The Perfect What Now?

Scrolling through documentaries we’ve run across one called ‘The Perfect Vagina‘. Yep. Not at all kidding. Did we watch it? Absolutely.

Of all the things I have ever thought might be wrong with my body, my vagina and the labia has NEVER been on the list. NEVER. Nevertheless, apparently enough women and girls out there that are so upset with the way their vaginas look that they’re getting PLASTIC SURGERY to make it look “better”. Moreover, it is not just women who have had children who are doing these; it’s also 16 year old girls. Girls who have not begun to develop are flocking to these doctors to change themselves. I know it’s not too different from any other plastic surgery out there, but I honestly have never thought that there was something that could be visually wrong with my vagina nor the outer bits.

It seems that most of these are happening in Britain. Probably because everything below the belly button is taboo in the States. Which is sad but *shrug*.

Of course, these women and girls are comparing their vagina and vulvas to what they see in pornos and magazines. Same places women and girls have all always gotten unrealistic views of body. If I allow myself, I can understand the usual views of body, where they’re coming from and why they’d be considered important. But honestly blokes, how many women have you refused to have sex with just because they looked different down there? If the vagina works, why mess with it? It’s not like having to stare at someone’s face. Most of the time you blokes do not even pay any attention to it, only that you can stick your dick in it. Yes, I of course am assuming a lot here. Some of you blokes out there could be as baffled as I am. In addition, of course probably ones are sitting there thinking it is a good idea.

I am aware that guys are pretty self-conscious about their privates parts. They are a little more out there then lady parts so I can understand how guys can be. People are always wanting to change some aspect of themselves that the world can see, and I am not, ever, ever judging these people as they are so free to do what makes them happy.

Even if you are not thinking about any type of surgery, it is very important to talk with people about things like this so that it’s not such a taboo subject. No idea what group of idiots decided that no one can talk about sex or the penis and vagina but honestly, this is actually how this type of shit gets started.

If you have kids, talk to them. Don’t use silly names, use actual names. Let them know that every person is different and really no one person is actually better than another, especially not because of their penis size or labia size. Honestly, if you actually do love a person, does the way their vulva look going to be a deal breaker? If it is, you don’t actually love that person. It goes both ways, yes. And for the other way I ask and say the same thing. Knowledge is power. It really freaking is so if anything I have said here is foreign or unknown to you, google it. I know people are not up to date on the actual terminology for the private regions of either sex so google. Yes, you may see things that cannot be unseen (I’m sorry) and if that’s the only price you pay for knowledge you’re freaking lucky.

Until next time, WordPress has made some changes recently that look all well and good, but I seem to no longer have a working spell check (so VERY important) and the Windows 10 App went blank on me while I was in the middle of this entry. It too has no spell check. I had to do it in a Word document. I’m lazy, if I have to do a lot of jumping around to do a single thing, unless it’s important to me, I’m not going to do it.

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