Almost forgot!

Yep, I almost forgot to do a post today. No reason I would except I get distracted easily but generally come back round again–eventually.

Saturday we’ll start moving into our new place down here. I’ve mentioned this before, and it ended with pictures of the neighborhood kitties that I’ll miss. SO it’s a yay! And Boo! moment. I hate those. So many conflicting emotions. I do so hate them.

Saw Yum-Yum and OB today. OB of course has warmed up to me and is completely adorable. She still rubs up against the bottom of the car, so my hand was black-ish when I was done.

Sorry to cut this short, but sort of watching Hancock and listening to music and wondering what the hell I’ve eaten in the last couple of days.

Until next time, neuter or spay your pets. Help the ones roaming homeless in your neighborhood. A single act of kindness is better than any spoken word, any dollar in your pocket.

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