People just annoy me.

I don’t call people cunts frequently as I use the term for the most horrid of people. Today, I called someone I don’t even know a cunt. She deserved it, I assure you. Apparently according to her anyone who calls themselves an Expat must give up their citizenship of the country for which they were born in. And to be part of a group called Expats in Mexico on Facebook one must apparently do so. WTFF?? I shit you not, she actually suggested that ON THE GROUP ITSELF. I don’t know what anyone else said because I simply said “Wow you went from being mean to a cunt really fast. Way to go!” then blocked her ass and turned off notifications for the post and have moved on.

Currently watching Captain Kirk romance the Princess of Genovia. It’s interesting to be fair. Although the second movie isn’t as great as the first. It got seriously Disney-fied. Meaning it was made to be more of a Disney Channel movie then a typical movie as the first one was. There is Raven who was/is a known Disney Channel star, whereas the first movie was just pure movie. And adding singing to it especially Julie Andrews singing that smacks of Family Disney.

Nothing at all is wrong with Family Disney, I grew up on it and I do adore it. But sometimes something is just…..TOO DISNEY. Today’s Disney just isn’t like the old Disney. Moanna for example was a wonderful tale that was choked to death with songs. One or two are wonderful, even three or four are admirable. But how many? There is at least a dozen songs. Seems like every other scene someone was spitting out a song. And I have always enjoyed Disney animation movies and will hopefully always love them. But if they are going to replace storyline with songs, it’s going to loose it’s charm. Moanna is the first movie I have seen that has made me feel this way completely.

I honestly cannot think of any other Disney movie that has done this so far.

And why in the world is Stan Lee making an appearance in Princess Diaries 2??? Did I miss something in comic book land?? lol

Until next time, it’s perfectly fine to allow a person get under your skin. Just don’t let them sit there and become an infection. Deal with them and then slap some antiseptic and a band aid on it and move on with things.

*The orange kitty in the featured image banner is Baby Kitty. She’s mine and she is the queen of being annoyed.*

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