So um, there was this thing…and this other thing…

And it’s called a brain fart. It’s not that I forgot per see, it’s just that I’d remember at 2 am or so and wasn’t getting out of bed to say hi.

That and I really haven’t had much to say. Been trying to ignore the joke that IOA put in the White House and am constantly wondering how and WHY the bloody hell this is going on as long as it’s been (North America period is going to get nuked with the way the tangerine idiot is going!) and how the hell there isn’t a louder uproar from either side of the aisle.

So last thing I wrote about was going back to the US and then returning to Mexico. And the next day, hubby tripped going out the gate, got his shoelace tangled in the wheel of the luggage and long story short, two closed fractured elbows, small fractures in his left wrist (he’s a lefty as well so yay), and multiple bruises. But the good news is not only do we have medical insurance here in Mexico, but in the end a doctor’s visit, 8 x-rays, two wrist braces, two prescriptions only cost us $250 USD. AND we were in at 5 pm,  walking to Little Cesar’s at 6:20 pm- SAME DAY. Of course things are still going to be a little tight until the insurance refunds us but we all know if we were in the US you would have to add a few zeros to the end amount as well as some hours to the time everything took.

A few things have happened around the world in case you’ve missed any of it, one of the big things is that Jane Roe of the Roe v Wade fame died over the weekend at age 69. Norma McCorvey died of heart failure. Back in the ’70s, McCorvey was 22 and pregnant for the third time. She wanted an abortion but was living in Texas, where it was illegal unless the mom’s life was at risk. Cue the lawsuit that led to the big-name Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide. After that, McCorvey spent years as an abortion-rights activist. Then in the ’90s, she did a 180. She became a born-again Christian and started speaking out against abortion. In the mid 2000s, she even asked the Supremes to overturn her own case. They said no. Started off well but ended horribly. And of course now those idiot Republicans are trying to get it thrown out…again.

I have discovered a couple of good and in my little world important web-sites you should definitely check out more than once. The perfectly named What The Fuck Just Happened Today? Follows the so called president day to day in all the shit debacle he’s causing and gives you a run down of the major fuck ups going on, as well as backs it up with real facts, not those alternative facts Republicans are trying to shove down our throats. Then for those of you who are trying to keep things straight when it comes to the Immigration disaster Tangerine Tyrant created, there is the Daily Skimm’s No Excuses: Immigration page.

Because the smart are going to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
Republicans are going to baulk, baulk, baulk, baulk, baulk
The intelligent are just going to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
We’ll shake if off.
The trump admin is going to lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
His supporters are going to cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
But the world is going to sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh,
and they’ll shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off. Shake it off….

Until next time, is there a preventive measure to keep earworms out? Like Heart Guard that keeps heartworms out of pets???

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