Let’s Talk About Sex.

The US is absolutely horrible when it comes to sex ed. You either get the “Don’t you freaking dare have sex EVER” or the “This is a penis, this is a vagina. Instead of telling you how to use these two together, let’s tell you what’s inside them. But first let’s split you up according to sex.”. There are some variants, really depended on what part of the country you grew up in.

But it doesn’t at all matter, because I can guarantee you still had questions once the day or week of sex was over. Probably even during. So I found 19 things you should know about sex. There are SO many things, so don’t you dare stop here!

19 things you should have learned in sex ed but probably didn’t.

Come one

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex

Let’s talk about sex for now
To the people at home or in the crowd
It keeps coming up anyhow
Don’t decoy, avoid, or make void the topic
‘Cause that ain’t gonna stop it
Now we talk about sex on the radio and video shows
Many will know anything goes
Let’s tell it how it is, and how it could be
How it was, and of course, how it should be
Those who think it’s dirty have a choice
Pick up the needle, press pause, or turn the radio off
Will that stop us, Pep? I doubt it
All right then, come on, Spin

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex

Hot to trot, make any man’s eyes pop
She use what she got to get whatever she don’t got
Fellas drool like fools, but then again they’re only human
The chick was a hit because her body was boomin’
Gold, pearls, rubies, crazy diamonds
Nothin’ she ever wore was ever common
Her dates heads of state, men of taste
Lawyers, doctors, no one was too great for her to get with
Or even mess with, the Prez she says was next on her list
And believe me, you, it’s as good as true
There ain’t a man alive that she couldn’t get next to
She had it all in the bag
So she should have been glad
But she was mad and sad and feelin’ bad
Thinkin’ about the things that she never had
No love, just sex, followed next with a check and a note
That last night was dope, dope

Take it easy now

Let’s talk about sex, baby (sing it)
Let’s talk about you and me (sing it, sing it)
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex (come on)
Let’s talk about sex (do it)
Let’s talk about sex (uh-huh)
Let’s talk about sex

All the ladies
Louder now, help me out
Come on, all the ladies
Let’s talk about sex, alright

All the ladies
Louder now, help me out
Come on, all the ladies
Let’s talk about sex, alright

(Yo, Pep, I don’t think they’re gonna play this on the radio
And why not? Everybody have sex
I mean, everybody should be makin’ love
Come on, how many guys you know make love?)

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex

You KNOW you wanna see the video!

Until Next Time, sorry you have the song stuck in your head now.

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10 Little Questions T Supporters Can’t Answer.

In the spirit of the raging dumpster fire that is the Trump administration, I thought I’d list 10 questions I think his supporters lack the cojones to answer truthfully.

1. Will you admit that when he got you all to chant “Lock her up!” by saying he was going to prosecute Clinton (even though immediately after the election he said he’s not going to), said he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall that he clearly has no way to make them pay for, and claimed the jobs reports he now tries to take credit for were “fake” or “phony” — he was blatantly lying to all of you?

2. How many Russian ties to his administration and campaign, and people caught lying about meetings with Russian officials, would it take before you at least entertain the idea that these might not simply be a bunch of “coincidences”?

3. If Russia didn’t help him get “elected” by launching a cyber attack against the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, then why did Trump frequently cite the information that was stolen to attack her before the election? Are you saying Trump brought up this information multiple times every day during interviews and campaign rallies for no reason at all?

4. Does it not concern you that he claims millions of people voted illegally, yet he’s not doing anything about it and has yet to provide any evidence that this took place? If what Trump says is true, that millions of people voted illegally, are you okay with the President of the United States completely ignoring what would be one of the biggest scandals in our nation’s history?

5. Since the Senate Intelligence Committee, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, practically every member of Congress, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and even British intelligence have all said that there’s absolutely no evidence that President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped — yet Trump continues to insist, without proof, that it happened — doesn’t that prove he’s either legitimately insane or continuing to lie because he’s too immature to simply admit that he was wrong?

6. Speaking of his wiretapping conspiracy, considering he insists the New York Times is “FAKE NEWS!,” then why did he cite their article as his “source” that led to his Twitter meltdown on March 4th? Considering he has a history of being more than willing to use sources he often says push “FAKE NEWS” whenever they happen report on something that benefits him, doesn’t that kind of prove that he uses “FAKE NEWS,” not to expose news that’s legitimately fake, but to attack information he doesn’t want people believing? Otherwise, why would he find a report from the NYT credible enough to accuse Barack Obama of one of the most serious crimes in our political history if he thinks that newspaper is “FAKE”?

7. If you want to support Trump that’s one thing, but is it really too much to ask of you all to require him to provide evidence for many of the outrageous things he says for which he never provides any proof? If he’s as honest as he claims he is, and you all think he is, then there should be mounds of evidence to prove everything he says is true. So why don’t you all at least demand to see it — or are you all afraid to ask him for proof because you’re afraid he won’t be able to provide any?

8. If Donald Trump has nothing to hide in his tax returns, then why won’t he release them? Regardless of whether or not you think they’re important, if he has nothing to hide, then why not release them and silence critics who claim he does? Not only that, if he has nothing to hide, then why did he claim being audited prevented him from releasing his taxes even though the IRS said that does not prevent him from being able to make these documents public? Do you find it’s common for people with nothing to hide to refuse to show something to prove their “innocence” — then lie about why they won’t show that proof?

9. Can you cite a single instance where Donald Trump genuinely admitted he was wrong about something?

10. Be honest, had he not been caught on video bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy,” but Billy Bush or someone who was there that day came out and said he made these statements, do you think Trump would have admitted he made those comments or would he have accused them of being liars and the media of pushing “FAKE NEWS”? And if you don’t think he would have confessed to saying such things without the video evidence, aren’t you admitting that he’s someone who’ll lie and slander people who tell the truth about him just as long as he feels he can get away with doing so?

I’m sure there will be a few Trump supporters who try to answer these questions, but their answers are going to be so incredibly ridiculous (likely pivoting to a talking point they’ve been fed) that they’re not actually going to qualify as serious. I hope I’m proven wrong.

These are some fabulous questions for supporters to be asked and I am in fact quite curious as to what anyone can come up with. If they even have the gumption to do so, which many do not. Many are all talk and no action, which makes for a pretty boring debate, Thanks to   who wrote the original article with these questions.

Until Next time, never get into a battle of wits, knowledge or intelligence with unarmed people. It’s just mean!

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The Perfect What Now?

Scrolling through documentaries we’ve run across one called ‘The Perfect Vagina‘. Yep. Not at all kidding. Did we watch it? Absolutely.

Of all the things I have ever thought might be wrong with my body, my vagina and the labia has NEVER been on the list. NEVER. Nevertheless, apparently enough women and girls out there that are so upset with the way their vaginas look that they’re getting PLASTIC SURGERY to make it look “better”. Moreover, it is not just women who have had children who are doing these; it’s also 16 year old girls. Girls who have not begun to develop are flocking to these doctors to change themselves. I know it’s not too different from any other plastic surgery out there, but I honestly have never thought that there was something that could be visually wrong with my vagina nor the outer bits.

It seems that most of these are happening in Britain. Probably because everything below the belly button is taboo in the States. Which is sad but *shrug*.

Of course, these women and girls are comparing their vagina and vulvas to what they see in pornos and magazines. Same places women and girls have all always gotten unrealistic views of body. If I allow myself, I can understand the usual views of body, where they’re coming from and why they’d be considered important. But honestly blokes, how many women have you refused to have sex with just because they looked different down there? If the vagina works, why mess with it? It’s not like having to stare at someone’s face. Most of the time you blokes do not even pay any attention to it, only that you can stick your dick in it. Yes, I of course am assuming a lot here. Some of you blokes out there could be as baffled as I am. In addition, of course probably ones are sitting there thinking it is a good idea.

I am aware that guys are pretty self-conscious about their privates parts. They are a little more out there then lady parts so I can understand how guys can be. People are always wanting to change some aspect of themselves that the world can see, and I am not, ever, ever judging these people as they are so free to do what makes them happy.

Even if you are not thinking about any type of surgery, it is very important to talk with people about things like this so that it’s not such a taboo subject. No idea what group of idiots decided that no one can talk about sex or the penis and vagina but honestly, this is actually how this type of shit gets started.

If you have kids, talk to them. Don’t use silly names, use actual names. Let them know that every person is different and really no one person is actually better than another, especially not because of their penis size or labia size. Honestly, if you actually do love a person, does the way their vulva look going to be a deal breaker? If it is, you don’t actually love that person. It goes both ways, yes. And for the other way I ask and say the same thing. Knowledge is power. It really freaking is so if anything I have said here is foreign or unknown to you, google it. I know people are not up to date on the actual terminology for the private regions of either sex so google. Yes, you may see things that cannot be unseen (I’m sorry) and if that’s the only price you pay for knowledge you’re freaking lucky.

Until next time, WordPress has made some changes recently that look all well and good, but I seem to no longer have a working spell check (so VERY important) and the Windows 10 App went blank on me while I was in the middle of this entry. It too has no spell check. I had to do it in a Word document. I’m lazy, if I have to do a lot of jumping around to do a single thing, unless it’s important to me, I’m not going to do it.

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Because religion is in my face.

I miss the days where I didn’t get annoyed with stupid people due to the fact I didn’t know just how many of them there was on this poor planet. This time is also known as BIA. Before Internet Access.

The last couple of days I have been annoyed once again with Christians. Because they are truly stupid and probably should have been exterminated a long ass time ago. And yes, as usual I am quite aware not everyone of any group is the same, feel the same and certainly don’t act the same. But if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we’d realize that it doesn’t fucking matter. One. Little. Bit.

Perhaps we should point the finger at a subtype of the Christian faith, the Conservatives. These idiots come out of the woodwork of their pews to make a big stink about something completely utterly mind-blowingly stupid. And I am more then sure you know what I am talking about for I am also sure that it’s been blown up in your face, especially if you have a Facebook account.

Conservative Christians have crawled out of the church pew woodwork to rend their garments and beat their breasts, at word that Disney’s live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast will feature an openly gay character. They’ve loudly promised to boycott the film and Disney itself in spiritual protest.

OMD WHO CARES??? Seriously. Who the fuck cares? These idiots have been promising to boycott everything. I’m sorry, did anyone see them bitching about Fifty Shades of Grey or even the second movie whose title I can’t even remember, not that it’s important. I honestly don’t remember hearing shit. There could be many reasons behind this.. may hap I was ignoring everything that had to do with that disgusting display of lies as I am certainly no fan of the books that spawned such crap. But I’m not talented enough to be able to avoid hearing everything there was about it… with exception of it’s second movie, which I didn’t even know was created much less hit theaters. Perhaps because I’m out of the US?

