You’re not getting your money or item so f*ck off.

If you are familiar with my last post (go ahead and read it) then you know what the outcome of everything is.

Ebay: ebay bullshit

When I pushed Newegg about it, THEY were able to escalate the problem to ebay who in only 10 minutes they decided my case no longer qualifies for their buyer protection. 10 FUCKING MINUTES.

ebay bullshit 2ebay bullshit 2.1

Oh and Paypal?

paypal bullshit

And how long did it take for them to come to this decision? Keep in mind I had to go through my mom as it was her paypal we used because she had loaned us the money to begin with so you can add a few minutes to the times if you wish.

paypal bullshit 2.1Paypal bullshit 2


It’s good to be a big company who can say fuck you to their customers and not care how many customers they loose because of it because they can afford to loose “a couple” of people. And they always come back. ALWAYS.

Because if you don’t want to share your credit card/bank information when you shop online, where are you going to go to?

Or if you need to send or receive money now and you don’t live in the same city/state/country?

If you want to sell or buy something from other people on the planet, where would you do such a thing?

Or where can you find no longer in production items sometimes at good prices?

Thankfully Newegg isn’t the last and only place to buy electronics.

Until next time, forgive me all of you who have played The Evil Within. And for any artists looking at my 10 minute redo of the image. All rights belong to the people who paid for them and etc. I own nothing, not even those items I paid for or the money I used to purchase them.

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How hard is it to get my money back?

When you inform someone that you had not gotten a package due to the address being an old one, they will usually either replace the item and send it to your new address or they refund you the money and that’s the end of it.

Unless you buy from Newegg.

It appears that since the tracking shows that it was delivered to the house, Newegg says that’s enough for them and will not even talk about the situation anymore. Ebay is of no help on this matter so far. Next will be contacting Paypal, but why do I have to go that far to begin with???

A tracking number isn’t actually a good way to determine who gets the package. Yes it does show that it was delivered, but no proof it was delivered to the correct address nor to the person whose name is on the box. Only a signature can do that. Not sure if this is how it would be viewed in a legal venue, but for most it is how it is viewed. USPS Delivery Confirmation is acceptable evidence for proof of delivery by Paypal, GlobalPay, NPC, and many other credit card processors if shipped to the credit card holder’s billing address.

Of course, this was actually shipped by FedEx.

When we went to the old address to talk to the person living there, she told us that she took the package to the USPS office on a certain road a few days prior. So we went to the USPS office in question who then informed us that if they get packages like that they’ll hand them off to FedEx when they show up. So then we talked to FedEx they told us they haven’t gotten anything new on that tracking number. At this point I’m fairly certain the lady kept the item.

So we went to Newegg on ebay and explained it all to them. But according to a person at Newegg, that since the tracking shows it was delivered, then it was delivered to me and if it was coming back to them they’d reject it since we didn’t have permission to send it back.


Newegg rejects packages that are sent back to them??? What horseshit is this? So who is going to get my $250 item? It certainly isn’t me. After looking at the Policy & Agreement page, I found nothing about misdeliveries. I will admit, I don’t quite understand the Risk of Loss part as it’s not terribly clear. I then decided to escalate this to ebay since it had been three days since I opened the issue.

If you have ever had to do this on ebay you’re probably familiar with the resolution center and how after three days if the seller and you can’t agree on a solution, ebay will gladly step in and help. They can only do that however, if you select to have the issue escalated. Which means clicking on a button that let’s them know. Which requires a button to be there to click. WHICH. I. DON’T. HAVE.

Seems like if you are a big enough company, you don’t have to worry about customers escalating any problems they may have with you up to ebay.

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that ebay has been restricting things for some sellers across the site. For example, if you are a certain star seller you no longer have to worry about negative feedback (as buyers can no longer leave you any; it is either good or neutral feedback only) and now apparently not having any issues brought up against you should a problem arise.

I have actually reduced my ebay usage because of that. The last thing I ordered off of ebay was a digital item and I had no problems.  I only ordered 6 times from ebay in 2017. 5 times in 2016. I am actually looking more to Amazon now then ebay when it comes to low prices; with exception of hard to find older items (think My Little Ponies any year before 2009, or any other old not yet redone by an unimaginative group; and then usually poorly corporate america).

Hopefully Paypal isn’t going to be the same. As it wasn’t sent by USPS, I am wondering if the rules will be any different. I just want my damn money back or the item I ordered!

Until this is settled, and let’s be honest, done so to MY satisfaction, I’m not buying anything from Newegg and would greatly suggest you not buy things from them as well.

And to be completely honest, I really do think the lady kept the item as something would have been seen at least through FedEx about it and there has been nothing. Pretty sure she’s kept other items that were accidentally sent to the old address. Can’t prove it, but from the few places I know sent stuff there, none of them have gotten anything back. Wish I could prove it as this family made my mother-in-law’s life a living hell the last month she was there.

