Who knew?

And then

Who would have ever guessed that being sick is just bad for your overall health?

Many things have been happening as I am sure you are well aware. You don’t need me to tell you the news that’s more in likely blasted across your telly, inboxes and news feed. I’ve limited the amount of PTBP (Pretending to be president) news I take in because it was having an adverse effect on my mental health.

In it’s place I’ve taken up the old habit of reading a good book. I figured if I wasn’t going to be adulting for a few days, I might as well catch up on my reading. Sadly, I have a lot of catching up to do!

I have always been a physical book person. I love the smell, the feel and the overall aspect of a physical book, but it’s in digital that I find most of the new books I could be interested in. And yes, I find them for free as the prices of ebooks is almost as high as a paperback and sometimes even hardbacks. If it’s a new series or author I have never read before I don’t want to be paying high prices to see if I like it or not.

I have ALWAYS been this way about books. Before ebooks however, I’d check the book out from the library (which of course was always free unless you keep a book longer then you were meant to or loose it.) and if I ended up liking the author I’d look for more titles and more in likely end up buying a few as well.

I’m not sure many people get this however. Hubby has always wondered why if I can find the digital book for free, I had to have a physical copy as well. I have quite the library of physical books. I have almost all of the books Stephen King has written. I have quite a few Anne Rice’s as well. Including her new Vampire Chronicles one: Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis. Although I’m struggling through this one.

I remember when people were in a state of panic thinking the physical book was on it’s death bed and perhaps for awhile it was. But it seems now that the ebook craze is leveling out and people are getting use to the new technology the death of the physical book isn’t so imminent although not without some sacrifices (RIP Boarders). The ebook phenom has come to a lull as the ebook readers have become, well….dated. Gone is the need or desire to have a electronic that caters JUST to ebooks. Kindle? Naw, who cares? I never had a Kindle. I did have a Sony eReader, in fact I had a few of them. But then, someone made an app that allowed you to read any book on any android device.

Then Amazon, the great innovator of products that they are, decided that just would not do so they locked down their version of books so that the only way you could read them is with their eReader or app. They still have that lock and people are still cracking them. Most of my library comes from unlocked Amazon Kindle books.

And now books on tape are making a big jump, of course it’s now known as Audible. I’ve never been a big fan of listening to books. Even when I had vertigo and couldn’t even open my eyes I wasn’t too much of a fan (even less so when my phone decided to assign different parts of a book as my ringtones and notifications), although I did recently enjoy Stephen King’s 6.22.63 read by Craig Wasson. 30 hours of someone reading to me isn’t usually my cup of anything, but I did actually enjoy it. I’ve read the book myself and watched the mini series but Craig did a wonderful job of reading the story. He used different voices and really brought it to life, which I didn’t expect.

I guess I expected the audio books to be boring. No idea why that would be in my head but yeah.

No longer do people want a electronic that does only a single thing. Not in the age of smartphones doing everything but wipe our asses for us (careful, there may soon be an app for that)! I have a couple of tablets in addition to my now dated Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. One is a windows tablet (Nextbook Flexx 11.6) and the other is an android based tablet (RCA Voyager). I use the nextbook to play games like Disney Magic Kingdom, Talking Tom Gold Run, Dragon Mania Legends as well as browsing online, checking mail…small stuff like that. I rarely use my RCA but I do have FBReader on it that I of course use to read my ebooks. I also have Jarvis and a few little games (Panda Pop, Suicide Squad, Star Wars Puzzle Droids). Not to mention Tony Stark. Got to love Tony Stark (and of course Robert Downey Jr)! There are a few other odds and ends on the RCA, but it ended up mainly being a ebook reader with a few added entertainment should I get tired of reading. It’s also small, 7″ screen that can easily fit in a bag. Nextbook is 11″ and has the removable keyboard and is much like the coveted Microsoft Surface without the heart stopping price tag. Picked the Nextbook up from Walmart for a whopping $56. The RCA was $35.

It would seem that physical books are making a comeback! Although not entirely for why a normal person may think. Apparently they can now be considered art. Works of beauty and that’s before you read them, if you are even allowed to do so that is. Some of the newer physical books have in lost their magical beginnings. The quality of paper, glued pages instead of sewn, hard backs having lackluster covers outside of their removable covers. Although apparently all that is coming back.

Books are now supermodels? Animals are reading them, they are featured in landscapes, posed with food, flowers, gravestones, just about anything you’d like to imagine. They have become objects to color match your outfits with or if you’re so inclined color clash.

I get buying books because you like books. I do this often, but I also like to read them. They’re not just shelf space fillers when I don’t have enough Star Wars, dragons or Harley Quinn to fill the space (which I totally do, but I actually make room for books as they are awesome). I don’t want or need sexy looking books. I mean WTF? I have books I have enjoyed reading on my shelves. They are there because I want them to be, because people can ask me about them and I can tell them what I thought and offer to let them borrow it. They can be quite an effective ice breaker. There is not much you can say about a book that’s only there to be pretty.

