Have we become thin skinned?

Pachycephalosaurus (/ˌpækɨˌsɛfələˈsɔrəs/; meaning “thick headed lizard,” from Greek pachys-/παχυς- “thick”, kephale/κεφαλη “head” and sauros/σαυρος “lizard”) is a genus of pachycephalosaurid dinosaurs.

I’m 36 and I can’t even begin to say the name of that dinosaur. I suppose a few kids out there are more able tongued than I, but the majority of them probably are not. So to shorten the name, as many people do even with easy to say words as most cannot be bothered to say an entire word, the name Pachy pops out. Trike instead of triceratops (I can say and spell that one!) Raptor for velociraptor, T-Rex for tyrannosaurus rex, pterodactyl for any flying dinosaur (there’s more than just the one kind you know), stego for stegosaurus, do you see where I am going with this? Shortened names don’t have the luxury as a nickname would. If one was to give the Pachy a nickname, perhaps it would be something like head butter, or thick head. But you’re not going to get a whole lot of people whom you actually want to know what you are talking about, know what you are talking about.

This has been shortened as such for, who knows how long now and slang for different races of people have been around just as long if not longer. But suddenly you have a movie that has the line “The pachys are out of confinement again” and everyone and their dead ancestors get butt hurt over it. Why? Or more importantly, why now?

Pachy is a racial slur used by many uneducated people to described people from Pakistan or southern Asia in general. Or rather ‘packy’ has been, but since the two sound so close (much like trike and dike?) it might as well be one and the same. Is it that people are upset over the use of the word itself or the line in the movie and how the word was used?

Pachy–and let’s be perfectly clear here: I use the shortened version not because I am trying to upset people (even though I do not think you should be getting upset at all, the use has more in likely been around longer than you have) I use it because I am not about to try and type out the full name. This would require me having it either already copied so I can just paste it in whenever I wish to identify the dino or I’d have to scroll to the top of this post or look at the wiki page in the tabs (and the name actually is so long that it isn’t even fully on the tab!). Not only that but as a reader can you honestly say that it isn’t just a little bit exhausting if not mental tongue tie to see the word pachycephalosaurus and have to slowly go over it or mesh it up?

Pachy, as I was saying, has been around since it’s discovery in the 1850s in Montana, USA. Usually thought to roam North America and Asia. The name itself has been around for almost as long, although it wasn’t until 1985 that it was used regularly instead of Tylosteus which by ’85 hadn’t been used in fifty years. Although Pachycephalosaurus was actually established as a genus in 1943. The point is, it’s been around for a bit now and so has the shortened version. While unlike a nickname many will call it as such. Nicknames are names that are given to a person or creature based generally on their personality or if the creator is mean a physical trait.

Now since the person who is being the biggest baby cry on this is a comedian named, no sorry NICKnamed ‘Guzzy Bear’ (must be a UK thing) one has to wonder if the bro is being serious or if he’s joking. How anyone would take such a man seriously to begin with is a question of course, his use of ‘bro’ for every other word is annoying as well as a depiction of his level of education (in American the use of bro is only done by those who didn’t get through their sophomore year of high school -that’s 10th grade mates and usually by those who have smoked a wee bit too much mary jane/Cannabis/marijuana). I listened to the video found on ijreview web site (where they spell the name of the dinosaur completely wrong making it look like paleontologists purposely named it after the Pakistani people) until my ears bled due to the way he spoke. Not knowing the comedian at all (first time I’ve ever heard of him) I can’t tell you if he’s serious.

However, Dawn News has said that the video is a mock upset. But as usual enough people are uneducated enough not to know that the spelling and the shortened version have nothing to do with Pakistan or its people. As you can see in the twitter posts, like the one made by 5’2 butmythroat 7’4. Yep, I’m trying not to laugh too hard at that name and it’s implications. All it takes is two minutes to google the name, even if you misspell it, as I did I assure you, you will get the true spelling and information to learn something new. It actually boggles my mind that people do not use the Internet to learn new things! They only use it for social networking. I grew up in the 80’s/90’s and learned computers and have become pretty damn good at researching things (good for anthropology don’t you think?) and I do try to do research on things before passing them off to my followers on Facebook/Twitter. I can be lazy from time to time, I’ll admit it, but when it’s something such as this I do research what I want to talk about.

This also is not the first time Pachy has made an appearance in a Jurassic Park movie. In fact they are spoken about greatly in the second film as it ran rampart in the InGen camp breaking everything up. One of the characters (Dr. Robert Burke R.I.P.) explains that the pachy is quite territorial and will lower its head until the spine is completely straight and use the thick skull to crash into each other much like mountain goats.

Scientists once suspected that Pachy and its relatives were the bipedal equivalents of bighorn sheep or musk oxen; that male individuals would ram each other headlong. It was also believed that they would make their head, neck, and body horizontally straight, in order to transmit stress during ramming. However, it is now believed that the pachy could not have used their domes in this way.

Foremost, the skull roof could probably not have adequately sustained impact associated with such ramming. Also, there is no definitive evidence of scars or other damage on fossilized Pachy skulls, although recent findings may contradict this. Furthermore, the cervical and anterior dorsal vertebrae show that the neck was carried in an “S”- or “U”-shaped curve, rather than a straight orientation, and thus unfit for direct head-butting. Lastly, the rounded shape of the skull would lessen the contacted surface area during head-butting, resulting in glancing blows.

It is more probable that the Pachycephalosaurus and other pachycephalosaurid genera engaged in flank-butting in intraspecific combat. In this scenario, an individual may have stood roughly parallel or faced a rival directly, using intimidation displays to cow its rival. If intimidation failed, the Pachy would bend its head downward and to the side, striking the rival pachycephalosaur on its flank. This hypothesis is supported by the relatively broad width of most pachycephalosaurs, a trait that would have protected vital organs from harm. The flank-butting theory was first proposed by Hans-Dieter Sues in 1978, and expanded upon by Ken Carpenter in 1997.

When it is mentioned in Jurassic World the animals have trackers implanted in them that will shock them if they get too close to the ‘invisible’ fence that is all over the island that keeps the different types of dinosaurs apart in their own areas. But because these particular animals do like to smack their heads against things they short out the shocking part of their trackers so they are constantly out of their containment area. Mentioning them at all may have been a wink to the second movie since there are many winks/easter eggs in Jurassic World (see previous post) and nothing more than that.

Take offense if you really want, although it’s absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time. There are so many other important things to take offense to, say like confederate flags being used as symbols of heritage when some look at that battle flag (that was actually only used in ONE battle btw) and see hate, pain and repression.

Until next time, choose those offensive moments carefully. If you allow your self to be offended over little things and many of them, you are going to be looked upon as someone with no skin at all. Also if you need to better understand what it means to be ‘thin skinned’ research it and let me know what you find in the comments.

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