Mother turns away from child and when she turns back and you won’t believe what she finds!

……her kids are all grown up because she spent all her time clicking on headlines just like this one. Clickbait, stop falling for it! And no, you didn’t earn me a dime. Although you can just donate some to me. 🙂

Until next time, ignore those clickbait links as all the stories are always stupid and not as amazing as the headlines promise. And yes, I am about to do a full multiword post.

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The Perfect What Now?

Scrolling through documentaries we’ve run across one called ‘The Perfect Vagina‘. Yep. Not at all kidding. Did we watch it? Absolutely.

Of all the things I have ever thought might be wrong with my body, my vagina and the labia has NEVER been on the list. NEVER. Nevertheless, apparently enough women and girls out there that are so upset with the way their vaginas look that they’re getting PLASTIC SURGERY to make it look “better”. Moreover, it is not just women who have had children who are doing these; it’s also 16 year old girls. Girls who have not begun to develop are flocking to these doctors to change themselves. I know it’s not too different from any other plastic surgery out there, but I honestly have never thought that there was something that could be visually wrong with my vagina nor the outer bits.

It seems that most of these are happening in Britain. Probably because everything below the belly button is taboo in the States. Which is sad but *shrug*.

Of course, these women and girls are comparing their vagina and vulvas to what they see in pornos and magazines. Same places women and girls have all always gotten unrealistic views of body. If I allow myself, I can understand the usual views of body, where they’re coming from and why they’d be considered important. But honestly blokes, how many women have you refused to have sex with just because they looked different down there? If the vagina works, why mess with it? It’s not like having to stare at someone’s face. Most of the time you blokes do not even pay any attention to it, only that you can stick your dick in it. Yes, I of course am assuming a lot here. Some of you blokes out there could be as baffled as I am. In addition, of course probably ones are sitting there thinking it is a good idea.

I am aware that guys are pretty self-conscious about their privates parts. They are a little more out there then lady parts so I can understand how guys can be. People are always wanting to change some aspect of themselves that the world can see, and I am not, ever, ever judging these people as they are so free to do what makes them happy.

Even if you are not thinking about any type of surgery, it is very important to talk with people about things like this so that it’s not such a taboo subject. No idea what group of idiots decided that no one can talk about sex or the penis and vagina but honestly, this is actually how this type of shit gets started.

If you have kids, talk to them. Don’t use silly names, use actual names. Let them know that every person is different and really no one person is actually better than another, especially not because of their penis size or labia size. Honestly, if you actually do love a person, does the way their vulva look going to be a deal breaker? If it is, you don’t actually love that person. It goes both ways, yes. And for the other way I ask and say the same thing. Knowledge is power. It really freaking is so if anything I have said here is foreign or unknown to you, google it. I know people are not up to date on the actual terminology for the private regions of either sex so google. Yes, you may see things that cannot be unseen (I’m sorry) and if that’s the only price you pay for knowledge you’re freaking lucky.

Until next time, WordPress has made some changes recently that look all well and good, but I seem to no longer have a working spell check (so VERY important) and the Windows 10 App went blank on me while I was in the middle of this entry. It too has no spell check. I had to do it in a Word document. I’m lazy, if I have to do a lot of jumping around to do a single thing, unless it’s important to me, I’m not going to do it.

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Just because I was born here, does not mean it’s home.

If you haven’t guessed, we visited the US this past weekend. Which is why there hasn’t been a whole lot of me around anywhere the last few days. It was a long physical trip and Internet was the last thing on my mind. The first thing was to go through the four months of mail. Which is ALWAYS fun, unless it comes to the not so fun part, like getting important stuff that has a deadline. Which is so very stupid as all these places KNOW we are out of the country most of the year and they are to call or email us about this stuff. It’s on the accounts! So I made a few lovely calls on Monday.