“What is that book about? It looks like it could be interesting.”

“That? Oh I have no idea. I only put it there because it’s pretty.”

Is it just me? Am I perhaps missing something here by being born before eReaders became a thing? Do shop owners really have to resort to something so technical in order to get people in the shop to look at books as having electronic poem readings on National Poetry Day where they can be heard only if customers wish to listen?

Does that even make sense?

I know authors still go around promoting their books at bookstores and have signings, readings and what have you. I have a couple of them as friends on Facebook. The last couple of Anne Rice books I’ve bought are signed, but sadly not because I went to the bookstore and met with her. Barnes and Noble gave me the ability to get this without even leaving my house. Which also makes a signed book less valuable.

I can live with or without ebooks. As long as I have physical books it doesn’t matter to me. I am a little miffed that people are now using them as decoration only pieces. Oh sure, some might get read, but it’s a little depressing when the reason something is coming back is less about it’s original usage and more about aesthetics. The ebook is loosing popularity because you can’t take a selfie with an eReader? PATHETIC!

And if you’re interested where this came from, you can read all about it on your own.

And then there is this.

Until next time, curl up with a damn good book. I don’t care if it’s an ebook or a physical one, if you’ve read it a million times before or are going through it for the first time. Hell it doesn’t even matter if you’re reading it or listening to it as long as you are enjoying a story that is more than two pages long and brings you joy. More people need to read books. Hollywood for a start. A great way to pass the time not adulting when you’re sick. Or because you want to.

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Looking for friends doesn’t equal to friendless.

I have been reading as I so often do in my “spare” time, a book entitled “MWF Seeking BFF” by Rachel Bertsche. I picked it up because like it’s author I am lacking in the local BFF area. Now this isn’t to say I do not have friends, I have BFFs who live in other states and I have friends who live local but aren’t quite the call up at the last minute and do something BFFs and I am not saying they never will be, but even in that area of just having people I call friends and know a bit better than an acquaintance I am lacking.

However, I am curious as to why when we hear someone say they are looking for friends we automatically think badly, but someone saying they are looking for a person to marry we don’t think anything of it? Where is this taboo on friend looking coming from? I mean are we not always on the prowl for a new friend? Every first day of classes, do we not look around at our classmates and size them up for potential friendship?

I know I do, it’s how I became friends with the woman who became my Matron of Honor (and I was her Maid of Honor) although when we first sized each other up we both came to the same conclusion: NOT friend material. Proof right there that fate has a sense of humor as we were then thrown together alone one Wednesday afternoon when none of our classmates decided to come to class and it was just her and I. We ended up working side by side and then went to grab a bite to eat. Next day I sat next to her in class so that I could be spared from having to sit next to the girl who did her nails in class and talked about things no one outside of a psychiatric office needed to know; while class was in session nonetheless and since I was spending money on this course, I wanted to learn something. And we have been friends ever since. That was 2002.

And my longest BFF I got my first day of 6th grade in a new school. The teacher threw us together telling her she should show me around and make sure I don’t get lost. Although it wasn’t the best day for me, I was in piggy tails and was upset and I think at one time tears were involved and despite the fact that  I sort of ignored her for a few minutes as I searched out a girl I knew already who attended the same school (who then ignored me) we became close.  She introduced me to two other girls and we became a group where school was concerned and outside of school at times as well, but for the most part it became her and I although the four of us lasted through freshmen year of  high school together. After that it was just her and me for the longest of times, then she moved back to California and I had a whole new set of friends.

I have been here in Albuquerque for 12 years. I have made one BFF who married and moved away. I have often thought upon this lack of friends as something happening to my social skills since high school. But apparently this is normal. And yet if I were to go on Facebook and say I’m looking for some local BFFs my virtual friends may think there is something wrong with me and that I have no friends or some other strange and wrong stigma.

I agree with Rachel and reading on what she has discovered through trial and error makes me happy (I can still make friends! I just have to remember how!) and sad (some of the stats she talks about bring me down as I am pretty doomed in health and life according to the stats she found). And I haven’t even finished the book yet.

As much as I do love and adore my husband, he really isn’t what I’d consider and all inclusive BFF. Yes, there are things I can vent to him about and of course I can tell him anything–except if I need to vent about him or need to just complain without sweet advice being given back to me. And like it’s been said, men talk side by side and sometimes I need a face to face female who understands how other of our sex play games even with married men just because they can or are bored.

I guess I should make a more conscious effort in finding friends who may someday grow to be a BFF. I haven’t really tried to strike up a friendship with anyone in either of my anthropology classes and pretty much ignore everyone in my webmaster tools class (the reason is because I tend to go beyond what is expected of us on any given assignment not because I’m trying to kiss ass but because I am slightly ocd and can’t do web stuff without being creative with it and make it exciting. This tends to alienate people of less enthusiasm or talent/skill or draws people who think I can or will help them out with their own stuff and only engage me because they need help . I have only had this turn into a friendship where I don’t mind helping her ONCE any other time once the course ended so did the “friendship”).