Until next time, it’s good practice to make a list of online businesses you buy from on a regular basis so if you move, you know who needs your current address. Instead of waiting until you get a shipped notification on something to see it wasn’t delivered to your new address and having to go through the hassle and headache of either tracking down the package, rerouting the package (I had to do that with UPS and managed to get it to my local UPS so I could pick it up there, wish we had done that for FedEx) or getting the package resent/refunded.

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Twitter Diarrhea.

I’m sure many have heard of verbal diarrhea or diarrhea of the mouth; both meaning someone who either:

A) hogs the conversation and just won’t shut up, babbles on forever taking over the conversation and really has nothing important or interesting to say (rather like a filibuster).

B) Someone who talks continuously while having no point to the conversation.

And lastly

C) Just someone who talks to damn much.

That last one apparently is often pared with the phrase “and intellectual constipation” Oh man do I love that one. Intellectual constipation. Sadly a quick search through Google didn’t give much in the way of intellectual constipation that was in anyway satisfying. I really hate how that happens.

Anyway, despite finding a new way to describe trump supporters– and I am ALWAYS looking for ways to insult them while it goes soaring above their brainless heads, which isn’t hard to do at all– I was just wondering if anyone else who was born in the US (or even those who weren’t) has started to get a sickening feeling anytime they see a newscast or wander over to the Washington Post or New York Times or just about any form of intellectual news presentation? And not because you know you will see some heartbreaking story about people shooting others for whatever stupid reason they desire, or how weather has ravaged some remote place on the map you weren’t even aware existed, or the fact some channels still play that damn Sarah McLaughlin commercial with all those sad looking dogs and cats. *sniffle*


Ahem. I mean because you are more often than not going to see what sort of unintelligent bullshit the Pretender in Charge has tweeted the day, night before or that very damn morning. And it’s not that what he says is just stupid and horrible, it’s the fact that he’s a damn fucking idiot.

“You know what uranium is, right? It’s this thing called nuclear weapons, and other things, like lots of things are done with uranium, including bad things.”

Excuse me as I go and find a proper meme/image/gif…..

WTAFAlso, as a side note real quick, I really should know better than to type “What the Actual Fuck” into google then click on images.

And we all know this is just one of many things he has tweeted or even said that is mind boggling bewilderment causing things. THAT EVERYONE ON THE PLANET CAN SEE, READ OR HEAR. I have never been more embarrassed then to hear or read what load of twitter diarrhea trump has churned out.

Here is an example of a rather recent trump’s full tweetstorm:

“The Democrats have become nothing but OBSTRUCTIONISTS, they have no policies or ideas. All they do is delay and complain.They own ObamaCare! The reason that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia after being notified by the CIA of meddling is that he expected Clinton would win and did not want to ‘rock the boat.’ He didn’t ‘choke,’ he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good. The real story is that President Obama did NOTHING after being informed in August about Russian meddling. With 4 months looking at Russia under a magnifying glass, they have zero ‘tapes’ of T people colluding. There is no collusion & no obstruction. I should be given apology!”

I am deeply sorry that anyone voted for you trump. Truly.

And if it’s not twitter it’s somewhere else. Last week Obama said the Senate health care bill “will do you harm.”, adding that there is a “fundamental meanness” to the Republican health care bill. In a Fox and Friends interview, Trump took credit. “Well he actually used my term, ‘mean.’ That was my term,” he said. “Because I want to see – and I speak from the heart – that’s what I want to see, I want to see a bill with heart.”

“That was my term.” How bleeding toddlerific is that shit?? And yes, we know Republicans what to see a bill with fundamental meanness. After all, it is what trump wants to see…before interrupting his self and saying a bill with heart.

And if it’s not him, it’s someone he’s put in office. He has shown that every decision he has made is so horrifically wrong that I am saddened that the people of the US is allowing this creature to remain in power! He has put unqualified people in positions of power that they do not deserve or even are educated to properly to perform.

And still, the people of the US seem to do nothing.

I am quite aware that some people, some where are trying to do something about this, but we really do need bigger people who have the power to make things happen take these things up.

Ivanka Trump, senior adviser to the president: “I try to stay out of politics,” gives him “an A, of course” for his performance. She’s met with senators to discuss paid family leave, delivered the keynote at the Republican National Convention, and has met with world leaders. She added that her father has “phenomenal” political instincts.

Let’s ignore the fact that trump has “phenomenal” political instincts and focus on the fact that Ivanka has absolutely no business being a senior adviser much less to the pretender. What the hell is she going to advise him on? When to get out of the tanning booth? We can all see how well she has handled that…

Now we can focus on those phenomenal political instincts. I like all of the US and the world are waiting to see these phenomenal political instincts she speaks of. I have this little feeling that we shouldn’t hold our breath to see these instincts and should probably move on.

How inept is this man? He proposed a bill THAT ALREADY EXISTS and has since 1996. CNN has a video of Trump breaking the cardinal rule of golfing: Don’t drive on the green. And apparently always does. Granted I couldn’t give two shits to the game (sorry golfers!) but to disregard a game’s rules? That’s quite telling of a person’s personality and who they are.

