No, I didn’t forget….

Honestly. I did not forget yesterday to post something. I was gone all day long and then some. I took a little trip to Teotihuacan with the hubby, a friend and his group yesterday which started at 8 am and didn’t end until 2 am. It was suppose to end at around 9 pm. But yeah, that just didn’t happen. And no it’s not as exciting as you are probably thinking!

In fact, it included the hot sun, lots of walking, restraint from buying everything I saw, leg cramps, a raging migraine and car sickness. Also included was laughing, jokes, learning and snark. See? Not as wild as you were hoping.

It all started with our friend who will take groups of people to see the archaeological sites around Mexico. We already tagged along on another trip to a smaller less known site so going to Teotihuacan was of course a no brainer. For those of you who do not know, and don’t feel bad there are a lot of people who are not familiar with this and many other sites, Teotihuacan is a big tourist and local attraction. It’s huge and hard to explain so if you are curious, here are a couple of links you can peruse to learn some interesting things about it.

Another thing that unless you live in Mexico you are not going to know is that the price of gas rose on the first all over the country. I know you probably are sitting there going “Yeah, so?” The regulation of gas and the prices works quite a bit differently here in Mexico then it does where you are. Google it if you want the details. The thing is, the prices didn’t just raise a little bit, they were raised quite a bit and understandably people here were upset. So upset that groups started creating blockades around the gas stations and even on the roads. Some even took over the gas stations themselves and were distributing free gas to others (again, hit up Google as I KNOW you are clueless).

I have no problem with these protests at all. And the fact that they are being done with no guns and peaceful (in most cases) is just awesome. The problem came when it was time to go home (about 5:30) and we discovered that every place we tried to get on the main highway was blockaded. Our friend has a few connections and just really knows how to talk with people so he’s jumping off and on the bus talking to people trying to find either an unblocked entrance or a leader of any of the groups we encountered to see if he could get them to let us through.

There is about 25 of use counting our friend and the driver and we were having no luck at all. This is about the time my brain thought to add to the fun by giving me a sharp headache that slowly grew into a mini migraine (ha, who the fuck am I kidding?). Then to add to the fun, we kept having to back up–in a large charter bus. I tend to sit either in the front or as close to it as I can possibly get because I sometimes have a nasty habit of getting car sick. Going backwards A LOT did NOT help that nasty habit at all.

We finally just pull over after being blocked for the fifth time (as in they pulled the semi truck right in front of us before we could go any further) and our friend went to find out some information or something. By this time I can’t keep my eyes open, which of course makes me feel sicker and a lot of us now have to use the bathroom –it’s about 8 pm by this time and so many of us get off the bus, myself included.

We’re not within any place that has public bathrooms as we’re in a small town and many things are closed up for the night. I’m sitting on a large concrete block with my head in my hands as I was stupid enough to not bring any pain relievers. One of the ladies saw me and asked what was wrong. Thankfully she apparently is a walking pharmacy (with all the normal restrictions of course) and hands me a couple of Advil, which despite the fact I shouldn’t take them (stomach reasons other than car sick) I really don’t care and I take them. Our friend comes back and informs us he managed to talk a bakery owner into opening up and allowing us to use the restroom.

I guess the entire bus had to go by this time so we all gratefully followed him to the bakery. I was one of the first in as everyone did in fact notice that I wasn’t doing very well. I went back to the bus after I was done, and let me tell you the last thing you want to smell when you’re sick to your stomach is a bakery full of goods you’d normally find mouth watering. It’s just me and hubby back at the bus and I just start crying cause I’m tired, I’m sick  and I have a fireworks display going off in my head and the sounds around us are just NOT helping what-so-ever.

After soaking half the hubby’s shirt he got me some water and I crawled back onto the bus and reclined the seat to see if I couldn’t at least get some quiet rest. My head does start feeling better and our friend has come back saying the group is headed for another destination because they want to back up the blockade there that is being threatened by armed guards or something (keep in mind only half of my mind is working about now) but we have a limited window to get the heck out of there. Let’s say it did not take long for that bus to fill back up and we were once again off.

We did manage to get on the main highway, but there’s a blockade on it as well. Which takes about an hour or so to clear. After that we were pretty home free. But seeing as we were north of Mexico City and we were heading to the other side (that would be south) we still had an hour or two before we even got back into our home city. Even after we did, we had to go back to the school to get our car and then we managed to get home a bit before 3am.

Needless to say, I slept all damn day and I am not ashamed to admit it. So tomorrow I’ll do the post I wanted to do yesterday and you can count this one as the one for today.

Until next time, get plenty of sleep and always keep your head when things go sideways as later it’s going to be one hell of a story to tell!

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