WTF America?

Warning: I am upset. Forgive the language as always.

Apparently it’s okay to rape someone in this country. I think tonight I’ll go and rape some guy after I drug him and I won’t even be drunk when I do this because it’s really okay to rape. It is. It’s the person who I rape that’s at fault here not me, I didn’t want to do it but the clothes he will be wearing or his body language will scream at me to rape him. That’s how we rapist know who to rape. Media all over will take notice and only enforce how okay it is to rape people. No one is going to believe the person I rape anyway, they just want attention from more people because they weren’t awake when I gave them attention.

Yes dearies there is something seriously wrong with our dear sweet America. Yes, being a woman probably makes me side more with the victim then the boys who drugged and raped her. Please forgive me for knowing that making any person; male or female do something that they are completely uncomfortable doing is wrong. Not only in the illegal sense but moral as well.

So why are there only a few people who actually understand this? Why do we continue to put mindless, souless people in positions of power or as the face of media? Rush Limpdick, CNN correspondent Candy Crowley and Author/blogger Michael Crook are prime examples of the idiots we have “speaking” for America. I don’t like what they are saying, how can the rest of the public be so accepting?

Goes right along with just about everything that is going on in this country. The Republicans refusing to cooperate with anything the Black Devil (known to everyone else as the President of the United States or Obama) suggests, all the money spent on useless painful things instead of useful things like helping people find food and an education for the people of the country. If a single person spent money this way, someone would call in an intervention. America is in serious need of an intervention something fierce. Before it’s people are dead or have left her. The people are crying for jobs to make the money to feed their families. Unless they are of course part of that special club called The 1%.

That club and all that it represents is killing all those who are not in that club. This does include those with money who are not part of the club even though they are millionaires and statistically part of the 1% but aren’t part of The 1% Club.

But we’re just going to let them, despite the power we have to stand up against the crap and just “fire” every Congressman.

Until next time, there is a reason one of the current popular games is called “Tomb Raider; Survivor”. Keep surviving.


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