So we meet again.

And what have I been doing this summer? Well, nothing terribly exciting I am afraid. I’ve worked, looked into the UNM Anthropology department and considered schooling in another country… like the UK. For many reasons I have looked at this as a serious consideration. Mainly because going to school in another country is a whole lot cheaper than it is here in the US, looks damn good on a resume and really with the crap the government *cough*Republicans*cough* has been doing (raising student loan rates) and the fact that universities around here including UNM have raised their tuition where I am almost required to take on more credits in order to *save* money another country is looking damn good.

There are many things going on in America that makes me wonder what the hell is happening. I don’t know if I just grew up and realized this country is being run by idiots or if in fact the people running this country have gone senile. Now I am not saying one party is better than the other, as both parties are lately being quite disappointing in tremendous ways but one would have to be blind and brain damaged not to wonder about Republicans as of late. I have a hard time finding my pride in America. Although there still are some rare moments that make me smile.

But mostly I would not mind a few years in the UK. has been a godsend if there is such a thing. Although I want to see what my grades translate to for them (A levels? Now that is an interesting concept I know nothing about!) and see if there is a chance in hell I could get into one of the 26 universities that have Anthro. There are a few I actually have my eye on as they have forensic anthro which, with archaeology, is what I want to concentrate on.

*Yawn* Sorry, must need more coffee or stimulants.

I have added two kittens to the herd; brother (blond) and sister (black) long hair cuties that have earned the names Blond Star (should be obvious) and Tsubaki (pronounced sue-bacc-y which of course is the black one) from a little anime called Soul Eater. Honestly if you are familiar at all with this anime or manga you know Black Star is quite vocal, well our little Blond Star is VERY vocal and Tsubaki can wipe¬† you out with a fart so yes, she’s the perfect weapon. Also sweet and lovable as all kittens are. The other cats are not sure about the new additions, except Trouble who indeed adores all kittens (he is still one himself) and my Memnoch who only gives me that annoyed used-to-be-mom look (she had a couple of litters before she got spayed). And of course the kittens are mostly oblivious to all of this.

I’d say I’ll post again when I have something interesting, however if I did that I may never post again! LOL

Until next time, take in a few animes and look at options as they are good to know even if you do not believe you will never need them. As Scar in the Lion King sang “Be prepared!”

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