gamers/YouTubers/Influencers that have said things on this matter. These are the two I personally follow and enjoy the opinions and channels of. Feel free to share your own opinions as well as links to the people YOU have watched/listened to/read who have spoken publicly about this in the comments.

Until next time, we all need to close our eyes, take a deep breath and release it slowly. Do that a couple of times and then open your eyes. Scream because you forgot you were playing Five Nights at Freddy’s Help Wanted VR and Bonnie is now right in front of you. I’m still waiting for the Dred of Fred Bear Halloween DLC for Oculus Quest guys! I want to play that so bad.

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Boost Your Immune System!

I am not a medical doctor. I just look at the science and listen to other medical doctors when they talk about important issues. Most if not all of this post is from a podcast from “Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter” from Check it out, it’s pretty good if not a little silly at times. Silly doesn’t mean bad by the way.

First thing I want to tell you as you may not even know, but supplements are NOT regulated by any government agency. You are literally on your own when it comes to the buying and using of supplements. And some supplements may not even have what’s on the label OR/AND have things that aren’t on the label that could hurt and harm you!

When you see something that claims to be good for your immune system, what goes through your mind? What does that mean exactly to you? Why would you buy something that would boost your immune system or is good for it? Take a moment to think about that.

WHAT EVEN IS your immune system and how does it actually work? Do you know? I didn’t.

Dr. Katherine Gundling is an immunologist, a doctor who is an expert on this intricate, complex, and elegant system that’s constantly operating in our bodies.

I like to joke with my colleagues that the purpose of all the other organs in the body is really only to support the immune system’s work. I mean, why else do you need a heart than to circulate some of the most important parts of the cells of the immune system and really everything involves the immune system. Whenever we take a breath in, we’re also inhaling organisms that might be dangerous to us. So the cells in the immune system right within the respiratory tract are processing those immediately. Another example might be when we eat food, of course, it has a variety of airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi on it. why don’t you have a big reaction every morning when you eat your bagel, why does your bagel not kill you? We don’t sterilize our breakfast before we eat it. Right? But our gastrointestinal tract is processing that every time we put something in our mouths. In fact, it’s located virtually everywhere in the body. So there’s immune system and function in the bone marrow, in a gland in the neck called the thymus, in an organ in the belly called the spleen.

Dr. Katherine Gundling

Remember the movie “War of the Worlds” Remember how it ends, how the aliens finally died? I won’t actually spoil it for anyone, so let’s use the same comparison as the podcast did; an orchestra. When all of the pieces work together you get this beautiful sound that can uplift you, make you cry and maybe make you think. As someone who played the viola in school I know that every person is important and we all need to be literally on the same page. What good are loud horns or clanging cymbals during a lullaby? Apparently you don’t want the wrong parts of your immune system to be doing things when other parts should be the one doing the job and apparently trying to boost your immune system may just screw that up – and that’s not good.

One of the causes of death in people who have COVID-19 is that part of the immune system might become overactive. And that overactivity creates tremendous inflammation all over the body that leads to a variety of problems and ultimately death. So the immune system is not about boosting. The immune system is about balance.

Dr. Katherine Gundling

Can you hear the advertisers everywhere screaming at me to shut my mouth? Yeah, they don’t want us not to know that boosting our immune systems isn’t actually a thing. That’s why we are always bombarded by advertising crap. They use certain words, usually ones we’re not familiar with or know the meanings of so we think they are really smart and know what they are talking about. But usually they are literally full of shit. So ignore them.

And we always should be asking the question. Okay. You’re saying it boosts my immunity, please specify what part of my immune system is this supplement going to boost. And is that going to give me what I need to be healthier? And that’s the big question that many of the supplements, especially those that have a lot of different ingredients in them, can’t really help with.

Dr. Katherine Gundling

If you think of your immune system like a multi-part bucket, once all the parts are filled you cannot put more into the bucket, so you are wasting your money trying to fill it up even more. But sometimes you can have a vitamin deficiency, meaning your bucket is low for that vitamin, then you may need a specific replacement for that vitamin or possibly a change in diet. And that’s something to discuss with your healthcare provider. But generally, if you have a balanced diet and you don’t have any issues absorbing nutrients, you can get the vitamins you need without supplements.