I also get to see all the stuff I’ve ordered for the last few months, stuff like I may have mentioned before, I had forgotten I had ordered. It is usually stuff that is on clearance or are a really REALLY good deal and since a LOT of stuff cannot be mailed to Mexico as there is no telling when it will arrive (I still haven’t gotten some oils from Jackson Galaxy I ordered last year–got a refund no problem, but I do wonder where they ended up.) so that is always a gamble unless of course the merchant is smart enough to use DHL. Amazon is pretty good as they do use DHL but not all the things you can normally get on Amazon can actually be sent to Mexico. And the Mexican version of the site is….well interesting.

I also got my Christmas gifts hubby ordered so that was completely awesome. He got me a shirt from Big Cat Rescue:i-am-catleesi

I am Catleesi -The first of her name – Mother of meowereen – Queen of kibble and the catnip and the first meow – Lord of the seven kittens – Protector of the red dot – The unscratched – Mother of cats – Magnus cat liberandum – (that’s Big Cat Rescue to you mere mortals)

And I got some great BB8 related stuff bb8-swag a couple of feisty pets-I love them, he got me the Princess Pottymouth and Black Belt Bobby- and finally, he convinced me to get a new 7″ tablet to replace the one that was dropped screen first on a tiled floor back in October. Which of course I love.

It’s been such a tiresome exhausting trip that it has taken me five to six days to write this post, collect the pictures and put it up here. I also feel like utter crap today. No energy, just want to sleep and listen to music or you know…sleep. Lot’s of sleep.

Also hubby may have broken a bone. It’s February so I am not at all surprised. This family does disasters in February. It’s like religion. And sadly clockwork. We’ve named it the FFFC. Farmer Family February Curse.

Until next time, I promise it will be a bigger more exciting post. Can’t tell you WHEN it’ll happen however so, do try to survive without me….LOL.

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Feels so weird.

Sitting in the house where most of the large items are in a single area ready for the movers tomorrow morning. I have to finish cleaning off my desk before bed and make sure all the little stuff is out of their way.

The older cats are meh about all the movement, the middle ages ones are freaking a little and the two youngins are running around using the furniture to fly through the air. Tomorrow will be the first night spent in the new place. The cats will be the last into the new place and unpacking will happen after they have  explored every nook and cranny. This helps me discover just where they’re going to claim as their own and  I won’t have to worry about them knocking things over when they are exploring. Or getting into something I don’t want them in.

I’m also reminded that moving the furniture every now and again might be a good idea. Also dusting more often. One of many annoyances when packing and moving things. I can always tell which rooms I spend the most time in as they are generally the cleanest and less dusty.

While I’m not carefully putting things in boxes or tossing them carelessly I am playing Tsum Tsum (pronounced ‘zoom zoom’) on my android device. Now this is not only a game, but something you can actually buy and have around the house. I had a few little ones of these before I found out what they were. I was using my Tigger one to clean my phone’s screen. Which despite what the bottom looks like, that’s not what they are for. They aren’t actually FOR anything to be perfectly honest. But there is a Marvel Tsum Tsum edition as well and in some ways I like it much better then the Disney as there is more to do that is required and it’s fun, but they both are. Also got hubby addicted to the Disney one…now trying for the Marvel. If you happen to play either, or end up playing either, my Line ID (will make sense if you play/start playing) is anthropologykhaleesi  and my Marvel Friend ID is 795 730 955 (To find your Friend ID Code or add someone else’s, click the Friend icon in the Marvel Tsum Tsum app (the two people), click the search button, and click “ID Search”.). Here are two great places to find more people to play, er with: Disney Tsum Tsum and Marvel Tsum Tsum. Unless you are in Japan you’ll be playing the Int’l (international) editions of the games. No, I don’t get a thing if you start playing either game. Unless you add me as a friend and give me energy and hearts.

