I well, I just don’t know WTF

1/ The New York Times, CNN and Politico were prohibited from attending a White House briefing by Trump’s press secretary. Spicer allowed reporters from only a handpicked group of news organizations: Breitbart News, the One America News Network and The Washington Times, all with conservative leanings. Journalists from ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Fox News also attended. “Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties,” Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The Times, said in a statement. “We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.” (New York Times)

2/ Trump to CPAC: “Now you finally have a president, finally.” In a wide-ranging speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump blasted the media for its coverage of his administration and promised that the Republican Party would “be the party of the American worker.” Trump said that in a matter of days, he would have “brand new action” to keep the country safe, a reference to a second attempt at an executive order to restrict travel into the country from several majority-Muslim nations. At one point the crowd started chanting “lock her up” after Trump derided Hillary Clinton for describing some of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables.” (Washington Post)

3/ Republican lawmakers expect that their Obamacare replacement will result in fewer Americans covered by health insurance. The new plan would do away with the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that all Americans have health coverage or pay a fine, and replace it with rules that let people choose not to buy insurance, instead paying higher premiums or penalties if they need it later. The result would be fewer people covered. (Bloomberg)

4/ Trump turned to manufacturing executives to help him develop measures to bring jobs back to the United States, giving powerful business leaders a potentially influential hand in shaping his still-evolving economic policies. Trump has yet to outline specific proposals for overhauling the tax and regulatory systems, rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure or reshaping the work force, all of which would be essential to accomplishing his ambitious employment goals. (New York Times)

5/ Justice Department will use private prisons again, reversing an Obama-era directive to stop using the facilities, which officials had then deemed less safe and less effective than those run by the government. (Washington Post)

6/ Trump administration signals a possible crackdown on states over legalized recreational-use marijuana. Sean Spicer told reporters that the administration had no plans to continue the permissive approach of the Obama administration and that it viewed recreational marijuana use as a flagrant violation of federal law. (Los Angeles Times)

7/ Caitlyn Jenner to Trump: “Call Me” — your transgender restroom letter is a “disaster.” In a video the transgender icon harshly called out Trump for withdrawing the federal government’s legal guidance on allowing transgender youths to use the restrooms of their choice in schools. (NBC News)

8/ Trump denounces FBI over leaks and demands an investigation. Trump assailed the FBI as a dangerously porous agency, charging that leaks of classified information from within its ranks were putting the country at risk. (New York Times)

9/ Mexican officials tell US: We don’t agree. John Kelly and Rex Tillerson were in Mexico to try to smooth the relationship and address some of the differences that have emerged between the United States and its neighbor. Mexico ain’t having it. (CNN)

10/ He yelled “get out of my country,” and then shot 2 men from India, killing one. A 51-year-old man faces first-degree murder charges after shooting three men in an Olathe, Kansas bar Wednesday night. He reportedly told two local Garmin engineers from India to “get out of my country.” Authorities would not classify the shooting as a hate crime, but federal law enforcement officials are investigating with local police to determine if it was “bias motivated.” (Washington Post)

11/ At the request of Kushner and Ivanka, language critical of a global climate deal was struck from an executive order that Trump plans to sign soon. The issue is aimed at rolling back Obama climate agenda. (Wall Street Journal)

12/ Under fire, GOP congressman calls for Trump tax returns, but stopped short of saying Congress should subpoena those returns. (CNN)

13/ Santa Cruz and federal agents in war of words over whether a gang sweep was really a secret immigration raid. The police chief accused Homeland Security officials of lying about the scope of the raids conducted jointly between his department and federal agents this month aimed at apprehending MS-13 gang members. (Los Angeles Times)

14/ White House confirms conversation with FBI about Trump and Russia. Reince Priebus, FBI director James Comey, and deputy director Andrew McCabe had a conversation which appears to violate justice department rules. (The Guardian)

15/ Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 18 states in what civil liberties experts are calling “an attack on protest rights throughout the states.” None of the proposed legislation has yet been passed into law, and several bills have already been shelved in committee. Critics doubt whether many of the laws would pass Constitutional muster. (Washington Post)

poll/ Support for Obamacare hits an all-time high. 54% of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act, while 43% disapprove. That’s up from an even split (48%-47%) in a Pew survey from December. (CNN)

I honestly just can’t even understand how the American people haven’t stormed the White House, grab Trump by his fake hair and drag his fake tanned overly entitled ass on to the White House lawn and beat him while screaming “YOU’RE FIRED!” over and over again.

