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There’s a word for that.

There is a name. A phrase. A moniker. I know it and I’m not really bothered by it. I however do find it a little funny. Maybe just the universe looking at me and going “Take that then!”

If you’re familiar with this blog you’ll roll your eyes in the moment and possibly even use one of those phrases, monikers or names if not all of the above.

Despite all things I managed to land myself in a work from home job as a CSA (Customer Service Agent) at least for the holidays.

For Amazon.

Yep. Go ahead and read that again if you wish. It’s not going to change. This doesn’t mean all is forgiven just because they’re giving me money to sit at home in my pjs (or less if you want to imagine that one next time you’re on the like with a csa and are upset at them). But I did figure you would all enjoy this little twisted universal role that is being played out at the moment.

And for anyone who might not be familiar with why this is a thing, read this and then this. And this too I suppose, but it’s not really all that relevant.

Don’t even start thinking I’m going on the inside to fix anything. I’m way too far down the pecking order/totem pole/directory to be able to do anything like that. And currently I’m not even helping out the customers who order things, but rather the drivers who deliver the packages the customer’s order.

Oh, didn’t you know that Amazon has their own drivers now? At least in most areas they do and not just the Flex areas (where you can get groceries, or order of food delivered from a grocery/restaurant) but others as well.

However that being said and all, I still had a HELL of a time getting started with this job. And for once it isn’t really entirely Amazon’s fault.

Appling and getting the job was no problem. Easy actually and I suspect so since they are looking for the extra help for the holidays. I had to go back up to the US in order to do a I9 form (this shows proof I am who I say I am and can work in the US) which with a little shuffling wasn’t too terrible either. I’d go up, do the form, wait for the equipment to arrive then come back home, do training and then work.

Universe is wearing a shit eating grin at all of that nonsense!

Getting to the US wasn’t a problem. I flew straight to El Paso Texas instead of the normal fly to Juarez and walk across the border way we usually go. I’m a little white female. I shouldn’t have to explain to you that going to El Paso would allow me to not spend too much time alone and therefore less likely to get harassed by anyone of any sex, religion, race or ethnicity on the planet. You know. Besides the Immigration officers who are generally awesome people anyway.

I got to take off my shoes for the first time ever when going through security (nope, I don’t go through US security often at all) and I even got to snag an Einstein Bro Bagel and a good cup of Starbucks coffee before hopping my next plane in Houston Texas. Oh, and Hi Houston, you were a wee bit warm!

Didn’t even have a problem getting my bag or meeting up with mom in law. The ride back to her house was uneventful.

In fact, everything that happened up to October 05 was pretty normal and boring. I drove, did the I9, got Starbucks. Normal. Boring.

Then UPS arrives with my equipment for my job and even that went okay for the most part. Obviously as they were sending a laptop and some sensitive materials I had to sign for it which I was expecting and reason I was waiting around for it.

The UPS driver set the small rectangular package on the ground while I signed my name strangely on his electronic device then he picked it up and handed to me and hot footed his ass out of there. Which by the way, is ALWAYS a sign that something is about to go topsy turvy on you. ALWAYS.

With the package in one hand I place my other under the corner and walk into the house and as the fingers of my left hand is playing with that corner they discover a hole. I flip the package over and of course it’s not a small hole. it’s a relatively large hole. I can stick more than one finger in this hole.

This is a hole I have pictures of because I just KNEW I was going to be missing SOMETHING important from that package. And I was. Something that I needed just to sign into the device!

I make calls, send emails, ask on Quora just for an answer. I was suppose to get the equipment a week before I was due to start training. I started training October 9. A week is still 7 days.

First day of training comes and I do not have the tool I need to log into my device but of course I’m calling in to the conference and have already contacted my Team Manager about the situation. Since there was nothing I could do, after roll call I could hang up and do whatever. I wasn’t the only one however who was having problems. Some others too had lost one of the tools in the mail as I did (although I’m starting to wonder if they were even packed to be honest) so I don’t feel too left out I suppose is the appropriate state of mind.

The next day I still hadn’t gotten my tool. In fact I won’t get it until that Friday. My Team Manager has decided that I’ll just start the training with the group after hers but I still get paid for that one Monday as I was there.

Tool comes in. I get to train. Long story short but not short enough, an at most week long trip turned into a month. Hubby ended coming up for the last week as Mominlaw was in the process of moving, which really didn’t effect my training or starting on the phone at all. I did however have a major panic attack when I first started on the phone but took a pill that made me too tired to have a panic attack and I have been fine ever since.

I’ve already gotten my first full pay check (by full I mean working full time for two weeks) and do not mind the job all that much. It can be a bit boring at times as there has been some pauses between calls.  But it’s pretty easy.

Of course I say that before the SEASON kicks in. Before people go crazy with stress and all those silly notions that they’re the only people on the planet that matter. Hopefully they’ll keep me on drivers as I’m going to pretend they’re not going to flip their lids as bad as purchasing customers will. But they have their own set of stresses as well.

That is what I have been up to for the last month. Travelled back to the US on September 28th then back here on Halloween. I am very glad to have my fur babies (furbies…can’t really call them that as there are some who are all too aware of the toy of the same name but it really fits) around me again, but I discovered that I’m not entirely happy with the house we’re in and so am actively looking for a new place to rent.

It’s amazing what you discover about where you live when you’ve been gone from it for so long.

Until next time, remember that should you have to call into customer service for any reason and any business, the person you get on the phone is no way connected to your problem. They are just learning about it and although they can tell you’re upset or distressed over the issue, you are going to get further by showing some kindness instead of trying to force an issue. Just think of how YOU would react to how you’re acting and adjust your attitude accordingly.

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