We will more in likely be completely moved in by the weekend. Cats included. Which is good since we have to travel on the 3rd–again. Tomorrow and possibly the day after is going to be a whole lot of tetris playing with the furniture so we can get everything the way we desire and then get the furbabes over to completely dismantle everything. Well, perhaps not EVERYTHING. Not until at least next week!

Back to the gaming world as it is despite all the blood, emotional trauma and scares, a hell of a lot more plesant then the real one.

Until next time, make sure that no matter what, you get some play time in! You will not survive long if all you do is work or focus on the bad going on, even though it may be hard to ignore, find a game, ANY game and have fun for a bit every day.


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Saddest day in American History?

Would you classify this day, January 20, 2017 to be the saddest in American History? Now do NOT get me wrong; there have been MANY terrible and sad days that have happened in America.

But I cannot remember a time in my adult life where I have looked at a person and said “You are not my President. You do not deserve the title of President. You can torture me, hurt me in all the ways a person can be hurt and I will not call you President.” Of course I’m a youngling and I haven’t had the pleasure of voting in many elections. I do believe my first election was the 2000 elections and I voted for Gore. I don’t believe I have voted anything but Democrat since that election and not because that is *MY* party, but because I felt the people most suited for the job that I could choose from have ALWAYS been Democrats.

I am also more knowledgeable to the fact that more then half of the people in this country are absolutely clueless about the history of this country. Political history as well, since all those heavy history textbooks we had to carry around in high school are filled with only the best of the best of American history. How long did it take you to learn that Christopher Columbus was really a rat bastard? What’s even more sad is the fact that the very classes one could take to learn all these lovely truths are college courses that most of the American public (those who actually count, sorry 1%) cannot afford to take. So the truth remains hidden.

So many things are terribly wrong with this county, not just politically but every-way-possible. When ever a good, right move is made, someone nasty comes along and undoes all the good, helpful work. I know opinions differ greatly on what is good for a country and what is not, but take a moment to look around at countries older than America and for a bleeding moment actually learn about what is going on in the country. Canada has universal healthcare. Learn about it because one cannot say America does not need, couldn’t use universal healthcare. Unless you’re a Republican–and by more than just a name, with the money to back up the label.

ACA is Obamacare. Obamacare IS ACA.

Until next time, I’m hiding under the covers until this is all over. Which might be forever. Take care of yourself. Not much else I say on this day.

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I ate too much.

I saw Yum-Yum today, but no KoKo. I also ate too much breakfast and it’s still sitting with me. I may not eat again until dinner….

Hubby has started playing a game that I played when it first came out; Far Cry Primal this is the only Far Cry game I’ve played, and it’s brilliant…except for the part where you are forced to be a guy. Which is why I liked Ark Survival Evolved more. I still like Ark more, but either one are fun to play. I have a trainer to go with my Primal that helps with game play from Cheat Happens. They obviously have other games but this is the only one I’ve played around with so far….although I should probably see what else they have. OH! Assassin Creed’s! NICE. Oh and yeah, you do have to pay for it. But if you have a lot of the games they support (and there is a list) it could just be worth it. Been thinking about becoming a lifer for a while now, just haven’t pulled the trigger.

I have an project I am waiting for pages to be done on so I can finish it up. Probably won’t take more than a day to do but I don’t want to say for sure cause we all know what happens next. And no, I’m not able to say what the project is and won’t for a long time by which time I’ll completely forget I did it.

Next up. Moving day begins on Saturday. Although there isn’t much to pack up, not much HAS been packed up. -_- We’re just moving across the city and not THAT far so it’s not a huge deal not to be packed up. Then we’ll need to visit the US next month and see what’s going on there (joy) and pick up mail. Which means travel to the US light, but come back heavy. Meaning lots of mail, nothing else. Well, maybe some clothes, a few toys…nothing illegal.

Until next time, be wary when your eyes are bigger than your stomach.


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Almost forgot!

Yep, I almost forgot to do a post today. No reason I would except I get distracted easily but generally come back round again–eventually.

