Anthropology Midterm results.

I have to tell you that I had more anxiety about getting my papers and midterm back then I was writing the papers or taking the test! So the midterm itself was worth 100 points, each paper worth 50 points for a total of 200 points. She then had two 5 point bonus questions so the most one could get was of course 210 points.

I was quite concerned about one of the papers I wrote as the topics were archaeology and biology. A paper on each. I did mummy forensics which I got all marks and the comment “Great work. Thanks for such an entertaining read!!” I really wasn’t worried on that topic. It was the archaeology paper that had me slightly worried. ‘Indiana Jones and Real Archaeology’ was the title of said paper which not only got full marks but the comment of “Great job! Thanks!’ she also underlined the sentence “If nothing else, Indiana Jones has piqued the interest in archaeology and has added to the wonder and excitement that is history” and commented “too true!” I also had a quote from Alfred Kidder that she thought was awesome. So there’s 100 points right there not to mention a happy me knowing that once again my writing has shined.

The next two papers due when we have our final are on cultural and linguistic anthropology. No idea what exactly I plan to write about. Will have to look around in those fields and see what tickles me. And then wait until the last week before starting it. Yeah, not completely kidding there, I do my best writing a few days if not the night before it’s due.

Side note; Broncos, you’re killing me here! It’s the Chargers for football’s sake! What’s wrong with you!

If you haven’t noticed I have changed the banner so it’s not so…typical. I love Egypt, I do but having it as a banner when you’re blog is Anthropology is a little too cliche. Not even that cutesy cliche either, not that I’m one to do the cutesy stuff, but I have to say I like the one I created much better. Makes it more me as this blog should be since you’re going to be reading about me and what I’m up to with that anthropology stuff mixed in.

Speaking of anthropology: we started the culture section today. Did you know Americans are the only country who gives a rip about time. We need that instant gratification and will actually get cranky if we have to wait in line for more than three minutes. We have heart disease and loads of stress and for what? This obsession with time. Which is sort of funny; we stress about time which can actually cut our lives down so we actually end up with less time!

The rest of the county has got the right idea.  Apparently there isn’t many fast food places either. Which is good as it is really nice just to sit down, have a cup of whatever and allow the possibly good for you food to digest. Even if you wanted to do something like that here, it’s extremely hard!  I can only imagine how others feel coming over to this crazy country and just try to do things the way they used to. Even if you wanted to, the culture around you just is not going to let you!

I imagine it is difficult to remember when you’re not in America anymore. I can’t say I would mind experiencing that little “problem”

Haha. I have spent this night writing this post and watching tv. Which is why this is taking so damn long to get out there. You can blame it on “How I Met Your Mother” I wouldn’t want to choose a godparent for anything, “Partners” first time seeing this one, wasn’t too bad. “2 Broke Girls” which I love Max to death, “Mike & Molly” I dare you not to laugh while watching this one. And of course there will be “Castle” and who doesn’t love Nathan Fillion? Poor thing with Fox cancelling everything good he’s been in, television wise. LOVED, LOVED Firefly and Driven was looking really freaking good too! And those damn pussy other networks who wouldn’t (or couldn’t still yelling at them though) pick either of those shows up and run with them. Hollywood is seriously in trouble.

“Elementary” is looking well. I love BBC’s “Sherlock” and I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes movies as well as a lot of television that comes out of the UK. They are so laid back in so much of the stuff that makes Americans out as keepers of old English oaks if you understand my meaning.

I should probably stop here and publish this before I find some other random non-anthropology thing to talk about. Not saying this is to be strictly anthropology related but people come to expect something. So expect anthropology and whatever else randomly finds it’s way into my mind while I’m writing about anthropology. But I do promise some anthropology.

Until next time, take the time to people watch. Seriously, nothing is more fun then to sit back and watch your fellows live their lives. It can make you appreciate everything you have and the time you do. So take the time and relax.

Also, I ended up with a 108 on my midterm, which means I only missed one question but got both the 5 point bonus questions. Things might just be sinking in. I also listened to Mozart while studying.

Side note: Thank you Broncos for coming back from behind! 35 to 24, sorry Chargers. Not really.

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