Jurassic World. Did you miss something?

I have had quite a few opinions on so many issues and things both important and not so important lately and haven’t really expressed a lot of them except through Facebook. And we all know how world changing Facebook/Twitter can be.

Since I just read an article about it, I want to start with Jurassic World movie. Do be warned that there may be spoilers.

Personally, I adored it. I also liked Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park The Lost World and yes Jurassic Park 3. Let me say it’s because I like dinosaurs and it thrills me to be able to watch them as if they really have been de-extincted. Things like this fascinate me to no end, I’m a visual person, it’s the same reasoning I like DragonHeart and both How to Train Your Dragon movies. Plot and good story come in a very close second, makes it much MUCH better of course and much more likely I’d watch the movie again (although I have watched Jurassic 3 quite a few times). The thing that is slightly getting to me having read a few articles on Vox on Jurassic World is they seem to have forgotten WHY these dinosaurs were created in the first place.

A lot of liberties have been taken with all these movies as there is no 100% way of knowing how any dinosaur looked, acted, moved or reacted to it’s environment. As many know many new discoveries have been made since Jurassic Park’s astonishing release. Mainly FEATHERS. I have read a few complaints here and there how none of the films after JP have feather’s on their dinosaurs, with the exception of a nod in JP3 on the raptor’s heads, which to some apparently isn’t a big enough nod.

From what I have come to understand by watching the films and looking at time lines and what I know about DNA, I think this is easily explained by the fact that for Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 (nope, can’t decide if I want to abbreviate (JP, JPLW, JP3) or keep writing them out sorry) the DNA in the dinosaurs aren’t complete and the frog DNA that was used to fill in the gaps is more dominate than the DNA factors that would say create feathers. I’ve personally never seen a frog with feathers and so it’s DNA would have the dominate allele (oh please google that as it would take a post all on it’s own to explain DNA and alleles!) that would keep feathers from forming and these alleles more in likely dominated any of the feather producing alleles. Without actually looking at dino DNA I couldn’t really say, but it is a good assumption or hypothesis.

What about Jurassic World? Well, people are really hard to please and if you presented them with a dinosaur that looks like the ones we’ve been seeing (exhibit A) and one that resembles what they might actually look like (with the feathers- exhibit B) they’ll pick exhibit A. Like it’s mentioned in the movie people want bigger, louder more teeth. Something with feathers just doesn’t scare people. No idea why not, but it doesn’t. Jurassic World as a theme park was created to try to make people happy, this means hairless, featherless dinosaurs and now with the ability to give adults nightmares. As if a fully grown raptor wouldn’t already do so, but we learn that they aren’t “park broken” yet. Meaning they aren’t ready to be viewed by a public as they would more often than not try to hunt said public which could bring a whole new level to the theme park, but they weren’t ready to really go there. So bitching about how Jurassic World has no feathers seems quite ridiculous if you think about it in that context, which I have and so those bitch fests have been annoying me. I cannot be the only person who sees this?

Exhibit A (Velociraptors from Jurassic World)

Exhibit A (Velociraptors from Jurassic World)

Exhibit B What scientists think a velociraptor really looked like.

Exhibit B What scientists think a velociraptor really looked like.

On the Jurassic theme, more towards the first Jurassic Park a paper was apparently written by two women of all things called “‘There Is No Unauthorized Breeding in Jurassic Park’: Gender and the Uses of Genetics” by Laura Briggs and Jodi I. Kelber-Kaye. Briggs and Kelber-Kaye say Jurassic Park’s real theme is women run amok. The she-dinos are reproducing without men and trying to stomp out the two-parent nuclear family (consisting here of Alan Grant, Tim, and Lex, with occasional appearances by Ellie Sattler, Grant’s partner). I thought that when Dr. Malcolm said that life finds away and the whole pointing out why frog DNA was a bad choice due to the ABILITY TO SWITCH SEXES meant that not all of the dinosaurs were female anymore. Last I checked females cannot reproduce without a male sperm from SOMEWHERE. So there HAS to be male dinosaurs right? Did I miss or misunderstand something? Did all those biology classes lie to me?

On the female/male dinosaur thing real quick, no where in Jurassic World (movie or their really wicked website) is it said that all the dinosaurs are female. In fact, one of the raptors name is Charlie. Granted that could be a female name and since Owen is ex Navy it could be because like the other three raptor’s names (Blue, Delta and Echo) it’s part of the military phonetic alphabet. But I like to think it’s because that raptor is actually male. The website (JW’s) actually mentions that while on the Gyroscope (so wicked!) do not get between mothers and their babies which suggests that breeding is happening. Not just the creating in a lab. Also since it was obvious there was breeding in JP3 the whole idea of the dinosaurs being female should have died once egg shells were discovered in JP! So, why didn’t it? An expert has even mentioned that the T-Rex from the third movie had male coloration. Usually in the animal kingdom males are brightly colored while females are dully colored (to better blend in to the environment should they be protecting eggs or offspring).

