Day Four…….

I know I didn’t post yesterday. It was a combination of forgetfulness, being busy, and my mind being overwhelmingly shocked.

It’s only been four days since the Tangerine Tyrant has been sworn in and he’s already making the country a mess. Every time I see his name come up I feel sick (and I still want to punch that horrible face) and I am scared to read the headlines.

Okay, does anyone remember that scene in Avengers Age of Ultron when Tony Stark as Iron Man/Hulkbuster had to go after the Hulk after the Scarlet Witch did her thing on him? There is one part where Tony is punching Hulk in the face quickly multiple times while saying “Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep!” THAT is what I would love to do to the Tangerine Tyrant’s face. But not saying “Go to sleep!” That is how I feel EVERY TIME I see his horrible smug face. And I have felt this way for YEARS. Since the first time I saw him in a commercial for the reality show he was in, whatever it was where he yelled “You’re fired” a lot. Gah.

He has done NOTHING to improve the country if you are not part of the 1% and can benefit. He is already dismantling the ACA, he put the gag order back into place, he has banned EPA Arigcultrual research team from releasing information to the public, he’s trying to order media blackouts, reopen Keystone XL and the Dakota Pipeline negotiations. There is so much that is wrong but no one is doing anything about it. I am just struck dumb thinking, or trying to think about all of it. And to top it off, the tyrant can’t even handle embarrassment!

I just want America to stand together, look at him and scream in unison loudly

“You’re fired!”

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