I ate too much.

I saw Yum-Yum today, but no KoKo. I also ate too much breakfast and it’s still sitting with me. I may not eat again until dinner….

Hubby has started playing a game that I played when it first came out; Far Cry Primal this is the only Far Cry game I’ve played, and it’s brilliant…except for the part where you are forced to be a guy. Which is why I liked Ark Survival Evolved more. I still like Ark more, but either one are fun to play. I have a trainer to go with my Primal that helps with game play from Cheat Happens. They obviously have other games but this is the only one I’ve played around with so far….although I should probably see what else they have. OH! Assassin Creed’s! NICE. Oh and yeah, you do have to pay for it. But if you have a lot of the games they support (and there is a list) it could just be worth it. Been thinking about becoming a lifer for a while now, just haven’t pulled the trigger.

I have an project I am waiting for pages to be done on so I can finish it up. Probably won’t take more than a day to do but I don’t want to say for sure cause we all know what happens next. And no, I’m not able to say what the project is and won’t for a long time by which time I’ll completely forget I did it.

Next up. Moving day begins on Saturday. Although there isn’t much to pack up, not much HAS been packed up. -_- We’re just moving across the city and not THAT far so it’s not a huge deal not to be packed up. Then we’ll need to visit the US next month and see what’s going on there (joy) and pick up mail. Which means travel to the US light, but come back heavy. Meaning lots of mail, nothing else. Well, maybe some clothes, a few toys…nothing illegal.

Until next time, be wary when your eyes are bigger than your stomach.


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