This news alone is of little surprise, as it’s been the M.O. for these opportunistic, self-righteous Bible-thumpers who never waste an opportunity when there’s publicity to be had, damnation to be dispensed, and joy to be squashed. Such unprovoked jerkery is what we now expect from the American Religious Right, who have long since jettisoned the loving, compassionate, redemptive justice work of a poor-loving Jesus—and gone all in with the glossy, homophobic pulpit bullies who arouse their passions. Their continued persecution of the LGBTQ community and anyone who supports them, is a sad song we’ve all gotten used to them singing.

This is true. These asshats come out whenever there is joy to be had. Perhaps the reason we (or I) didn’t hear them screaming about Fifty Shades is because it started life as a fanfiction of the god awful Twilight series and that was presumed written by a religious idiot.

But right now their sanctimonious diatribes and their public castigation ring more hollow than usual, because to offer these things they’ve had to take a break from the work of breathlessly and violently defending the three-time married, adultering, vile, misogynistic, professed pussy grabber that many of them voted into office. To ratchet up the energy to launch a witch hunt about a fictional gay character, they’ve had to pause from doubling down on supporting a flesh and blood President guilty of Olympic levels of lying, vulgarity, and a seemingly endless stream of decisions targeting the poorest, sickest, most vulnerable—not to mention the water we drink, the air we breath, and the planet we stand on. (Thank God there aren’t any Bible verses addressing any of that stuff, or these folks would be looking pretty darn ridiculous right about now.)

Yes. Actually where the FUCK have these asshats been since the beginning of the year? Why of all things they have chosen they’re making a fucking stink about a FICTIONAL CHARACTER when there is a most deserving clusterfuck of a appalling creature in the flesh??? Perhaps they would be better turning this energy inwards to themselves to ask why the holy fuck would they ever stand behind a man like trump?

It turns out that when the rubber meets the road (or the campaign trail), “Biblical morality” is far less of a concern when it’s the guy who claims he’s against abortion, the one who promises you a Supreme Court Seat, the one who can keep your state Red. Then, the selectively parsed out words of the Scriptures become far less pressing, the life of Jesus much less critical—and a stranger’s sexual activity no longer a priority. In that case, they can in one breath lament the corruptible influence of LGBTQ people simply trying to live quiet, undisturbed lives—and in the next breath they can pledge allegiance to a foul-mouthed predator who’s repeatedly treated woman as utilitarian sex objects.

Ah yes, when the person can throw money or power your way, you’re going to ignore their horrible ways and just pretend they are just and godly. I am not sorry to say that I have never once seen anyone from the LGBTQ community standing on a corner telling people they’re going to hell because they are not a person of LGBTQ persuasion. They don’t get in your face and demand you change your sexual preference because they believe they of all people are more deserving of whatever it is people want most I suppose. They certainly don’t go knocking door to door asking you if you have found sex with another *insert your sex here*. I got physically assaulted by a Christian when I walked into Hastings to return a movie because they were holding a Harry Potter book party. I wasn’t even there for the party. I just wanted to return a movie and find another one. But I got HIT IN THE FACE with a fucking Bible. I did get the woman hauled off to jail, the whole while she screamed that I was going to hell.

And this is the pathetic, hypocritical corner the Evangelical Church has now painted itself into. By throwing its muscle, money, and manpower behind such an unapologetic, reprehensible, amoral human being like Donald Trump—it has lost the very small patch of moral ground it had left on which to stand to point the finger at any professed sinful behavior. They now haven’t a pulpit to pound on. And this is why their decision to once again go back to draw from the well of making the LGBTQ community the target of attack is so reprehensible. That they insist on inflicting damage on an already marginalized community to rally their base, is opportunistic bullying and hypocrisy of the highest order.

This is the only reason I even bring this stupidness up. These people helped trump get into the white house. They if not financially supported him, they spiritually supported him and now they wish to damn Disney for having an openly gay character? Who the fuck do you people think you are? Jesus himself will turn his back on you if he actually exists and you honestly believe we are going to pay you any mind?

More and more, younger generations view gender identity and sexual orientation as non-issues, which is making these religious folk’s righteous indignation look more and more like the unhinged ramblings of an old man who has lost his faculties. The Christians who are weeping and gnashing their teeth right now aren’t winning any converts, they’re doing nothing to damage Disney, and everything to damage the image of the Church in the eyes of the world, as an out-of-touch, hateful, inconsistent horde—who apparently find gay people “icky” but misogyny perfectly Presidential.

Do I really need to say anything right now? Are we really expecting them to be able to convince people that they should have any say in anything ever?

I’m sure these folks will do some wild theological gymnastics to make a gay character in a fictional story somehow more of a threat to our children than a confessed predatory President who brags about forcing himself physically upon strangers. They will work overtime to try and get God to consent to their inconsistency—but God will not. They can conjure up all sorts of Biblical slight-of-hand to try and justify themselves, but it will all be fruitless.

There may have been a day in the now distant past, where the preachers and Evangelists would have gotten a nice bump from such histrionics; a time when they may have even convinced some Biblically illiterate, easily suggestible bystanders to go along with them. It may have been sound Church business at one time. But these self-righteous reservoirs are drying up, as the old folks in these communities die out and the building themselves grow dormant, with no new converts to fill them. They are quickly become dusty museums of a religious bigotry that thankfully fewer and fewer people feel like practicing.

Today these protests are falling on deaf ears, by an educated, technologically connected generation, who see such obsessions with people’s personal plumbing all as much ado about nothing. They have no interest in a Church who doesn’t seem at all burdened to attend to the real suffering in the world, preferring to protest musicals, out terrified teenagers, and police public bathrooms for nonexistent boogeymen. 

Disney’s primary business is in the telling of stories and the dreaming of dreams and the singing of songs. And in days when the world has become so dark and so starved of simple joy—we need their brand of beautiful magic more than ever. The majority of us who affirm the inherent value of all people will pack the theaters and escape from that dim existence for a couple of hours, celebrating the diversity of this life with our children in stories and songs. Meanwhile “the Church” will stand outside with signs, sneering and scowling and being miserable in the name of Jesus—before returning to social media to troll some folks online who believe Donald Trump isn’t a great model of morality for our nation’s children.

And those of us who believe that we’re all equally welcome at the table despite who or how we love (many of us committed Christians), will stand at the door smiling, and with our hands pointed toward the dining room, simply sing to all who gather:

Be our guest, be our guest…

I am so glad the younger generation are looking at the older ones wondering just what the fuck is their deal. As they should, as we all have and should. Sometimes things need to be called out on. Things need to be looked at and then weighed to determine their priority in each and every one of our lives. Weights come out differently for us all. For some, like myself the fact that there is an openly gay character in a Disney movie, live action or animated weighs absolutely NOTHING compared to the Tangerine Tyrant many of religious community put in charge.

Quoted article can be found in it’s entirety without my comments. If you want to read it that way. Also to give the original author props. Please like it, especially if you liked mine!

Any community who supports the Tyrant will not get any support from me. In fact, I’ll be more likely to gladly support whatever they’re against. But I tend to do that anyway.

Until next time, do yourself a favor and just pick your battles. Have the sense to know when to give up on something and when to really dig in and fight.

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There as GOT to be some happy somewhere!!

I completely hate it when I don’t have anything nice, happy or positive to post. All the negativity in this world already sucks and I hate contributing to it. Who wants to read the same negative shit over and over again? I mean, I don’t share the stuff because it’s negative but because I want people to be aware of what the hell is going on as we are in this horrible predicament because people didn’t have the facts or a clue what was/is going on.

But if you look at it, it seems that it wouldn’t have mattered if people had the facts, knew what was going on, or cared. In fact, it didn’t even matter to these people as they wanted a racist bigot leading the country because they are racist bigots. You can say you’re not but if you voted for him you’re okay with these actions, beliefs and ideals which actually makes you worse then them in many people’s eyes.

Yesterday I came across something that made me laugh. It was a meme, which of course is the purpose of memes but this one was funny because it wasn’t meant to be. christianI’ll give you a few minutes to figure out why this is fucking hilarious. When you are ready, scroll down.

This is funny because it talks about ridiculing, torturing and killing. Now those three things on their own are no way funny. Those are horrible, horrible things. HORRIBLE. But the funny thing is the fact that this is a Christian saying you can do these things to them and they are not going to change their religion.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it the CHRISTIANS who did these exact things to anyone not of the Christian faith until they CHANGED THEIR RELIGION? What was that one thing that happened where millions of non-Christians were killed because they weren’t Christian?? I know there was a name for it.

I am more than sure that back in those horribly violent times many Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhas felt the same way. Difference being they were actually tortured, killed and before those two they were publicly ridiculed. Christians never suffered this.

Oh sure, the bible says differently but how can we as people (not people of faith, just people) trust a book written entirely by old men? Why should we? Christians sure in the hell don’t follow it.

Now I’m not a complete idiot to think that Christians have never been treated like shit. Early Christians were persecuted for their faith at the hands of both Jews from whose religion Christianity arose and the Romans who controlled many of the land across which early Christianity was distributed. Early in the fourth century, the religion was legalized by the Edict of Milan, and it eventually became the State church of the Roman Empire.
Christian missionaries as well as converts to Christianity have been the targets of persecution ever since the emergence of Christianity, sometimes to the point of being martyred for their faith.
Schisms of the Middle Ages and especially the Protestant Reformation, provoked severe conflicts between Christian denominations persecuting each other.
In the 20th century, Christians have been persecuted by various groups, including the Islamic Ottoman Empire in the form of the Armenian Genocide, the Assyrian Genocide and the Greek Genocide, as well as atheistic states such as the Soviet Union and North Korea. During World War II members of some Christian churches were persecuted in Nazi Germany for resisting Nazi ideology.
In more recent times the persecution of Christians has increased in India according to International Christian Concern. The Christian missionary organization Open Doors (UK) estimates 100 million Christians face persecution, particularly in Muslim-majority countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Now from what I can see, or what I can remember, Christians were just killed sometimes, tortured and ridiculed but never given the chance or the option of changing faiths. Which of course Christians were rumored to give others this choice, but what really gets me, is that today, in America where we are “a Christian nation” a Christian posts this meme as if it relates in any way to them. How the fuck could it?? Christians may be teased and taunted, but I have never heard of one in America being tortured and killed.

Maybe, just maybe the people in other countries claiming to be killing for their god (my belief in this is that there is only a few gods, not one major one. I mean if we’re all fighting for god and there’s only one, what does that say about the human race?) aren’t targeting the United States because we’re a super power (ego much America?) but because they believe that we are really a Christian nation and have decided that the crap the Christians did back in the day isn’t just going to go unpunished.