I also do not understand the complaint that Jurassic World doesn’t acknowledge the second or third film. For years I have heard people bad mouthing these films while secretly loving them and now they cry because Jurassic World stands on it’s own? Think about those movies for a moment. The second and third movies was all about a secret second island that no one knew about but was where the dinosaurs really were bred and created. Think of it like taking wild animals out of the wild. Tigers from India, lions from Africa, kangaroos from Australia and move them all to a zoo. Why would Jurassic World acknowledge that? Is it not enough that it does have quite a few nods to the first most important film?? Did you miss those? Let me point them out:

1. Although Ian Malcolm isn’t in the film, there is a couple of nods to him. One is found towards the beginning of the movie when Zach and Gray arrive at Jurassic World and they’re on the monorail. Their escort/babysitter is behind them reading a book that just so happens to have a picture of Ian Malcolm/Jeff Goldblum on the back cover. The other more noticeable one is towards the end of the movie when Claire goes and “fetches” the T-Rex. She uses a flare to get and keep its attention then direct that attention to Indominus Rex. Where have we seen something like that before?

Universal Pictures.

Universal Pictures.

2. The creator and mastermind behind Jurassic Park John Hammond is mentioned quite a few times throughout the movie as well as the visitor center named after him and did you see the bronze statue of him?

John Hammond in front of the Hammond Visitor Center from Jurassic World.

John Hammond in front of the Hammond Visitor Center from Jurassic World.

3. While Zach and Gray explore in Jurassic World, they pass some young girls who get sneezed on by long-necked baby herbivores. This is exactly what happens to Lex (Ariana Richards) in Jurassic Park.

4. And speaking of T-Rex, the one in Jurassic World is believed to be the SAME one from Jurassic Park! If you look at her carefully you’ll see scars on her sides from where the raptors attacked her at the end of Jurassic Park. Sadly I am unable to find any good pictures of her from Jurassic World so you’ll have to go watch the movie (again) to see for yourself.

5. As for human characters, Dr. Henry Wu, played by B.D. Wong, is the only character from Jurassic Park who makes an appearance in Jurassic World. He may be one of two characters if a Reddit user’s theory actually proves to be true in the long run.

6. At one point, Zach and Gray end up finding sanctuary in the old ruins of the 20-year-old park. Even in the old visitor center, the “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” banner can be seen heaped on the ground. Look for the night-vision goggles and old jeeps too. Although I don’t know how the boys got one running!

7. Who could miss it when Claire points out that Lowery (Jake Johnson) has on an old school T-shirt from the original park that he found on eBay. Despite how tacky it might be.

8. Mr DNA does make a cameo as well. He shows up to congratulate Gray when he makes a correct choice in the Hammond building.

9. There are numerous smaller tributes to Jurassic Park such as the eye in the leaves, the T-Rex being attracted by a goat, the East Dock sign and probably others.

10. Make sure to look for the frilly Dilophosaurus hologram despite there never being any evidence it had a frill as well as Jimmy Falcon mentioning in the Gyrosphere the spit being venomous another unproven fact.

An now for a few not so known things:

11. In the middle of the park is Winston’s Steak House, and that is named after Stan Winston. He is the iconic special effects master who brought both the physical and digital dinosaurs to life in the first three films. Winston died back in 2008.

12. Michael Giacchino’s score does borrow heavily from that of John Williams, and cues can be heard numerous times throughout the film. The key piano tune was even heard in the first trailer for Jurassic World. NOTHING grabs your attention like those first few notes.

13. And who says the second and third movies were ignored? There is a perfectly completed and complete Spinosaurus skeleton located next to Winston’s Steak House. And those who were so upset that the Spinosaurus killed the T-Rex in the third movie should be happy that a certain T Rex more than happily smashes through this skeleton to go kick some I Rex (sounds like a damn Apple product) ass!

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

14. Ian Malcolm’s chaos theory is subtly referenced when a soldier uncovers the tracking beacon of the D-Rex. A drop of blood drips on his arm and goes one way, but then a second drips and goes the other way. Malcolm explained to Ellie (Laura Dern) why that happens with water in the first film.

15. Zack and Gray while driving the jeep crash through the old electrified fence that Timmy about died on.

16. The very first shot of Dr Grant in Jurassic Park is an overhead shot of him dusting away a velociraptor’s claw as it is exhumed. This is echoed in Jurassic World where children do the same thing to a model of a half-buried velociraptor fossil in the visitor center.

17. A rememberable moment from Jurassic Park is mimicked when Claire is driving a large truck and looks in the side-view mirror, but instead of T Rex and the words “Things in the mirror maybe closer than they appear” there is a raptor & the kid saying “Faster! Must go faster!”

18. It’s quite possible that the valley where we see all the dead brontosaurus is the same valley where Dr. Grant and the kids were chased by the flock of dinosaurs (many have said this is true)

19. Possible but not caught shout to Dennis Nedry.

And now after all that, I’ve run out of steam.

Until next time, if something chases you, don’t run. Running actually activates a predator’s instinct to chase you down and kill you.

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