Making A Murder

Or in this case a huge debate that leaves the Internet on two clear sides. Guilty and Not Guilty. This is an extremely long entry, over six thousand words so be comfortable before reading. Sorry I couldn’t say it all in less. (6893 words)

First, let me tell you that I do not have the entire case in front of me nor available to me and I have done my research. At least what I can find that wasn’t crap about him being innocent or not (mostly is).

There is nothing to suggest, as things stand that he is guilty. Now, if you would shut your damn mouth and listen, maybe you will learn something. I also am not positive that the man is innocent. Again, just shut the hell up. You more in likely, if you do not have a science degree, know a damn thing about what would make or brake this case.

The whole handling of Brendan Dassey however is so totally led by those police officers that his whole case should have been tossed out of court. I do not know how NOT A SINGLE PERSON could see that poor 16 year old being led by those cops. Not only that, but he was interrogated without a parent or attorney present. You just don’t do that with minors. He was so obviously trying to find the things the cops wanted him to say just so he could go home (4 hours? Are you kidding me????) I would be guessing at what they wanted me to say just to get the hell out of there! Not only that, it was proved that he is a slow learner with a low IQ (Let me just say this now, I think that entire county has a low IQ). There is *NO* evidence that can suggest the boy was anywhere near Teresa Halbach or Steve Avery on October 31 (the apparent day of her murder). Not a single strand of hair, spit, sweat or semen. NOT A DROP OF BRENDAN’S DNA. Brendan is for all scientific purposes a completely innocent idiot.

The ONLY DNA found in Steven’s house is, well Steven’s. Not even Teresa’s DNA was found in the trailer. Especially not on the Toyota key that she used on a daily basis. HER OWN KEY DID NOT HAVE HER DNA ON IT. How the devil is that even possible?? It should have been there! One thing that isn’t covered in the series is how they know it’s her key. Since it only has Steven’s DNA on it, one wouldn’t make that connection. Even if it did fit her little Rav 4 and start it, wouldn’t really mean it’s HER key.

In my searching for things other than utter crap, I came across some of the photos of the evidence from this case. If you have seen this series, these aren’t really anything new but it does help you take perspective of how everything in this is totally screwed up. The first few are nothing, just pictures of Steven, Brendan and Teresa (obviously not together). But #5 is of the salvage yard. Right away I can tell you that isn’t the entire picture. Where Teresa’s Rav4 was found isn’t even in that picture.

Picture #9 shows the bottom of a burn barrel that is suppose to have some of Teresa’s remains as well as her camera, pda and phone. It takes quite a few episode’s before you even hear about her personal effects and where they ended up. Now I do not have a real trained eye, but I do not see a camera (nothing like the one she’s holding in picture #6), or pda. Since I don’t know what type of phone she had, I couldn’t tell you if that rectangle is the remains of her phone or not. Or even the clear piece beside it.

Picture #10 is a close up of the nightstand where apparently Teresa’s Rav4 key fell out of after being manhandled for the who knows umpteenth time. I can see how it could get stuck there, but for someone to manhandle it and the key to fall out but UNDERNEATH a pair of slippers? Not so convinced that is how gravity and physics work.

Picture #11 however is a new piece that none of us watchers knew anything about. Apparently Steven’s DNA was found in the form of sweat on the hood release latch of her Rav4. Now why the fuck would he be getting under her hood? WHY? There is of course no reports of something being mechanically wrong with her vehicle, or any explanation as to why he might have done this. But of course we weren’t originally told about this so an explanation would be moot.

Picture #12 is of another piece of evidence never told to viewers. The pants button of Teresa’s jeans she apparently were wearing the day she went missing. Which of course someone knew what she was wearing (perhaps her roomie?) when she went out that day. Of course anything you find that has been burned is going to be showing up if in fact someone beside Steven killed and burned Teresa then dumped the evidence here, there and waaaayyyy over that way (that rock quarry a ways away from the salvage yard).

