10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger

Not a bad little list and might be helpful as well. You know, if you are interested in attracting more attention from strangers, which in any other situation might not be a good thing, but on the Internet? People do just about ANYTHING to get attention. Yes, even me. But I do draw a line. Obviously sharing things that interest me and I think could interest others is on the side of things I would do for Internet attention.

10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger.

My first three days of being employed by Albuquerque Publishing Co have been brilliant. Tonight is day four and my first going in at my scheduled time. Of course my happy little ass was up at 9 am this morning making waffles. I have to be at work at 12:30 am. Might think about a nap or something between now and 11 pm. Of course it’ll take a few days to figure out what type of sleeping schedule is going to work for me now that I’m “grown-up” and all. Although I was up until 1 am last night but on the flip side of that I was up at 6 am yesterday morning.

I am ecstatic about what I am doing. Not only do I get to work on a computer, but I get to play with web content, not have to worry about customers coming in and demanding something from me (which isn’t always a bad thing, but I have noticed that people are getting nastier and nastier when it comes to getting what THEY think they deserve), hopefully joke around with co-workers when there are some there and work at a time when no one I know will be doing anything terribly exciting so I won’t miss anything. Of course if I am sleeping through prime doing stuff time during the day that last one won’t matter much at all. But it probably won’t be until much later that I’ll know how everything is going to work out. Especially with school stuffs.

I think it is terribly good timing to start a new job during Spring Break. I don’t have to worry about anything but job stuff this whole week and getting used to schedules and the like. Also having only two classes all week, Monday only one and it’s in the afternoon and then Wednesday at 11 then three can’t be to terribly difficult. Again, next week we shall see. And the fact I am planning on continuing to UNM studying Anthropology perhaps for the next four years…well let’s just say I’m not making permanent plans when it comes to class times! Not yet.

My dad has been in the VA hospital a few weeks now. Might end up moving in with me and hubby as the doctors do not think it would be wise for him to live on his own (parents are divorced [so common now huh?] and mom has remarried) and none of us are big fans of assisted living facilities (bad experiences) which could keep me in New Mexico longer than I originally was thinking (you’ll notice I don’t make a lot of permanent future plans) which now that I’m employed where I am, I don’t really mind sticking around–as long as New Mexico treats me right. Which if it doesn’t get it’s crap together and do something about the driver license issue I will be getting out-of-state license so I can travel and go into  courts and all that good stuff.

Have you heard of free-cycle? Fantastic place to find local people with good stuff that they want to give away. For example yesterday I picked up a large bag of pants, mostly dress pants, but they all fit wonderfully and are petite meaning they fit my little 5’3″ frame! Which is so bleeding hard to find believe it or not. I never realized how tall people are and another thing I’ve discovered is that the majority of local women have big feet. Seriously, my feet must be the smallest in New Mexico. I have trouble finding good looking shoes in Payless Shoe Source or Shoes on a Shoestring or hell, pick a damn store. Thrift stores are a little trickier, but sometimes I get lucky! Who knew size 7 in women’s (which translates to 5 in men) would be so rare. So yes, if anyone out there is generous enough and needs to donate some shoes….lol

Until next time, us fun-sized people need to stick together. Of course it could just be my local where petite 14/16 sized pants and size 7 women’s shoes is rare. In that case….any city recommendations?! lol

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2 thoughts on “10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger

  1. Hey! Awesome tips. Thanks!!


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