Supplements are regulated as “food” which means they are not subject to the same testing and scrutiny that prescription medications go through. I briefly mentioned this at the beginning. There is a disturbing study on a supplement called black cohosh, a plant marketed as a treatment for hot flushes. This study tested a bunch of commercially available black cohosh supplements and found ONE QUARTER, 25 PERCENT didn’t even have black cohosh at all! That would be like grabbing a can of corn and having a 1 in 4 chance of it NOT being filled with corn. That would really be upsetting!

Best case scenario is that the supplement you’re buying has what it lists on the label. Even so that supplement probably did not go through a lot of testing or any studies that back up their so called claims (even if they say they do, have you ever been able to find them?) Some of these supplements are adulterated. The worst case scenario is they’re adulterated with something dangerous to you.

Yep. You could actually take a supplement and it could harm you. Supplements may have medications that are not listed on the label. And if you are allergic to any family of medications, or take medications that react badly to other medications….

There was a study done in the city of San Francisco a number of years ago where a variety of supplements that were advertised for inflammatory joint conditions, some of which were advertised to be healing Chinese herbs, were purchased and then studied to see what was actually in them. So yes, you might feel better with some of these, but not be actually taking what you’re thinking you’re taking or what’s on the label and that can just be downright dangerous.

Dr. Katherine Gundling

Supplements are like what the US Justice system is suppose to be. Innocent until proven guilty, or rather Healthy until proven not. This is government policy, it’s up to the buyer to be wary. No one is watching out for you here. So what are you putting into your body when you take supplements?

I had a patient who presented with blood pressure out of control. She had always had normal blood pressure. And I could not figure out why this was happening. But I also sat down with her. And said, let’s take a better history. What do you do when you get out of bed in the morning and then what do you do? And she said, ‘Well, I take my supplements and then I..’, and I said, stop, what supplements do you take? And it turned out that she was taking a supplement, from a plant, all natural called Ma Huang. And, um, it is related to ephedrine, which can cause blood vessels to constrict, so I learned about it and discovered that it has these properties that can actually raise blood pressure. And I thought, Oh my goodness, what else are my patients taking that might actually be causing problems?

Dr. Katherine Gundling

It is absolutely important to talk with your doctor about ALL the supplements you take. ESPECIALLY if something unusual starts happening to you. Supplements are known to cause 20% of liver damage in the US today. Over 20,000 emergency departments visits in the US annually are attributed to dietary supplement adverse events; these commonly involve cardiovascular manifestations from weight loss or energy products in younger adults, micronutrient ingestions by unsupervised children, and swallowing problems, usually from micronutrients, in older adults.

If you have a doctor who is suggesting supplements with a lot of ingredients or even one who is selling their own supplements (because they are totally bias right?) GET A SECOND OPIONION! I do realize that can be easier said than done, but your life is too important.

This innate immune system is kind of like a well-organized military it’s as if you might have marines or soldiers, right at the front lines that are responsible to make an initial attack, but also responsible to communicate to the back lines so that the leaders can make decisions about how to coordinate the best response. We produce probably a liter of mucus per day, that is constantly enabling us to clear our throats, blow our nose, and even cough. Coughing helps us to blow things out that don’t belong there. The response is coordinated by cells that we call lymphocytes.

And these are like conductors of a magnificent orchestra, if you will. The lymphocytes instruct the many complex parts of the immune system when to turn on, when to turn off, where to go, what to do. So we think of the innate and the adaptive immune system as being prepared initially and following up with a strong, coordinated response that ultimately has good memory. So with the example of coronavirus, the innate immune system sees it, it talks with the adaptive immune system and some of the cells in the adaptive immune system provide specific instructions about how to then go about creating antibodies that are capable of neutralizing that specific virus. And it’s just incredible that all this happens with our not even knowing about it. If a little bell did go off every time we have successfully mounted recognition and response, we would be hearing bells all day long.

Dr. Katherine Gundling

So why the hell is everyone tripping over themselves to boost their immune system and falling for the hype? Tim Caulfield is a health law and policy researcher, a bigtime debunker of medical misinformation, and an expert in how misinformation spreads online says “It’s everywhere. It’s absolutely, it’s everywhere! And it was sorta everywhere before we were in the middle of a pandemic. Of course, post pandemic, the idea’s just exploded. And it’s actually become I think more complicated. And then there’s also, celebrity brands have moved into this space and celebrity culture helped to make pseudoscience a big business.”

