For the love of all things…

First, wander over to Wil Wheaton’s corner of the Internet world and read his post. If you’re like me and haven’t seen the movie in question, it is now on your to watch list. Where ever I stuck that list….nope, this is last month’s grocery list; wondering where that went. I find it interesting that I can be so organized but at the same time loose things so quickly and randomly. It’s like I organized it then forgot where that might have been. I blame stress from the last year. Which of course just means I may die of stress before the next four years go by.

And now for something truly sad, I don’t remember what I was going to post about. Go me.head-desk-brave

Seems like every damn time I jump online the main object of attention is who that bloated orange wind bag* is madly tweeting about. He gets in so many fake fights (I say fake as is it really fighting if you are doing it through a tweeter feed?) that it is quite pathetic. The fact we keep talking about it is just as pathetic as it encourages him to continue insulting every and any one, place or thing.

Can the Secret Service (why are they really called that? We KNOW they are there!) quit their jobs? I know they pledge to protect the (wo)man in charge, but does the orange baboon (sorry to all baboons) really deserve their protection? Why should these brave people put their lives on the line for a thing that goes out and actively pokes the bear?

Is it at all possible for a human to successfully hibernate for four years??? Yes, as an inspiring anthropologist I know this isn’t possible. Besides, doing so may mean I miss some damn awesome opportunities to poke the bear in charge (I am so sorry to all the animals I end up using to name this pathetic thing that will try and ruin run America come Friday!).

Different road: Why is male masculinity such a fragile little thing? Aren’t women suppose to be the fragile ones (ha, as if!)? There are a lot of different views of what a real man is, and I think it really depends on what area of life you are talking about. Like “Any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy” That seems to be saying to me at least, that if you want to be a real man, step up to your responsibilities in this case raising children which is really a good thing. But then there is men who believe that in order to be one of those ‘real men’ you have to be the perfect image of straight, macho, imposing (not to mention, defensive about all of the above). What. The. Fuck?

Anyway, I think Manny said it best when he said “Being a man isn’t about how ‘tough’ or ‘masculine’ you are… it’s about taking care of the ones you love,”

And I am so going to leave it at that. Too much going on in this fragile world to focus on one good/bad thing.

Until next time, for the days when you can’t even do remember that it is only for a day and the world will not end if you take a can’t even day. We all need them. After Friday it might become a can’t even week…or month…hell let’s go for year. Yes a can’t even year is upon us. Have blankets, snacks and streaming app ready!


The world is full of nope.

ETA: I really hate that if you don’t have a certain size for the feature image it is either not shown or only part of it is shown. Which has been my reasoning for the weird images lately–weird in there is a LOT of blank unused space, usually only seen on Facebook or Twitter.

*I am still searching for that one term I like enough to use for the next four years that really shows how much I hate and disapprove of the man creature.


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