A Holiday Rant

Sam’s club has Christmas stuff up. CHRISTMAS. Last time I checked there were TWO very important holidays between now and December. Halloween and Thanksgiving. But who cares about those right? I mean we might as well just strike them from the calendar. It’s not like we celebrate either holiday much anyway so no one would miss them.
Last year I got ONE trick or treater. This year I am not even going to bother. Why should I? All the work and emotional energy I put into the holiday from decorations to costume goes completely to waste and at the end of the night I am left heartbroken.
Thanksgiving has turned into Shop-for-the-“best-deals”-of-the-year day. No thanks or family time given.
It is the almighty Christmas that we all are putting our energy into. And for what?? Buying the best presents for the people we won’t even eat one meal with the month before. I won’t even bother with the so called religious aspect because it’s no where to be found. In some small way however it does explain why this once great country is turning into another religious England (no offense mates, I adore you). Last I checked history-unless it’s been rewritten already- the reason the Pilgrims left England was for religious reason yes? And now this country with no set religion is now trying to claim Christianity for all.
Well screw Christmas. And screw the holiday season while you’re at it, it’s lost all meaning anyway.

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