It honestly baffles me how it seems like just about every intelligent human in America is just sitting back with a mimosa and pretending like it’s business as usual.

Now I KNOW that’s not what’s happening, but I cannot be the only person who feels like this is what’s happening. I keep reading how just about every good thing Obama was able to get through is being removed and replaced with shit. UTTER SHIT. And I am hoping that the American populace isn’t going to be completely silent about it. Or get a bigger megaphone.

To switch gears and rant direction. Well, what I’m about to talk about next isn’t really a rant. It’s more of a ‘time to wake up and stop being so stupid’.


I know it’s almost social suicide to talk about feminism, but you know what? I’m not a social person whatsoever. And the biggest problem with feminism is that there are people, both men and women, who think that “feminism,” because of the name, is about raising women above men. The “fem” part makes them imagine it must be all about women achieving domination.
There are men (and a few women) who erroneously believe that as a result of advances in women’s rights, “the pendulum swung the other way too far.” Because when you’re part of a gender (and/or race) that has had an institutionalized upper hand for so long, when others begin to get the same rights you have it can appear as though you’re being oppressed (if you have the mentality of a child, that is).
To the above note, some have co-opted the term “egalitarian.” They make it sound good, but what they mean is that they think feminists have all the power and men are oppressed and need their rights back. It’s bullshit.
In reality, feminism is about leveling the playing field. It’s not only about women. It’s about each gender stepping up to their inherent potential for the greatest good. This isn’t to deny biological differences or the cultural issues they raise, but to address them squarely.
Like every other movement that has existed in the history of forever, feminism has a radical subset that gives it a bad name. And, of course, those who hate the idea of feminism will hold up radicals as the norm. Part of the problem is that it’s extremists who garner attention; so some come to believe they are representative.
Because of a campaign of vitriol against feminism, and that it’s so easy to hurl anonymous abuse on the internet, it’s difficult for people to publicly identify as feminist without backlash (like what happened to Emma Watson). What’s more, there are women proclaiming they “don’t need feminism” because they’ve been misled by an unfortunately effective smear campaign against the movement.*

I’ve not really thought about feminism. I’ve had to deal with the male thought process that they can do whatever they so wish around and or to me. I’ve never EVER liked the feeling that comes when someone else believes that because they have a penis (or even just someone who thinks) they are better than you and can say and do what they want. I’ve met way too many people who do this. I have been made to feel like just because I think the latest fashion is horrendous and don’t choose to follow the fashion pack that I’m a lesser person.

Now that I’m not in high school I can see what bullshit that is.

I recently read a old blog entry from James Fell titled “She Doesn’t Owe You Shit” and quite frankly it still holds true. Of course by old in this case I mean eight months ago (May 2016) so  not a lot in this realm has changed much. Sadly. Oh so sadly.

I know that like all of a certain group, no matter what that group is not all of the people in a group are the same. Just because a few people act a certain way, obviously doesn’t mean that they ALL act in that certain way. I know this. I’m a rather intelligent woman. At least most of the time, sometimes I think my brain found a way to go on vacation without me. So spare the #notallmen or #alllivesmatter crap. No shit. You don’t say. I’ve spent over 30 years on this planet and I’ll be damned if I ever heard that before. [/sarcasm-in case you just couldn’t tell]

Another great entry from James is one titled “Feminism and The Men Who Refuse To Understand“(*) Because I am sorry, all you so called ‘good guys’ still just don’t grasp the reality of life as a woman. There are a plethora of movies and songs that try and bring it to light, but they’re just entertainment right?

Madonna’s 2001 song “What It Feels Like For a Girl“. The movie “What Women Want” which of COURSE is a comedy.

I just wish the good guys would wake the fuck up and actually start helping out instead of just turning the other cheek. There is a time for that, and this is not the time.

Until next time, don’t make hasty assumptions. Sometimes you need to listen and not say anything to understand the depth of what’s going on. Sometimes you just need a sharp slap in the face to wake the hell up. Instead of being offended, maybe you should look around.



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