One more hour.

Only one more hour before I have to try to stand up and shuffle off to bed feeling like an 90 year old woman. What’s funny will be the fact that when I’m 90 I’ll have more damn energy then I do now! Only a couple more days of this moving nonsense to live through then it’s going to be an unpacking nonsense to deal with for a bit.

I’ve been trying to unpack as things come in as it’s relatively easy since all the big stuff has been arranged as needed. It’s just finding that extra energy to put things away. Although I will admit that the more news I read/hear the more clean this place gets. I’m one of a few that clean or organize when they are upset or even sometimes bored. And there has been PLENTY lately to upset me.

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even bother, unless I need to clean or organize then I’ll read or listen to something. Usually works or I get extremely snarky. Always fun.

Here are a couple of “letters” I found this week and shared on my Facebook that I think really deserves a read for everyone.

Dear World.. We are truly sorry.

Dear White Friends We certainly should be there for our brothers and sisters no matter the race, religion, beliefs or class! Hopefully more people will start marching for anything they believe in or even just to support friends and family.

Until next time, sleep well my dears. There may actually come a time when a good nights sleep is not so easily obtained. Who needs a time machine?

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