Been A Long Time

Sorry about the time between posts. Haven’t been keeping up with things, bad blogger!

So, this is what has happened lately (as I won’t bore you with what has happened since the last post):

Took the summer term off from both UNM and CNM. Mainly because neither had classes that went towards my major available. I have quite a full schedule the coming term (Fall) and I am still working; but now I’m working mornings (8am-1pm) which is actually pretty darn wicked. I am getting more hours durning the day and although I do have to wear office appropriate clothing and at times speak to customers, it’s not as bad as it can be. I am not the main customer service person so there are two other coworkers that people get to go to before I have to even THINK about grabbing a phone or presenting myself to an actually human being–and so far the customers are not half bad or rude.

Schooling goes ever on of course. Taking a class at CNM (Study of Lit with Erin Hodges online) so I can be the Anthropology Club’s Vice President, but CNM decided they were going to raise the payment plan fee from $10 to $30. Non-refundable. Doesn’t go towards the tuition balance. I do not know who’s royally stupid idea THAT was, but I cannot justify throwing $30 to the wind just so I don’t have to pay my total tuition RIGHT THEN AND THERE. I can understand if the deadline to pay for classes is a week after classes start, but oh no. You have to pay the next business day. And you cannot CANNOT I SAY, try to sign up for a class the day before it starts or there is a good chance there will be no seats available. Now this is no problem for people who are receiving their financial aid through CNM, the school will gladly hold your spot in the classes you have registered for until it goes through–which happens to be about a week after if not the week of the first of classes. But if you are on a consortium agreement through another school? Forgetaboutit. Since I get my aid through UNM which means I don’t actually get my refund check until the day before classes start (sometimes sooner thank the gods) I have to either pay that useless $30 I cannot afford (do you know how much food that could buy? Or even a utility bill? None of mine of course but I am sure someone’s!) or pay the entire amount due. Which in my case was $202.00. Granted that is much more than $30 and could buy a lot of food or pay a bill, but this ALL goes towards my education. Every penny, it’s not some strange payment to be allowed to pay when I am able to pay–i.e. when my financial aid check hits my bank. It seems to me like the institutions that are suppose to be helping students succeed in life are only making life worst. Forget about the cost of attendance going up everywhere, forget the costs of living going up while the minimum wage stays the same–just being able to pay for an education that is suppose to enhance your life, promising a better wage or even just a leg up on the so called competition. Making it easier on students to finance an education without having to worry about payment plan fees that triple because—–well why did it triple? A question for which there is no answer apparently.

As for classes at UNM I am taking a couple of Anthropology courses (Cultures of the World with Cygank online and Human Behavioral Ecology with Stieglitz in person), a couple of interest courses ( Supernatural Japan with Brau in person and Eastern Religions with Gerber online) and a P.E. course I guess one could call it (Pilates with Opincariu in person of course). All requirements in some strange way for my B.A.  I am looking forward to them all in a week, sadden by the fact my work schedule limits the classes I can take because of timing. Although I wouldn’t want to wake up early for a class anyway. Never did like it so why do it now if I can avoid it?

I’m already trying to get organized for classes. A pack for each in person class (that’s three) each with a folder and paper as well as the books for that class. Once we take the kidlet back to his college I can get the back room organized again for the online courses (which is three if you’re keeping track) so that perhaps I’ll have a better than normal term. I like doing the online courses in the computer room with the desktop computer because of the huge screen and very little in the way of distractions. Generally.

But for now I am also trying to stay current or catch up on my favorite shows, while trying to royally upset CenturyLink with high downloading of random needless things. Now why would I want to upset my internet carrier? Because they are not my internet carrier. Confused? Read on.

When we went to BestBuy one day they had a DirecTV booth that was offering a $150 gift card if we signed up for TV service and we could get more if we bundled with CenturyLink. We decided why not? We didn’t have a current provider for TV and they sweetened the deal by adding the NFL Sunday Ticket for free. And we love our Broncos (Seahawks) but don’t get every game since we’re not in Colorado (Washington). So signing up for DirecTV was no problem. Didn’t have to do a down payment or anything like that. Just signed a two-year agreement. CenturyLink on the other hand was a royal bitch. For some reason we couldn’t sign up at the store, but had no problem doing so online or at a kiosk at the mall. Ended up doing it online for a non-contract plan where I was promised in writing that they do not throttle their customers and that I was indeed signing up for the non contract.

Both apparently a lie. CenturyLink did throttle us because apparently there was small print on the contract I didn’t get or sign saying that we’re allowed only a certain amount of gb a month. Something of course that was never mentioned anywhere. Then they stopped throttling us and just started dropping the connection. We’d be connected to the net one second, and then the next we weren’t. When we called to complain they said nothing was wrong on their end must be ours. Told them we had their modem so they will need to service it and after getting a new modem from them we STILL had this problem. So I decided to hell with them and called to cancel. Which is when I found out that apparently I signed a contract!! A one year contract that they’ll charge me $250 to cancel now. What sucks is that I overpaid on the last bill (as they kept saying I owed money so I kept paying it only to find out that they were wrong) so it’ll be a few months before that money runs out and they shut the internet off for nonpayment.

But until then, since they decided to fuck with me, I decided I was going to download everything I possibly could for no other reason then to make them upset. Hopefully enough that they’ll terminate the contract I didn’t sign before the money currently in the account runs out. Of course I could just sue them and get more than what’s on the account as I do have proof of promises made and broken. And the fact that when I called to cancel then complain saying I didn’t sign a contract I was sent to a department where the manager told me that the reason there is a cap on my usage was because President Obama signed a Internet Limit law. Which I have on a auto file, which in case you’re wondering doesn’t actually exist. Isn’t that sweet of them to blatantly lie to me like that? If you use Quest/CenturyLink I’d think about changing providers if I were you–if that’s even a possibility for you as I know some areas you don’t have a choice as one provider has killed all their competitors which I find wrong in so many ways.

Also I am sure you noticed the NFL team and stat thing I did earlier and that’s because I was born a Seahawks fan but married into Bronco fandom. And I root for both teams and yes, this last SuperBowl was AWESOME for me. One Green and black pom-pom and one navy and orange. Great fun, although hubby disagreed

Until next time never approach a bull from the font, a horse from behind or an idiot from any direction.

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