His study that examined some of the most popular Instagram posts with the hashtag “immunebooster.” found that not one of them were scientifically accurate.

One claimed a dinner recipe “helps boost your Microbiome and immunity.” One said apple cider vinegar “provides immunity boosting which I think we could all use a little extra of right now!” Another post featured someone holding a jar of juice that was advertised as “ORGANIC IMMUNE BOOSTING TONIC, a naturally FRESH homemade immune booster.” And one post even promoted a yoga pose that “powers our immunity.” There are a crap TON of other horrible things you can find at that hashtag. It’s difficult to not comment on them all and call them frauds.

He then did a study examining hundreds of web-sites; “We found that 85.5% of the websites portrayed immune boosting as beneficial to battling COVID and less than 10% of the websites had any critique.” The study found that these Instagram marketers and websites use science-ish buzzwords to promote their so-called immune boosting products.

Science-ploitation: using real science words and concepts in a completely inaccurate or misleading way. These people are counting on the fact that you may not know what these words mean to create the illusion that they know more than you do.

So you have things like the microbiome and genetics and stem cells and people are exploiting the excitement of these interesting areas of research in order to sell bunk. They’re saying that this supplement this practice works because it has an impact on your microbiome and then it gives a reference to the microbiome or it helps regenerate your cells. And then it’ll give a reference to stem cells and that just creates this legitimacy. So I think we’re seeing. increasingly the use of, of tokens of legitimacy. I’ll put it that way. And that’s making a lot of these things a lot stickier.

Tim Caulfield

Now you have people who firmly believe you can boost your immune system and trying to tell them otherwise, apparently even as a medical doctor is an uphill battle that many doctors do not win easily. Words like natural, organic, and immune-boosting are known as “God words.” We automatically have assigned positive/good things to these words and when you see them in the store or in ads your first thought is “That is good for me.” We don’t even need to hear something specific about what exactly a “Natural” or “organic” or “immune-boosting” product will do for us.

Guess who knows this and uses it without shame? Yeah, those marketers who have been yelling at their screens as they read this – perhaps they’ll even try commenting and saying I’m full of shit and don’t know what I am talking about. Don’t worry, I’ll approve those comment so you know what assholes these people are when their money makers are being put on the truth block.

Even nationally known medical organizations like the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic use the words immune-boosting. For example, in a 2020 article from the Cleveland Clinic, in big bold font, it says Get ready to boost your immune system. And this is a big problem!! “So you get these reputable organizations using the phrase because they know it’s a hook to bring people in. So they’ll talk about immune boosting and then the article will be about exercise and sleep and nutrition. And that’s really problematic, I think because it legitimizes that idea of immune boosting. So then the hucksters can use it to sell supplements, to sell, you know, crazy exercise to sell colonics or whatever.” Tim enlightened.

And like I just mentioned, just try to tell the people who absolutely believe this hyper-bole that they’re wrong. It’s a lot like Qnon believers….

Today I got two long bits of hate mail. About supplements and the idea that, you know, supplements can boost your immune system. So all the hate mail has a similar pattern and you get, we could compare our notes but the first, the first paragraph is usually you’re an idiot. I hate you. Or, or, or it’s, or it’s one of those, uh, I’m not against science, but dot dot. And then it’s something about big pharma. If you are against supplements or, if you are against immune boosting, somehow you’re for big pharma. It’s like there are these two camps…you’re with us or you’re against us. You really want to aim your your debunking or your battling of misinformation to the general public. You want your message to be constructive and you don’t want your message to have a shaming element to it.

Tim Caulfield

Like Jen says in the podcast, we’ve all been there; something is ailing someone we love and we’d easily empty our bank accounts to find that miracle that will work quickly. And at times like that you are at your most vulnerable. Just think how many of those immune boosting frauds made A LOT of money in the early months of 2020. So when you ARE in that desperate mode of mind, looking for answers, keep a few things at the font of your mind:

  • Just because a post or ad uses science-ish words, doesn’t mean it’s actually based on science.
  • Always ask yourself if someone is trying to sell you something! You can’t trust health information from someone selling you a product.
  • Be skeptical of anecdotes and testimonials. They are not evidence. Instead, look for information from reliable sources like the National Institute of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization.
  • Stop and think before you share something. Misinformation is like a virus. If you stop sharing it, you stop the spread.