It really would seriously suck to the rest of us if there is why we keep getting attacked. Maybe instead of banning immigrants from coming into this country, we need to get rid of the Christians first.

But, I am just rambling and allowing words to flow. I have nothing against any religion. I don’t judge people by their religion, sex or skin color. I judge (and I use this loosely) people based on who they are. How they treat others not like them. How they treat themselves and of curse how they treat animals. Always on how they treat animals.

Until next time, religious studies are interesting classes to take as long as you don’t get the (and excuse the pun) holier than thou idiot who thinks one religion is the best above all of them. In anthropology we call that ethnocentrism. Which is the deep felt belief that your culture is superior to all others.  Being fond of your own way of life and condescending or even hostile toward other cultures is normal for all people.  Alien culture traits are often viewed as being not just different but less sensible and even “unnatural.”  Ethnocentrism is normal for all people in the world. But do we really need to kill each other because of it?


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Dragons. I love dragons.

Give me dragons any day of the year. Big ones, small ones, any type and colored ones. I belong to a few Facebook groups that deal with Dragons and one of them shared a video of a 30 foot dragon sadly not a real live one, but a robotic one. So I of course hit YouTube for some more video of it and I was NOT disappointed!

Meet a 30 Feet Dragon That’s Also The World’s Largest Walking Robot

Further Drache, Biggest walking robot in the world. [Guiness World Record]

Der Drache von Furth im Wald – Demo

Largest Walking Robot – English version that shows the work that went into creating it.

Of course it’s from Zollner Elektronik AG. They developed and constructed the world’s largest four-legged walking robot.”Tradinno” is a remote-controlled, outdoor-capable walking robot with dimensions never seen before. Tradinno — its name is a mashup of “tradition” and “innovation” — is a mechatronic system starring in Germany’s oldest folk play “Further Drachenstich”, performed each August in the Bavarian town of Furth im Wald.
The 11-ton dragon, 51 feet long, with a 40 foot wingspan, is driven by a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine. It is listed in the newly released “Guinness World Records 2014” as the world’s largest walking robot.
Zollner Elektronik AG, founded in 1965 in Zandt, Germany, has 17 international sites, including one in Milpitas, California.

Learn more about the Dragon. It’s in German so either view Microsoft Edge with the Translator app extension or of course Chrome.

Until next time, anyone who wants to make me a walking fire breathing dragon I’m 100% game!

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Speech, speech, speech


Last night, President Trump held his first solo performance in front of Congress. It was basically a State of the Union, but you can’t ‘officially’ call it that for a brand new prez.


Presidential. Trump said he knows the country hasn’t exactly been doing trust falls lately, and called for “unity and strength.” VP Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) even wore matching outfits. Some Dem lady lawmakers did too in a nod to women’s rights.


Trump called out the rise in racial and anti-Semitic hate crimes, saying the US should condemn “hate and evil” in all its forms. Then he pulled out his notes on how he thinks he’s doing so far. Bringing jobs back to the US? Check. Nominated a Supreme Court Justice? Check. Cracked down on border security? Check. But he still has a pretty long to-do list…

Health care…as in Trump still wants Congress to repeal Obamacare – and replace it with a law that lets people ‘buy their own plans instead of ones the US gov wants them to have.’ Oh, and Americans with pre-existing conditions (think: asthma, diabetes) should still have access to insurance.

Immigration…as in Trump says he wants to achieve immigration reform by working with both sides of the aisle. He also thinks the US has been letting in too many “lower-skilled” immigrants. Instead, he’d like to roll out the welcome mat for people who can support themselves financially.

Economy…as in Trump’s focused on creating jobs, jobs, and more jobs. He plans on making it harder for companies to take their business overseas, and promises ‘Murica won’t be taken for a ride by trade deals. Trump also won’t be taken for a ride on a Harley Davidson, thx.

Education…as in Trump says it’s the “civil rights issue of our time.” He wants Congress to pass a bill that’ll make it easier for kids – especially minorities – to have more choices (think: public, private, religious, charter) when it comes to where they go to school.

Military spending…as in Trump wants to go on one of the largest defense spending sprees in US history. He supports NATO, but would like the US’s foreign friends to pick up more financial slack. Everyone reached for the Kleenex when Trump intro’d the widow of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who was killed earlier this year in a raid in Yemen. Cue the standing ovation.


Veterans Affairs Sec. David Shulkin had a cozy night in with Secret Service and the nuclear codes. This is meant to comfort you.


Former Gov Steve Beshear (D-KY) gave the Dems’ response from a wax museum. He called out Trump for pledging to protect the American people – but instead cutting financial regulations and repealing Obamacare. Beshear also thinks Trump needs to remember that just because people disagree with him sometimes, it doesn’t make them the enemy.


The first weeks of the Trump administration were a little rocky. Last night, Trump tried to change the tone and smooth things over. But a lot of this vision requires Congress to write some checks. Get ready for budget battles.

Trump called out the rise in racial and anti-Semitic hate crimes, saying the US should condemn “hate and evil” in all its forms.



Immigration…as in Trump says he wants to achieve immigration reform by working with both sides of the aisle. He also thinks the US has been letting in too many “lower-skilled” immigrants. Instead, he’d like to roll out the welcome mat for people who can support themselves financially.

If we don’t have any “lower-skilled” people working in America, who are going to do all the jobs you don’t want to. Maid service? Bus boy? Waitress? Errand person? Cashier? Front desk? You do know that they are coming here BECAUSE THEY CANNOT SUPPORT THEMSELVES FINANCIALLY. To them America is the land of dreams still. Poor souls.

I think Trump would have been better saying the speech that was running all over Facebook yesterday:

President Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress later today has been leaked. Here it is: “REMARKS BY PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP TO A JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you for that applause, which was the longest, loudest and most enthusiastic applause any president has ever received from Congress — period. It is probably the most applause that anybody has ever received anywhere.
As you know, I won the largest electoral college victory in history, even though 11 million illegal immigrants in this country voted illegally for my opponent — some of them twice. Even some of the dead people who voted for Hillary now regret their vote and say they should have voted for me. One of them is seated in the gallery tonight with Melania, and more and more people are recognizing him lately. Ladies and gentlemen, please recognize Frederick Douglass.
My fellow Americans, I inherited a mess. I heard this statistic: Ninety percent of Americans were starving. School bathrooms were jammed with transgender students. Ceiling tiles were falling from tunnels and killing people. Almost everybody in Chicago had been murdered. We had been attacked by terrorists 78 times and the media didn’t report it. Each month, millions of jobs were shipped overseas, where American workers were murdered and tortured by ISIS.
But now that we have eliminated all sources of information other than me, we are making America great again. I agreed to pay Boeing only one dollar for the new Air Force One. Lockheed-Martin is paying me $600 million to let them build the F-35. Carrier is now employing millions of people at its plant in Indiana. My cabinet nominees were all confirmed unanimously, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was just offered membership in Mensa.
The FBI, under new director Steve Bannon, has completed its review and determined that the Democratic National Committee was not hacked by Russia but by some guy in his bedroom who weighs 400 pounds. The FBI also said that the disruptions that occurred in American cities the day after my inauguration, followed by actions at airports after my travel ban, were because of frustration with Delta’s reservation system.
Internationally, ISIS has been defeated, Mexico has paid for the wall in advance, China has abolished its currency, and Australia has apologized for treating us so badly. Our military action in Yemen was a huge success. The incident in Sweden is finally under control.
Here at home, crime has stopped, and there are no more drugs. Calm has returned to Bowling Green. Thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheered when I issued my travel ban. We have replaced Obamacare with something much better that costs nothing. Vanity Fair has given the Trump Grill in Trump Tower 5 stars, and a major retailer has been rebranded “Nordstrom by Ivanka Trump.” My support is 98 percent in a Rasmussen poll.
My budget has a huge tax cut and the largest military expansion and infrastructure spending program in history. It also protects Medicare and Social Security, eliminates the federal debt and buys every American a pony. I have eliminated dangerous leaks by abolishing the CIA and saved costs by having Russia maintain our nuclear arsenal. I deregulated the environment and left it to the states to set spelling rules.
The State of the Union is great. If anybody says otherwise, consider the source.

At least the American people would have believed this one. And it skips the part where he uses the widow he created to take credit for a standing ovation. Veterans all across the country are livid. And I really cannot blame them. why-not-invite

Now I can’t tell you for sure Bernie said that. But it still needs to be said! I cannot for the life of me understand why the widow would go to this. Unless it was to see the man responsible for her husband’s death. Maybe slap him around a bit. Or hex him.

Which reminds me…how did that ‘all witches hexing trump’ thing go?? Anyone know?? Can anyone tell if he’s been properly hexed? Isn’t doing that sort of against wicca code? Do what you will but harm none? Isn’t it got to do with karma? How many questions can a person put in a paragraph before it’s annoying?

Probably as bad as reading a book of questions but no answers. Not even a teacher’s edition.

And because the WTF isn’t even going to stop any time soon (I suppose everyone ought to get used to the WTF feeling as I have a sad feeling that this is going to be a permanent state we’ll be in), I bring you day 40 and 41 of What The Fuck Just Happened Today:

Day 41: Tumultuous. 03/01/2017 Updated: 03/01/2017 03:06:13 PM PST

1/ Trump defended his tumultuous presidency and asked Congress to put aside its “trivial fights” to help ordinary Americans in his first speech. Trump reiterated a host of familiar themes from his campaign and called for unity to address a litany of issues that he says are plaguing the country. “The time for small thinking is over,” Trump said. “The time for trivial fights is behind us. We just need the courage to share the dreams that fill our hearts. The bravery to express the hopes that stir our souls. And the confidence to turn those hopes and those dreams into action.” (New York Times)


Sanders tells supporters after Trump’s speech to “continue the fight” and publicly push back against the administration. “Keep showing up. Keep calling Congress and continue the fight. The Republicans are now on the defensive and we’ve got to continue to push them back,” Sanders said. (The Hill)

Trump seeks to parlay post-speech boost into action on contentious agenda. Pence said the reception Trump received gave him “great confidence that the agenda that the president articulated last night is the right agenda for America, it’s resonating with the American people.” (Washington Post)

Trump’s softer tone masks hard road ahead with few details on how he’d turn them into reality. (Bloomberg)

Speech marks a shift in tone. Trump’s pitched his agenda to voters and Congress with language that was much more presidential and traditional in tone, even as he made no major policy changes. (Wall Street Journal)

The 5 main takeaways from Trump’s speech. (New York Times)

6 things we learned from Trump’s address to Congress. (CNN)

Key moments from Trump’s speech: Condeming the recent vandalism of Jewish cemeteries; celebrating his own accomplishments; announcing a “historic tax reform”; repeating the line “radical Islamic terrorism”; outlining what he said would be a “better healthcare system”; and referring to illegal immigration as “American carnage.” (Politico)

