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Do forgive my absence as of late, I have been caught up in many a thing for a bit and sometimes I am just too lazy tired to write anything. Like I might have mentioned in the beginning, there is a reason why I say Cheshire Anthropology. Sadly my main focus (besides studies of course!) is supplementing my income so that I can pay bills as I attend school, as like many people I have a mortgage and a car payment. Not to mention those other pesky monthly bills. What little I get through Pell Grants after the school is done with it helps tremendously (as I only have 4 more payments to go before I own my home) but it’s hard to stretch when you are needing to play catch up with said pesky bills. Our economy as you know isn’t helping matters and the fact that in some places one needs a college degree in order to get a low-on-the-totem-pole $10 an hour job it is beyond frustrating! Of course I do have work-study through CNM, but I have called, gotten interviews and then heard crickets for days and weeks to come. Which is also quite frustrating.

I bet I might know what is going through your mind….probably something along the lines of jobs and anthropology and the lack of funding and even perhaps the low pay. Yes, I am quite aware of what I’m looking at. But I do have other skills that will and sometimes do help me out greatly. Like this whole knowing how to put a computer together and get it to actually WORK thing, and this web design thing that I’m actually in school for, despite the fact that for me to continue on in this field I’d have to find a school that offers Web Technology above associates. *deep breath* Yes dearies, the times they are hard.

What prompted me to pop in and say howdy-do is that I got my issue of Skeptical Inquirer today. I do love this mag as it is a source of great amusement as well as education. This issue has some great things on Pseudoscience and the main cover story is ‘On Invisible Beings.’ You know the ones, you only don’t see them everyday walking among us, giving us the hee bee geebies and an unnerving sensation that someone is always watching. Haven’t gotten to that story yet–might have mentioned I can be distracted sometimes easily sometimes not at all.

I do suggest if you ever get a chance to read an issue of Skeptical you should. Might not be as career based as my subscription to the Smithsonian or Archaeology, but it’s still the informative read. How can you go wrong with a title like “UFOs Infest Denver, Says Fox TV Affiliate” Which you may or may not remember the “serious” report that was done on November 8 of last year. That is probably the most famous fly (or perhaps flies?) ever! How can you NOT laugh? And yes, this was considered most seriously news. Not a joke or a prank but real investigative news. Sadly you cannot find the current issue (March/April) online quite yet, but Skeptical Inquirer is online and worth a look.

So midterms are quickly approaching, already have my Forensic Anthro midterm review to look over. I do not think I’ll have one in Evolution, but I only missed one question on the last quiz which isn’t too shabby at all. I do not believe I have midterms in any of my other classes….I should probably check on that one.

I should have a real anthropology update for you all real soon, just wanted to pop in and tell you I haven’t forgotten, much like I did not forget my mother’s birthday is tomorrow and already got a card to her. Major accomplishment on my part trust me.

Until next time, one man’s fly is another crazy’s UFO. Don’t take everything you see or read too seriously, you may end up in a padded room surrounded by illusions while getting a big hug from yourself.

Cheshire Cat at the ABQ BioPark's River of Lights 2012

Cheshire Cat at the ABQ BioPark’s River of Lights 2012

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