What Is Really Happening to the Human Race?

Warning Note: I want to warn you that this post will have some swear words and name calling in it. When the world is being stupid there are some words that convey my thoughts or feelings perfectly and those words just happen to be curse words. I am not meaning to offend anyone. The lack of intelligence in the 21st century just amazes me and literally dumb-founded me to the point where the only descriptive wording I can think of are curse words. And sometimes you just have to use what you are given to get a point across, even if it isn’t eloquent or intelligence sounding.

When I sit here and check the news or even my Facebook that question pops up quite a bit in my head. The world is a very different place now then when I was in high school and that was only in the early 90’s! I just skimmed an article about the Steubenville rapists and I am saddened and distressed at a number of things. First being that the mighty CNN apparently is in grieving that the guilty verdict has ruined the “promising” lives of the boys. This guilty verdict that they so deserve is not what ruined their so called promising lives. It was the actions they decided to push onto another human being.

Second, NOT A SOUL stepped in to stop these boys. Everyone whipped out their smartphones and started taking pictures or recording what was going on instead of getting off their fat asses and stopping what was going on. I don’t want to hear SHIT about how social pressures or the like has interfered and that no one wanted to be the next “picked” on by their peers because they stopped the entertainment. That is beyond bullshit and I think all of us intelligent adults know this. There is something wrong with any person who stands by and does nothing in moments like this. It’s actually called accessory to the fact. Meaning that everyone who stood by and watched are just as guilty as the two boys who did the act are. But until we remove our heads from our asses, we’ll never see bystanders being charged; perhaps if we did do this, more people would step up for their fellow human.

Third (this could turn into a long list, you may want to get something to drink and some snacks….); what happened to thinking about consequences? Has the past literally told people nothing? If you rape someone, I don’t care how old YOU are, how old THEY are or the circumstances, if you rape, murder, assault a person you damn well be prepared to suffer what happens when you’re caught. The fact that we coddle our kids by not punishing them or telling them no or being all lovely dovey with competitive sports by always ending games in a tie and telling our children that no matter what mommy and daddy will take care of it.

Fuck that! Tell them no, tell them that in order to get better at something they need to WORK at it and that mom and dad is not going to always bail their asses out of hardships they create for themselves. Make them stand on their own two feet and learn that every action they do no matter how small DOES have a reaction, sometimes equal sometimes much, much worst. KARMA is and forever will be a bitch, even when “she” is handing out the good kind, there’s always a bite somewhere.

Make them watch when politicians say or do stupid things like Romney throwing the $50,000 dinner and pretty much pissing on everyone who could not afford to attend said dinner. Do they not think that the consequence of that action is the fact he is not President? That and so many other reasons. Of all of the things we teach our children, how are we not teaching them to respect their fellow human beings and have compassion for them and to realize that whatever they do they must be ready to deal with the reaction of that action. If not what are we releasing onto the world? Is this just another “custom” that will die because it is not being taught? What kind of world will the future be then?

Until next time, unless we stand up and do something bulling, rape, assault and other things will continue. Step up, be that difference, save a future. If you cannot or will not do not expect someone to do it for you should you ever be in need of help. Karma is watching.

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One thought on “What Is Really Happening to the Human Race?

  1. Couldn’t…….agree…….more!!!!!


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