Fact checking Trump’s first address to Congress. (New York Times)

The full text of Trump’s speech to Congress. (CNN)

The Democratic response to Trump’s address by Former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, annotated by NPR journalists. (NPR)

2/ DeVos backpedals on remarks about historically black colleges due to a fierce backlash after she called historically black colleges and universities “real pioneers” of school choice backlash. In a series of tweets, DeVos acknowledged that the schools were not created simply to give African-American students more choices, but because black students across the country were not allowed into segregated white schools. (New York Times)


3/ New Trump order drops Iraq from travel ban list. The decision follows pressure from the Pentagon and State Department, which had urged the White House to reconsider Iraq’s inclusion given its key role in fighting the Islamic State group. (Associated Press)


Trump called on the Department of Homeland Security to “create an office to serve American victims” of crimes committed by immigrant. The Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) would provide “a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests.” He made no explanation as to why the targets of crime perpetrated by immigrants should receive the support of a new federal government agency that apparently excludes the victims of crime committed by U.S. citizens. (CNBC)

  • Trump delays signing new travel ban order. The delay was due to a busy news cycle, and Trump wanted the new execeutive order to get it’s own “moment.” Signing the executive order today, as originally planned, would have undercut the favorable coverage of Trump’s speech. (CNN)
  • Trump seesaws on legal status for undocumented immigrants. (New York Times)

4/ Republican governors divided on Obamacare replacement. States that expanded Medicaid coverage fear they’‘ll be left holding the bag if the federal government doesn’t provide enough money to pay for the entitlement they expanded under the Affordable Care Act. (Washington Post)

  • House Republicans announce only Republicans are allowed to see the new health care plan. Paul Ryan had previous boasted that they were “not hatching some bill in a backroom and plopping it on the American people’s front door.” Oh well… (New York Magazine)

5/ Police chiefs object to Trump’s efforts to involve them in immigrant deportations. A letter from more than 60 law enforcement heads asks to soften push to include police in round-ups, saying it makes their communities less safe. (The Guardian)

6/ Generals may launch new ISIS raids without Trump’s approval. The White House is considering delegating more authority to the Pentagon to greenlight anti-terrorist operations after Trump took heat for a raid in Yemen that killed a SEAL. (The Daily Beast)

7/ Pelosi to Democrats: Treat Trump voters like a friend whose boyfriend is a jerk Pelosi is confident a good portion of Trump’s voters will eventually turn on him – and Democrats just have to wait it out. (CNN)

8/ The State of Trump’s State Department. Anxiety and listless days as a foreign-policy bureaucracy confronts the possibility of radical change. (The Atlantic)

9/ “You People” are doing an amazing job, Trump told HBCU presidents during meeting. Trump repeated the complimentary refrain three times. A White House adviser called the characterization of the meeting false, and said it was “ridiculous spin.” (BuzzFeed News)

10/ White House: Conway acted “without nefarious motive” in Ivanka Trump plug. A letter from the White House to the Office of Government Ethics says a White House lawyer met with Conway to review federal rules prohibiting endorsements by government employees. The letter makes no mention of plans for disciplinary action. (CNN Money)

11/ Rubio asked to leave Tampa office over disruption from weekly protests. The owner of the build notified Rubio on February 1st that they will not be renewing the lease because the rallies have become too disruptive to the other tenants. (Tampa Bay Times)

12/ Sen. Lindsey Graham he wants all presidential candidates to be required by law to release their tax returns, starting in 2020. The proposal would include Donald Trump if the president seeks reelection. (Politico)

13/ Senate approves Trump’s nominee, Ryan Zinke, for the Department of the Interior. The Republican congressman promised to review Obama-era actions limiting oil and gas drilling in Alaska and said he rejected President Donald Trump’s past comment that climate change is a “hoax.” (CNN)

poll/ Trump’s speech was a hit with viewers in two early polls. A CBS News/YouGov poll found 76% of viewers approved of the speech and 82% found it “presidential.” A CNN/ORC poll found 70% felt more optimistic. (Politico)

Day 40: Split. Choice.

02/28/2017 Updated: 02/28/2017 08:20:26 PM PST 1/ Betsy DeVos press release celebrates Jim Crow education system as a pioneer of “school choice”, saying the legal segregation of historically black colleges and universities gave black students “more options.” Trump met with the leaders of a number of HBCUs yesterday. DeVos commemorated the meeting in a press release today. (Slate)

  • DeVos slammed for calling black colleges “pioneers” of school choice. DeVos’ statement painting African Americans’ efforts to create higher education options for themselves in a segregated society as a “choice” earned her criticism from Democratic members of Congress and others. (Talking Points Memo)

2/ House leaders are split on whether a Russian inquiry is needed. The top Republican and Democrat on the Intelligence Committee gave sharply conflicting views of their investigation into Russian efforts to influence the election, raising questions about whether they will be able to work together. Republican Devin Nunes said that there was no evidence anyone from the Trump campaign had communicated with the government in Moscow. Democrat Adam Schiff said that it was too early to rule out the ties, because the panel had not yet been provided with any evidence collected by intelligence and law enforcement agencies. (New York Times)


FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier to continue his work. While Trump has derided the dossier as “fake news” compiled by his political opponents, the FBI’s arrangement with the spy shows that bureau investigators considered him credible and found his line of inquiry to be worthy of pursuit. (Washington Post)

  • GOP intelligence chairman David Nunes: “There’s no evidence of anything” regarding Russia-Trump campaign contacts. Nunes said the House Intelligence Committee won’t subpoena Trump’s tax returns and decries “McCarthyism” and “witch hunts” based on reports that Americans may have connections to the Russian regime. (Salon)
  • George W. Bush said ‘‘we all need answers’’ on the extent of contact between Trump’s team and the Russian government. He didn’t rule out the idea that a special prosecutor could be necessary to lead an investigation. (Boston Globe)

3/ Trump goes to Congress to make a sale. Trump is under pressure to show that his White House can be effective in delivering on the sweeping changes he has promised by working with allies on Capitol Hill. Trump’s aides are promising an “optimistic” speech designed to rally Americans toward a hopeful future. Trump will address Congress shortly after 9 p.m EST tonight. (CNN)

  • A guide for Trump’s first speech to Congress. Instead of reflecting on the state of the U.S., like a State of the Union address, the first joint session speech is typically used to outline a new president’s goals for his administration. Trump will do exactly that — and try to downplay the chaos that has plagued his first 40 days in office. (Politico)
  • Trump prepares to address a divided audience: The Republican Congress. On health care, tax reform and federal spending, GOP lawmakers hold differences of opinion within their own party that are obstructing passage of ambitious Republican policies, and so far Trump has shown little desire to openly referee those disputes. (Washington Post)

4/ Sessions vows to get tough on crime, saying a recent spike in violence in some cities is “driving this sense that we’re in danger.” He’s pledged to commit more federal energy to fighting crime even though crime rates remain far below their 1970s and 1980s levels. Trump is expected to emphasize that the rise in violence in some cities was not “a one-time blip” but rather “the beginning of a trend” during his address to a joint session of Congress tonight. (New York Times)

  • Sessions tells the Justice Department to ease up on police probes into alleged civil rights abuses by local police departments. The attorney general says it’s undermined police and led to an increase in violent crime in some cities. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Sessions pushes tougher line on marijuana even though a growing number of states are moving to legalize or decriminalize pot. “Most of you probably know I don’t think America is going to be a better place when more people of all ages and particularly young people start smoking pot,” Sessions said. (Politico)

5/ Trump envisions a compromise bill allowing many immigrants to stay in US where those who aren’t serious or violent criminals could stay in the US legally, hold a job and pay taxes, without having to worry about being deported. A path to citizenship for those in the country illegally would not be part of Trump’s vision for this deal, with the possible exception of “Dreamers” – those brought into the US illegally as children. (CNN)

6/ Trump gave himself an A grade for his presidency, but only a C for communicating. how. great. he. has. been. in a “Fox and Friends” interview today. He also blamed Obama for organizing opposition against him, called the House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi “incompetent,” and criticized his own press secretary for how he has handled leaks. He has called “Fox and Friends” one of his favorite shows. (New York Times)

  • Trump gave himself a “C or C+” grade for communicating with the public: Needs improvement. He offered high marks for his accomplishments, but he gave himself a “C” for messaging, conceding that he has not been able to properly explain what he’s done. (Washington Post)

7/ Trump says Obama is helping organize protests against his presidency. Trump has been dismissing the protests against his presidency and demonstrations at congressional town hall meetings across the country as concocted by his political enemies. “I think that President Obama is behind it because his people certainly are behind it,” Trump said. “In terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. It will probably continue.” (Washington Post)

8/ Trump begins E.P.A. rollback with executive order on clean water rules. The order, which will have almost no immediate legal effect and could take longer than a single presidential term to dismantle, directs E.P.A. chief Scott Pruitt to rewrite the 2015 rule known as the Waters of the United States. The rule gives the federal government broad authority to limit pollution in major bodies of water as well as in streams and wetlands that drain into them.

Trump is also expected to sign a similar order instructing Pruitt to begin the process of withdrawing and revising Obama’s 2015 climate-change regulation, aimed at curbing emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases from coal-fired power plants. In his former job as attorney general of Oklahoma, Pruitt led or took part in 14 lawsuits intended to block the E.P.A.’s major regulations, including the clean water and climate rules that he is now charged with dismantling. (New York Times)

  • Trump to direct rollback of Obama-era water rule. Trump will instruct the E.P.A. and Army Corps of Engineers to “review and reconsider” a 2015 rule known as the Waters of the United States rule. The move that could ultimately make it easier for agricultural and development interests to drain wetlands and small streams. (Washington Post)

9/ Sen. Lindsey Graham: Trump budget is “dead on arrival.” Trump’s proposing $54 billion in cuts to fund an equivalent boost in defense spending, but lacks key details stoking bipartisan concern. (The Hill)

  • E.P.A. braces for a possibly “devastating” 25% budget cut. There is widespread concern within the E.P.A. that the changes will dramatically alter the function of an agency that was created under Republican President Richard Nixon in 1970, and will weaken the agency to the point where it can only do its most basic functions. (CNN)
  • Trump proposes cutting the State Department budget by 37%. The plan would cut aid given by U.S. Agency for International Development. (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Pentagon budget next year sounds huge at first, but… it comes with a significant cut in foreign aid, including programs that military officials say contribute to global stability and are seen as important in helping avoid future conflicts. (New York Times)
  • Trump says “revved up economy” will pay for budget proposals. The extra $54 billion dollars he has proposed spending on the U.S. military will be offset by a stronger economy as well as cuts in other areas, he said. (Reuters)

