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Leave no one Standing.

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May the odds be ever in your favor, may mischief always be managed and may you always remain angry but never green.

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Feels so weird.

Sitting in the house where most of the large items are in a single area ready for the movers tomorrow morning. I have to finish cleaning off my desk before bed and make sure all the little stuff is out of their way.

The older cats are meh about all the movement, the middle ages ones are freaking a little and the two youngins are running around using the furniture to fly through the air. Tomorrow will be the first night spent in the new place. The cats will be the last into the new place and unpacking will happen after they have  explored every nook and cranny. This helps me discover just where they’re going to claim as their own and  I won’t have to worry about them knocking things over when they are exploring. Or getting into something I don’t want them in.

I’m also reminded that moving the furniture every now and again might be a good idea. Also dusting more often. One of many annoyances when packing and moving things. I can always tell which rooms I spend the most time in as they are generally the cleanest and less dusty.

While I’m not carefully putting things in boxes or tossing them carelessly I am playing Tsum Tsum (pronounced ‘zoom zoom’) on my android device. Now this is not only a game, but something you can actually buy and have around the house. I had a few little ones of these before I found out what they were. I was using my Tigger one to clean my phone’s screen. Which despite what the bottom looks like, that’s not what they are for. They aren’t actually FOR anything to be perfectly honest. But there is a Marvel Tsum Tsum edition as well and in some ways I like it much better then the Disney as there is more to do that is required and it’s fun, but they both are. Also got hubby addicted to the Disney one…now trying for the Marvel. If you happen to play either, or end up playing either, my Line ID (will make sense if you play/start playing) is anthropologykhaleesi  and my Marvel Friend ID is 795 730 955 (To find your Friend ID Code or add someone else’s, click the Friend icon in the Marvel Tsum Tsum app (the two people), click the search button, and click “ID Search”.). Here are two great places to find more people to play, er with: Disney Tsum Tsum and Marvel Tsum Tsum. Unless you are in Japan you’ll be playing the Int’l (international) editions of the games. No, I don’t get a thing if you start playing either game. Unless you add me as a friend and give me energy and hearts.

We will more in likely be completely moved in by the weekend. Cats included. Which is good since we have to travel on the 3rd–again. Tomorrow and possibly the day after is going to be a whole lot of tetris playing with the furniture so we can get everything the way we desire and then get the furbabes over to completely dismantle everything. Well, perhaps not EVERYTHING. Not until at least next week!

Back to the gaming world as it is despite all the blood, emotional trauma and scares, a hell of a lot more plesant then the real one.

Until next time, make sure that no matter what, you get some play time in! You will not survive long if all you do is work or focus on the bad going on, even though it may be hard to ignore, find a game, ANY game and have fun for a bit every day.


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