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Starbucks is love.

Unless you are a white privilege racist. How many did you discover on Tuesday?

Personally I stayed away from anything that would put me “face to face” with any so not to annoy myself. I do believe my Facebook is pretty cleared out of those types of people, although there are a few who have learned not to show their racist white privilege side.

I suppose the last year has been a double edge sword. On one side we have discovered the true sides of friends and family when it comes to white privilege and racism (although we did get a glimpse of this with Obama- it’s just been turned up a few notches since trump). On the other side trump and everything that has to do with this idiot.

Many of the changes Starbucks has been making recently are good changes. Changes that may other businesses should think about making themselves (then just doing it because it’s the right thing to do, but this is the US after all). Changing the rule about needing to buy something just to sit in the cafe or use the bathrooms is brilliant. I get why the rule existed in the first place, but to be honest, I have spent many hours in Starbucks after buying the cheapest thing on the menu (and then whatever coffee I was jonesing for at the time), and sometimes not even then. It used to be you had to have a code to use their Internet, and it is how the Starbucks in Cuernavaca do it. The password is always on the receipt.

I think they should close the stores more often to talk about pressing issues at the moment whether it be just refreshing the training on how not to be a complete cunt to people to venting the air the baristas have about things. How could that go wrong (yeah, okay so this would have to come with that anything shared, unless against store policy will not get anyone fired because cunts manifest themselves in many different ways)?

I also love the changes they have been making in regards to supporting and helping out their partners (which everyone else knows as employees). Uneducated people still love to rag on the chain for employee themed issues, but usually it’s because they are ignorant to the change and are relying on their memories or rumors they have heard.

And I love the christmas cup outrage that hits every damn year no matter what is on the cup. This year, my suggestion is to have a cup that features the tolerance of EVERY human on the planet. LGBT, race, class, origin, and religion– I mean we already mingle with all types in the cafe whether we know it or not.

Changes I really don’t like that Starbucks has made deal more with their Rewards program. The changes they made now make it where you HAVE to do something RIGHT NOW or you won’t be able to do it at all.

Take the birthday drink/food. I don’t always get to Starbucks on my birthday. In fact I actually cannot remember a time where I did go to Starbucks on my birthday, but now that is the ONLY day I can use my birthday reward. It was until the end of your birthday month, then I think it was until the end of the week. Originally I think you had a year, but I did mange for the most part to get in at least by June to use it, so I’m not 100% sure.

Same goes for any free drinks you earn with stars; although if I’m honest I haven’t dealt with this for awhile now that my stars EXPIRE if I don’t use them or collect them fast enough. I have a gold card which they sent out to me when I became a gold member for the first time by collecting enough stars. Stars that didn’t expire so even as infrequently as I made purchases (or forgot to use my card to do so) I could still collect enough to become a member for those special rewards the gold level gave you. Yes you had to collect a certain number of stars within a given time to be or stay in gold level, but they never expired. They’d disappear once you “use” them.

And any rewards I did manage to earn would stay on the card (or you could print out a ticket) until they were used. Now everything expires so if you don’t use it, you loose it. And with that I ask what is the point for those of us who are not popping in daily to buy Starbucks? I mean I *could* but I don’t think I get anything for popping into International Starbucks. Also the US economy makes it that I really cannot do this, even on a weekly/monthly basis for the most part.

Also the desire to do so just isn’t there anymore. I do still have my Starbucks radar however. I think anyone born in Seattle Washington is born with one.

Until next time, remember that a real patriot is someone who loves their country enough to speak up when they see something that needs to be changed; not someone who blindly assumes that their government knows best and is always right no matter what. Since the US currently disgusts me to the core I consider myself a European born in the US. Because honestly, all my blood is from Europe, I have no native American blood or anything that would firmly tie me to the United States beyond my birth.

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The most famous adult day care center in the US.

Corker made headlines last week when he starkly suggested that the national security team provides the president with badly needed adult supervision.

And of course, you are aware of the tweet storm the dotard did this lovely Sunday morning (October 8, 2017) raging against the Senator when Corker decided not to run in 2018. When I saw the headline “Corker calls White House ‘an adult day care center’ in response to Trump’s latest Twitter tirade” I knew this was going to be an article I just HAD to read.

Although I cannot find where Corker suggested that the national security team provide the president with badly needed adult supervision. It’s probably buried in an article or tweet somewhere. But not in any of Corker’s tweets it appears.

I with millions of Americans (not just in the US) agree with the Senator on this topic greatly. The dotard has made it his “signature” to tweet storm like an angst-filled teenager about anything or person who dares stand in his way or suggest he is anything but awesome.

As if the tweet storms themselves were not bad enough, his spelling and usage of American English are appalling. He has no grasp on how to use simple things as quotation marks; which he displayed prominently in his latest tweets this morning.

If nothing else what his tweet storms actually do is provide great fodder for comedians and people worldwide to mock and ridicule him. And he also uses them to distract the public from certain agendas and missteps his administration are continuously making.

I suppose these storms wouldn’t be as bad if they were thoughtfully and inspiringly done. Hell, Kim Jong-un brought back an old English word that had been long forgotten in these modern times and made it popular again. If that wasn’t enough, it’s a word whose definition speaks the truth on how many US citizens (here and abroad) and the rest of the world think of and feel for the adult toddler in the White House. Who knew such a word existed that fully in all totality conveyed how we think of him?

What other forgotten words are missing from our vocabularies that should be brought back? We could have a whole lexicon of wonderful words that people are clueless about, almost as if we’re speaking a whole new (old?) language! Should there be classes on this old forgotten language, and what words should we bring back.

Perhaps most importantly who is going to unearth those ancient dictionaries, brush the dust from their covers and read those fragile pages that hold a wealth of information and possible verbal ammunition?

Where do these tombs hide I wonder, besides long forgotten places known as libraries?

The dotard has successfully embarrassed an entire nation of her citizens and made the other nations push us to the side as if we’re that annoying relative that has lost most of their minds and only on rare occasions actually brings something useful to the table.

We went from an awesome nation who was proud of their first African-American president to almost making another first but failing with such brilliance as to leave many absolutely baffled at the turn of events.

It’s understandably ironic to think that we went from 8 years of having an African-American President whose racist oppositionist’s voices were smothered by all those who had open minds to a White Supremacist whose close-minded supporters gleefully and violently stomp on all those whose beliefs differ in any way from theirs.

Because darlings, the type of person we choose to sit at the head of the table greatly influences the type people our nation becomes. While the beliefs of the people may never change, the voices that are heard above all others does.

Until next time, it may actually do us all some good to expand our vocabularies and minds. Find yourself an old dictionary and get to reading!

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