Cultural Anthropology

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We’re talking more of cultural anthropology for a bit and like I mentioned before America has some “strange” cultures. I am surprised to realize that even though this country is built from many different cultures coming together, we get a whole new culture.

From what I’ve deemed so far from just the lectures in class is that America is the only place where sex is a hush hush topic and that we can’t let our adolescents do what stupid things they are going to do without going batshit on them about it. How on Earth did we as a culture get this way about these topics when it seems (do note the word SEEMS as I haven’t studied or researched this at all, but might) that every culture outside the United States are not so shut down about sex and adolescents. Now I’m not talking about adolescents having sex, I am talking about the topic sex and how we do not allow our adolescents be adolescents.

We expect American adolescents to behave as adults when they have none of the responsibilities or capacity to do so and then when they screw up (which they do ALWAYS) we get mad at them and punish them. Why? Have you EVER known a 16 year old boy who just after getting caught doing something incredibly stupid can answer the question of why did they just do such a thing? Isn’t the answer just about always “I don’t know.”? Ever thought it’s because they  actually don’t know? Adolescence should be a time where they can try out being an adult but can still be forgiven because in reality they are still children. Treat them as the situation calls for it. They screw up and you say “Learn from this.” they excel and you say “Well done! Learn from this.” Our entire lives is nothing but learning and we really should not punish for mistakes as they will always happen as no one is flawless and they have to happen. Yes, tell them (adults as well) when they have made a mistake and why it is a mistake and a proposed path they could have taken instead of the one they did, but it really doesn’t make sense to punish them for it, does it? Are they learning that what they did was wrong or that getting caught was wrong? They may go out and do the same dumb thing, but not get caught doing it. Ever thought that the reason some people (men more so than women perhaps) continue to be adolescent like well into adulthood is because they never really got to be an adolescent? Is it not better they get out all those stupid things when they are still young and it cannot permanently damage them (police records are what I am mainly thinking here)?

Sex. Three little letters put them together and you can cause all sorts of problems, awkwardness and blushing. But why? Why are Americans taught that sex is a horrible horrible not talked about thing? Why is it taught that sex before marriage is bad (and on a personal note, where exactly does it say in the Bible word for word that it is a sin to have sex before marriage?)? Nowhere else in the world is these ideologies taught. I can not of course say that as fact, but just from what I’ve seen and heard so far. Do these ideologies make us better people? Or create more unhappy marriages? Is having no experience at all in the bedroom an ego booster or downer? I know it’s hard for Americans to imagine getting critiques on your bedroom performance either from your partner or a person outside the relationship, but why not? Is the lack of sex and/or knowledge of sex one of the reasons people cheat? If you are happy in the bedroom does that not radiate out into other aspects of your life and vice versa? We are so scared of telling our partners what we like and where it feels the best that those needs go unfulfilled. And why? Communication is the best things for any type of relationship, but we can easily complain to our siblings or best friends (yeah I still call them best friends and not besties) when there is something wrong not only in the bedroom but with anything else going on but we cannot turn around and say the same things to the person (or in some cases persons) who are the real ones who should be hearing all of it.

Right now many Americans are all up in arms about women’s rights. We have a Presidential hopeful who is Republican and wants to pull funding from an organization called Planned Parenthood. An organization that many women (including myself) and men have used for some reason or another. They are not an abortion clinic as many will have the uninformed believe. They have many different functions. Mammograms (quite important for early detection of breast cancer in both men and women), birth control options as well as information. Quite important for men and women looking for the carnal pleasures of the flesh without the consequences of unwanted pregnancy or STDs. Which apparently in America is a bad thing and yet we can’t deny that it happens in all age groups. And shouldn’t we all know how our preferred method of birth control works and why? Would you seriously have sex with a guy who didn’t know how to use a condom properly and refuses to listen to you? I sure wouldn’t, more chances of said condom failing and life changing events happening. They (Planned Parenthood) also offer cervical exams, another place a woman can get cancer that needs early detection (and really is there any cancer in the world that DOESN’T need early detection?) and guys the cervix is located at the end of a woman’s vagina where her actual uterus starts and is quite important, especially to those who wish to have children. And they do much more and it’s all at a price just about everyone can afford. If you’re not aware, American health care doesn’t just suck, it’s pathetic. Women by default are considered ‘pre existing conditions’ which means if you have any type of lady problem, you’re pretty much on your own in paying for it. So places like Planned Parenthood are life savers (sometimes literally) for a lot of women.

Then there’s that abortion issue. I say it that way as I think it’s obvious that if it isn’t your body, it isn’t your decision. I’d never tell a guy that he is not allowed to remove a testicle even if it will kill him if he keeps it around. Now I am against using abortion as a method of birth control. That’s just lazy in my opinion and it’s healthier and cheaper to use a better form of birth control. And it’s not what I’m talking about when I talk about abortion. Would you tell a complete stranger of any age or sex that they are not allowed to remove that cancerous growth even though it’s going to kill them? Of course not! And I can hear the screams of a cancerous growth is NOT the same as a child. Well….that depends on when you think that growth becomes a child.  Many I have heard claim it is a human being the moment the sperm meets the egg. Well that’s stupid due to the fact that women get pregnant all the time and the body itself will abort it more often than not (cause our bodies actually do have the ability to do that) and it’s very few of those sperm/egg meetings that turn into a full blown fetus then child. There is an actual point where getting an abortion is harmful and generally is not done, I think after the first trimester, the Planned Parenthood website isn’t working properly.

So after reading all that how much of it do you think is pure American culture? Do other countries/cultures deal with the same dilemmas we do? Are they up in arms about abortions, sex or the fact their adolescents aren’t acting like adults? Or is it not even an issue? How did the current American culture become if we are a mixture of cultures and not one of those other cultures find these things troublesome? Can America change it’s culture? Can anyplace change their culture?

Until next time, remember that like adults, adolescents need room to fuck up. At least their fuck ups don’t have to last a lifetime–unless you’re like me and have to tease them about it until they die.

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