Welcome to January 1, 2017

I’ve made no reservations to do anything or to stop doing anything this year outside of this blog and trying to stay alive. I’m rather sure that the latter goes without saying, but seeing as I’m an American woman I felt it probably needs to be said. Sadly. I’ll be going back up to the States shortly for a very brief visit and quite frankly I am more scared of going up there then I have ever been here in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

2016 was a rough year to be honest. Mainly emotionally. It started off well I think, or so bad I have blocked it from memory. We lost quite a few celebrities this year. And a few tech products as well. We all had our own losses in our personal and business lives and have at some point gone to bed with tears in our eyes and a heavy heart.

2017 is a new year so a new beginning. Not quite sure what that is really suppose to mean for most people. Obviously we’re starting a whole new year, and some people may start a whole new way of life, or outlook, or how they feel about things. Or maybe even a new chapter. Sadly to have a beginning at all means something comes to an end.

For some irrational reason I am glad 2016 is over. Like the end of the year is going to stop what has been going on from continuing (wouldn’t that be lovely?). That creature America has elected to ruin run the country will soon be taking office. Wars of all types are still being fought, people are still hungry, homeless and desperate. A new year will of course bring good things, but we cannot go joyously into the year without remembering what we are bringing with us. I am not glad however that I will spend the next three months forgetting that it’s 2017 and have to fix the mistake.

It’s really hard to think pleasant thoughts with the taste of 2016 still stuck in my throat. Hell, it was hard to know what I did with my passport when I noticed it wasn’t where I have always kept it for over a year and a half now. Doesn’t help matters that we are moving later this month and somehow it got packed in a box that thankfully is not taped up. -_- First crisis of the year thankfully diverted. That would have been one hell of a crisis!!

Yes, we will be starting this year soon in a different house. As much as I really like the house we’re moving into it makes me really sad to be moving from the one we’re currently in. But for only two small furry reasons–and if I’m completely honest with myself it’s really like five. The biggest complaint I truly have about Mexico is how animals are treated. To them it is weird to share your home with an animal. So there are a LOT of strays to be found. In our complex alone there are five I know about. And I have named them all and have come in contact with petted and fed each of them.


This is Kao K’o-Kung or KoKo. As you can see, he’s a Siamese. Possibly not one of those purebreds, but that certainly doesn’t matter! He’s quite sweet and quite curious. Had to be handed to me once by the guys who delivered our new bed as he had to check out the back of the truck. He talks, but not too loud and not in that demanding way like his namesake. He’s the darker and slightly smaller of the two Siamese.



Meet Yum-Yum. This darling little boy (I think it’s a he) will bitch you out loudly if you happen to be late with the cat chow. If KoKo isn’t there when you walk out and Yum-Yum is, KoKo will be there shortly! If you are familiar at all with a certain series by Lilian Jackson Braun you should recognize where the names come from. Yes, I have waited a long time to be able to name two Siamese after those delightful cats!


This is Orange Ball or OB for short. I think it’s a she but she’s a little bit shy and makes you wait for her to come to you. She’s soft as you’d imagine her to be and she likes to talk. I think she’s the youngest in the complex as she certainly is the smallest.


This is Little Black. He’s the cat that started it all. He would sit outside our door and meow “Hello!” until I opened the door and sat outside with him. He is quite shy and like OB you need to wait for him to come to you. He is the reason I started feeding the outdoor cats. He reminded me strongly of my Memnoch who died in 2013 and who I so terribly miss. I think he’s the neighbor’s cat as I see him over there quite a lot and he still comes to the door every now and again, but probably because of KoKo and Yum-Yum not as much as he used to.


I *THINK* this is the eldest of them all. He certainly is the one with the most mileage visually. He’s also the only one I can confirm the sex of. He isn’t the biggest fan of KoKo or Yum-Yum and for the most part they leave each other alone, but every once in a while you can hear them growling at each other. I see him most with OB and for the longest time I though he was a momma cat because of OB. He doesn’t allow you to pet him for long, and he’s the only one who has made use of the cardboard box hide-aways I made when we first moved in.

These are the only things I will miss once we move. It’s funny how the very thing hubby says made him fall in love with me is the biggest thing that now annoys him. My unending compassion for creatures that are not human. Not a big fan of many humans, but I have a lot of trouble ignoring an abandoned animal. Might have to do with the unresolved issue I have with feeling like I’ve been abandoned many times in my life. Who the fuck knows right? I like taking care of things that seems to appreciate my attention and is more than willing to supply some of that attention right back.

The house we are in now is okay but it is just WAY too big for just me and hubby. We have a master, a guest room and then a cat room just for cat toys and litter boxes. There is a living room where we have our desks, the projector and Xbox One. Next to that is basically an unused area that has a lot of cat toys and the indoor garden which we were told when we moved it that a gardener would take care of but that person hasn’t been seen since we moved in and naturally the garden is pretty dead. There is a dining room that the cats use for their dishes and where my lion table is currently sitting. Then there’s the kitchen which for the size of the house the area is a bit small. Each room has it’s own bathroom, the guest room having the only bathtub that was SUPPOSE to be a jetted tub but of course it’s all window dressing–meaning it doesn’t work you can’t even turn the knob and none of the switches in the room do anything for it. We only get hot water in the kitchen and that one guest bathroom, except for lately where there is no hot water in any of the showers. But we do get hot water in the bath tub. I’m not one to take a lot of baths.

A LOT of the switches do nothing. There are missing light bulbs in areas even my 6’3″ tall hubby can’t reach so they’ve been left as is. When we have a problem we have to figure it out ourselves with help from friends. Last time something major happened in the house we had to pay for it to be fixed then threaten not to pay rent until we were reimbursed, which of course ended up being the amount taken off that months rent. And the icing to the cake was the fact there is someone living underneath us in our three story condo that we weren’t told at all about. Even the realtor had no idea the guy was down there. And his girlfriend cannot part worth shit and so we have to park elsewhere and the last time we did we lost our passenger side mirror as we hit a tree we had no idea was that close to the drive due to the fact we don’t normally park there. Of course now that we have to park there we know the tree is that damn close.

So yes, getting out of this condo is going to be really good. The new place is smaller, but still three bedroom. The master is an obvious master and is large, which is good as our king sized bed set is large. It also has some furniture already in it, which is also good as almost all of our stuff is in storage units in the States.

I could keep going but I have honestly run out of steam. I hate complaining and to me it always feels like it’s all I do any more. Perhaps I should complain less this coming year.

Until next time enjoy the holiday while it lasts, try to remember this is a new year and steel yourself for all that is to come.

Featured image is by Artist Chris Barker who freely allows the image to be shared. The image, which contains a collection celebrities who have died in 2016, and has become an emblem of the year. Barker has asked that in lieu of payment, donations be made to the Jo Cox memorial fund.


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