It’s over. For now.

The term is over and that means my time at CNM is done. Not just the term as I graduated with my Associates on May 4th. Yes, I a big Star Wars fan got my Associates on Star Wars day. Couldn’t be more fitting.

But that also means no more Anthropology—for now. I most defiantly plan to continue on in Anthropology make no mistake on that. I plan to take the Summer term off to try and do more research on schools so that I can choose the best school for me. I really am thinking on focusing towards Archaeology and Biological sides of Anthropology and I was hoping that I could do the Summer term at UNM to see if indeed that is what I want, but with everyone dropping balls and UNM apparently only having Archaeology and Evolutionary Anthropology that sort of ruined those plans.

This brings me to what my readers who are taking/have taken Anthropology as a major think about the quality of their universities and the professors there. I am interesting in hearing thoughts on any university no matter the location, some may end up being ruled out because of personal reasons but I’d still like to hear your thoughts on them. At the moment, the hardest part is finding a university I like and have both archaeology and biological anthro.

I got an A in Forensics and a B in Evolutionary Anthropology. Overall, I got right down the middle, three A’s and three B’s. The two other A’s were in classes I needed to get my Associates. Well the two other B’s were needed as well. Technically the only classes I didn’t need were my Anthropology classes!

Yes, work is going well there is some personal hiccups that I won’t air out here until next month when it really doesn’t matter, but I only have to wait until June so no worries. And hey, tomorrow is my birthday to which I sort of forgot. It’s only a number and a day for people to love me more for being born which of course was none of my doing. LOL. I was suppose to be a June baby but I decided that I was more of a May baby. I guess I’ve never really followed what others plan…

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