Now what picture #13 is one piece that really confuses the living shit out of me. Imagine if you can that you just killed someone say in your bedroom. And you previously learned from an inmate while you were wrongly incarcerated for a rape you didn’t commit that the best way to get rid of a body is to burn it (fun fact: a body doesn’t cremate unless you can get the temperature up to  1400 degrees–that’s the optimum temperature funeral homes like when cremating a body–also not all the bones turn to ash and there is another step to the cremating process. You can google cremations to find any number of FAQ pages from funeral homes, this is the first one I found, from the National Funeral Directors Association.) Since your personal burn pit is just a few hundred yards away from where you are currently sitting, are you going to go ahead and grab the body and drag it through your house out the back door (you can see a nice diagram of Steven’s trailer in picture #8-not sure which bedroom she was said to be killed in) directly to the pit, or say you killed her in the garage as was finally said was done at the end of Steven’s trial by the delightful Ken Kratz, are you going to drag her lifeless bleeding body to the pit and have yourself a fire? OR are you going to go grab HER Rav4 (instead of say something that is scheduled to be crushed or permanently parked somewhere since you are on a salvage lot filled with many possibly still running vehicles and the aforementioned vehicle crusher) drive it to the back door/garage, throw her body in it then drive over to the pit? THAT is the only reason there would be her blood in the back of her Rav4. Of course no one actually gives us a theory as to why her blood is there.

14-21 are pictures of her bones. What rubs me here is the prosecution has a forensic anthropologist (what I wanna be when I grow up) who says UNDER OATH that Teresa was killed from a shot in the head. Since not all of her bones are accounted for, THERE IS NO WAY FOR HER TO KNOW THAT WITH ANY CERTAINTY. No. She cannot say that Teresa’s cause of death is a shot to the head. There isn’t even enough of the cranial bones left to construct her whole skull to get a good look at those two holes this so called forensic anthropologist points out. Yes, they can/could be bullet holes, but without the rest of the skull it is hard to know this with any certainty. Also there is no mention of knife marks from all the stabbing and throat cutting Steve and Brendan were suppose to have done to her.

Ah, the glorious key. I’ve already said my thoughts on that key shown in picture 22.

23 shows us for the first time Steven’s gun that he apparently used to kill Teresa with. Now I do remember it being mentioned that his gun was tested and was to have been found with NO TRACES OF TERESA’S DNA anywhere in or on it. Yes, it could have been cleaned, but blood is a funny little substance that like sand, gets EVERYWHERE. Especially those tricky places that a person of low IQ is NOT going to think of cleaning. Also if it had been cleaned, I think we would have heard about it. Of course there was no mention if it had even been shot recently either.

This is said to be the only known wound Steven had (picture 25) and in order for him to have bleed anywhere in the Rav4 where they have found his blood he would have had not to be wearing gloves. Which in order for him not to leave a SINGLE FINGERPRINT in the entire vehicle he would have had to be wearing. There is no mention of if his fingerprints were found on the hood or hood release latch. From the look of the picture, it is Steven’s right middle finger that is cut which would explain the small smear by the ignition of the Rav4, but I do not believe in the pattern found in the picture (#34). Nor does it really explain the blood on the inside of the passenger door (#35). Also I’m not a wound expert beyond being human and having my own wounds from time to time, but that looks pretty healed and not bleed for quite a while. Now of course it is said he was arrested on November 11 so he could have healed some since October 31 (He has his own wiki page. Although we all know that wiki isn’t the best place to pull information as it is written by people like me and you. It is however a nice starting point when researching subjects. Usually).

We get a few nice pictures of the burn pit, as well as the areal view showing just how easy it would have been to carry/drag Teresa’s body from the trailer OR garage to the burn pit thus not needing the assistance of the Rav4. And if you think about it, he could have moved the burn barrel to be closer to where ever he was. Just like to mention that this is the first time I have seen a dog that isn’t a police dog being photographed by a crucial piece of evidence.

So. If you have a auto salvage yard complete with a pretty good vehicle crusher that you are well knowledgeable on how to use, are you going to park your victim’s vehicle on the edge of the yard and then strangely cover it with branches and other auto parts that doesn’t at all blend in with the surroundings where a passerby (or search team) might notice it. Or perhaps, if not crush the damn thing and have it trucked out of there asap, park it somewhere in the middle where it may never be seen by any passerby’s or search teams? Pictures 30 and 31 answer that one for you. I do not for a moment buy the “God showed me the way” explanation of the women who found the Rav4. To me, it was too easy.

