Watch out for Amazon Reviews.

Once again I am finding out something sinister about Amazon dot com. A mouse I bought in July of 2015 the Dragon Slayer (Mpow® Dragon Slayer Wireless Optical Gaming Game Mouse Mice Adjustable DPI Function:1000-1600-2400-4000 for PC/Computer to be exact) is no longer available on Amazon. Back when I first got this wonderful mouse I did a review on it like a good little Amazon buyer, a few months later I did an update. Well today, as Amazon is wont to do from time to time, I get an email asking if I can answer a certain question someone has about the mouse…I think “Sure! Why not? I still love it, I am sure I can answer the question.” so I click and the question is if the mouse can be used left handed. I start trying to use my mouse left handed and then I glance at the name of the mouse and freeze. It says, Habor New USB 7 Buttons Wireless Professional Game Gaming Optical Mouse Mice 500/1000/1500/2000 DPI Adjustable for PC Laptop Desktop Notebook which of course is NOT the mouse I bought. I even looked in my order history to make sure, and yep, it’s not the mouse I bought.

Dragon Slayer Wireless order

I clicked on the link there and guess what? I’m taken to the Habor USB 7 Button mouse. So I decide to search for it on Amazon and I found links for it, but it is listed as not available and when I try clicking on the link in the search engine I am taken to that Habor mouse.

Now these mice are NOT similar in any way. PC Gamer has called the Habor mouse the ‘worst mouse ever made’ and many people actually like the Dragon Slayer mouse on Amazon, but now because they merged these two mice reviews together, it is hard to tell what reviews are for the Dragon and which are for the Habor. So I rewrote my review to add that my purchase was for a completely different mouse. Whether Amazon actually approves of my new review is anyone’s guess. I’m thinking they won’t because it paints them in a negative light. I left the review for the Dragon Slayer, I stand by it, but not by Amazon who is apparently now merging reviews from other products giving hard to sell (this is of course an assumption I don’t know how well the Habor is selling, but if we’re to go on what PC Gamer said about it, it’s not selling well) products better reviews even though some of them are not for the product in question!

Now you might not be able to find the Dragon for $15 like I did, but Newegg does have it from the same sellers Amazon gets it from so they are still being sold and you can get one here. I think it’s worth every penny and at the least you can compare the two mice yourself and see how different they are from each other.

Dragon 1

The Mpow Dragon Slayer Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

Mpow Dragon Slayer Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse W/ Adjustable DPI 1000-1600-2400-4000 for PC/Computer

Ergonomically design (Mpow Dragon Slayer adopt ergonomically design which naturally curved grooves for fingers and thumb to enable to feel comfortable and hold infinity in the palm of your hand. Even Long-term use without fatigue.)

Top Speed Rate (With AvagoA3050 chipset, enjoy up to 7000 FPS scan rate,250-500Hz Polling rate,20G Maximum acceleration.)

Multiple DPI Shift (Support four gears DPI adjustment: 1000-1600-2400-4000,enjoy free quickly change speed in your games with one key.)

Customized Function keys, Specific button functions and free switch between Gaming and Video Control Mode.

Three colors LED scroll wheel, automatically switch between red, green and blue in gaming mode and video control mode.

Compatible with Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8.Mac OS X.

Habor Wired gaming mousee

Habor Wireless Professional Gaming Mouse

Habor New USB 7 Buttons Wireless Professional Game Gaming Optical Mouse Mice 500/1000/1500/2000 DPI Adjustable for PC Laptop Desktop Notebook

–The DPI LED color light will be constantly changed after set up to certain gear. (Could not stay to –certain color)
–Buttons: 7 buttons with scroll wheel
–Tracking systems: Optical
–The Max DPI: 4000 DPI
–Ultra-precise Scroll Wheel
–Optical technology works on most surfaces
–Ergonomically designed, long-term use without fatigue
–Switch Life: 5 million cycles
–Adjustable DPI Switch: 820 DPI (Red Light)/ 1600 DPI (Green Light)/ 2400 DPI (Blue Light)/ 4000 DPI (Violet Light)

The Habor mouse seems to go by many names. When PC Gamer got one it was called Easterntimes Tech X-08, when they reviewed it they mentioned that Amazon had it called ZhiZhu® New USB 7 Buttons Wireless Professional Game Gaming Optical Mouse Mice 500/1000/1500/2000 DPI Adjustable for PC Laptop Desktop Notebook. So who the hell knows what mouse this really is!

So now we know. When looking at reviews on Amazon, make damn sure the review you are reading is actually for what you are thinking about buying. And when you’re reviewing something, make sure you put in your review what you bought and are reviewing so others know they are reading what they think they are….or some crap like that!

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