Just because I was born here, does not mean it’s home.

If you haven’t guessed, we visited the US this past weekend. Which is why there hasn’t been a whole lot of me around anywhere the last few days. It was a long physical trip and Internet was the last thing on my mind. The first thing was to go through the four months of mail. Which is ALWAYS fun, unless it comes to the not so fun part, like getting important stuff that has a deadline. Which is so very stupid as all these places KNOW we are out of the country most of the year and they are to call or email us about this stuff. It’s on the accounts! So I made a few lovely calls on Monday.

I also get to see all the stuff I’ve ordered for the last few months, stuff like I may have mentioned before, I had forgotten I had ordered. It is usually stuff that is on clearance or are a really REALLY good deal and since a LOT of stuff cannot be mailed to Mexico as there is no telling when it will arrive (I still haven’t gotten some oils from Jackson Galaxy I ordered last year–got a refund no problem, but I do wonder where they ended up.) so that is always a gamble unless of course the merchant is smart enough to use DHL. Amazon is pretty good as they do use DHL but not all the things you can normally get on Amazon can actually be sent to Mexico. And the Mexican version of the site is….well interesting.

I also got my Christmas gifts hubby ordered so that was completely awesome. He got me a shirt from Big Cat Rescue:i-am-catleesi

I am Catleesi -The first of her name – Mother of meowereen – Queen of kibble and the catnip and the first meow – Lord of the seven kittens – Protector of the red dot – The unscratched – Mother of cats – Magnus cat liberandum – (that’s Big Cat Rescue to you mere mortals)

And I got some great BB8 related stuff bb8-swag a couple of feisty pets-I love them, he got me the Princess Pottymouth and Black Belt Bobby- and finally, he convinced me to get a new 7″ tablet to replace the one that was dropped screen first on a tiled floor back in October. Which of course I love.

It’s been such a tiresome exhausting trip that it has taken me five to six days to write this post, collect the pictures and put it up here. I also feel like utter crap today. No energy, just want to sleep and listen to music or you know…sleep. Lot’s of sleep.

Also hubby may have broken a bone. It’s February so I am not at all surprised. This family does disasters in February. It’s like religion. And sadly clockwork. We’ve named it the FFFC. Farmer Family February Curse.

Until next time, I promise it will be a bigger more exciting post. Can’t tell you WHEN it’ll happen however so, do try to survive without me….LOL.

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