10/ Trump urges insurers to work together to “save Americans from Obamacare.” Trump met with major health insurers in the midst of political divisions over how to dismantle and replace Obama’s signature health-care law and intensifying public pressure to preserve the policy. He criticized the Affordable Care Act for creating minimal health coverage requirements that restricted the types of plans insurers could sell. (Washington Post)

  • Schumer predicts health-care law “will not be repealed.” Schumer pointed to widespread disagreement among Republicans about how to go about undoing key parts of the law, as well as intense pressure from constituents urging them not to rush ahead with their effort. (Washington Post)

11/ Trump’s silence on deadly Olathe shooting is disquieting. Nearly a week has passed since two India-born engineers were singled out and shot at an Olathe bar, presumably because they were immigrants, darker in skin tone and possibly viewed by the shooter as unwanted foreigners. (Kansas City Star)


White House condemns Kansas attack, calling it “racially motivated.” The comments are the most direct the White House has made on the incident. (CNN)

12/ New NSC chief pushed Trump to moderate his language on terrorism, urging him to stop using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.” The phrase, however, will be in Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress tonight — even though McMaster reviewed drafts and his staff pressed the president’s speechwriter not to use it. (Politico)

13/ Trump signed off on checking White House staffers’ phones to make certain they weren’t communicating with reporters by text message or through encrypted apps. The decision sent a signal across the administration that Trump is furious at leaks from inside the White House. (CNN)

14/ Trump appears to blame generals for SEAL’s death in Yemen raid. Trump highlighted that the controversial raid in Yemen that left one Navy SEAL dead had been a success, and in the works before he took office. He said “they lost” the SEAL — apparently in reference to the generals who planned the mission. (The Hill)

poll/ Trump is delivering on his campaign promises. 56% of registered voters say that Trump is staying true to his 2016 campaign message. 65% say Trump has accomplished what was expected of him — or more. Overall, half of voters approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 45% disapprove. (Politico)

Has your brain turned to jelly like the IOA’s must be in order to allow such a deplorable person in the White House? Have you figured out what IOA means? I’m sure I mentioned it before in a past post. Did you expect another question? Ha. I’ve got to stop that.

Until next time, it’s quite healthy to have a hobby you enjoy. So if you haven’t found one yet, you might want to take some time to find one. Even if it’s small and online or you can only give a few minutes a day to it. We are all going to need something to get us through these next few moments.

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Too damn much.

Between Oscars, and what the fuck ever is going on in the White House there has been no lack of material for our comedians everywhere. Or those who aren’t comedians. Or who have had only two cups of coffee this morning. Which it isn’t even morning any more. I did make a meme this morning cause I read the Daily Skimm this morning and it just hit me.





Yesterday, Jewish community centers and schools in several states received more bomb threats.


This is the fifth time this year that multiple JCCs have been targeted with these kinds of threats. Authorities have not found any actual bombs. It comes a few days after dozens of headstones were knocked over at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, PA. A similar incident happened at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri earlier this month. Meanwhile, last week, a gunman opened fire on two Indian men at a Kansas bar. One of the men died. The gunman left the scene and later showed up at a Missouri restaurant, where he reportedly told the bartender that he’d shot “two Iranian people.”


Last week, President Trump said these threats show that there’s more work to do to “root out hate.” Yesterday, Press Sec. Sean Spicer said Trump “continues to condemn” anti-Semitism. Jewish leaders say they want to see “swift and concerted action” from law enforcement and the White House. The FBI and the Justice Dept’s Civil Rights Division are looking into the threats.


These latest incidents follow a spike in hate crimes over the past year. While officials sort out the motives, many religious and immigrant communities are on edge.

This is the America that Mr. Trump has created. Yes, this has always been a problem in the country, but not to this extent. Trump, who has said that we need to ‘root out hate’ and these are only proof of the work the country still has yet to do doesn’t seem to realize that the recent happenings are HIS fault. And the ONLY reason he said anything at all is because he was “pressured” by celebrities and other high profile people to break his silence. Hey asshat, it shouldn’t have taken ANYONE to pressure your orange fake ass to stand up and say anything. President Obama never had to be pressured or pushed to say anything about any tragedy that happened during his Presidency.

The hate that we must root out is sitting in the Oval Office pretending he knows what is best for this country. To ‘make it great again’. I guess he is getting that part, except that America wasn’t great for everyone in the past. Like Jews and Muslims. African Americans and Women of all ages/races.

Now we’re being told that Mr. Trump thinks ACA is so complicated and apparently no one knew. President Trump also bizarrely lamented about how he wasn’t able to play political games with the ACA, saying he told Republicans that even though it wouldn’t be fair to the American people, they should ideally do nothing in order to win more votes in future elections.

“I say to the Republicans, ‘if you really want to do politically something good, don’t do anything. Sit back for a period of two years, because ’17 is going to be a disaster, a disaster for Obamacare if we don’t do something,” Trump said. “Let [Obamacare] be a disaster. We can blame that on the Dems in the room and we can blame that on Democrats and President Obama.”

“If we do the most meinie, minute thing, a tiny little change, what’s gonna happen? They’re gonna say, ‘it’s the Republicans’ problem. That’s the way it is,” he added.

There’s a video of him saying this. That I am sure all of his supporters are going to exclaim is fake. Just like any news source that makes Trump look stupid or foolish or anything less that stellar. Sorry IoA, he’s everything less than stellar.

This morning, Trump argued that the January raid he authorized that resulted in the death of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, more than two dozen civilians, and the loss of a $70 million aircraft was the fault of former President Barack Obama. I’m sorry, WHAT?

“Well, this was a mission that was started before I got here,” Trump argued. “This was something that was, you know, they wanted to do. They came to see me, they explained what they wanted to do — the generals, who are very respected, my generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I believe.”

“And they lost Ryan, and I was at the airport when the casket came in, the body came in, and it was a very sad — with his family and it’s a great family, incredible wife and children, I met most of the family, and I can understand people saying that,” he added. “What’s worse? There’s nothing worse. But again this was something that they were looking at for a long time, and according to General [James] Mattis, it was a very successful mission, they got tremendous amounts of information.”

While Trump is half-right in that plans for the raid began during the waning days of the Obama administration, although President Obama never signed off on any boots-on-the-ground mission in Yemen during his presidency. Retired Admiral James Stavridis told NBC that Trump’s decision to authorize the raid, which he did over the dinner table, was likely due to a need for his new administration to flex its muscles.

But wait. Didn’t White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisted the mission “gathered an unbelievable amount of intelligence that will prevent the potential deaths or attacks on American soil” and that the raid was “successful in helping prevent a future attack or attacks on this nation,”? But senior Pentagon officials confided to NBC News that no useful intelligence was gained as a result of the raid. NBC reported that the only intelligence the military acknowledged was gained from the raid was an old bomb-making video that no longer served any purpose for counterterrorism operations.

And if that isn’t bad enough….

His Attorney General is saying that “…current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago,” Sessions said. “Experts are telling me there’s more violence around marijuana than one would think and there’s big money involved.”

What experts is he talking to? The ones in his head? In 2014, researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas concluded that there is no link between marijuana use and an increase in crime rates. He promised a no-holds-barred war with states that have legal marijuana laws during a Monday evening press gaggle at the DOJ building in Washington, citing those same experts he talked to. A WAR WITH OUR OWN STATES.


“States they can pass the laws they choose,” Sessions told reporters. “I would just say it does remain a violation of federal law to distribute marijuana throughout any place in the United States, whether a state legalizes it or not.”

Recreational cannabis use has proven to be an economic boon for states like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, which have all legalized the sale of cannabis through ballot initiatives in the last five years. All three of those states are ranked among the top 10 best state economies in the country, according to Wallethub. In Colorado alone, the state’s pot shops sold over $1 billion worth of recreational cannabis in 2016, amounting to more than $150 million in tax revenue.

I really think it’s that last thing that is rubbing these guys the wrong way. Who knew legalizing pot would bring in so much money? Um. Apparently everyone in those three states or enough people that they voted yes to legalizing it.

So damn tired of this administration I am actually wishing George W. Bush would come back.

And if you hear trump saying Believe me, do the opposite.



Childish of course. But it’s amazing how well a childish act like this is therapeutic. You can call it hate speak but what his followers have done is much worse. May not make it right, but I rather people do this then attack actual people physically. Also trump needs to man up. He’ll be skipping the 2017 White Hour Correspondents’ Dinner because he can’t deal with a little roasting. Remember how he acted the last time he was roasted.



Until next time, don’t let hate rule. At home, at work in your community. Trump created this hate and we must not allow it to take over. Stand up to the haters, show them that their hate is not welcomed in OUR America and they are not going to spread it nor are we going to tolerate it.

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Americans just don’t know.

I found this article today and although it is a few years old (2012), it completely resonates and expresses how I actually feel about America. I haven’t lived in America since August 2015. To be honest, we left because of money, but I had no problem doing so because I could see how horrible things were becoming for women. And then trump was elected and there is no way I’m moving back. My thoughts on each section follow directly below it. You can tell because the text will reach out further than the block quoted article.

Imagine you have a brother and he’s an alcoholic. He has his moments, but you keep your distance from him. You don’t mind him for the occasional family gathering or holiday. You still love him. But you don’t want to be around him. This is how I lovingly describe my current relationship with the United States. The United States is my alcoholic brother. And although I will always love him, I don’t want to be near him at the moment.

I know that’s harsh, but I really feel my home country is not in a good place these days. That’s not a socioeconomic statement (although that’s on the decline as well), but rather a cultural one.

I realize it’s going to be impossible to write sentences like the ones above without coming across as a raging prick, so let me try to soften the blow to my American readers with an analogy:

You know when you move out of your parents’ house and live on your own, how you start hanging out with your friends’ families and you realize that actually, your family was a little screwed up? As it turns out, stuff you always assumed was normal your entire childhood was pretty weird and may have actually fucked you up a little bit. You know, dad thinking it was funny to wear a Santa Claus hat in his underwear every Christmas or the fact that you and your sister slept in the same bed until you were 22, or that your mother routinely cried over a bottle of wine while listening to Elton John.

The point is we don’t really get perspective on what’s close to us until we spend time away from it. Just like you didn’t realize the weird quirks and nuances of your family until you left and spent time with others, the same is true for country and culture. You often don’t see what’s messed up about your country and culture until you step outside of it.

And so even though this article is going to come across as fairly scathing, I want my American readers to know this: some of the stuff we do, some of the stuff that we always assumed was normal, it’s kind of screwed up. And that’s OK. Because that’s true with every culture. It’s just easier to spot it in others (e.g., the French) so we don’t always notice it in ourselves.