After many days of searching the trailer and garage suddenly there is a bullet fragment! Oh hooray! It was “hidden” under a compressor! A compressor that has no blood splatter on it! Take a good long look at photo 44. You’ll have to go forward a little to do so but look at it. Now the compressor in question is hidden behind the car against the back wall. It’s hard to see it through all the CRAP in that garage. Crap by the way that has not a smidgen of DNA blood from Teresa despite the prosecution claiming it was here, in this garage that Teresa was shot and killed. Go ahead and start going back to picture 37 taking a good look at the pictures as you go back. You will notice how much of that crap they had to move just to find this one magic bullet. Even if Steven moved the car to shoot her, there would still be DNA flying everywhere, not to mention on the floor which so obviously has not been cleaned in some time. Perhaps she was actually killed in the car which had a window open so the bullet flew out the window to end up under the compressor???? It’s just as good of a theory as any. Personally, I think it would have taken 8 weeks just to go through the garage ALONE. At least properly. Also think about how the bullet would have actually gone had say Steven had Teresa standing where the car is pictured, her back to the back wall and compressor. Now if the bullet when through her head, it should and would have likely buried itself in the wall behind her (or any wall if the bullet hole was in any part of her skull instead of the frontal region) and not in fact just laying around in dust under a compressor. There’s no scientific backed way for this bullet to end up under the compressor. Mayhap if she was laying on the ground and he shot down at her and it hit the cement behind her head, but then there would be A) lots of nice blood flowing with Teresa’s DNA to be found and B) a noticeable impression on the ground from the bullet that would have DNA and skull fragments in it.

Now let’s speak about this wonderful piece of evidence that has Teresa’s DNA on it. One that should have been tossed because the damn tech screwed up the testing and didn’t follow protocol and say the results were inconclusive as she should have. No she followed other orders which were to place Teresa in the trailer or garage. This woman apparently spent months on this little piece of evidence using up the entire sample so that no other lab would be able to test it themselves. That just doesn’t sound right. I get samples can get used up, it happens to the best technicians, but you follow protocol because it is there for a reason.

We are finally getting into the rooms that should, by Brendan’s statement be at the very heart of this investigation. The bedroom(s). Picture #46 shows us how very messy Steven seems to be. Unless of course as it may have happened, this was taken AFTER someone already ‘tossed’ the room. In any case I want you to see the large amounts of blood that has dripped down the front of this tv and dresser and the pattern it made on the closet door behind it. Isn’t it just amazing that even though these items are at the foot of the bed a good amount of blood hit them? The next few pictures until #50 show how the arterial blood sprayed the walls when Brendan and Steven stabbed and finally slashed Teresa’s throat. It can be quite disturbing to see a mattress that is soaked with blood and the headboard as well as the foot board all scratched up from the poor woman thrashing around trying to escape her attackers……what? Don’t you see it? IT’S RIGHT THERE CANNOT MISS IT! Well that’s strange, according to my scientific knowledge (and a google search and talking to a biology professor who probably thinks I’m off my rocker) if you stab someone and then cut their throat there will be blood just EVERYWHERE! So hard to clean it ALL up. I mean that carotid artery (located in your neck) is a major artery so it’s going to have quite a bit of blood coming out of it. Oh, perhaps it’s the wrong room??  There are two of them..but these are the only photos of a room shown here so…But no, I am not seeing something you do not. There is NO BLOOD OF ANYONE’S mentioned being found in either of the bedrooms. There is at one short time mentions of drops of blood in the bathroom I believe, but this is quickly forgotten so must not have been anything useful.

I guess this next picture (#51) is of the van she came to photograph. It’s not labeled nor is much mention given to the van that brought her to the Avery property.

Another shot of the steering column of the Rav4 and it’s ignition then a shot of people shifting through the dirt and ash of Steven’s burn pit wraps up our photographic evidence available to us. If anyone finds more photos that are creditable, please let me know in a comment.

Absolutely none of those photos present me with the feeling of absolute certainty Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach. Nor of Brendan Dassey’s involvement. This of course by no means says Steven did not do it. I am however inclined to believe that the only innocent one here is Brendan. The timeline provided by the bus driver and Brendan’s mother cannot place him with Steven when Teresa was murdered. If she was in fact murdered on October 31. She might not have been, we do not know the exact date she was murdered and there is NO WAY WE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT. Anything that would have told us with any certainty has been destroyed.

