Hello Spring Break!

And the first thing I get to do Monday morning is go into work and fill out paperwork and get a shiny new badge. We’re talking 8:30 am until God only knows how long. Not that I really mind but I’m not going to really be bright and bushy-tailed. And I have to fill out paperwork. Hopefully I will be able to remember my own name, social security number, address and the fact I am married. Without phoning my darling husband and asking him to remind me of the answers.  Which would look wonderful wouldn’t it?

Not to say I have this dependency on coffee or anything, I only grew up in Seattle Washington (which is the hometown of Starbucks Coffee Co; one on almost every corner of the city) and have a Starbucks Gold card that I manage to get enough stars every year to keep it a gold card; I also have a keurig coffee machine (not really a huge deal as you can use it for more than just coffee) I grind my coffee every morning and will drink coffee all day long. DOESN’T mean I have a dependency on it. 

So I am starting this Spring Break by sleeping. Seriously, I’ve been woken up early every morning since Wednesday and as I am sure you have guessed I am not a big morning person. Even with loads of coffee I don’t mentally do well anytime before 10 am. After that I start to be my adorkable lovable self.

The rest of the week will be spent enjoying down time and getting used to my new job. No out of town trips this year (and even if one was planned, I wouldn’t tell you about it until AFTER we returned-not stupid enough to broadcast the fact that I won’t be home for x amount of days-not everyone who reads this is ignorant to where I live or what I own) But really we’re not doing anything, don’t have the money to do much but sitting around and hitting a movie or two-if anything good would come out!

I do want to see both Jack the Giant Slayer and Oz the Great and Powerful even though I’ve heard mixed feelings, but as you know I don’t tend to listen to others opinions on entertainment when they come from people I do not know. 

Until next time, what’s your favorite spring break memory, or better yet, your most embarrassing? 

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