And if that doesn’t mean a thing to you, how about Trump at Iowa rally: “All we do is win, win, win.” He then blamed Democrats for his problems, boasted about his “amazing progress,” and called the Russia investigation a “phony witch hunt” at his campaign-style rally in Cedar Rapids on June 21. During the 70-minute speech, Trump promised to lay out the next steps in “our incredible movement to make America great again,” but continually veered off on tangents, reflected on the past, and contradicted himself. He knocked trade deals the Iowa economy relies on, dismissed wind energy in a state filled with thousands of turbines, and denounced the war in the Middle East despite reauthorizing troops in Afghanistan. Trump also revealed his plan for putting solar panels on his proposed border wall “so it creates energy and pays for itself.”

And this is the creature allowed to sit in the US’s most powerful office.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t mention Trump’s planned visit to the UK during her speech at the opening of Parliament. Trump’s visit was already in doubt after he insisted on a gold‑plated welcome in the Queen’s royal carriage and started a feud with London’s mayor on Twitter after the terrorist attack. The London mayor previously said Trump should be denied a state visit because of his “cruel” policies on immigration. The Queen’s speech is used to set the government’s legislative agenda for the next two years and announce planned state visits.

The Queen also uses the speech to set out her official plans for the year. She said she looked forward to welcoming King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain for their state visit in July, and hosting the Commonwealth summit in April next year. But there was no word about Mr Trump’s state visit. October had been suggested as a possible date.

Something tells me Britain isn’t exactly jumping at the possibility of a trump visit. Can’t say I blame them.

Side note: Pentagon did what now? 

I am utterly baffled how he has been allowed to stay as the US president. He is clearly a very uneducated man who was voted in office by likewise uneducated US citizens. Which clearly states just how many more uneducated people are in the US than the educated or intelligent. Which probably should put a big old shining light on the US education system. But instead we get an equally uneducated person in charge of the future’s education, or rather the lack of it.

We are creating better idiots then nature can eliminate.

Until next time (as I really cannot stand writing about this pathetic embarrassment any longer today and I have better things to do….like play Sims 4 or something on my Xbox One), we all have that one embarrassing member of the family that no matter what we try to do, ALWAYS embarrasses us at the worse possible time. And now we have a pretender in charge that does that for us all on a daily basis. Wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t fully aware that the ENTIRE WORLD IS WATCHING.

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You know when you tell someone you’re unique and they just nod and smile because we are ALL unique in our own ways, blah, blah, blahblah?

Thursday started out just brilliantly. The gardener came to take care of the yard, I hid because the dog has discovered digging in the dirt and that generally means she’s up rooted something really pretty and I can’t keep plants alive anyway so…

All completely, well normal I suppose. Hubby had a tummy ache and laid down for a bit, I got bored so I started building a dragon, then took a break from that to play fetch with the dog while listening to music on my tablet.

Once pup got tired and graciously laid down (by this I mean she laid on her back with all her legs in the air very lady like) I laid down for a moment on the floor at the foot of the bed on the pups pillows and cushions. I then decided to play Disney Magic Kingdom (may have mentioned this game before, check it out if you have Disney park love), which was fine, nothing to annoying this time…although Price Phillip still irks me with that stupid smug look of his.

Then at 3 pm almost on the nose while muttering about Mulan my right nostril turned on and dosed the front of my shirt with clear salty liquid. This isn’t a new thing sadly. It’s happened a couple of times in the past, the first time it lasted MONTHS before I found a way to make it stop without visiting the doctor. Also, pun not intended.

It usually is my right nostril that leaks for no reason at all. Like I said it’s a clear liquid and yes, this time it was salty. The leak stops if I look straight and keep my chin up. Since this had been something I have gone through before I didn’t fret it at all. Instead I got up, grabbed a container to catch the fluid in and sat on the bed for a couple of minutes.

I was trying to remember where the medicine that fixes this leak ended up since I hadn’t used it for a long while. When I remembered I got up and walked down the hall.

And this, as they say is when the un-fun started.

You know the feeling when your ears pop because of change in altitude? Or if you grab your nose and blow you can make your ears pop and the interesting noise that can make?

I don’t like my ears popped. The world is way too loud when my ears are popped and I get anxious quickly.

But as air rushed through my right sinus into my ear all I knew was pain. Horrible, severe pain that brought me slowly down to my knees. It was one of those pains that as soon as it happens your eyes focus on some distant thing as you try desperately to figure out WHAT THE FUCK is trying to kill you now? It wasn’t just sharp, it was sharp stabby and then let’s stick around and poke a bit but not really throb type of pain.

I sat on my heels for a minute before trying to get up and instantly regretting it for it seemed that sinus wasn’t completely filled with air just yet and wanted to be, so crackle sound, instant pain this time a lot worst and enough for me to start to hyperventilate trying to get the pain to stop.

They say to breathe through pain as it helps. I know this. I’ve ALWAYS known this. But for some lovely reason, when I’m in the type of pain that I really should BREATHE through I tend to hyperventilate instead. Because brain that’s why.

This is when hubby comes up from behind me and asks what type of pain I was experiencing. I try to describe it, he helps me to slowly get up and get to the couch without any more pain. While just sitting innocently on the couch, my sinus draws another breathe and this time, the neighbors know something is up.