Let’s just say for a moment that Steven DID in fact kill Teresa. BUT, the Avery Auto Salvage was not the crime scene. Let’s say that after Teresa was done photographing the van she gave Steven the bill of sale and a Auto Trader magazine (these being in the house in no way can prove Teresa was ever in Steven’s trailer as in fact none of her DNA was reported to show up anywhere but the bullet and the areas where her remains were found) and maybe Steven made sexual advances towards her (I suggest this as I found a brief article that has Ken Kratz claiming that Netflix left out a big important chunk of evidence; Teresa has dealt with Steven before as he was known to use Auto Trader to sell vehicles and that she was quite creeped out by him–there also was another piece that asked real time attorneys and police their thoughts on the case and Josh DiGiorgio, Former police officer (street patrol, uniformed, tactical team breacher) mentions in his ‘On the other side’ section that our favorite DA Ken Kratz said Teresa was at the property on October 10 where Steven greeted her at the door in only a towel to photograph a different vehicle and she had asked her employer not to send her to the Avery place again as Steven scared her. But when Steven called for photos of the van he actually requested Teresa and knew she found him creepy so gave Teresa his sister’s contact information–this may be where Netflix got the idea that the van was his sister’s and she was selling it.) and she more in likely turned him down. Guys, you have to admit being turned down stings. And I give you guys props for being strong enough to suck it up and try again even though you could very well be turned down again by someone else (or if you are persistent the same woman). But let’s say Steven isn’t that type of guy. Her rejection stings really bad and the more he thinks on it the more upset he becomes from it so he jumps into a vehicle and goes after her thinking he just wants answers. He catches up to her, manages to get her to pull over in the middle of nowhere and does ask her what her deal is. Why turn him down? He doesn’t like the answer and although he does not plan to he hurts her. Now we can get really imaginative and suggest she tried to speed away but Steven followed her and forced her off the road in a grand action movie style car chase, but there is no mention of damage to the Rav4 so let’s just stick to what we have in front of us. He hurts her and either beats her badly somewhere on the side of the road (keep in mind we are literally in the middle of nowhere. This means very little traffic), throws her in the back of her Rav4 and drives back to his place.

Now we do have a somewhat good timeline to keep in mind. Brendan and his brother (who I cannot believe we hear NOTHING about until he shows up for the trial) are dropped off by the normal bus driver (as in she does this route day after day and isn’t a substitute driver) around 3:40-3:50 pm. It is said that the Rav4 is at the property. I do not remember if either boy says they actually SEE Teresa taking photos; it’s really hard to remember what was said by anyone other than Brendan, the prosecutors or the defense, all who I am trying not to use too much in some aspects, especially anything they got out of Brendan. Let’s say she was seen. So that means from 3:50 to 4:00 pm Teresa leaves (remember that guy Scott (?) who was heading toward the Avery Salvage when Brendan’s brother was headed to go bow hunting said there was no one at the Salvage yard when he got home and was also the brother’s alibi and the brother was his). There is no mention or anyone asking if Steven is still on the property, this I assume is because the DA’s office is so certain the murder occurred on the Avery property, mainly the garage OR trailer, you know, where ever that technician who should be fired can place Teresa with DNA. But there is no well, law saying it absolutely HAD TO HAVE HAPPENED on the property. He could have gone after her, with or without the gun, after all they did find 11 shells in the garage from his gun (that he probably had for a while now and probably have shot it a few times and since he was found innocent of the crime that landed him in prison for 18 years there is no reason he cannot legally own a gun–unless he did something else between him being released and all this happened that made him legally not allowed to own a gun) so for now let’s leave it at home. So he confronts her, things go bad she gets dead and he throws her in the back of her Rav4 and takes her back to his place to burn the body (since he suddenly remembers this is a good way to get rid of a body).  There is no reason to shoot her as she’s already dead and I think Brendan would have heard any shots fired (as he was home) of course he may not question it since apparently people hunt around the area anyway. And he’s not very bright, he is watching television and playing his Playstation (which in 2005 authorities could have gotten the data from the Playstation servers that show just how long he was playing any games as they log that automatically–but no one did.) so he many not have heard any shots if there were indeed shots fired…and 11 of them. Cause they found 11 casings so of course in that mess of a garage one can only come to the conclusion that he shot her 11 times which none of the other bone evidence show any signs of stabbing or shooting except that one cranial bone). After Steven burns her, he dumps the ashes into his burn pit and spreads them around then starts gathering up things around the yard to throw on top of the ashes to burn to bury the ashes of Teresa. This would be close to I guess 7-ish? Brendan’s mother has already come home (5pm) Brendan’s friend (or was it relative? I am confused on this as there are a lot of family involved in this whole thing) went trick-or-treating and his boss calls (why didn’t anyone question this boss person about his call?) where Brendan says the person’s gone trick-or-treating and then Steven invites him over for a bonfire. Now the reason I am confused about who the person who went trick-or-treating was is due to the fact that no one said that they went trick-or-treating. The guy who saw Brendan’s brother on the road said he was coming from the hospital and went back to the hospital and I believe Brendan’s mother went with him-or on her own- so it couldn’t have been him and Brendan’s brother went bow hunting (just a quick note: arrows are round and can leave holes that look like bullet holes). NO ONE admits to trick-or-treating! In any case the Rav4 has been “hidden where anyone could find it if they are looking for it” and Steven has another bonfire. No one mentions any vehicles missing from the property, more in likely because no one would know. Steven isn’t even said to have a vehicle of his own, which of course if he had one would have been checked for Teresa’s DNA.

