Still didn’t forget, just didn’t wanna.

I have a remarkable skill of talking myself out of doing things or putting it off until much later. I did that yesterday even though I probably could have said a couple of words. But I played with music instead, as in bye-bye Microsoft Groove. As a whole it’s not a bad player, it certainly does what you want and can even manage to successfully if not eventually manage to sync your playlists across devices.

But what it cannot do, what I really like it to do is go into a mini player mode. So you know, it’s not covering a greater part of my screen and I don’t have to minimize it repeatedly when I want to look at something or skip around in music when I don’t feel like listening to a play list. So I spent yesterday looking for a player that can do that and I found AIMP which so far is pretty good. Just like the players of old you can customize it and it does however take a bit of playing with to figure everything out. Which is what I was doing.

But today, if you haven’t guessed by the featured image of Tilikum the Killer Whale from SeaWorld I want to talk about something else.

The whale who is well known because of good and bad things throughout the years died this morning. Until a necropsy is performed it will not be 100% certain of what he died from but he had been fighting a complicated bacterial lung infection. The suspected bacteria is part of a group of bacteria that is found in water and soil both in wild habitats and zoological settings.

When I heard that he died this morning I felt sad and then immediately mad. Not at SeaWorld who actually gave him a great home compared to where he was when they rescued him but at the uneducated ignorant people who are going to immediately use his death to further their worthless cause to get SeaWorld shut down and all the whales “back to their natural environment.” Wake the fuck up, it will never happen as SeaWorld is more than just the killer whales, but your head is so far up your ass you won’t see that.

I despise and am against any organization who believe the whales (and other animals currently under the constant care of SeaWorld) should be released to die horrible deaths in the wild. I admit those are not the words they would use, but it’s the truth. Mockumentries like “Blackfish” of course did not help SeaWorld or the whales themselves as it is one sided and monumentally full of falsities and lies. Before you flame me in the comments educate yourself not only at SeaWorld Answers but in other places as well. It’s called Google or if you prefer Bing so learn how to use it. If your comment is an educated one that I feel will further a discussion I’ll allow it. All others will be screenshot and put up for mocking at a later date. My page, my rules, bite me.

I was born and grew up on the Pacific Coast in Edmonds Washington and frequently saw the whales around the Sound. Until a few years ago I had never even been to a SeaWorld, as of today I have only been to the San Diego and San Antonio ones. And yes California you are fucking idiotic uneducated ignorant bastards.

I knew of SeaWorld and wanted to go as although I could see and sometimes hear the whales in the wild there was no way I was ever going to get to see one up close or learn anything about them. Apparently jumping off the boat into the water when orcas are nearby is frowned upon. I cannot describe the feeling the first time I saw a show. It was December and in San Antonio so I can tell you it was cold and I was not in the splash zone. I also recorded the whole thing and can tell you I didn’t much care for the program itself as I cared about seeing the animals.

I’m always all about the animals.


I would never have got to have the feeling I did at SeaWorld sitting in a boat. I would never have been able to see all the remarkable things the whales could do or learn about them sitting in a boat. Unless of course I was a marine biologist which at one time was quite high on my list of ‘Going to be when I grow up’ and probably still is on the list. But even then…..

I do not understand the hatred people have of zoos, aquariums and SeaWorld. I’ve heard many if not all their arguments on how and why these institutions are bad and must be shut down permanently. None of them make sense and after years of reading and hearing about these arguments they still make no sense. Perhaps they do to the uneducated. Much like having trump as a president made sense to many Americans –and even now still does. There is no excuse today to be uneducated. There is literally a whole wide world of information at your fingertips if you know how to use it. Not just googling but knowing what information is accurate and trustworthy. Yes, it may take a lot of time and dedication, but doesn’t learning something new always does?

You no longer have to go to college to learn something new, just to get a degree in what you are willing to pay millions to learn (and that is an entirely different post worth thinking about).

Until next time, remember that it is perfectly okay to have strong opinions, but it’s even better to listen to the opinions of others and respect them, if not learn from them.

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