Not quite Anthropology…

But I am willing to bet I can mix it in somehow! Tomorrow we start on Linguistic Anthropology which should be interesting. I have been reading an interesting book by Dr. Douglas Ubelaker and Henry Scammell called ‘Bones A Forensic Detective’s Casebook‘ which has been quite the interesting read. I am interested in forensics, to a certain point. A point I have yet to discover. I had been looking into Computer Forensics, but there is not much out there on the subject, which to me is strange. Oh there are books and web-sites, I mean in the way of learning.

I left the last post stating I had a few things I wanted to vent about that aren’t totally about Anthropology. Let’s start with Ralph Lauren. I am not one for fashion, not to say I dress in 80’s clothes (I still can’t believe I did in the 80’s!), I am ‘in style’ but I am not a big label person. If I like the item of clothing and it fits in a flattering way and isn’t going to make me have to take out a loan, I’ll get it. In September of this year, Ralph Lauren hired it’s first plus sized model. All great news and fantastic for everyone involved. Except their idea of a plus sized model is a woman who is a size 12/16 (US/UK)! When I read that I was floored. When in the world did a size 12 become plus sized? Here I was, sitting in a size 16 thinking I’m all that because the sexiest most sought after woman in history, Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 but now it seems I may be more than plus sized in the stick figure world that is fashion/modeling. I think Australian model Robyn Lawley is a fantastic person from what I’ve read about her and she has a healthy look on life and her body, but she’s 6’2″ so of course being a size 12 isn’t going to be much of a problem. I’m 5’3″ on good days in boots (probably 5′-5’1″ in flats) so the extra chunkiness I have isn’t so hot.

I know it also has to do with people’s taste, which has changed from Marilyn’s time of curves and just enough padding, to skin and bones with no padding. And no breasts. Funny story (at least it is in my head), one day a couple of years ago I was walking through the fruit/vegetable section of my local grocery store and I saw a flat chested skinny woman wearing bicycle gear and I actually had to stop myself from stopping her and asking if it was worth it. Personally, I wouldn’t trade my double D’s for a size 5, hell not even a size 12. I love the fact I have a nice set of real breasts. I only have them perhaps because I am chunky, but more important I am curvy. And healthy, which I suppose come the end of the day that in itself is the most important thing.

But on that thought, does the fashion industry/designers have something against us well rounded women? Have you ever walked through the lingerie department at any store and notice that all the cute designs and styles are for the flat chested? There is barely anything sexy or worth looking at in even single D so you can forget about the double! I cannot tell you how many times I have stood in that particular department looking at the sexiest or cutest bra ever, but it only goes up to a high B maybe a low C. Neither of which I am willing to shove my girls into. Is it really that hard to extend the fashion to us well endowed women or are every one just jealous? And whose bright idea was to put padding on those bras in the high C and above size? LIKE WE NEED THE EXTRA PADDING PEOPLE! WE ALREADY HAVE LARGE BREASTS! You should really save it for those who seriously need it. If I was even half as good of a seamstress my Grandma-ma was, I’d make my own bras. But I’m not even a quarter as good.

Halloween is next week tomorrow. I adore Halloween, it is one of my favorites and I am one of those people who do some serious decorating. And of course I’ve been to the Spirit store a couple of times this season, and by which I mean I have hit all three stores in my area and I have noticed a disappointing trend that I probably have ignored until lately. Just about every adult woman’s costume is designed more to be sexy than functional creative/good taste. Yes, at home I don’t mind wearing the skirts that show off my derriere when I bend over, but in public not so much. It may pay to advertise, but I’m not advertising! Even character costumes are going sex instead of brilliant. This is starting to include the tween and girls costumes as well. I want something brilliant, creative, tasteful (in the way you can be tasteful at Halloween) and perhaps even fun when it comes to my costumes. Extra points for originality. This year is the first year in two that I’ve gotten a new costume. And it may come as no surprise to you devote followers that this year, I’m going as the Cheshire Cat–the sexy version. I wasn’t for the baggy bodysuit costume, but the skirt with tutu and nicely done top. Perhaps I’ll get pictures of me this year.

I’m not going to touch on politics as I find it much too hot a topic, especially now. Just know that for me, I don’t vote party, I vote on issues and what I would like to see in this country. Doesn’t matter if the person promising them are Republican or Democrat  at least I get out and vote which is the most important of all. Every election is the most important election of the decade. I have yet to come across an election no matter how big not be an important election. I don’t care where your views lay or who you vote for, as long as you have a certain sort of faith in the candidate, then by all means, VOTE FOR THEM! And don’t let some idiot tell you your vote isn’t worth shit because it is. At the very least it should mean something to you. Do the research however (I stress this about everything to my people who friend me on Facebook, even got in a battle of wits with an unarmed man over doing research before spreading lies and rumors on to others) so you are truly educated on all candidates.

Last thing, know your rights as an American;  the freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, free speech and the right to protest the government to reform unjust or unfair acts.  Invasive searches by the airlines, an overload of incomprehensible paperwork to make major purchases especially for college education, and excessive credit checks to apply for simple jobs are examples of some violations of citizen rights that happen daily and we let it. I have always said if you don’t use it, you lose it and this can pertain to so much more than education.

Until next time, try to refrain from poking a sleeping bear with a stick. You wouldn’t want a bear coming into your home and poking you  now would you? Also this practice can be extremely bad for your health. Specially if I’m the bear.

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