Evolution and Forensics

First week went well. Get to take a couple of field trips to the local forensics lab and the morgue.  Yes, I am excited thank you for asking. I know I promised more about my local area but after listing a place where it didn’t even tell me WHY the place/road was named after the person and I actually couldn’t find a thing about it, I sort of lost interest in the whole thing. The post is saved so I didn’t delete it and I may get over my thing about doing research before sharing ocd thing I “suffer” from (really everyone else suffers as I am sure people are tired and hate the fact I am a stickler for people doing research before sharing crap on the net) and finish it then post it, but as I am sure you can imagine I don’t do well with loose ends I suppose you can call it.


Shall I start with Forensic Anthropology? I shall. Cause you knew I would. We have labs in class as the school doesn’t have actual lab rooms for this kind of thing. They’re not going to be something that should only be in a lab environment but  small things, like bones.Introforensic

Comprehensive and engaging, Byers’s Introduction to Forensic Anthropology, Third Edition uses thoughtful pedagogy to lead students step-by-step through the most current and detailed forensic anthropology material available today.

New to This Edition:

  • A discussion of the importance of the Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Supreme Court decision to Forensic Anthropology (Chapter 1).
  • A section on excavation methods for mass graves (Chapter 4).
  • An easy—to-apply method for attributing ancestry from measurements of the femur (Chapter 7).
  • New material on attributing sex from the head of the radius and on attributing sex to subadults (Chapter 8).
  • Current information on trauma and its causative instruments (Chapters 12, 13, 14).

Of course now I’m looking for Gray’s Anatomy that isn’t too expensive or some other bone book to check out the detailed stuff they don’t cover in this book. So far I think it’s good, but I’m not really an expert as this is my first forensic class but the reviews on amazon are good and I like it so far.

Evolution so far hasn’t brought any brawls between science and religion, but it’s only the first week and I am sadly waiting for it to be honest. Couldn’t even get through the evolution section in Biology 101 without someone piping up and saying something about religion. Personally, I don’t get how no one seems to see that the Bible was written by mortal men who in their time had certain beliefs that they then wrote down as the law of God. Not saying that God didn’t create everything, but I or anyone else for that matter can prove it either way. What we can prove is evolution. But I won’t sink into that just yet.


Concise, well-balanced, and comprehensive, ESSENTIALS OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Ninth Edition introduces you to  physical anthropology with the goal of helping you understand why it is important to know about human evolution.

With a new framework that emphasizes ‘connections’, the reader is shown how humans are biologically connected to all other life, including our distant ancestors and our contemporary primate cousins, as well as how closely modern human populations are related to each other. Supported by new chapter-opening visual diagrams, a completely new art and map program, outstanding visual photographs and Photo Essays, as well as pedagogy such as “What’s Important” boxes that put key chapter concepts into perspective for students, this text continues to help students master basic biological principles of physical anthropology and so be able to better understand human origins and our place in the biological world. Altogether, ESSENTIALS OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Ninth Edition integrates coverage of the latest fossil finds with relevant technologies to be the most up-to-date text available.  physical anthropology with the goal of helping you understand why it is important to know about human evolution.

So far the book and class (although online) are going great in this first week. Like I mentioned no brawls yet. There are few assignments, but we have a good amount of time to complete them.

So I think enough of the intro to the two post and go get to the courses themselves.

Until next time don’t believe commercials or even other people’s opinions. It is always better to try something yourself before coming to any final conclusions. I had always believed the show ‘Psych’ was not anything worth my time solely based on the commercials shown. Today I saw the first/pilot episode and learned that the main character is only pretending to be psychic in order to use his Sherlock Homes like abilities to help the police. Commercials always depicted that he actually believed he was psychic and was helping. Totally bad publicity and I wonder why they’d make it sound like a horrible show when in fact it seems like a great one.

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