So as you read this article, know that I’m saying everything with tough love, the same tough love with which I’d sit down and lecture an alcoholic family member. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome things about you (BRO, THAT’S AWESOME!!!). And it doesn’t mean I’m some saint either, because god knows I’m pretty screwed up (I’m American, after all). There are just a few things you need to hear. And as a friend, I’m going to tell them to you.

And to my foreign readers, get your necks ready, because this is going to be a nod-a-thon.

A Little “What The Hell Does This Guy Know?” Background: I’ve lived in different parts of the US, both the deep south and the northeast. I have visited most of the US’s 50 states. I’ve spent the past three years living almost entirely outside of the United States. I’ve lived in multiple countries in Europe, Asia and South America. I’ve visited over 40 countries in all and have spent far more time with non-Americans than with Americans during this period. I speak multiple languages. I’m not a tourist. I don’t stay in resorts and rarely stay in hostels. I rent apartments and try to integrate myself into each country I visit as much as possible. So there.

(Note: I realize these are generalizations and I realize there are always exceptions. I get it. You don’t have to send 55 emails telling me that you and your best friend are exceptions. If you really get that offended from some guy’s blog post, you may want to double-check your life priorities.)

OK, we’re ready now. 10 things Americans don’t know about America.

1. Few People Are Impressed By Us

Unless you’re speaking with a real estate agent or a prostitute, chances are they’re not going to be excited that you’re American. It’s not some badge of honor we get to parade around. Yes, we had Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison, but unless you actually are Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison (which is unlikely), then most people around the world are simply not going to care. There are exceptions of course. And those exceptions are called English and Australian people. Whoopdie-fucking-doo.

As Americans, we’re brought up our entire lives being taught that we’re the best, we did everything first and that the rest of the world follows our lead. Not only is this not true, but people get irritated when you bring it to their country with you. So don’t.

THIS is so damn true!!! I don’t even tell people we’re American. Although everyone assumes (this is GOT to be annoying for those who actually are NOT American; hopefully the assumption changes once they open their mouths. You can TELL an American when they talk!) this I imagine. I have yet to see anyone get hurt physically or picked on (in whatever way) because they are American.

2. Few People Hate Us

Despite the occasional eye-rolling, and complete inability to understand why anyone would vote for George W. Bush (twice), people from other countries don’t hate us either. In fact — and I know this is a really sobering realization for us — most people in the world don’t really think about us or care about us. I know, that sounds absurd, especially with CNN and Fox News showing the same 20 angry Arab men on repeat for ten years straight. But unless we’re invading someone’s country or threatening to invade someone’s country (which is likely), then there’s a 99.99% chance they don’t care about us. Just like we rarely think about the people in Bolivia or Mongolia, most people don’t think about us much. They have jobs, kids, house payments — you know, those things called lives — to worry about. Kind of like us.

Americans tend to assume that the rest of the world either loves us or hates us (this is actually a good litmus test to tell if someone is conservative or liberal). The fact is, most people feel neither. Most people don’t think much about us.

Remember that immature girl in high school, how every little thing that happened to her meant that someone either hated her or was obsessed with her; who thought every teacher who ever gave her a bad grade was being totally unfair and everything good that happened to her was because of how amazing she was? Yeah, we’re that immature high school girl.

How often do you think about the people in other countries outside of just seeing one of those “Save the Children” commercials? Do you know why those work so well? Because we have absolutely no idea what’s going on outside of our own country. The only time we care is when something horrible happens. The tragedies of the world is the only time anyone anywhere knows that something is going on somewhere else.

3. We Know Nothing About The Rest Of The World

For all of our talk about being global leaders and how everyone follows us, we don’t seem to know much about our supposed “followers.” They often have completely different takes on history than we do. Here were some brain-stumpers for me: the Vietnamese were more concerned with independence (not us), Hitler was primarily defeated by the Soviet Union (not us), there is evidence that Native Americans were wiped out largely by disease and plague BEFORE Europeans arrived and not just after, and the American Revolution was partly “won” because the British invested more of their resources in fighting France (not us). Notice a running theme here?

(Hint: It’s not all about us. The world is more complicated.)

We did not invent democracy. We didn’t even invent modern democracy. There were parliamentary systems in England and other parts of Europe over a hundred years before we created a government. In a recent survey of young Americans, 63% could not find Iraq on a map (despite being at war with them), and 54% did not know Sudan was a country in Africa. Yet, somehow we’re positive that everyone else looks up to us.

Condescending Wonka

I think the reason we always think it’s all about us is that is exactly how our large tomb history textbooks tell it to us. Because, as well all learn in college history classes (should you have the desire to actually KNOW REAL history) the history given to us throughout our entire lives up to that point is bullshit. Tell me it’s not! Christopher Columbus? A royal fucking asshole!! It’s not really the young’s fault not knowing these things, we’re not teaching them these things so outside of college how the bleeding hell are we suppose to know shit? And truthfully how many are actually going to go TO college?

4. We Are Poor At Expressing Gratitude And Affection

There’s a saying about English-speakers. We say “Go fuck yourself,” when we really mean “I like you,” and we say “I like you,” when we really mean “Go fuck yourself.”

Outside of getting shit-housed drunk and screaming “I LOVE YOU, MAN!”, open displays of affection in American culture are tepid and rare. Latin and some European cultures describe us as “cold” and “passionless” and for good reason. In our social lives we don’t say what we mean and we don’t mean what we say.

In our culture, appreciation and affection are implied rather than spoken outright. Two guy friends call each other names to reinforce their friendship; men and women tease and make fun of each other to imply interest. Feelings are almost never shared openly and freely. Consumer culture has cheapened our language of gratitude. Something like, “It’s so good to see you” is empty now because it’s expected and heard from everybody.

In dating, when I find a woman attractive, I almost always walk right up to her and tell her that a) I wanted to meet her, and b) she’s beautiful. In America, women usually get incredibly nervous and confused when I do this. They’ll make jokes to defuse the situation or sometimes ask me if I’m part of a TV show or something playing a prank. Even when they’re interested and go on dates with me, they get a bit disoriented when I’m so blunt with my interest. Whereas, in almost every other culture approaching women this way is met with a confident smile and a “Thank you.”

Fake, fake, fake, fake. We have mastered the art of fakery, which is probably why we are soooo good in the movie/television business! We over use phrases and actually saying “I love you.” to someone whom you truly deeply love is hollow. And you can’t make it not hollow no matter what you do. My generation didn’t start this, I have no idea which one did but damn! We fucked up! Obviously it wasn’t the last time…

5. The Quality of Life For The Average American Is Not That Great

If you’re extremely talented or intelligent, the US is probably the best place in the world to live. The system is stacked heavily to allow people of talent and advantage to rise to the top quickly.

The problem with the US is that everyone thinks they are of talent and advantage. As John Steinbeck famously said, the problem with poor Americans is that “they don’t believe they’re poor, but rather temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” It’s this culture of self-delusion that allows America to continue to innovate and churn out new industry more than anyone else in the world. But this shared delusion also unfortunately keeps perpetuating large social inequalities and the quality of life for the average citizen lower than most other developed countries. It’s the price we pay to maintain our growth and economic dominance.

To me, being wealthy is having the freedom to maximize one’s life experiences. In those terms, despite the average American having more material wealth than citizens of most other countries (more cars, bigger houses, nicer televisions), their overall quality of life suffers in my opinion. American people on average work more hours with less vacation, spend more time commuting every day, and are saddled with over $10,000 of debt. That’s a lot of time spent working and buying crap and little time or disposable income for relationships, activities or new experiences.

I love living in Mexico. Not only can I afford health and car insurance, but prescriptions, rent and OMG FOOD. Not that I really need to eat more…ha. Here the point of life isn’t money. It’s people. I rarely see any homeless people on the streets. There are a few, do not get me wrong, but Mexico seems to actually try to do something for those people. When we told our housekeeper that we were moving and may not be able to ‘take her with us’ she cried. We don’t speak the same language and don’t have much of a connection – she cleaned the house once a week and sometimes we weren’t even there the whole time but she was genuinely sad that we were leaving. Now one could argue she was sad to loose a job, but it really did  not feel like that at all. Our tailless Bombay (that’s a black cat btw) came over and started to give her love as he is the first to come to your side when you’re hurting, which he only does when you are really hurting (this is fairly a bad thing when you have an injury). So when we informed her that yes, we do in fact still need her she was beyond delighted. And since then we have learned she is a damn good cook as well!

6. The Rest Of The World Is Not A Slum-Ridden Shithole Compared To Us

In 2010, I got into a taxi in Bangkok to take me to a new six-story cineplex. It was accessible by metro, but I chose a taxi instead. On the seat in front of me was a sign with a wifi password. Wait, what? I asked the driver if he had wifi in his taxi. He flashed a huge smile. The squat Thai man, with his pidgin English, explained that he had installed it himself. He then turned on his new sound system and disco lights. His taxi instantly became a cheesy nightclub on wheels… with free wifi.

If there’s one constant in my travels over the past three years, it has been that almost every place I’ve visited (especially in Asia and South America) is much nicer and safer than I expected it to be. Singapore is pristine. Hong Kong makes Manhattan look like a suburb. My neighborhood in Colombia is nicer than the one I lived in Boston (and cheaper).

Bangkok City at night time, Hotel and resident area in the capital of Thailand

As Americans, we have this naïve assumption that people all over the world are struggling and way behind us. They’re not. Sweden and South Korea have more advanced high speed internet networks. Japan has the most advanced trains and transportation systems. Norwegians — along with Swedes, Luxembourgers, the Dutch and Finns — make more money. The biggest and most advanced plane in the world is flown out of Singapore. The tallest buildings in the world are now in Dubai and Shanghai (and soon to be Saudi Arabia). Meanwhile, the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

What’s so surprising about the world is how unsurprising most of it is. I spent a week with some local guys in Cambodia. You know what their biggest concerns were? Paying for school, getting to work on time, and what their friends were saying about them. In Brazil, people have debt problems, hate getting stuck in traffic and complain about their overbearing mothers. Every country thinks they have the worst drivers. Every country thinks their weather is unpredictable. The world becomes, err… predictable.