That’s how it COULD have happened. But what about….

I mean the murder could have happened at the Salvage yard, that is a big chunk of land (40 acres?) she could have ran from Steven because he did something creepy and got hurt by tripping or something of that nature and he didn’t know what to do. There is a reason mothers do not want their children playing in salvage/junk yards. There is so many dangers to be found there, twisted metal sticking out at strange but placed just right to hurt the hell out of you angles, glass from vehicles (not just the window glass which is actually designed so that it doesn’t hurt you much should it shatter, but headlight/taillight glass that isn’t designed in such a fashion and not to mention other glass from bottles or glassware that may have been in the vehicle or chucked there from passing vehicles or teenagers throwing a party), tires, fallen tree branches. There is no real strong evidence saying the hole found in some of the skull is from a bullet, something else could have done it in which case Steven freaked, grabbed her Rav4 and picked her up from where ever she got hurt and drove her back to the trailer to then put her in the burn barrel (where I assume the actual burning of her body took place), then later hid the Rav4 and came back, spread the ashes and piled stuff on top to burn later.

BUT. If Steven is actually innocent….

One of his nephews went bow hunting. I’m willing to bet that none of his hunting equipment was checked for DNA. It is a good possibility that he accidentally shot her in the head….or purposely, we do not really know this kid well as all the focus is on Steven. It could also explain why the DNA in the Rav4 pointed to Steven (we know not how in depth the testing was and as we share DNA with family, it’s what makes them blood relatives and not family of our choosing, it is likely that a relative did the murdering), the nephew who is not Brendan could have been driving along and saw her on the side of the road because something was wrong with the Rav4 (this would explain why anyone would open up the hood) and something weird/creepy happened between the nephew and Teresa. Struggles happened, someone ended up dead. Freaking out the nephew could have called the guy who was coming back from the hospital and told him what happened and then together came up with the plan. They may not even meant to pin it on Steven but because of the Manitowoc police department’s narrow vision focused on Steven because of his case against them, they just let it slide and said nothing. One of Steven’s relatives said that the day Steven was found guilty of this crime was the best day in the world. I believe this is the same one that was coming back from the hospital–I am not 100% sure he went back to the hospital after returning home. It very well could be that the reason that was the best day in the world is because the justice system found someone else guilty of your crime. I don’t have the best relatives in the world, but I would never say that the day they are proven guilty of a crime that it’s the best day in the world. I usually leave that for something like my wedding day or perhaps even the birth of a child. Something happy.

