War against Women.

For the first time in my life, I am afraid to live in the United States. I am afraid that as a woman I won’t be able to walk down the street without my husband there to protect me, drive without my husband’s okay or even choose what I do with my own body. A body I own, no one else.

If you think I’m being dramatic, then you are more in likely a man. Or you’ve been hidden in the house with no outside contact by a man.

In my oh so humble and bias (because I am in fact a biological woman–not that biology has everything to do with it) opinion abortion is no one’s business. Not the town’s, not the city’s, not the state’s and especially not the country’s. The ONLY law on it should be this: No person of any rank, of any office, of any sex may involve themselves in an abortion without permission from the body in which the fetus is in. There will be no additional restrictions placed on any clinic or hospital that ops to do abortions. No man will have a final say in the abortion process, even if he is believed to be the father. It will be illegal for anyone to stand outside any clinic or hospital to harass any woman who has chosen to get an abortion. No woman will be shamed for the choices they deem right for their own body. Federal funding will be available for any clinic or hospital in need of the funding and cannot be revoked for any type of procedure that the clinic/hospital performs. No employer has the right to decide for it’s employees what type of healthcare is right for them. This includes what types of contraceptives or vitamins an employee chooses to use. Once a woman has chosen to have a procedure done she then does not need to do anything else, but set up a time and date with her doctor of choice. Should she change her mind, she will not be penalized for doing so in any way. No cancellation fees, no hoops, no regrets. Support will be freely given to a woman if she so desires to have it and it will be given in support of any decision she makes about her own body. No one has any right to order or restrict any care that a woman or man is entitled to. The woman may choose what will happen to any part of her body that is removed; if she desires she will have all her options explained to her to her contentment and understanding. No religion shall be forced upon another, nor shall the religious views and beliefs of one be forced on another. Whether it be the nurse, doctor, assistant, receptionist, or anesthesiologist, the only religion that matters is that of the person getting a procedure alone. Clinics and hospitals will not be treated as a secondary church in of itself.

Of course I’m not an attorney or law writer so the lingo is probably on the low side (meaning any idiot can understand it) but something as close as that works. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my body, if I am allowed to remove a cancerous mass (believe it or not, most women do not want kids) or what types of birth control I am allowed to take. If you make birth control affordable and easy to acquire, the rate of abortions go down. I’m told this is a proven fact. And using common sense alone I know this is true. But there are studies out there that actually support that.

What prompted me actually writing about this is this article, which I highly recommend you read:

Pro-Choice Leaders Warn That the Election Could Take Women Back to the 1950s

Yes, I made the link large so you can see it and perhaps it’ll slap you in the face. Going back to the 1950s is not a win in a woman’s book. Just ask your grandmothers about that time and what it was like compared to now for women. Some of you may already know because your grandmothers are always saying how amazing it is that women today have such freedoms and what type of shenanigans they would have gotten into if they had the same freedoms growing up. Some of those I rather not have running around in my imagination, but thank you grandma for the insight. This is important. Many don’t think it is, but they tend not to have a uterus or they hold to their religious beliefs. That is perfectly fine. The whole point of religious freedom is that a certain religion or any religion is not forced upon you by another. I will not sit here and tell you your religion does not matter because for you it does. Just like I hope you will not sit there and tell me only your religion matters because for me, it really doesn’t.

Until America is done with it’s war on women, I won’t be coming home to stay. I may never live in the States again, and for a citizen, that is horrific and sad.

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