Oh my god how I love going to the movies. I have adored this luxury for as long as I can remember and have in the past 10 years become saddened as the prices of tickets and snacks kept going higher and higher. First it was tickets and a popcorn, drink OR just a candy. Then it was tickets, popcorn OR drink. Then it was just tickets and popcorn. Then just tickets, better sneak everything else in if you can (and boy could I! Bought a ‘movie purse’ just for the occasion I shit you not!). Movies here in Mexico is not only cheap, but it’s fucking AWESOME. Read that again people: IT IS AWESOME. There are two levels of tickets you can get; normal and VIP. Normal is awesome, you pick your seats so you don’t have to worry about getting to the theater early in order to get good seats. The seats recline. They are nice, comfy large recliners. Electric. Some people don’t even have this at home. The popcorn and snacks are great as well. There are many different types of popcorn; you’ve got your butter, your extra butter, your caramel, your chili powdered, your chocolate drizzle…you can get candy not from a box (well, yeah they have that) but like a gourmet candy shop where you pay by the pound (or rather kilo) and the drinks are pretty normal, except and this is for ALL of Mexico, ice tea has lime in it instead of lemon. Seriously in love with their ice teas. Try it. You’ll love it. And that is just the NORMAL every day movie experience. VIP is waiter at your seat, lasagna or pizza or sushi dinners, gourmet popcorn, candy, beer, whine, mixed drinks I shit you not people!! And all of this, including the price of a ticket is only, give or take $20 (this is without alcohol drinks). PER COUPLE. Oh yes, that’s the VIP. That’s the dinner, the popcorn the movie the non alcoholic drinks and even the damn gummy worms! Delivered to your damn seat! YOUR SEAT! Now when we went and saw Rouge One, we also got collector glasses AND popcorn tubs. And we also bought the three collector drink cups, and the collector key chains. This is stuff that even on opening weekend is not offered in the US. Serious collector items. And it only cost us about $20-$25 USD extra for the swag. Don’t get me started on the Internet. I have never had speeds this fast ever in America. We pay for 200gbs and we freaking get it. Check the image if you don’t believe me!


Collector glass and popcorn tub, three collector cups and four collector keychains for Rouge One.



A speed test I did just for this post.



7. We’re Paranoid

Not only are we emotionally insecure as a culture, but I’ve come to realize how paranoid we are about our physical security. You don’t have to watch Fox News or CNN for more than 10 minutes to hear about how our drinking water is going to kill us, our neighbor is going to rape our children, some terrorist in Yemen is going to kill us because we didn’t torture him, Mexicans are going to kill us, or some virus from a bird is going to kill us. There’s a reason we have nearly as many guns as people.

In the US, security trumps everything, even liberty. We’re paranoid.

I’ve probably been to 10 countries now that friends and family back home told me explicitly not to go because someone was going to kill me, kidnap me, stab me, rob me, rape me, sell me into sex trade, give me HIV, or whatever else. None of that has happened. I’ve never been robbed and I’ve walked through some of the shittiest parts of Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

In fact, the experience has been the opposite. In countries like Russia, Colombia or Guatemala, people were so honest and open with me, it actually scared me. Some stranger in a bar would invite me to his house for a barbeque with his family, a random person on the street would offer to show me around and give me directions to a store I was trying to find. My American instincts were always that, “Wait, this guy is going to try to rob me or kill me,” but they never did. They were just insanely friendly.

Yep. This one too. How many times were we told that we were absolutely fucking insane to move to Mexico? I’d be a damn upper class citizen of the US if I got money every time people who we didn’t even know who happened to over hear our plans told us we really shouldn’t, it’s dangerous and we’re stupid. It’s been a year. We have not been killed (sorry, not the first ghost blogger..of the spiritual nature at least), have not been raped, have not be stabbed, beaten, roughed up or even threatened. We were robbed once because we were showcasing a piece of electronic we had on our person in a bad area of town (waving around a digital camera), which you can’t do even in America if you are honest with yourself. We have been in a protest where the worst that happened is that I ended up having a ginormous migraine and I was tired. We had gone to Teotihuacan (look it up!) on Jan 2 of this year with a group of people (American college students) and afterwards were trying to get home. There were protests about the price of gas being raised here in Mexico on the first of the year so it ended up taking us 7 hours to get home instead of the normal 1 hour. We never heard any shouting, the people were nice as they could be, we just couldn’t talk any of them to let us past the blockades as we were having bad luck finding the leader. We ended up in a small town, asking the bakery there if we could us the bathroom which they opened up the store so we could and of course we bought a lot of their end of day baked goods and were happy to pay full price for them. Groups of people pull over to help one person change a tire. When we had a low tire, people kept coming up along side us to let us know. When we stopped at a tire shop the guy straightened the rim (we hit a pothole that would swallow a VW Bug. Our one big complaint about Mexico are the roads that aren’t quotas [paid] roads.) and put air in the tire and instead of charging us, we bought him a coke. Which was cheap. Like less than a dollar cheap.

8. We’re Status-Obsessed And Seek Attention

I’ve noticed that the way we Americans communicate is usually designed to create a lot of attention and hype. Again, I think this is a product of our consumer culture: the belief that something isn’t worthwhile or important unless it’s perceived to be the best (BEST EVER!!!) or unless it gets a lot of attention (see: every reality-television show ever made).

This is why Americans have a peculiar habit of thinking everything is “totally awesome,” and even the most mundane activities were “the best thing ever!” It’s the unconscious drive we share for importance and significance, this unmentioned belief, socially beaten into us since birth that if we’re not the best at something, then we don’t matter.

We’re status-obsessed. Our culture is built around achievement, production and being exceptional. Therefore comparing ourselves and attempting to out-do one another has infiltrated our social relationships as well. Who can slam the most beers first? Who can get reservations at the best restaurant? Who knows the promoter to the club? Who dated a girl on the cheerleading squad? Socializing becomes objectified and turned into a competition. And if you’re not winning, the implication is that you are not important and no one will like you.

This makes me want to go back and remove every awesome I wrote about the movie theaters. Except they really are. Another thing Americans do that no one in Mexico does is say hi when we pass other people walking or smile at random people if we meet their eye. Now people selling things or in customer service type jobs will always greet you, but the student walking along the street that you pass more in likely won’t return your Hola or Buenos días. It’s weird at first, but unless you’re my hubby you get used to it and stop greeting people. Of course he’s the more social of the two of us so he’s not going to stop anytime soon and that’s perfectly okay!

9. We Are Very Unhealthy

Unless you have cancer or something equally dire, the health care system in the US sucks. The World Health Organization ranked the US 37th in the world for health care, despite the fact that we spend the most per capita by a large margin.

The hospitals are nicer in Asia (with European-educated doctors and nurses) and cost a tenth as much. Something as routine as a vaccination costs multiple hundreds of dollars in the US and less than $10 in Colombia. And before you make fun of Colombian hospitals, Colombia is 28th in the world on that WHO list, nine spots higher than us.

A routine STD test that can run you over $200 in the US is free in many countries to anyone, citizen or not. My health insurance the past year? $65 a month. Why? Because I live outside of the US. An American guy I met living in Buenos Aires got knee surgery on his ACL that would have cost $10,000 in the US… for free.

But this isn’t really getting into the real problems of our health. Our food is killing us. I’m not going to go crazy with the details, but we eat chemically-laced crap because it’s cheaper and tastes better (profit, profit). Our portion sizes are absurd (more profit). And we’re by far the most prescribed nation in the world AND our drugs cost five to ten times more than they do even in Canada (ohhhhhhh, profit, you sexy bitch).

Fast food: the American cuisine

In terms of life expectancy, despite being the richest country in the world, we come in a paltry 35th — tied with Costa Rica and right behind Slovenia, and slightly ahead of Chile, Denmark, and Cuba. Enjoy your Big Mac.

OMD! Hubby recently broke his elbows and some bones in his wrist. I may or may not have blogged about this (so can’t remember who the hell knows and who doesn’t!) but for everything he had done would have cost us thousands upon thousands of dollars. We paid a total of $250. USD. And he got the best care at a top rated hospital. And the doctor spoke some English. We also got to keep the x-rays and copies of the doctor notes and reports. I actually like the selection of hamburgers found in the McDonald’s here in Mexico. I always get a McNifica. They don’t have meals either, you pick a main dish (hamburger) you can choose to have fries (papas is what it is in Spanish) you choose a drink and that’s it. Costs less then a normal non larger size meal at a McDonald’s in the US. Back to my McNifica if you check the link, what you see in the picture IS ACTUALLY WHAT YOU GET. There is lettus and tomatoes (although I’m not a fan of them) and it tastes fantastic! Just look at it! I did an English screenshot for you!mcnifica

10. We Mistake Comfort For Happiness

The United States is a country built on the exaltation of economic growth and personal ingenuity. Small businesses and constant growth are celebrated and supported above all else — above affordable health care, above respectable education, above everything. Americans believe it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and make something of yourself, not the state’s, not your community’s, not even your friend’s or family’s in some instances.

Comfort sells easier than happiness. Comfort is easy. It requires no effort and no work. Happiness takes effort. It requires being proactive, confronting fears, facing difficult situations, and having unpleasant conversations.

Comfort equals sales. We’ve been sold comfort for generations, and for generations we bought bigger houses, separated further and further out into the suburbs, along with bigger TV’s, more movies, and take-out. The American public is becoming docile and complacent. We’re obese and entitled. When we travel, we look for giant hotels that will insulate us and pamper us rather than for legitimate cultural experiences that may challenge our perspectives or help us grow as individuals.

Depression and anxiety disorders are soaring within the US. Our inability to confront anything unpleasant around us has not only created a national sense of entitlement, but it’s disconnected us from what actually drives happiness: relationships, unique experiences, feeling self-validated, achieving personal goals. It’s easier to watch a NASCAR race on television and tweet about it than to actually get out and try something new with a friend.

Unfortunately, a by-product of our massive commercial success is that we’re able to avoid the necessary emotional struggles of life and instead indulge in easy, superficial pleasures.

Throughout history, every dominant civilization eventually collapsed because it became TOO successful. What made it powerful and unique grows out of proportion and consumes its society. I think this is true for American society. We’re complacent, entitled and unhealthy. My generation is the first generation of Americans who will be worse off than their parents, economically, physically and emotionally. And this is not due to a lack of resources, to a lack of education or to a lack of ingenuity. It’s corruption and complacency. The corruption from the massive industries that control our government’s policies, and the fat complacency of the people to sit around and let it happen.

There are things I love about my country. I don’t hate the US and I still return to it a few times a year. But I think the greatest flaw of American culture is our blind self-absorption. In the past it only hurt other countries. But now it’s starting to hurt ourselves.

So this is my lecture to my alcoholic brother — my own flavor of arrogance and self-absorption, even if slightly more informed — in hopes he’ll give up his wayward ways. I imagine it’ll fall on deaf ears, but it’s the most I can do for now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some funny cat pictures to look at.