Seriously, I have had many injuries and have gone through many different levels of pain. I’ve given birth to a 7lbs 6oz baby boy without an epidural (it was only a four hour labor which apparently is pretty good for the first kid). I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of how well I can handle pain and usually it’s top notch.

Thursday decided I needed a pain management check up in a bad way. And of course with such severe pain came vomiting. I hate vomiting. I don’t know a single saneish person who likes vomiting.






Next thing I’m aware of is that we’re heading to see the ear, nose and throat doc who we saw when something (a piece of red wax) was blocking my right ear (Thanks Trouble).

He made me lay down and put some drops in my nose then turn my head to the right and open and close my mouth to get the medicine into my ear canal and lessen the pain. Which worked wonderfully, I sat up, my nose still running that lovely clear fluid but in less pain then I had been in.

Doc goes back to finish up with the patient he is with and a minute or two later, my sinus breathes (for serious lack of a better explanation) and I immediately go to the restroom to puke and try not to scream and scare other people. I don’t care what language you speak, when someone screams in pain the message is clear and can be quite frightening. It’s that normal got to help the person in pain thing that most humans have ingrained into them.

Once I do get in doc checks my ears out and starts talking and asking questions that of course I am in no mind to answer even though it seems like such an easy thing to do. Hubby is translating my responses for the doc. Now the doc speaks English quite well, what hubby is translating is my mushy attempt at vowel sounds as well as hand gestures and shrugs.

Sadly for doc, what takes over at this point is the nausea. He then tells me to keep my eyes open as it will lessen the dizzy feeling and nausea. He also does something with smells that doesn’t last very long as one of them makes me well, vomit.

So the diagnose is that my right ear decided to catch a cold which is causing my most favorite of conditions VERTIGO. But the type where you have to keep your eyes OPEN to not get dizzy and nauseated.

Oh hey, for anyone who has ever suffered from vertigo, ask for a Vontrol shot. Why? Because it is a drug that is used as prevention and control of vertigo: VONTROL is indicated for the prevention and control of peripheral vertigo as the of Ménière’s disease, labyrinthitis, otitis media, the middle and inner ear surgery, trauma to the vestibular apparatus. VONTROL may be useful for control in cases such as central vertigo: basilar-vertebral artery insufficiency, certain strokes and their aftermath and trauma involving the central nervous system.

I had vertigo when we lived in the US. The BEST they could do was give me pills to take to keep from vomiting, that I COULD NOT TAKE BECAUSE I KEPT VOMITING THEM BACK UP.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK UNITED STATES???? I AM IN MEXICO WHERE THEY GAVE ME A TINY SHOT THAT IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES OR MORE I NO LONGER WANTED TO VOMIT. Then they gave me pills to take additionally to keep the vertigo/vomiting action down which works well thanks.

I’m starting to understand more and more why people go to other countries for medical care. United States likes to boast that it has the best of everything for their citizens. WHERE WAS MY VONTROL SHOT? HUH? WHERE??? Of course maybe that “everything” part is just for those rich citizens. Even though the shot cost only 200 pesos. That’s $11 USD people. Eleven dollars.

I have a cold. In my ear. My nose isn’t running, I’m not stuffy or coughing or having all those normal “I’ve got a damn cold” symptoms and absolutely NONE of that common cold shit. It’s not an ear infection either as there is no real problems with full blown infection. I am taking naxifelar for anti inflammation but most of the meds I’m taking are for vertigo and allergies.

Afrin Spray nasal infantile -basically the child’s version of Afrin Spray.

Vontrol Ampolletas (ampoules) -the anti vertigo shot every hospital should have cabinets of because vertigo fucking sucks!!

Arlevert -tablets to take to keep the vertigo away.

Plantival -treatment of nervousness, restlessness and insomnia

Serc -more anti-vertigo meds in the tablet variety.

Naxifelar -treatment for infections

Dilarmine -allergy medication

Basically I am unique as not many people can and do get colds in their damn ears. Today is the first day that I’ve actually eaten anything (grilled cheese for the win) and haven’t at all felt nauseous. I drank some coffee put on some shorts and have not cringed in pain from moving my head too much. With the exception of now it feels like my right ear is stuffed up, I’m doing good. But, uhg.

Until next time, FTM is one I created for myself. It’s a twist on the FML- Fuck My Life. I like my life for the most part, but there are moments to which I do not so the FTM – Fuck This Moment was born. This is how these things are born people. Go out and spread the alphabet soup deliciousness!

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Mother turns away from child and when she turns back and you won’t believe what she finds!

……her kids are all grown up because she spent all her time clicking on headlines just like this one. Clickbait, stop falling for it! And no, you didn’t earn me a dime. Although you can just donate some to me. 🙂

Until next time, ignore those clickbait links as all the stories are always stupid and not as amazing as the headlines promise. And yes, I am about to do a full multiword post.

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Believe in the ‘Friend Zone’? Women don’t want to be friends with you.