Saturday we’ll start moving into our new place down here. I’ve mentioned this before, and it ended with pictures of the neighborhood kitties that I’ll miss. SO it’s a yay! And Boo! moment. I hate those. So many conflicting emotions. I do so hate them.

Saw Yum-Yum and OB today. OB of course has warmed up to me and is completely adorable. She still rubs up against the bottom of the car, so my hand was black-ish when I was done.

Sorry to cut this short, but sort of watching Hancock and listening to music and wondering what the hell I’ve eaten in the last couple of days.

Until next time, neuter or spay your pets. Help the ones roaming homeless in your neighborhood. A single act of kindness is better than any spoken word, any dollar in your pocket.

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When something fun becomes not fun.

I like going on Facebook and seeing what fun things people find from all corners. But lately I have seen more of trump and the horrors he’s got up his tailored sleeves. I don’t like seeing trump. Even before last year seeing his face stirs a deep anger and a strong desire to punch him. Always have, always will I suppose. But now going on Facebook depresses me a bit as it takes me a while to scroll pass the garbage.

And every once in awhile I find some idiot spewing falsities and crap. These are harder to scroll by as I stop as I am just totally blown away at the stupidity that only seems to be growing.

So, I’m just going to spam the internet with funnies for a bit.

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10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger

Not a bad little list and might be helpful as well. You know, if you are interested in attracting more attention from strangers, which in any other situation might not be a good thing, but on the Internet? People do just about ANYTHING to get attention. Yes, even me. But I do draw a line. Obviously sharing things that interest me and I think could interest others is on the side of things I would do for Internet attention.

10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger.

My first three days of being employed by Albuquerque Publishing Co have been brilliant. Tonight is day four and my first going in at my scheduled time. Of course my happy little ass was up at 9 am this morning making waffles. I have to be at work at 12:30 am. Might think about a nap or something between now and 11 pm. Of course it’ll take a few days to figure out what type of sleeping schedule is going to work for me now that I’m “grown-up” and all. Although I was up until 1 am last night but on the flip side of that I was up at 6 am yesterday morning.

I am ecstatic about what I am doing. Not only do I get to work on a computer, but I get to play with web content, not have to worry about customers coming in and demanding something from me (which isn’t always a bad thing, but I have noticed that people are getting nastier and nastier when it comes to getting what THEY think they deserve), hopefully joke around with co-workers when there are some there and work at a time when no one I know will be doing anything terribly exciting so I won’t miss anything. Of course if I am sleeping through prime doing stuff time during the day that last one won’t matter much at all. But it probably won’t be until much later that I’ll know how everything is going to work out. Especially with school stuffs.

I think it is terribly good timing to start a new job during Spring Break. I don’t have to worry about anything but job stuff this whole week and getting used to schedules and the like. Also having only two classes all week, Monday only one and it’s in the afternoon and then Wednesday at 11 then three can’t be to terribly difficult. Again, next week we shall see. And the fact I am planning on continuing to UNM studying Anthropology perhaps for the next four years…well let’s just say I’m not making permanent plans when it comes to class times! Not yet.

My dad has been in the VA hospital a few weeks now. Might end up moving in with me and hubby as the doctors do not think it would be wise for him to live on his own (parents are divorced [so common now huh?] and mom has remarried) and none of us are big fans of assisted living facilities (bad experiences) which could keep me in New Mexico longer than I originally was thinking (you’ll notice I don’t make a lot of permanent future plans) which now that I’m employed where I am, I don’t really mind sticking around–as long as New Mexico treats me right. Which if it doesn’t get it’s crap together and do something about the driver license issue I will be getting out-of-state license so I can travel and go into  courts and all that good stuff.