I am uncomfortable a lot of the time here because I do not know a lot of Spanish. BUT I AM SO VERY HAPPY HERE. I am. I am safer, get to see more things that many Americans don’t have the balls to try and I’ve met new people. I’ve found my KoKo and Yum-Yum (and even got to see KoKo today and feed him, which of course he ate like he hasn’t eaten in months which breaks my heart, but he came running when he heard my voice, didn’t even have to shake the container of cat food.), I’m learning about culture and how others act that’s outside of American. I see what’s important to people and what is a luxury.  Mexico is not perfect. There are corrupt cops, we get nailed by them every damn time we try driving home through Mexico City. The roads seriously need work, but the highways are nicely kept and they charge for people to travel on those roads. Not as much as Texas charges us when we take their one road. $5.00 plus $1.00 to mail us a bill. I tried to create an account and get an actual tag, but I am not sure what the hell happened, never got a tag and can’t create a new account as some other account already has my vehicles on it, but the statements I get apparently do not have the correct account number??? The biggest problem I face is the fact that it’s hard to contact US business’ outside of the US. Specially those with 1800 numbers only. Funny how those numbers only work when you are in the US. Mailing stuff between Mexico and the US is a risk unless you go through DHL which can be pricey. The child support system in NM sucks so badly that I am behind although I am trying not to be but they DO NOT MAKE IT FUCKING EASY! Can’t mail a payment, can’t get them to direct withdraw (I’ve sent in the form twice by mail and once by walking in. Still not coming out of my American bank account every month) and of course there’s no online pay system. Which fucking baffles me. OH! And all of their numbers are 1800. I can’t talk directly with my case worker, they always have to call me back. To a message number which if I do not have my name on the outgoing message they’re not going to tell me shit about what I called about, just that they called. It’s 2017 NM, get with the fucking program!


Something else I like to point out is that I have not been interested in apples since leaving Washington State. I eat apples and apple based products regularly here. Apple strudel (OMFG YUM) and dehydrated apple chips. The local grocery store started stocking the apple chips more often since we discovered them. Costco just started the apple strudels in the café and it’s a challenge not to go every day to get a couple. Them raising their prices by 5 pesos a item helps a little with that, but not by much. Food seriously tastes better here. Whether it’s a McDonald’s, Burger King or Little Caesar’s (pan pizza is fantastic) even just a damn pizza! Dominos here has cheese in the crust, but it’s CREAM CHEESE. This is heavenly like you have never experienced before! There are little pizza places around that are great too. Pizza Real has awesome (YES AWESOME) thin crust pizza. Costco, the warehouse store has the most delicious Hawaiian pizza ever. Cheese all melty and gooey and the slices are huge! And that’s of course if you manage to grab one while they are still pretty fresh from the pizza oven which they almost always are.

Thank you to Mark Manson who wrote the block quoted article. It’s been republished in many different places over the years and I am glad I found it.

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I well, I just don’t know WTF

1/ The New York Times, CNN and Politico were prohibited from attending a White House briefing by Trump’s press secretary. Spicer allowed reporters from only a handpicked group of news organizations: Breitbart News, the One America News Network and The Washington Times, all with conservative leanings. Journalists from ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Fox News also attended. “Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties,” Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The Times, said in a statement. “We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.” (New York Times)

2/ Trump to CPAC: “Now you finally have a president, finally.” In a wide-ranging speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump blasted the media for its coverage of his administration and promised that the Republican Party would “be the party of the American worker.” Trump said that in a matter of days, he would have “brand new action” to keep the country safe, a reference to a second attempt at an executive order to restrict travel into the country from several majority-Muslim nations. At one point the crowd started chanting “lock her up” after Trump derided Hillary Clinton for describing some of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables.” (Washington Post)

3/ Republican lawmakers expect that their Obamacare replacement will result in fewer Americans covered by health insurance. The new plan would do away with the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that all Americans have health coverage or pay a fine, and replace it with rules that let people choose not to buy insurance, instead paying higher premiums or penalties if they need it later. The result would be fewer people covered. (Bloomberg)

4/ Trump turned to manufacturing executives to help him develop measures to bring jobs back to the United States, giving powerful business leaders a potentially influential hand in shaping his still-evolving economic policies. Trump has yet to outline specific proposals for overhauling the tax and regulatory systems, rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure or reshaping the work force, all of which would be essential to accomplishing his ambitious employment goals. (New York Times)

5/ Justice Department will use private prisons again, reversing an Obama-era directive to stop using the facilities, which officials had then deemed less safe and less effective than those run by the government. (Washington Post)

6/ Trump administration signals a possible crackdown on states over legalized recreational-use marijuana. Sean Spicer told reporters that the administration had no plans to continue the permissive approach of the Obama administration and that it viewed recreational marijuana use as a flagrant violation of federal law. (Los Angeles Times)

7/ Caitlyn Jenner to Trump: “Call Me” — your transgender restroom letter is a “disaster.” In a video the transgender icon harshly called out Trump for withdrawing the federal government’s legal guidance on allowing transgender youths to use the restrooms of their choice in schools. (NBC News)

8/ Trump denounces FBI over leaks and demands an investigation. Trump assailed the FBI as a dangerously porous agency, charging that leaks of classified information from within its ranks were putting the country at risk. (New York Times)

9/ Mexican officials tell US: We don’t agree. John Kelly and Rex Tillerson were in Mexico to try to smooth the relationship and address some of the differences that have emerged between the United States and its neighbor. Mexico ain’t having it. (CNN)

10/ He yelled “get out of my country,” and then shot 2 men from India, killing one. A 51-year-old man faces first-degree murder charges after shooting three men in an Olathe, Kansas bar Wednesday night. He reportedly told two local Garmin engineers from India to “get out of my country.” Authorities would not classify the shooting as a hate crime, but federal law enforcement officials are investigating with local police to determine if it was “bias motivated.” (Washington Post)

11/ At the request of Kushner and Ivanka, language critical of a global climate deal was struck from an executive order that Trump plans to sign soon. The issue is aimed at rolling back Obama climate agenda. (Wall Street Journal)

12/ Under fire, GOP congressman calls for Trump tax returns, but stopped short of saying Congress should subpoena those returns. (CNN)

13/ Santa Cruz and federal agents in war of words over whether a gang sweep was really a secret immigration raid. The police chief accused Homeland Security officials of lying about the scope of the raids conducted jointly between his department and federal agents this month aimed at apprehending MS-13 gang members. (Los Angeles Times)

14/ White House confirms conversation with FBI about Trump and Russia. Reince Priebus, FBI director James Comey, and deputy director Andrew McCabe had a conversation which appears to violate justice department rules. (The Guardian)

15/ Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 18 states in what civil liberties experts are calling “an attack on protest rights throughout the states.” None of the proposed legislation has yet been passed into law, and several bills have already been shelved in committee. Critics doubt whether many of the laws would pass Constitutional muster. (Washington Post)

poll/ Support for Obamacare hits an all-time high. 54% of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act, while 43% disapprove. That’s up from an even split (48%-47%) in a Pew survey from December. (CNN)

I honestly just can’t even understand how the American people haven’t stormed the White House, grab Trump by his fake hair and drag his fake tanned overly entitled ass on to the White House lawn and beat him while screaming “YOU’RE FIRED!” over and over again.

It honestly baffles me how it seems like just about every intelligent human in America is just sitting back with a mimosa and pretending like it’s business as usual.

Now I KNOW that’s not what’s happening, but I cannot be the only person who feels like this is what’s happening. I keep reading how just about every good thing Obama was able to get through is being removed and replaced with shit. UTTER SHIT. And I am hoping that the American populace isn’t going to be completely silent about it. Or get a bigger megaphone.

To switch gears and rant direction. Well, what I’m about to talk about next isn’t really a rant. It’s more of a ‘time to wake up and stop being so stupid’.


I know it’s almost social suicide to talk about feminism, but you know what? I’m not a social person whatsoever. And the biggest problem with feminism is that there are people, both men and women, who think that “feminism,” because of the name, is about raising women above men. The “fem” part makes them imagine it must be all about women achieving domination.
There are men (and a few women) who erroneously believe that as a result of advances in women’s rights, “the pendulum swung the other way too far.” Because when you’re part of a gender (and/or race) that has had an institutionalized upper hand for so long, when others begin to get the same rights you have it can appear as though you’re being oppressed (if you have the mentality of a child, that is).
To the above note, some have co-opted the term “egalitarian.” They make it sound good, but what they mean is that they think feminists have all the power and men are oppressed and need their rights back. It’s bullshit.
In reality, feminism is about leveling the playing field. It’s not only about women. It’s about each gender stepping up to their inherent potential for the greatest good. This isn’t to deny biological differences or the cultural issues they raise, but to address them squarely.
Like every other movement that has existed in the history of forever, feminism has a radical subset that gives it a bad name. And, of course, those who hate the idea of feminism will hold up radicals as the norm. Part of the problem is that it’s extremists who garner attention; so some come to believe they are representative.
Because of a campaign of vitriol against feminism, and that it’s so easy to hurl anonymous abuse on the internet, it’s difficult for people to publicly identify as feminist without backlash (like what happened to Emma Watson). What’s more, there are women proclaiming they “don’t need feminism” because they’ve been misled by an unfortunately effective smear campaign against the movement.*

I’ve not really thought about feminism. I’ve had to deal with the male thought process that they can do whatever they so wish around and or to me. I’ve never EVER liked the feeling that comes when someone else believes that because they have a penis (or even just someone who thinks) they are better than you and can say and do what they want. I’ve met way too many people who do this. I have been made to feel like just because I think the latest fashion is horrendous and don’t choose to follow the fashion pack that I’m a lesser person.

Now that I’m not in high school I can see what bullshit that is.

I recently read a old blog entry from James Fell titled “She Doesn’t Owe You Shit” and quite frankly it still holds true. Of course by old in this case I mean eight months ago (May 2016) so  not a lot in this realm has changed much. Sadly. Oh so sadly.

I know that like all of a certain group, no matter what that group is not all of the people in a group are the same. Just because a few people act a certain way, obviously doesn’t mean that they ALL act in that certain way. I know this. I’m a rather intelligent woman. At least most of the time, sometimes I think my brain found a way to go on vacation without me. So spare the #notallmen or #alllivesmatter crap. No shit. You don’t say. I’ve spent over 30 years on this planet and I’ll be damned if I ever heard that before. [/sarcasm-in case you just couldn’t tell]

Another great entry from James is one titled “Feminism and The Men Who Refuse To Understand“(*) Because I am sorry, all you so called ‘good guys’ still just don’t grasp the reality of life as a woman. There are a plethora of movies and songs that try and bring it to light, but they’re just entertainment right?

Madonna’s 2001 song “What It Feels Like For a Girl“. The movie “What Women Want” which of COURSE is a comedy.

I just wish the good guys would wake the fuck up and actually start helping out instead of just turning the other cheek. There is a time for that, and this is not the time.

Until next time, don’t make hasty assumptions. Sometimes you need to listen and not say anything to understand the depth of what’s going on. Sometimes you just need a sharp slap in the face to wake the hell up. Instead of being offended, maybe you should look around.



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