**I am sorry to everyone who may have thought the post was going to be about Anubis our puppy. I was NOT going to Google ‘friend zone’ again. Ever. Instead I give you something to smile about before ripping your heart out.**

Go ahead. Cry. Get it out. The truth hurts.

Now that you’re done being a baby cry (kudos to the guys and perhaps women who didn’t cry) let me tell you why this is.

Women are not interested in being friends with such men who believe in the friend zone, because these self-interested creeps are not friends—they’re controlling abusers who feel entitled to a woman’s time, affections, and bodies, but are worthy of none.

This past Tuesday an article popped up and has been floating around social media. Perhaps you’ve seen and read it? It’s called ‘Why Men and Women Can Never Be Just Friends.‘ Yes, if you haven’t figured it out this is utter trash. And apparently this pathetic zone men have created to inflate their precious fragile egos (she doesn’t want to fuck me, it’s because I’m in the friend zone) is the reason for the United State’s declining birth rate. To be honest I didn’t know there was a decline, it’s a good thing there is a decline as there are too many people on this planet anyway and there are way too many fucking idiots here already. It’s full.

In case you’re not in the mood to read the article (and I do not blame you) let me break it down and give you the Cliff Notes Version:

Hans Fiene who wrote this trash argues that we women must once and for all give up the fantasy that we have any male friends. I imagine he means straight males. The male friends we do have would much rather be friends with other guys then us. Why? Because women don’t like football (American or otherwise), we don’t belch, fart or get dirty and we certainly don’t feel the need to sit in our own filth all damn day. Um, who really wants to do that last one anyway??

Ummm, okay? WTF? Apparently all guys ever want from women is to fuck us. Nothing else. Friends with benefits does not count either I suppose as we can’t be friends. This reject goes on to say that we must relinquish men from our seductive wiles if we have no plans of marring them. And our first priority once we find the man we wish to repopulate the world with is to in fact marry him and have kids asap.

I guess if you are thinking in a post apocalyptic world there may have to be some repopulation and where the idiot in the white house is taking us this could very well be a foreseeable future.

“Being caught in the Friend Zone is an inarguable drag on fertility rates, as a man who spends several years pledging his heart to a woman who will never have his children is also a man who most likely won’t procreate with anyone else during that time of incarceration,” Fiene dramatically writes. “Quite simply, for the sake of our future, the Friend Zone must be destroyed. For the Friend Zone to be destroyed, women must accept the following truths: you don’t have any guy friends and, in fact, you can’t have any guy friends.“

Hell hath no fury like a man driven to prove that the “Friend Zone” exists, and that it’s sending our planet on a path of miserable, baby-free extinction.

Nevermind that we get hit on and pursued by men who we wouldn’t even be friends with. Apparently it’s just ALL. OUR. FAULT. LADIES!

“Do your ‘friend’ a solid and let him go. Call him up and tell him, ‘…It was my fault that I got your hopes up by putting you in the Friend Zone. As restitution, please accept the phone numbers of five girls I know who find you attractive. Stop wasting your time with me and go hang out with a girl who might one day bear your children.’”

Mansplaining fantasy garbage much??

As  so eloquently put it: “He has instead only watched beer commercials from the ’80s and read Tucker Max books and thinks men love to fart Taco Bell into in other men’s faces and call people “turd blossoms.” Men like blowing things up with fireworks, Fiene writes. They definitely aren’t complex humans who can experience platonic friendship, no way.”

Yes, we have all heard this exhausted, played out argument. We ladies have heard these nauseating mantras almost daily:

  • Don’t lead a man on, because that would make you a slut.
  • Don’t waste your prime baby birthing years, because that is the only way to lead a fulfilled life.
  • Find a man to settle down with, because being alone is sad and lonely.
  • Have children.
  • Be a good wife.
  • Be a good mother.
  • Stop being so selfish and think about others for once!

I’m sorry but I am not going to take responsibility for anyone but me. There is never a time where I have ever said or implied that any man can trade his friendship with me for sex. Not once. Yet it would seem this is a universal truth, that it is an unwritten but well known rule and should we not abide by these truths/rules we will face the very real danger of getting straight up murdered. Which, unsurprisingly, is probably our fault, too.

There is literally nothing tethering you to being someone’s friend, and women owe you absolutely nothing in exchange for any time you wish to spend being their friend. There is no friend zone stopping you from telling someone how you feel, and there is no affection, sex, or other reward to be reaped for being a decent person to someone else.

Perhaps if you find yourself pining away for a person who doesn’t return your affections you may want to walk away from them and take a look around for a person who will return your affections and be more than happy to spend the rest of their lives with you. This also applies to anyone in a one way relationship. Walk away, find someone who loves you for you and for Oden’s sake don’t be an ass and decide that just because we don’t want to open our legs to you we’re bitches who have stuck you in some zone in our lives.  If you honestly cannot be friends with me without trying to fuck me, then I don’t want to be friends with you at all. In any shape or form on any level. Not on social media and defiantly not in real life.

The friend zone is a pathetic attempt to make women feel bad about having male friends to begin with. I suppose it’s our fault if your buddies want to fuck us even though we’re with you and are loyal. I mean, that’s all any guy wants to do right?

