Investigative Reporting Is So Important!

Some people would agree because they have been told this repeatedly, but do they –or anyone– really understand why? When you dive into a subject and get your hands dirty you are looking at ever aspect of the subject and pointing out the awesome as well as the skeletons. There is none of that skim on the top shit. No tip of the iceberg but diving deeper to see the whole thing. The entire story.

In this time of alternative facts and bullshit, investigative reporting is so very important. It helps weed out the frauds among us and puts a spotlight on them in a way that makes us all (hopefully) say we’re not going to put up with this shit.

And in one case it has kept the Pittsburg Community Schools from allowing a new hire for the position as principal for the Pittsburg High School in southeastern Kansas.

If you haven’t already heard the story, the staff of the PHS Booster Redux, who always writes articles on new hires to the school, started looking into their newly hired principal Dr. Amy Robertson. What they found out was that Robertson did not in fact hold the masters and doctorate degrees she claimed she did as it turned out that they were from a known diploma mill called Corllins University. Robertson claimed that the school was accredited when she attended even going as far as to claim she sometimes went to the campus in Stockton California.

The students found out that Corllins was never accredited, had no known address much less one in Stockton, and the BBB didn’t have them as accredited either.

After the article was published, the Kansas City Star stepped up and asked Robertson about her degrees where she said all three of her degrees “have been authenticated by the U.S. government.” She declined to comment directly on students’ questions about her credentials, “because their concerns are not based on facts,” she said.

The article was published on Friday March 31, 2017 in the school newspaper and Robertson resigned on Tuesday April 4, 2017.

How in the HELL did all the adults behind hiring this woman missed all these very important, very easily discovered facts?? The Booster Redux article, a team of six students — five juniors and one senior — revealed these facts and the students (and probably parents) were amazed that they could easily see the discrepancies while the authority figures in charge of such things had yet to pick up on them.

Once Robertson resigned the students and their story were thrust into local, state and national news, with professional journalists nationwide applauding the students for asking tough questions and prompting change in their administration. The superintendent personally met with them to thank them for their hard and persistent work. Yes, thank you Gina Mathew, Maddie Baden, Kali Poenitske, Connor Balthazor, and Patrick Sullivan. Sadly there is no staff listing for the paper.

Read more and detailed information on these amazing students over at The Washington Post.

On a personal note, a school that has a Dragon as the mascot is destined to produce brilliant and wonderful students. Go Dragons!


Until next time, please do not be afraid to ask the tough questions, question authority and look into things for yourself. I have supported research of information for years but many Facebook News Feed proves that the practice is a skill that many do not have.

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