Speaking of viruses, vaccinations use our immune system’s memory to keep us safe. The first time your body encounters an infection in the wild, it takes 2 to 4 WEEKS for your adaptive immune system to really get into FULL gear and produce those antibodies. And during this time, you are sick – hopefully in bed resting but sadly not always – but the next time you encounter that little infection your immune system is ready. They already have the plans to make the antibodies that killed it before so it’s quick in taking care of it this time.

Vaccines skip that 2 to 4 weeks of you being sick with the infection/virus. They make your adaptive immune system THINK you’ve been exposed to a specific pathogen, meaning a virus or bacteria. But really it is a killed or weakened pathogen or just part of it, but your body doesn’t know the difference.

Some of the COVID-19 vaccines are mRNA or messenger RNA vaccines, which are really cool. MRNA vaccines take a step back and give our cells the instructions to make a protein found on the surface of the virus Once our cells make that protein, the immune system recognizes it as foreign and produces antibodies to fight it.

But don’t worry, that mRNA isn’t going to be used for anything else or damage your DNA It’s like IKEA instructions! It’s good for one thing, and then it’s thrown away when you’re done. Now, here’s the thing about antibodies — they don’t always protect forever.

We’re all different and react differently to things around us. COVID-19 is so new that while we know a vaccine now will protect us, we don’t know how long that will last or if it will end up like the flu vaccine where you’ll need those boosters every so often. Science hasn’t found out why some vaccines are long lasting while others need boosters. The immune system is complex! So while you can be vaccinated once for something and be protected from it for life, others you’ll need a boost. And since viruses mutate, the boosters are generally different each time you get one.

Many things that grandma told us about are in fact, correct. It’s actually good to get a good night’s sleep. Exercise is good for the immune system. There’s no television show called prevention, right? Because it’s, it’s not exciting. No bell goes off when your immune system improves and balances because you’ve gotten moderate exercise, you do feel better. And that’s the benefit that you gain. Another thing that we can do is to make sure that chronic medical conditions are treated. And oh my goodness, stopping smoking and stopping vaping. These are habits that are so difficult to stop, but your doctor will be happy as all get out to help you quit these habits because they have such immediate and long-term benefit.

[On if being cold make it more likely you’ll catch a cold] Everyone has wondered about that for so long. So I think it’s very difficult to say any one thing can make you sick. That said I saw the most recent interesting study that showed that in very cold weather there may be changes to some of the cells that line our respiratory tract. So in fact, grandma may have been right. That if you’re in cold enough weather for long enough, you may become a little bit more susceptible to becoming infected. So it doesn’t cause us to be infected, but it may change our susceptibility to infection.

Dr. Katherine Gundling

Resting when you are sick is really important. It gives your body the time to focus on creating the anti-bodies and getting them out into your body. You can’t boost your immune system, you are more likely to mess up the balance it needs to keep you healthy and going. While it is tempting to use supplements to feel like you are in control of what happens to your body, truth of the matter is you may be doing more to harm your body then strengthen it. So listen to the experts that aren’t trying to sell you anything. Sometimes the best thing you can do is what you’ve already been doing; eating a healthy balanced diet – does not mean a doughnut in each hand – , washing those hands after handling anything you do not know where it’s been, get a good night’s sleep, exercise if you’re up to it – but don’t over due it -, make sure to treat those chronic medical conditions, and most of all, be gentle to yourself.

Thank you to all the debunkers out there, both medical and non that keep those of us who are suspicious about everything in line. Although we’re most of the time correct!

Until next time, I don’t know what possessed me to want to blog about this particular episode, but there you have it. Some cut and paste, some straight from my poor brain that has had a low key throb of a headache all day. Allergies will be the death of me. Keep it regal!

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Wha-Why? COME ON!

So if you’ve been hiding under the covers lately because of things and haven’t heard the news, Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach will NOT being coming out soon. Instead it’s been pushed AGAIN to LATE 2021.

Instead we get a little game called Security Breach Furry’s Rage (damn straight I’m going to call it furry! LOL Especially after seeing that cover of Fazbear Frights #10: Friendly Face!!).