*dramatic but deserved eyeroll*

Wont fuck em

Until next time, friendships are fantastic things not to be shat upon by worthless human beings who thinks the world much less a certain gender owes them something. Those are toxic people who do not under any circumstances deserve to be in your life.


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Day Four…….

I know I didn’t post yesterday. It was a combination of forgetfulness, being busy, and my mind being overwhelmingly shocked.

It’s only been four days since the Tangerine Tyrant has been sworn in and he’s already making the country a mess. Every time I see his name come up I feel sick (and I still want to punch that horrible face) and I am scared to read the headlines.

Okay, does anyone remember that scene in Avengers Age of Ultron when Tony Stark as Iron Man/Hulkbuster had to go after the Hulk after the Scarlet Witch did her thing on him? There is one part where Tony is punching Hulk in the face quickly multiple times while saying “Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep!” THAT is what I would love to do to the Tangerine Tyrant’s face. But not saying “Go to sleep!” That is how I feel EVERY TIME I see his horrible smug face. And I have felt this way for YEARS. Since the first time I saw him in a commercial for the reality show he was in, whatever it was where he yelled “You’re fired” a lot. Gah.

He has done NOTHING to improve the country if you are not part of the 1% and can benefit. He is already dismantling the ACA, he put the gag order back into place, he has banned EPA Arigcultrual research team from releasing information to the public, he’s trying to order media blackouts, reopen Keystone XL and the Dakota Pipeline negotiations. There is so much that is wrong but no one is doing anything about it. I am just struck dumb thinking, or trying to think about all of it. And to top it off, the tyrant can’t even handle embarrassment!

I just want America to stand together, look at him and scream in unison loudly

“You’re fired!”

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Webs and the Weavers

My desires and dislikes are all very well know to the people close to me. Even to some who aren’t as close to me but are well accustom to seeing my Facebook posts. If you ever wonder what a person likes or dislikes just scroll through their Facebook postings.

Dragons are usually on the top of my list of absolute loves. Followed by any type of cat, Marilyn Monroe, Orcas, BB8, London, Star Wars, Avengers, most Marvel, etc. This list doesn’t include people but it is interwoven with my small list of people I love; Hubby, 3 kids, brother, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, dead family members (all three), close friends. The people who count know where they are in the list. I tolerate the remaining population I happen to know. Some more than others.

But then there is that one special group that you love to torment. Either because they are easily offended by everything on the planet, you can easily poke them into a fight without saying a single word, or they are just always in a fighting mood and will actually come to you and start them. Sadly these also can be the most aggravating group as they have their heads generally either so far up their own asses or someone else’s ass. While playing with members of this group starts out fun, it always gets so boring after a bit. BUT! They refuse to stop playing.

Instead these idiots jump on social media and decide to tell the world just how ‘horrible’ you are because you’re right and they are wrong. Of course this is all thinly veiled, anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on is going to be confused and of COARSE they’re going to ask about it and that’s what the idiots want. “Oh, my brother said some nasty things about me so I am setting the record straight.” Which translates to “My brother kicked my ass in showing me the truth about something but I’m too much of a moron to be an adult and accept I was wrong (and we ALL know I wasn’t) so I’m going to tell everyone that he’s spreading lies about things (even though it’s 100% the truth I’m just to much of a piece of shit to own them), and I’m really the bigger person by posting to all who know nothing of this how right I am and how wrong he is. But I only do so because I want to tell the tale of how horrible my sibling is to me and I want sympathy from all because I’m a fucking drama queen.”

Now you can strongly and correctly argue that’s what I am doing here. Difference being this is a blog and although it gets shared on a couple of my social media outlets you don’t HAVE to read it and I’m not actually pointing out an actual event (as far as you know *wink**wink**nudge**nudge*) nor am I looking for anyone to give me sympathy or stir up drama [and we all know that someone on one of my social media is going to wrongly think it’s about them and either make a scene on said social network or in person at the most unrelated of times–watch for the post about it, complete with screen shots].

EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON has this group of people in their lives in some form or another. It is a universal phenomenon that used to be small scale but thanks to the Internet and social media can now be as big as you can get it. Instead of keeping arguments inside the family, you can now involve all the people who know nothing about you or give a shit about your crappy grievances with whatever member of your family you suddenly loathe with the passion of a fiery sun. Some people make this a strange habit.

You know who the drama queens of your group are, I know who the ones in my group are and I am willing to bet your drama queens are as low on intelligence as mine are. Seems like to me anyway and feel free to express your thought on the matter in the comments or on your own, that since they cannot get our precious attention by doing great things like graduating college with degrees, or landing that dream job because you’ve got the skills they want/need they create events that are sure to get them attention, ALL the attention and usually but not always pull the much deserved attention off of someone else. Because OMG how dare they get attention for getting ANOTHER freaking degree! My favorite is trying to pull all the ‘atta boy’ from the person who deserves it by trying to take credit for the person’s accomplishment. “Oh they only got the job because I made a few calls.” When in reality the person who hired you never even heard of the person nor made their decision based on someone’s call. But try telling your drama queen that. Although they know their words are a lie, now that they are told they’re going to stand by them until the end of all time, even bring it up when they are low on attention and ways to get it.

