*Bursts into tears*

Just watched ‘The Six Thatchers’. I have to say that I came to the same conclusion Sherlock did at first about the reasoning, and was completely caught off guard for all the rest. And there were tears as most who have seen the episode can understand. Sadly I haven’t been able to watch the second one yet. I’m only five days behind now which is better then where I was I guess.

Not going to spoil it in case there is someone out there worse than me and hasn’t seen it yet. I hate spoilers. I’ve had to stop following all my Sherlock themed pages on Facebook since NONE of them could put the word ‘Spoiler’ any where and even if I didn’t stop and read what they wrote, I could still see some of it when I scrolled by which could still ruin things. It was bad enough I found out the baby’s name beforehand. Not 100% a horrible episode ending thing, but it’s like when someone accidentally tells you the sex of your baby when you didn’t want to know until it was born. Not the end of the world, but quite disappointing.

Other than that there isn’t anything extremely worthwhile going on. Not complaining what so ever. I haven’t seen Yum-Yum for a few days and that worries me. It is quite normal not to see him for a day or two, but it’s been perhaps almost a week. He seemed perfectly fine last I saw him. Perhaps a little cranky, but still overly vocal and wanting food and attention. KoKo still shows up like clockwork. No matter what time I get around to getting the food out (I do love to sleep) I can count on KoKo showing up a bit after I get outside. Of course I am not quiet about what I am doing; banging the empty dishes on the ground (to get the ants out if there is any) and tapping my spoon against the can. Used to be Yum-Yum’s vocals would cause KoKo to show up. I do hope he’s okay. I’d hate to think anything could happen to him in our little gated/walled community.

I’m having to use my tablet instead of my laptop as my Tsubaki has stolen my desk chair. Hubby loves to point out that I can easily move her, you know since she’s not a huge tiger but why take the chance on disturbing a sleeping cat? Do you know how vindictive cats can be? Tsubaki isn’t really the vindictive sort, she’s the sweetest little fluffy black cat you’d ever meet….if she finally came out to say hi–she and her brother are a bit shy at first. when they know you they’ll hide for a bit. Me and hubby are the only ones they don’t hide from once they know it is us walking through the door.

Cats certainly are curious creatures.

But then again, most creatures are don’t you think?

Until next time, don’t be that one person who spoils things for others. Just don’t. I know many people don’t have this desire to have everyone like them (and this is not a bad trait) but it doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way to make people hate you.

Or at least do so for a different reason then ruining something that could be a person’s only pleasure left.


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