Have you heard of free-cycle? Fantastic place to find local people with good stuff that they want to give away. For example yesterday I picked up a large bag of pants, mostly dress pants, but they all fit wonderfully and are petite meaning they fit my little 5’3″ frame! Which is so bleeding hard to find believe it or not. I never realized how tall people are and another thing I’ve discovered is that the majority of local women have big feet. Seriously, my feet must be the smallest in New Mexico. I have trouble finding good looking shoes in Payless Shoe Source or Shoes on a Shoestring or hell, pick a damn store. Thrift stores are a little trickier, but sometimes I get lucky! Who knew size 7 in women’s (which translates to 5 in men) would be so rare. So yes, if anyone out there is generous enough and needs to donate some shoes….lol

Until next time, us fun-sized people need to stick together. Of course it could just be my local where petite 14/16 sized pants and size 7 women’s shoes is rare. In that case….any city recommendations?! lol

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Hello Dearies!

Do forgive my absence as of late, I have been caught up in many a thing for a bit and sometimes I am just too lazy tired to write anything. Like I might have mentioned in the beginning, there is a reason why I say Cheshire Anthropology. Sadly my main focus (besides studies of course!) is supplementing my income so that I can pay bills as I attend school, as like many people I have a mortgage and a car payment. Not to mention those other pesky monthly bills. What little I get through Pell Grants after the school is done with it helps tremendously (as I only have 4 more payments to go before I own my home) but it’s hard to stretch when you are needing to play catch up with said pesky bills. Our economy as you know isn’t helping matters and the fact that in some places one needs a college degree in order to get a low-on-the-totem-pole $10 an hour job it is beyond frustrating! Of course I do have work-study through CNM, but I have called, gotten interviews and then heard crickets for days and weeks to come. Which is also quite frustrating.

I bet I might know what is going through your mind….probably something along the lines of jobs and anthropology and the lack of funding and even perhaps the low pay. Yes, I am quite aware of what I’m looking at. But I do have other skills that will and sometimes do help me out greatly. Like this whole knowing how to put a computer together and get it to actually WORK thing, and this web design thing that I’m actually in school for, despite the fact that for me to continue on in this field I’d have to find a school that offers Web Technology above associates. *deep breath* Yes dearies, the times they are hard.

What prompted me to pop in and say howdy-do is that I got my issue of Skeptical Inquirer today. I do love this mag as it is a source of great amusement as well as education. This issue has some great things on Pseudoscience and the main cover story is ‘On Invisible Beings.’ You know the ones, you only don’t see them everyday walking among us, giving us the hee bee geebies and an unnerving sensation that someone is always watching. Haven’t gotten to that story yet–might have mentioned I can be distracted sometimes easily sometimes not at all.

I do suggest if you ever get a chance to read an issue of Skeptical you should. Might not be as career based as my subscription to the Smithsonian or Archaeology, but it’s still the informative read. How can you go wrong with a title like “UFOs Infest Denver, Says Fox TV Affiliate” Which you may or may not remember the “serious” report that was done on November 8 of last year. That is probably the most famous fly (or perhaps flies?) ever! How can you NOT laugh? And yes, this was considered most seriously news. Not a joke or a prank but real investigative news. Sadly you cannot find the current issue (March/April) online quite yet, but Skeptical Inquirer is online and worth a look.

So midterms are quickly approaching, already have my Forensic Anthro midterm review to look over. I do not think I’ll have one in Evolution, but I only missed one question on the last quiz which isn’t too shabby at all. I do not believe I have midterms in any of my other classes….I should probably check on that one.

I should have a real anthropology update for you all real soon, just wanted to pop in and tell you I haven’t forgotten, much like I did not forget my mother’s birthday is tomorrow and already got a card to her. Major accomplishment on my part trust me.

Until next time, one man’s fly is another crazy’s UFO. Don’t take everything you see or read too seriously, you may end up in a padded room surrounded by illusions while getting a big hug from yourself.

Cheshire Cat at the ABQ BioPark's River of Lights 2012

Cheshire Cat at the ABQ BioPark’s River of Lights 2012

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