Crazy Going Slowly Am I?

It is a good thing I have a lot of TNT or these bloody roadblocks would have surly stopped me by now.

The first lovely roadblock that I came upon was someone at UNM not inputting how many hours I had already put in through CNM as a transfer student as without that I’d need to submit my high school transcripts. I went in and talked with a “One-Stop” person (One Stop is where they combine all of the Administration, Financial Aid and Registration offices so you only need to talk to one person to get everything taken care of–BRILLIANT!) and I asked her if everything is ready to go which is when she noticed a hold on my account which would explain why no one had been able to pull up anything on me despite me having a student ID number. So she fixes it and I get another “Welcome to UNM!” letter–apparently the first one didn’t count? So that roadblock got demolished pretty quick. Too bad NO ONE MENTIONED THIS THE MILLION TIMES I CALLED.

Now it’s gotten down to the consortium agreement. I plan to take classes at CNM still because damn it’s cheaper! So I filled out an agreement, took it over to CNM where they told me they would fill it out then fax it over to UNM. A couple of weeks later I find out that CNM wouldn’t fax it over as I still would need to get a signature from my academic adviser so it was off to CNM I went to collect my agreement. Sure enough they still had it just sitting there–would have remained there forever if I hadn’t gone and asked if UNM had received it yet.

Next step is to actually take said agreement to my adviser and go through an orientation that I have to pay $50 to attend (WTF??) which apparently covers materials and food, however the one I’m attending isn’t going to offer food but I still have to pay the same price? When it’s question time I’ll probably ask that very one. Won’t get a good satisfactory answer as I am sure these things are run by students who don’t know what they are talking about. So looking forward to it can’t you tell?

MAYBE after all of this is done (this week thankfully) I will be able to think about registering for a couple of classes. MAYBE. I did however discover that I only need a couple of years before I get my BS in Anthropology. That is a serious rough estimate done using what I understand of the audit I did on my own. Thankfully (hopefully) when I see my adviser on Thursday I’ll get a real estimate of what I need to complete before they will hand over a BS to me. This will give me a better idea of when I can get good and serious about moving to Australia.

Yes, I did say move to Australia. Yes, sadly this does mean my faith in America is now non-existent. I hate to put that in writing but I’ve been watching as the rich are getting richer, the poor get poorer before they die and no one in the position to do anything about this even cares as they are of course the part that are getting richer. I no longer want to sit around and just watch things spiral down; I’ve tried to get others to care enough to do something, but…..

I have researched what needs to be done to move permanently to Australia. Bob in Oz has been absolutely brilliant in providing information through his site and everything one could possibly need to know. Granted he went to Oz from the UK and I’m going to have to keep reading his site to find more useful information, such as a good MARA Migration Expert and how much I can expect to spend to migrate down under. Looking at maybe $20,000 just to get there. This of course doesn’t count a place to live or a vehicle to drive once we’re in Australia.

But first and foremost, I am looking at field schools in Australia so that we can “visit” before making a final decision. Although I don’t really see us staying in America after I get my BS. And yeah, this will mean I’ll be continuing to my Masters in another country.

For the moment, fall term will consist of Archeology and Archaeology: Field Methods and Lab. Both (or all three as one is in fact a lab) should be fun and I am most looking forward to it.

Until next time, keep living like every day is your last and there is no end to wonder. Explore your world as if you are discovering it for the first time each and every time and most importantly, do not waste your time on those who are not worth your time, attention or love. Stay safe, sane and happy.

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