We all also have ways to deal with these people. Some of us vent in a way much like they do but without all the details and answering any questions posed to them about it with “Doesn’t matter, just venting. All good” instead of gory details. Much like the example below:

Person 2: Interesting scenario. Person 1 says A to person 2. Person 1 and 2 argue about things and Person 1 blocks Person 2. Person 1 then goes to Person 3 and says that Person 2 said A. Person 3 goes off on Person 2 for what they supposedly said (A). Persons 1 and 3 continue to attack Person 2. Person 2 does not care anymore about what Persons 1 and 3 say. Persons 1 and 3 are not worth the time or the effort anymore. Interesting scenario, isn’t it?

 Person 4: And how many times have Persons 4, 5, and 6 told Person 2 that persons 1 and 3 are not worth the time? Persons 1 and 3 are and will always be jealous of Person 2’s accomplishments and when they cannot claim them for themselves will try and tear Person 2 down? Just remember, like Star Wars it’s 4, 5, and 6 that matter!

While persons 1-6 know who they are (or don’t, depends on the intelligence level) and what is being talked about, anyone else can see this and reply in a number of ways that doesn’t force them to ask what’s going on as the scenario is already laid out and doesn’t need any more explanation nor is one expected.

Of course someone might ask. But someone might as well be ignored.

And then the cat farts and totally derails the thinking process.

Note to self: Examine cat food ingredients. Find different cat food. Buy gas mask*.

*Might want to go ahead and do this one.


Until next time, don’t let the stinkers in your life bring you down too far. And when they do, pump yourself back up by remembering your accomplishments are just that; YOURS. Those who are closest to you know the truth and in the end, they are all who matter.


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And just where have you been?

I finally saw Yum-Yum this morning. His fur is getting darker so either I’m feeding him too much (he’s getting fatter and so the body heat that keeps him white is having trouble getting to his fur), he’s been in a really warm place the last few days or been inside. No clue where that would be.

Adult Siamese darken as the age. They also darken because of various temperature changes in their environment. For example a cat kept outdoors will usually be darker then a cat kept indoors. Every point color darkens with age but seals and blues darken much more then the chocolates and lilacs.

If I haven’t mentioned before, I’ve never had or been around Siamese cats a whole lot. So these two are certainly little teachers. Somewhere back there is some pictures of Yum-Yum and KoKo and they are night and day. KoKo is the darker one and Yum-Yum has always been the light one. Hubby could never tell them apart, but I could. Yum-Yum is taller (if that makes sense) and lankier. Not to mention the most vocal. KoKo is smaller, darker and not as loud.

In other news, Ringling Bros Circus is being forced to shut down. Granted I’ve never been a big fan of how any traveling show treats their animals, but at the same time a tradition is ending and all because even though things got better for the animals it just was not enough for those who pretend to care for the animals.

Once the elephants in the room disappeared, it turns out the circus itself wouldn’t be far behind.

After 146 years under big top tents, executives of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus announced Sunday it would close forever in late May.

“Ringling Bros. ticket sales have been declining, but following the transition of the elephants off the road, we saw an even more dramatic drop” said Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment that produces the circus. “This, coupled with high operating costs, made the circus an unsustainable business for the company.

The beginning of the end of “The Greatest Show on Earth,” can be traced to the mid-1990s, when the ABC7 I-Team exposed violent methods used by circus elephant trainers.

A 1995 I-Team investigation “Tamed or Tortured” revealed heavy-handed tactics employed by circus trainers and animal handlers to control elephants and teach them so-called “tricks.” The I-Team showed how circus workers used metal “bull hooks” on elephants to make them respond-and the bloody injuries that accompanied such tactics.

Circus executives maintained their methods were intended to humanely guide the animals and not inflict harm-but videos showed a more brutal reality.

According to Ringling data in 1995, the circus owned 43 elephants, and a 200-acre “Center for Elephant Conservation” in central Florida. The I-Team visited that site in 1995. Ringling was said to have owned the biggest herd of Asian elephants in North America

The drumbeat against Ringling, its owner and circus producers became louder the past two decades with some cities banning the use of performing elephants in traveling shows.

In 2015 Ringling officials announced that they would phase out elephants from all performances, but it was apparently too late. Attendance never recovered. Circus officials, who informed 500 employees this weekend after performances in Orlando and Miami, have said they will hold a news conference on Monday to discuss the decision.

At one time the Ringling Bros. had three touring circuses, and made annual stops in Chicago and Rosemont. Now down to two touring units, there will be 30 more shows between now and May. Before the tents come down forever, stops include Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston and Brooklyn. The final shows will be in Providence, Rhode Island, on May 7 and at the Nassau County Coliseum in New York on May 21.

The circus goes back to the mid-1880’s. Phineas Taylor Barnum made a traveling spectacle of performing animals and human oddities, while the five Ringling brothers performed juggling acts and skits from their home base in Wisconsin. Eventually, they merged and the modern circus was born under one name and single big top.

