Is it 2023 yet?

I do not know what it is lately but all I have really wanted to do is curl up in bed, listening to music and allowing my mind to wander to different imaginary places. I even feel a little sickly and wonder if that has anything to do with what’s going on. Maybe I need to adjust my meds. The featured image sort of shows how I am feeling I guess.

I am disheartened by the political sham going on in the US. I have literally ran away in order to survive on many different aspects but it doesn’t mean that the going ons back ‘home’ have no effect.

I am usually really excited to visit home as this tends to mean I see people I miss and get my mail which almost always has stuff I have forgotten I ordered or entered contests for. This is like having christmas every few months or so.

I haven’t even watched the new season of Sherlock yet. SHERLOCK PEOPLE!!! It’s like me not seeing the new Marvel films….WHICH I HAVE NOT SEEN DOCTOR STRANGE YET EITHER. I am starting to wonder if I am loosing interest in the things I generally adore. It’s not like I do not have the time or ability. I just HAVEN’T done things yet. There is a bit of motivation to do them, but apparently not enough that I actually do them.

Many people will blame the holidays for this sort of meh, blah mood, but I don’t really care for the holidays anyway. Meaning not seeing people you’re suppose to see at these times of year doesn’t bother me. The same as going to a certain building once a week to profess your faith doesn’t appeal to me either. Neither event makes much sense to me so not doing them is not the problem.

I have of course paid attention to television shows I’m interested in (except for Sherlock) which might be more due to the hubby liking these shows (don’t think he cares for Sherlock much) so he plays them. I enjoyed the new Grimm, looks to be interesting as it generally is. Won’t spoil it for you if you’re a fan and haven’t’ seen it yet.

I’ve been playing Lego Jurassic World again, starting over and hopefully getting through the entire thing (used to glitch really bad in the third movie game play so I never managed to finish it before–haven’t even gotten to the second movie game play as I am going back through the first one and getting all the ungetable goodies I couldn’t get through story play).

I got a new game; Jotun which I am looking forward to playing. I like mythology very much and might be okay versed in a few of them. Favorites being the Classical Antiquity Greek, Roman; North African – Egyptian (possibly the one I know most about); Arctic — Norse; British Isles – Celtic; Mesoamerica – Maya, Aztec; These I know something about, but there are a few that I’d like to know more about (counting the ones I’ve already listed).

Ancient —Babylonian, Arabian
East Asia — Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan
African diasporic – Hoodoo, Vodou

You know…fun stuff.

Maybe I just need to pet all my cats and cuddle them — then brush them as I realize just how much fur they are shedding.

Until next time, do what you have to do in order to feel the way you want to feel as long as you are not hurting anyone including yourself, in the process.

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