I have some rage I’d like to share with someone.

And don’t be that person who comes around just to say or even to say at all “Oh but think of how much nicer the game is going to be with all this time!” We don’t even fucking know if they’re actually working on the game or not. We know not the problems they are facing. We’ve heard and seen some of the things that have been happening during their panel at GTC 2021.

And this game Scott has given us is utter garbage. I think he’s trying to ride the wave of HBO’s Mortal Kombat which was also a gigantic piece of garbage – although the effects for Sub Zero and Scorpion are good. Story line, dialogue and overall presentation fail so badly. And that goes for both game and movie.

Not sure what the purpose was really. I don’t like the puppets (I stopped counting how many times they killed me) and that boss thing at the end (beating hard mode gives you another level where it looks like you’re in space), while it may have some lore tied with it, I am not sure. I also need to remember what everyone’s theory for FNaF 4 even was. *sigh*

Why were they working on this instead of actual Security Breach? And why was the almond missing from that Hershey’s Kiss I just ate?!!! If I wanted plain chocolate kisses, I wouldn’t have paid for the ones with almonds in them. Yeah that last has literally nothing to do with FNaF unless you count that it’s generally what I snack on if I am snacking while playing a game.

Yes, many fans are drooling over this throwback to the 80’s/90’s gaming and I had been thinking of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter style games after watching the movie. And while it’s not exactly like those games, maybe a bit like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games I played in the 90s, they’re not my favorite. I kept getting killed because I was looking at the opponents and snorting. Especially that clown thing. Vanny was……… different. It didn’t last very long for me. Not because I’m good at playing, but because I get bored easily with these style games. I more in likely won’t be going back to it again in the future unless someone like Dawko finds something incredibly interesting that I want to see for myself and not have his screaming in my ears – I wear headphones with my laptop as the speakers on my computer suck and have ALWAYS sucked. Thanks Dell.

Unless there are more trailers or other things released along the way, I will hopefully just forget about Security Breach. It’s so much easier not to know about a game until it’s released. Not good for marketing, but easier for me as I don’t like to be left wanting. I already have a plate full of want, no need to add to it!

Until next time, play the game, it’s free (Security Beach will not be that’s for sure!) and it’s a good way to kill a few days.

Me waiting for this game.
Everyone when it finally comes out.

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Get to the damn point!

I don’t know if I’m cranky and just need more coffee or if my hormones are wonky but I really freaking wish people would get to the point when I look up recipes. I don’t need your freaking backstory or how you came to try this recipe and then made it your own. Especially if you go on for several paragraphs with no ‘Get the recipe’ button/link for those of us who are only there for the damn recipe.

Seriously, when I look up a recipe that is all I want. IF you must included all this other crap DO IT AFTER YOU’VE SHARED THE REICIPE. It annoys me all the time having to scroll past paragraph after paragraph just to finally come to the actual recipe. Or worse the person does the recipe in paragraph form explaining each and every thing instead of providing the ingredient list and directions. OR EVEN WORSE just give the ingredients and not how much of them or anything else!

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this as I have seen memes on the topic. So if I ever share a recipe, you will know that it is the recipe first and then anything extra I may wish to share. I usually share recipes verbally when I find something I like and am talking to people whom I believe will enjoy it.

For example:
London Fog drink: Equal parts warm/steamed milk and Earl Grey tea with sweetener and vanilla to taste. I usually do a cup milk and tea. I’ll heat my milk and vanilla together in the microwave for two minutes as I let the Earl grey tea seep with sweetener in it. Then I’ll add the tea to my milk/vanilla combo and leave the bag in the cup for a couple more minutes.
Whipped coffee (TikTok)/Dalgona Coffee (Korean)/Frappe Coffee (Greek)/Beaten Coffee (Indian): Equal parts instant coffee, sweetener and hot water whipped together then spooned on top of hot or cold milk. I generally do 2 tablespoons to however much milk I’m feeling like. Beat the coffee, sweetener and water together for about 5 minutes then spoon onto hot or cold milk.

Until next time, keep things to the point when you are talking about things. If you are going to offer something like a recipe, have that first THEN talk about it if you must. Granted I didn’t do that here, but you aren’t here because I said there is a recipe (or two) that you’re looking for. And if somehow you ARE here because of either of them, that was not the point! LOL

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