Not all men.


I am sure anyone who has talked about sexism have heard those three words; Not all men. And while I get that men don’t like to be grouped with those who are being pointed out as sexist just saying that little phrase reveals a sexist double standard.

I’ll admit that until I saw the comic below I didn’t really think about it much. I generally tend to ignore the whole ‘Not all [enter something here]’ statements as everyone has said it before. I just got done telling someone on Facebook who was saying that if a person can’t even get their McDonald’s order correct why should they get a raise in minimum raise “Not all employees slack and fuck off at work.” While we all know that statement is true, there is always a reason for someone messing up your precious order at a fast food restaurant. They’re new. They work more than one job and is running on more than 8 hours of working. Or they in fact are slacking off and socializing more than working.

Deep down I know we know this. Not all is sort of a given really. Like the example given in the comic; not all parents worry about the rising costs of college. Parents in Germany don’t even worry about it, but it doesn’t make those in the US any less of a parent or their concerns any less valid then the German parents. Just because you in fact do not do or worry or care about a certain thing doesn’t mean you absolutely have to say NOT ME! or NOT ALL [fill in the blank]. Not all men believe women belong only in the kitchen or the home and not out in the world working. But some do. Not all women date a guy because he has money or fame. But yes, some do. Not all guys are really the ‘good guy who finishes last’. But a few are.


I picked this up at Every Day Feminism

Until next time, remember not all anything, but don’t be overly offended if you are grouped in with others of questionable morals or actions.


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