My point in all these words is that the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department should NOT have been involved in any way. They should never have been on the property at all during the search, they certainly shouldn’t have allowed the very people who are named in Steven’s lawsuit to be there. Manitowoc County should have known enough to back off and allow the other county full control. Then there would have been no question of evidence planting. It could also mean that nothing would have been found at all, we don’t know. We can’t know. No one has shown any evidence that makes me say Steven is guilty OR innocent.

Since the salvage yard is not fenced, it is possible that someone could have dropped the Rav4 on the property. I mean it’s a good place to abandon a car! And they probably didn’t feel comfortable enough to drive it very far onto the property so that’s why it was on the outskirts. The person responsible may just be in Manitowoc County and I do so hope that if Steven really didn’t do this, the person who did doesn’t do it again (but it’s likely they will) as that would mean another life lost — although it would also mean that Steven and Brendan are innocent and that Manitowoc County could be looking at a bigger lawsuit from the Averys’ and Dasseys’ not to mention the newly murdered person’s family. I think, at least I would certainly hope that if that indeed happened, that the Federal Court would get off it’s ass and take a good hard look at what the hell is going on in that state.

And then I found an interview with Jodi Stachowski (remember her? She was the ex-fiance that was in prison for a time for DUI?) and what she had to say about Steven after Making A Murderer came out does not paint a pretty picture of Steven at all. It would seem, she herself believes him to be guilty. All that lovely dovey stuff you see on screen? All an act. This would explain the weirdness of her parole officer getting a restraining order of sorts that she cannot have contact with Steven. At first I thought this was a below the belt hit at Steven’s emotions, trying to separate him from someone he loves and therefore break him down. But after reading the interview I could see how that now made sense. Until I got to that last paragraph which made me stop and go, wait, what?

It’s been more than 10 years since Halbach’s murder, but Stachowski say she still feels incredible guilt, revealing that she was supposed to be with Avery the night Halbach disappeared and feels she could’ve stopped him.

………….wasn’t she in jail for drinking and driving at the time Halbach was murdered? Cause wasn’t part of Steven’s alibi the fact that SHE CALLED HIM FROM PRISON TWICE THAT DAY? Okay so then I actually watched the video that’s on that page of the interview and dear god! I’m not an expert at much, and especially not one anyone would be calling upon to decipher body language but the fact that Jodi cannot look the other woman in the eyes and keeps blinking? Good signs that she’s lieing. Also the pauses mean she’s taking the time to really think up her answers. Also, the whole working while in jail thing, I think (but again not an expert and have no idea just using that little known and used thing called common sense) that the jail would provide Jodi with the transportation should she have a job that she was allowed to continue outside the jail. If you know different, please provide proof in the comments. If there were reports of her abuse, why weren’t they used against Steven to argue the case? I mean that’s gold right there! That shows a jury (and us dingbat armchair attorneys/juries/forensic scientists) that there is a reason to think he is in fact capable of killing a person. The way the DA had it, it was like someone saying Mr. Rodgers (pbs Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood) killed someone without showing us how the kind hearted man we all know is really a monster. We’ll never believe Mr. Rodgers is capable of such a thing (and I only use him because he is someone I can think of quickly who I know would and could never do such a thing as murder and is someone many people will know. At least of my age, which explains the links).

We all know, not just from the documentary but from years of watching television that phone calls from any jail are recorded. If in fact Steven Avery called Jodi and told her that if she didn’t “say anything good and nice about him” she’d pay, there would be record of that. And we would have seen this by now out in the wild of the Internet.

I watched all 32:07 of the video and took notes while watching. Here’s what came to mind while watching Jodi claim Steven is a monster:

She claims many times that she was beaten by Steven, yet there are no visible in juries seen on her in any of the footage shown. It is possible that those were edited out, but if so there would be little footage available, with the exception of her coming out of jail and being on her own for a bit.
She called Steven at 5:56pm on October 31 and talked for 15 minutes. Conversation was normal. But she doesn’t remember it very well as it was 8/9 years ago. She remembers saying it but no longer believes it. She then admits that she thought that he did sound funny, like he was hiding something. She says she didn’t believe he was innocent even back then and that he was capable of hurting people.
She said that he had once told her that “All bitches owe him because of the one that sent him to prison the first time.” Although in the documentary he said he doesn’t blame her (Penny Beerntsen, the woman he was said to have raped back in 1985 but DNA proved he didn’t).
For some strange reason she never said that she believed he killed Teresa to anyone. She claims it is because she thought Steven would get out and hurt her. She says she feels deep guilt over Teresa’s murder and is quoted of saying the following:

