Question: What is Intelligent Design and why is it presented in a “scientific” manner? Why is it not popular for people to be both “Pro-Evolution” and religious? Can the two co-exist?  Does one deal with the natural (i.e. Biological) world and the other the supernatural world?

My answer: Intelligent design, a scientific theory with roots in information theory as well as observations about intelligent action. Makes inferences are based upon the types of complexity which can be produced by agents of intelligent action verses information types which can be produced through purely natural processes to infer that life was designed by intelligence or many intelligences. No statements about identity of an intelligent designer or designers are made but it suggests that intelligent action was involved at some points with the origins of various aspects of biological life.
All religion or any type of belief system is classified as supernatural as it cannot be scientifically studied through the scientific method mentioned on page 20 of the text.
Evolution and Religion can co-exist beautifully if people could see past the fact that science is not seeking to replace people’s belief in a God but to answer natural questions. Natural questions meaning things that can be tested in the natural world. Science is not out to get religion it is there to provide facts to many of the questions life gives us and it’s not there to say human life was not created from God’s image. Problem is the Bible where religious information comes from was written by mortal men who had no idea where life came from and had the same need to have an answer we have today. These men were in no way perfect or without their flaws and mistakes and they created answers much like our scientists today but used completely different methods of discovery. The men who wrote the Bible gave their findings to their God and deemed the writings as true. Perhaps a God did create the earth and everything that was once upon it then let nature take it’s course in the form of evolution. Fact is humans didn’t just suddenly show up on earth- it took decades but still could have been made from dirt. The stories from the Bible have no real indication of time. 7 days could be enough to create simple life but time had not been created yet so a day could have been 24 million years instead of hours. Their days also were different then our current knowledge of time so one should possibly take dates and times mentioned in the Bible loosely.

I base this answer on this knowledge as well as my own personal belief system: Intelligent design refers to a scientific research program as well as a community of scientists, philosophers and other scholars who seek evidence of design in nature. The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection. Through the study and analysis of a system’s components, a design theorist is able to determine whether various natural structures are the product of chance, natural law, intelligent design, or some combination thereof. Such research is conducted by observing the types of information produced when intelligent agents act. Scientists then seek to find objects which have those same types of informational properties which we commonly know come from intelligence. Intelligent design has applied these scientific methods to detect design in irreducibly complex biological structures, the complex and specified information content in DNA, the life-sustaining physical architecture of the universe, and the geologically rapid origin of biological diversity in the fossil record during the Cambrian explosion approximately 530 million years ago.

BUT some consider Intelligent design (ID) as a form of creationism promulgated by the Discovery Institute, a politically conservative think tank. The Institute defines it as the proposition that “certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.” It is a contemporary adaptation of the traditional teleological argument for the existence of God, presented by its advocates as “an evidence-based scientific theory about life’s origins” rather than “a religious-based idea”. All the leading proponents of intelligent design are associated with the Discovery Institute and believe the designer to be the Christian deity.

If it hasn’t hit you yet, I am not in any way religious. I do not believe that going to a certain building once a week makes me a better person or will allow me entry to a certain afterlife. I find belief in such to be silly and cannot understand (even after careful research on the matter) why a god would demand such from us. Or where it states in the Christian bible that we are to go to a building outside our homes once a week to worship. Can we not worship all the time in every thing we do? My problem is when I ask such questions to those who believe I never get honest answers. If they do not know they resort to the ever annoying “Because the bible tells us so.” and when asked where in the bible, I get ignored. So basically it leads me to believe that these are things that man, not a god created for his own means and toward his own ends whatever that may be. I grew up going to churches in different belief systems (which when you get to the nuts and bolts is all the same) and my bestest friend in the whole of the world is a PK, or was. PK meaning preacher’s kid as her dad was the preacher at the church I attended which I lived across the street from and met her at school before meeting her at church. (That simply: Met her at school in the 6th grade and it wasn’t until almost the 9th grade that I noticed her dad preached at the church across the street which I never attended until after finding this information out. Yeah I just couldn’t say that to begin with I guess).

I have many, MANY questions that are never answered in a way that does not generate more questions. I once actually invited a Jehovah’s Witness come to my house once a week in order for me to ask her these questions and she stopped coming out of her own accord, I never had to ask her to stop. I also never got bothered by Jehovah Witness ever again, until I moved that is. Who knew the answer to that annoyance was simply questions? And it wasn’t like I wouldn’t listen to her answers or understand, I did and did but they always brought other questions and it wasn’t long before I could tell she didn’t want to be there to answer my questions but to simply convert me, which to her were two different things but for me are one and the same.

I do think there is something out there. I do believe we all end up spiritually in a certain place after we die. I believe it takes great acts of evil in a person to end up in a place like hell and that there is an in-between of sorts where some people can end up. Ever see the movie Beetlejuice? Remember the scene when Adam and Barbra are making their way back to their house after visiting Juno for the first time and a shade snaps up and they stop and look at all the souls floating around wailing? Barbra asks what it was and a friendly janitor told them it was the Lost Souls room where ghosts who had been exorcised go to, “Death for the dead” then pulls the shade down and they walk on. That is what I mean by in-between.

February’s issue of the Smithsonian Magazine talks about evolution, or rather evotourism, basically where to go to see and learn more on evolution. This month we find out about the First Americans; where archaeologist debate who the earliest immigrants were, The Dragon King; the mighty Komodo lizard of Indonesia has a surprising way of subduing prey, America’s Dinosaur Playground; canyons near Vernal, Utah are a fossil lover’s paradise, and lastly, Darwin in the House; home to that naturalist for 40 years, the estate near London was always evolving. And it looks beautiful to boot!

I just thought that was sort of interesting since I’m on the evolution topic. Spent the weekend watching all three Jurassic Park movies (and a forth is forthcoming FYI) as I have always had an interest in dinosaurs. My favorites being Triceratops and Velociraptor.

Until next time, Go back we fucked everything up it could be worse–

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