I don’t know if now I am secretly using the excuse that I might not be in Albuquerque for much longer so why bother or if I’m just being a scaredy cat. I am shy although my current friends may beg to differ as well as family and husband. It has been a long time since making friends came easily and quite frankly being thrown into situations like school through high school (where the chances of you seeing the same group of people year after year is the highest of anytime in your life) makes it easier to make friends. Outside of that you’re not really thrown into the same type of situation ever again.

Until next time, while making new friends may not be easy, keeping in touch with old ones is and should be done often. Never underestimate the power of telling someone how much you appreciate their friendship.

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Hello world!

All right that sounds like a good enough subject for the first post.

Not my first blog, but I kept ending up at wordpress stuff so I figured why the hell not? And seeing as starting summer 2013 I’ll be attending poor UNM (university near mommy indeed) as an Anthropology major it might be fun to keep track of what I’m going through as I start this “magical journey”. Try saying that sentence without smiling, I sure in the hell couldn’t type it without a smile and quite the ladylike snort. Ah who am I kidding, there was nothing ladylike about that snort.

At the moment I am attending the lovely community college of CNM in Albuquerque New Mexico where I will be getting my Associate’s degree in web technologies at the end of spring term (which is next term). Which I found out a little too late that there is absolutely no way to get a higher degree in this state for that subject which I am quite proficient in. So I have decided since I have always adored history and I will admit that Indiana Jones has a place in my heart always, that studying more into anthropology (which goes deeper than just archaeology) is a logical step. That and I am taking an Intro to Anthropology as an additional class in my current term at CNM and as we have just past the midterm which I found to be quite simple and have a feeling like this stuff is sinking into my thick skull (or the teacher went really easy on us) . I guess I’ll find out just how good I really did tomorrow when she hands us back our midterms and mini research papers we did.

I am sure anyone who has had any anthro or archaeological training will scoff at the mention of Indiana Jones, and really, you shouldn’t. Yes, he’s not a real archaeologist (everyone is quite aware of this) and his methods even make me cringe but you have to admit he did bring a new interest into the field. No being an anthropologist isn’t as exciting as the show ‘Bones’ would led you to believe, and not every archaeological dig is a big adventure and you don’t always find something of great value, but those of us who seriously look into the career of anthropology/archaeology know these things already and are not jumping into things with certain highly false hopes or dreams. Give us some credit, geez.

My biggest disappointment so far has been Zahi Hawass. Before “Chasing Mummies” I thought he was a good archaeologist and paid attention to the stuff he would say (when I could understand him) but after? I can’t even look at him seriously anymore, and what’s worst is I never actually watched any of the episodes, just the commercials. But that was really enough. I do not know his reasoning for ruining his career and I am sure there are those who do not believe he has (although how I am uncertain) but I have not seen him in much since that show thankfully died and was buried forever in an unmarked area that hopefully no one will unEarth. Even the stuff he was in before the death of his career I pay little attention to when he speaks. I have no respect for him at all and can no longer bring myself to listen to what he has to say. Okay so I listen, but I don’t take a lot of stock in what he’s saying I guess.

I know many disagree with me. Somehow. And I respect that. But it’s really not here or there or anywhere if you think about it. I plan to use this blog (when I remember to do so that is) as a sounding board on my lessons in anthropology and how I feel I am doing in my academic career and if I am still getting things to sink into my thick skull or not. There might even be times I throw in other things that is going on in my life, like perhaps the pending move to a state that has an ocean on one if not more sides of it (I’m originally from Seattle Washington and I miss large bodies of water terribly, specially now that I have made a couple of trips to see my beloved Pacific Ocean) and I do read a lot. Both eBooks and the actually bound ones. As much as I do love the eBook concept of being able to carry a whole library in your pocket (and believe me I do) every once in awhile I have to pick up a bound book and read it. So expect a lot of anthropology type themes, with other things thrown in for taste (or sometimes lack there of depending on topic) and know that they could be few and in between. Which is why the Cheshire is included. I love to write, but sometimes I just plain forget I have a blog. This would be the third I have out there. Counting this one; two are public and the more private one I hardly remember to add entries to either. The other one that is public is more themed around the book (that has absolutely nothing to do with anthropology for now at least) I have been trying to write for what feels like ages. Whenever I have a low in work or school I start the research and mapping it out again but never really do much else. I’m better at just getting an idea and working my way to that idea. Usually starts at the ending and I figure out how I can get people to that ending in my head and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I did mention I like to write yes? I’m also good with computers and I love creating things. I have built two desktop computers; my latest one being a fantastic gaming one which I do like to do as well. I have many talents, know that at least.

Until next time, stay out of dark corners in round rooms.

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