Ancient Egypt

Beloved time in history for historians and people who want to be archaeologists. It is literally the time in history that many know of (even if they know nothing else) and has started many archaeological dreams as well as staring in many a movie. As much as I have always adored Ancient Egypt it wasn’t until recently that I realized that what is most known of this time is focused around the royals. But Egypt was made of more than just the royals. There were other people in that time as well and very little is known about them. Until recently that is.

Poofy-haired  Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher tells us about Kha and Meryt, an architect and his wife who lived just outside the Valley of the Kings. Their tomb untouched by robbers or anyone until 1906. Granted that was 107 years ago and I’m just now hearing about this but I have found it extremely interesting.

I have no idea of how good the youtube video is as I watched it in a different way so I am sorry if youtube sucks…if you know of other ways to get things, I urge you to check out the two Episodes from BBC (Ancient Egypt; Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings). Would be brilliant if there were more.

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