Through the 20th century the circus took a back seat to other forms of entertainment and children became less and less enticed by animal and acrobat acts. TV, movies, video games and the internet were more popular with young people.

“It’s a different model that we can’t see how it works in today’s world to justify and maintain an affordable ticket price” Feld said. “So you’ve got all these things working against it.”

When the Feld family bought the Ringling circus in 1967 “The Greatest” was also the longest show on earth, at just under 3 hours. When the last shows play, they will be 2 hours and 7 minutes, with the longest segment – a tiger act – 12 minutes long.

“Try getting a 3- or 4-year-old today to sit for 12 minutes,” he said.

In the end, more difficult was trying to get a five-ton mammal to toss a beach ball or stand on one leg. As the I-Team determined, couldn’t be done without repeated physical violence and was never completely safe for handlers, performers or spectators. The brutal nature of making elephants behave and perform proved to be the undoing of the circus.

Attendance has been dropping for 10 years, said Juliette Feld, but when the elephants left, there was a “dramatic drop” in ticket sales. Paradoxically, while many said they didn’t want big animals to perform in circuses, many others refused to attend a circus without them.

“We know now that one of the major reasons people came to Ringling Bros. was getting to see elephants,” she said. “We stand by that decision. We know it was the right decision. This was what audiences wanted to see and it definitely played a major role.”

Existing Ringling animals – lions, tigers, camels, donkeys, alpacas, kangaroos and llamas – will go to suitable homes. Ms. Feld says the company will continue operating the Center for Elephant Conservation.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a longtime opponent of the circus, wasted no time in claiming victory.

“After 36 years of PETA protests, which have awoken the world to the plight of animals in captivity, PETA heralds the end of what has been the saddest show on earth for wild animals, and asks all other animal circuses to follow suit, as this is a sign of changing times,” Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, wrote in a statement.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, acknowledged the move was “bittersweet” for the Felds but said: “I applaud their decision to move away from an institution grounded on inherently inhumane wild animal acts.”

Some displaced circus employees will be placed in positions with the company’s other, profitable shows – it owns Monster Jam, Disney on Ice and Marvel Live-but most will be out of a job. Juliette Feld said the company will help employees with job placement and resumes.

Article is from ABC 7 Chicago and there are videos there if you really want to watch them.

I am most curious as what a ‘suitable home’ might be for the now displaced lions and tigers mentioned above. The others are of course are a bit easier to home. I really hope they are reaching out to Wildcat Sanctuary or Big Cat Rescue to find great homes for these animals.

I hate HATE that PETA is crowing about this. These are the WORST people on the planet! I wish we could get rid of them as they are so horrible towards the very creatures they say they protect. I do have a fabulous rant here already about them. Everything I said there I still strongly believe.


Until next time, animal lovers need to pay attention to details when it comes to so called rescued sites and organizations big and small. Don’t get swept up in the heat of the moment. It could be costly both to you and the very animals you want to save. Above all, never stop helping them in every way. ❤

Serious Edit to Add: I completely and hopelessly forgot to mention In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue as another great place for the circus animals to end up. I am terribly sorry for this over sight.


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WTF America?

Warning: I am upset. Forgive the language as always.

Apparently it’s okay to rape someone in this country. I think tonight I’ll go and rape some guy after I drug him and I won’t even be drunk when I do this because it’s really okay to rape. It is. It’s the person who I rape that’s at fault here not me, I didn’t want to do it but the clothes he will be wearing or his body language will scream at me to rape him. That’s how we rapist know who to rape. Media all over will take notice and only enforce how okay it is to rape people. No one is going to believe the person I rape anyway, they just want attention from more people because they weren’t awake when I gave them attention.

Yes dearies there is something seriously wrong with our dear sweet America. Yes, being a woman probably makes me side more with the victim then the boys who drugged and raped her. Please forgive me for knowing that making any person; male or female do something that they are completely uncomfortable doing is wrong. Not only in the illegal sense but moral as well.

So why are there only a few people who actually understand this? Why do we continue to put mindless, souless people in positions of power or as the face of media? Rush Limpdick, CNN correspondent Candy Crowley and Author/blogger Michael Crook are prime examples of the idiots we have “speaking” for America. I don’t like what they are saying, how can the rest of the public be so accepting?

Goes right along with just about everything that is going on in this country. The Republicans refusing to cooperate with anything the Black Devil (known to everyone else as the President of the United States or Obama) suggests, all the money spent on useless painful things instead of useful things like helping people find food and an education for the people of the country. If a single person spent money this way, someone would call in an intervention. America is in serious need of an intervention something fierce. Before it’s people are dead or have left her. The people are crying for jobs to make the money to feed their families. Unless they are of course part of that special club called The 1%.

That club and all that it represents is killing all those who are not in that club. This does include those with money who are not part of the club even though they are millionaires and statistically part of the 1% but aren’t part of The 1% Club.

But we’re just going to let them, despite the power we have to stand up against the crap and just “fire” every Congressman.

Until next time, there is a reason one of the current popular games is called “Tomb Raider; Survivor”. Keep surviving.


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