“The day this happened Steven was suppose to pick me up to go to a AODA class (a drinking class) but for some reason, which I still don’t know the jail wouldn’t let me out. If they would have let me out, she would have still been alive, because I would have been there.” *tears*

However, there isn’t any way to know if he would have still killed Teresa or if he was as much of a monster as she suggests, she might have been killed as well.
When the senior producer who is interviewing her asks her if she has anything to say to Teresa Halbach’s family she doesn’t say sorry to the camera like many people would. Many of us would have looked right into the lens and offered a heart-felt apology for their loss, she does not. She does glance that way, but quickly moves her eyes away.
She claims that she was suppose to testify against Steven, but the prosecution never used her.
I wonder however if she is trying to block it all that has happened out, why is she doing the interview? It’s dated January 15, 2016. Is it because of the amount of people who are calling for his release? If you are going to show them he is a monster, you had better come with some good evidence in hand and be ready to go through the shredder.
Also why does she even put Brendan there? There is nothing saying he was involved. She has never witnessed Steven being mean to family.
No other woman has come forward with how much of a monster Steven is being said he is. We would have seen it on the internet by now. Or perhaps we shall be seeing it soon?
Why doesn’t she hand over the letters she received if they show he’s a monster, which is why she’s doing the interview? If she has actual written evidence of how much of an monster he is, she should show it to prove the words that are coming out of her mouth. I am sure since she is in the system so to speak she would be easy to find in ways of address, but why does Steven have it? Wouldn’t you think she would have filed a restraining order against him? I have done it for much less than what she is accusing him of.
Interviewer is smart, she brings up my biggest pet peeve of this case; the lack of bloody evidence, and in this case I mean actual blood, not just a British swear word.
Jodi, not so much as she, like apparently many others replies with a simple “I don’t know”. They found Jodi’s blood in the trailer? Is that the blood they showed that was in the bathroom??
She would have had to seen Steven and the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department together as she said police had come and asked her what happened when she called police on him for abusing her.
She has a child. This made me blink as I think this is the first I’ve heard about her daughter. Where has this poor child been all this time? Surely not with her and Steven. And on the subject of kids, where are his?
She has never seen him act violent towards other people.
There are police reports! Showing up at her work and threatening her.
Went to the racetrack once with her mom and dad while she was still in jail? What kind of jail is this?? Is this something that is normal? I’m sorry but I am having a lot of trouble finding out if people are allowed to be roaming around while serving a DUI/OUI sentence in Wisconsin. There are special circumstances that allow in house arrest type of deal, but I do not think Jodi would have been allowed this and she is in the jail, so….
Can a whole family be evil enough not to warn women off from Steven? Can’t answer how she sees the family besides dysfunctional. She can’t know his brothers due to the fact she says she was never allowed to talk to them.
Two boxes of rat poison would probably kill a person not just make them sick enough to be sent to the hospital.
Police found no physical evidence that Steven assaulted her by choking and beating her until she was unconscious. He was arrested and went to jail. (police report)
Stayed at the trailer after she got out of jail. Why didn’t she talk to her PO and get moved even though he wasn’t there.
Court documents: Charles (Chuck) Avery has a history of violence towards women and a reason to set Steven up because of monies owed and part of the Avery Auto Salvage business.
No contact between her and Steven was set up by her PO who then said it was in her best interest to move (no shit!) so she would stop getting in trouble. If he wasn’t there, I would have still grabbed ALL MY SHIT. Especially things that were near and dear to me. There should have been no reason why she wouldn’t have been able to collect all her things and disappear. Everyone was busy with the case!
Deep down we know nothing. The public have not seen Steven as a monster at all.
I would have offered his ass up in a heartbeat.

“It was so long ago. I don’t know”

I think I am getting burned out on the subject to be honest. So the only link I have left that has little to no information about the actual case but does show how strong that mob mentality is among people smart and idiot a like; From Steven Avery to Justin Bieber…..

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