Day One of New Job.

Despite waking up early, and since I forgot that my cell phone decided to choose it’s own ringtones lately, instead of waking to Katharine McPhee  singing “Touch Me” from Smash television show I woke up to god knows what chapter of someone reading Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy. And a little back-story, back last July I suffered from vertigo  I don’t wish this condition on any soul.  Worst. Week. Ever; bright-side, I don’t remember much of it. But I regress, my step-son sweetly put a book I was reading onto my cell phone so I could listen to it as reading or doing anything with my eyes open made me terribly sick. I just never took it off afterwards, not like I thought about it or even remembered it was there or thought that my cell would decide to default bits and pieces of the story as different ringtones around my cell.

That is how the day started. Not terribly bad, but remember I am not a morning person by nature. I get to work and go to HR for my paperwork and orientation, I walk in the door where I am actually greeted by name. See, when I went in last week to take the spelling and computer smarts test I mentioned that while working on the computer doing the simple little tests I wanted to go into the computer system and clean it up and make it run faster as it was s-l-o-w. Couldn’t even get Google to come up on it. I commented on that fact to the people giving me the tests before they sent me for a drug test (which I passed obviously-like I knew I would). Apparently me commenting was the push needed for them to get a couple of new computers and other updated stuff so they sort of love me in HR.

Papers signed, I met with my supervisor and went and got my shiny new badge with my picture on it (which is why I did my hair up last night in pin curls so it would be nice and wavy/curly today) as well as a tag for my car.  Came back and got to see what I’ll be doing a bit more, or with the program I’ll be working with. Even got to test drive it a bit on my own. Needless to say it only made me more excited to actually work with the whole thing. Tested my badge on a few doors (must remember to hold badge a bit longer than the one second I keep wanting to do) and am wondering if it’ll work on the gate tomorrow, although I don’t actually need to worry about that.

But of course I go back tomorrow, but at 9 am. Won’t be Thursday until I work my “normal” hours. Which will make me even happier. I can stay up until sunrise, I just don’t want to wake up for sunrise.

Until next time, anyone else enjoying daylight saving time? Experts (whomever those people are) say it takes a person about a week to get used to loosing an hour. So employers, be kind to your morning employees, some of us find this more difficult than others. My favorite of course is when we GAIN an hour of sleep! Like you didn’t see that coming….

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One thought on “Day One of New Job.

  1. Really enjoy your posts…..good luck on your new job!!!


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