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Ready Player None.

I saw Ready Player One yesterday. I finished the book a couple of days before I found out there was a movie coming out later that month.
My first gut reaction to people? Skip the movie. Read the book. They are not the same stories. The book is a better story than the movie and is more exciting. If you want to see the movie, I’d read the book first. I wouldn’t want you to ruin the book with the movie.
This really isn’t a simple case of “The book is *always* better than the movie.” this is a case of “The book is a different story than the movie but with the same underlining theme.” It’s like the movie is a fan-fiction of the book. I think that is a good way to explain it.
Movie was entertaining, but a lot of the things that made the book marvelous wasn’t even mentioned in the movie. Movie had it’s moments, not as much nostalgia as Rock of Ages but a few things if you know your 80’s, (you could tell who the 80’s kids were in the audience…mainly hubby and myself) and it’s always interesting to see how the characters look on screen compared to how you saw them in your mind. None of the on-screen characters will be replacing the ones I created in my head like Daniel and Co did for Harry Potter.

The more I think on it, the more I am confident to say that the movie is fan-fiction. Same characters, same theme just a different author. Which is sad since the author of the book, Ernest Cline was part of the script writing team and was a great part of the film production. I guess he was so fanboyish over Spielberg that he forgot what his own story was about.

As it’s very own entity the movie is okay. Needless to say I am quite disappointed in the movie.

The book is fantastic. You could see the movie then go and read the book and never have a “This is was in the movie, I know what happens next.” moment. Seriously they are that different. There are plenty of “I remember an event similar to this, but this isn’t how it happened.” and “This was in the movie, but that’s not who was doing it.” and so forth.  I will say one thing; the book and the movie have different challenges for the keys.

But that’s pretty much my thoughts on it. If you’re a book  person, grab a copy, it’s been out for quite a while now and I’ve had a copy of my own for almost the same amount of time, but just kept it on the shelf, until the end of February when I was looking for something to read. An actual ink and paper book. Not eInk. And so I grabbed this and read it. Couldn’t/wouldn’t put it down and encouraged my hubby to read it (although he did the eInk version) and he loved it as much as I did. So we both were excited about the movie.

Yes, I watched the trailers. They went quite quickly so I wasn’t quite sure, beyond Wade who I was looking at. And the race scene made me think as well. As a talking point, it can be really fun. I’d defiantly have a Back to the Future DeLorean. There is no question about that. And a Firefly class ship. Probably a few Star Wars class ships as well. I’d also have an Eleanor. This could go on for quite awhile, and that’s not getting to armor or weapons! Or clothes. Or what I’d look, sound and act like.

Don’t let me make any decisions for you. Read the book. Watch the movie. Have your own opinions. It’s really great to be an individual who doesn’t follow any crowd. Try it if you haven’t.

Until next time, I did some staining of the wooden chest of drawers I purchased yesterday and I look like I have been two knuckle deep in some serious gore and forgot to wash my hands. I just love the curious looks from people upon seeing my hands. I could probably say anything to them while gesturing and they’d not hear a word. Unless blood, murder or autopsy come up.

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