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You’re not getting your money or item so f*ck off.

If you are familiar with my last post (go ahead and read it) then you know what the outcome of everything is.

Ebay: ebay bullshit

When I pushed Newegg about it, THEY were able to escalate the problem to ebay who in only 10 minutes they decided my case no longer qualifies for their buyer protection. 10 FUCKING MINUTES.

ebay bullshit 2ebay bullshit 2.1

Oh and Paypal?

paypal bullshit

And how long did it take for them to come to this decision? Keep in mind I had to go through my mom as it was her paypal we used because she had loaned us the money to begin with so you can add a few minutes to the times if you wish.

paypal bullshit 2.1Paypal bullshit 2


It’s good to be a big company who can say fuck you to their customers and not care how many customers they loose because of it because they can afford to loose “a couple” of people. And they always come back. ALWAYS.

Because if you don’t want to share your credit card/bank information when you shop online, where are you going to go to?

Or if you need to send or receive money now and you don’t live in the same city/state/country?

If you want to sell or buy something from other people on the planet, where would you do such a thing?

Or where can you find no longer in production items sometimes at good prices?

Thankfully Newegg isn’t the last and only place to buy electronics.

Until next time, forgive me all of you who have played The Evil Within. And for any artists looking at my 10 minute redo of the image. All rights belong to the people who paid for them and etc. I own nothing, not even those items I paid for or the money I used to purchase them.

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How hard is it to get my money back?

When you inform someone that you had not gotten a package due to the address being an old one, they will usually either replace the item and send it to your new address or they refund you the money and that’s the end of it.

Unless you buy from Newegg.

It appears that since the tracking shows that it was delivered to the house, Newegg says that’s enough for them and will not even talk about the situation anymore. Ebay is of no help on this matter so far. Next will be contacting Paypal, but why do I have to go that far to begin with???

A tracking number isn’t actually a good way to determine who gets the package. Yes it does show that it was delivered, but no proof it was delivered to the correct address nor to the person whose name is on the box. Only a signature can do that. Not sure if this is how it would be viewed in a legal venue, but for most it is how it is viewed. USPS Delivery Confirmation is acceptable evidence for proof of delivery by Paypal, GlobalPay, NPC, and many other credit card processors if shipped to the credit card holder’s billing address.

Of course, this was actually shipped by FedEx.

When we went to the old address to talk to the person living there, she told us that she took the package to the USPS office on a certain road a few days prior. So we went to the USPS office in question who then informed us that if they get packages like that they’ll hand them off to FedEx when they show up. So then we talked to FedEx they told us they haven’t gotten anything new on that tracking number. At this point I’m fairly certain the lady kept the item.

So we went to Newegg on ebay and explained it all to them. But according to a person at Newegg, that since the tracking shows it was delivered, then it was delivered to me and if it was coming back to them they’d reject it since we didn’t have permission to send it back.


Newegg rejects packages that are sent back to them??? What horseshit is this? So who is going to get my $250 item? It certainly isn’t me. After looking at the Policy & Agreement page, I found nothing about misdeliveries. I will admit, I don’t quite understand the Risk of Loss part as it’s not terribly clear. I then decided to escalate this to ebay since it had been three days since I opened the issue.

If you have ever had to do this on ebay you’re probably familiar with the resolution center and how after three days if the seller and you can’t agree on a solution, ebay will gladly step in and help. They can only do that however, if you select to have the issue escalated. Which means clicking on a button that let’s them know. Which requires a button to be there to click. WHICH. I. DON’T. HAVE.

Seems like if you are a big enough company, you don’t have to worry about customers escalating any problems they may have with you up to ebay.

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that ebay has been restricting things for some sellers across the site. For example, if you are a certain star seller you no longer have to worry about negative feedback (as buyers can no longer leave you any; it is either good or neutral feedback only) and now apparently not having any issues brought up against you should a problem arise.

I have actually reduced my ebay usage because of that. The last thing I ordered off of ebay was a digital item and I had no problems.  I only ordered 6 times from ebay in 2017. 5 times in 2016. I am actually looking more to Amazon now then ebay when it comes to low prices; with exception of hard to find older items (think My Little Ponies any year before 2009, or any other old not yet redone by an unimaginative group; and then usually poorly corporate america).

Hopefully Paypal isn’t going to be the same. As it wasn’t sent by USPS, I am wondering if the rules will be any different. I just want my damn money back or the item I ordered!

Until this is settled, and let’s be honest, done so to MY satisfaction, I’m not buying anything from Newegg and would greatly suggest you not buy things from them as well.

And to be completely honest, I really do think the lady kept the item as something would have been seen at least through FedEx about it and there has been nothing. Pretty sure she’s kept other items that were accidentally sent to the old address. Can’t prove it, but from the few places I know sent stuff there, none of them have gotten anything back. Wish I could prove it as this family made my mother-in-law’s life a living hell the last month she was there.

Until next time, it’s good practice to make a list of online businesses you buy from on a regular basis so if you move, you know who needs your current address. Instead of waiting until you get a shipped notification on something to see it wasn’t delivered to your new address and having to go through the hassle and headache of either tracking down the package, rerouting the package (I had to do that with UPS and managed to get it to my local UPS so I could pick it up there, wish we had done that for FedEx) or getting the package resent/refunded.

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